🛑 God Message For You Today 🙏🙏|| Open my letest Message From God today…✋|| God Claim

God speak to you today my dearest child

of mine you might not see it right now

but I’m working on that demanding

situation weeping may additionally

undergo for an evening but joy comes in

the morning you’re going to Revel in an

overflow of advantages don’t give

up if you’re feel good then like this

video wipe your tears I will deliver all

of your wishes stop turning to man I’ll

issues come and put it all in my Palms

turn your concerns into your

religion and watch how things start

happening to your life I’m getting ready

to ship you a blessing out of this world

trust in me to confirm type

L am capable of do just what I said

L would do I will satisfy every promise

to you the things I have spoken to your

now coming I am freeing you from the

whole thing that is maintaining you

back I am lifting you up stay close to

me and watch me circulate in the midst

of the

storms type P ask if you think God is my


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