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? God Message For You Today ?? | Trust In God’s Plan For Your Health | God Says

God is

saying my cherished child today I need

to remind you of the strength of desire

and a world filled with uncertainty and

challenges I Am The Anchor of Desire

that holds you

constant when you experience overwhelmed

or discouraged turn your gaze towards me

I am the supply of unwavering hope and

one who holds your future

in my

arms trust in my promises for they may

be authentic and unchanging no count

what circumstances you face I Am with

You guiding and strengthening

you to concur aner

to not be defined through your

mistakes I offer forgiveness and a clean

start I am the god who opens doorways

that no person can

close trust me for brand new

opportunities do not be discouraged by

delays maming is perfect and I am

running behind the

scenes change is happening today don’t

cross back to the manets were it all

begins right now at this

second I’m guiding you down the right

path I will order you your steps but you

have to pass your

feet press amen If You Believe In


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