🛑 God Message For You Today 🙏🙏| Watch This And Defeat Devil Plan…‼️| God blessings

God says

today my little one God is close to

those which are hurting God is near the

Brokenhearted God knows whilst you’ve

got an awful scientific file he knows

while you’re struggling in your budget

he is aware of whilst you are being

mistreated you won’t see something

happening but you can be confident that

almighty God isn’t always only aware

there he is at paintings he already has

the solution if you will stay in

religion at the right time he will

release a flood of his strength a flood

of recovery a flood of

healing he will not best bring you out

he will deliver you out better off than

you were earlier

then please like this video if you love

Jesus the devil is preventing you so

tough to to the fact you are on the

verge of a step forward stand

Corporation stand on my phrase don’t

surrender don’t get

distracted I’ve already labored things

out for you the devil is defeated

regardless of what it seems like be

robust speak the word great matters are

coming to accept it with belief please


do now not pass backwards that is

what the enemy wants you to do your

destiny could be more than your past

your past change into simply education

in your destiny I am with you keep

urgent forward things are higher for you


beforehand type yes if you agree

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