🛑 God Message For You Today 🙏🙏|| A Miracle Will Coming Your Way! Open & Claim It..‼️| God Msg

today God is speaking to you my lovely

children when you sense vulnerable or

crushed do not forget that I am your

power when you face demanding situations

that seem

insurmountable understand that not

anything is not possible for

me let your religion be the anchor that

hold you consistent amidst existences

storms embrace the adventure of Faith

even when the root is uncertain for it

is through faith that Miracles

appear watch this video all the whole

through if you want

Miracles prayer isn’t always limited

with the aid of time or space it’s far a

channel VI which my love and strength

circulate Your Existence seek me within

the Quiet Moments and I will speak to to


spirit pray for others interceding on

their behalf trust within the strength

of prayer for it has the ability to

convert Hearts men

relationships and bring about miracles

drawn dear to me in prayer and you will

experience the depths of my love and the

energy of our divine

connection God says you’re going to be

telling a different story very soon a

story of how Miracles have discovered

you achieve mental packed with so much

notion you will provide a lot was to so

many human beings after they see how

whole lot you overcame and still got

here out on

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