🛑 God Message For You Today 🙏🙏|| God Has Proclaim You have No time Left… | God Says

God tells you my Christian Child today I

need to remind you of the strength of

consider trusting in me isn’t always

usually easy especially while you face

uncertainties and

challenges yet I invite you to surrender

your fears and doubts and area or

consider in me absolutely I am the

devoted and un changing God who holds

your existence in my

hands trust that I am running all

matters together and you’re precise even

whilst you can’t see the total image.

trust that I am with you and each second

guiding and providing for

you subscribe to the channel if you

truly believe in

Jesus God says L am going to repay you

for the years the enemy has Stolen Years

you spent lonely the years you spent


mistreated you are going to have plenty

of Joy plenty of Peace plenty of

resources and plenty of opportunities

trust me I am creating a

way typow men and if you believe in

Christianity please like this


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