🛑 God Message For You Today 🙏🙏| Guiding Your Path | Urgent Message From God

God has a message for you

today my precious child look back over

your existence and do not forget the

instances I made a manner in which you

didn’t see a

manner remember the on instances I put

you on the proper area and on the appri

time think about the times I opened ORS

of advertising for you grew to become

problem round and guarded

you I am telling you today don’t focus

in your troubles focus on me your

heavenly father what you watched about

and meditate on is what I will cause to

grow for your

light what I actually have in say for

you is larger higher and greater

worthwhile than whatever you have ever

visible in the Beyond I will solution

your prayers

if you’re feeling a positivity then like


video I am proud of the fact that you

are still combating nevertheless praying

nevertheless looking the scriptures

toward Solutions and still getting up

each morning looking to unfold lighten

love in this dark

Global continue to fight the coolest

fight of Faith you are strong than you

think I am going to open up the home

Windows of heaven and pour out

recuperation no how want and Advantage

is over your light I love you so

much typow man if you believe in Jesus


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