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my beloved child the devil wants you to

leave this video and by doing so he will

win but you watch this video till the

end I am near you and watching you and I

will soon put an end to all the evils so

don’t be afraid I am with you there is

no way out of this maom you’re in right

now allow me to direct your path and

give you orders remember that I am

orchestrating your every move so that

they will ultimately benefit you I’m

right there with you Let Me ease your

pain relax I’ll make sure of it when

everything else fails cling to Hope like

a strong unyielding thread I’m softly

murmuring better days are

ahead even in the darkest of places your

optimism and faith will shine a light

keep in mind that I am always at work in

your life transforming the tiniest

Sparks of optimism into blazing fires of

happiness and contentment never give up

hope I am by your side helping you make

dreams a reality I am able to alter that

circumstance you will emerge stronger

from the anguish suffering and

restlessness nights that you have

endured even if it’s not pleasant I am

putting everything together for the

greater benefit embrace the stability of

my hand I will never leave your sigh

when everything else fails cling to Hope

like a strong unyielding thread I’m

softly murmuring better days are

ahead even in the darkest of places your

optimism and faithful shine a light keep

in mind that I am always at work in your

life transforming the tiniest Sparks of

optimism into blazing fires of happiness

and contentment never give up hope I am

by your sigh helping you make dreams a

reality God says if you believe my

Supernatural power type yes in the Bible

vers numbers to always says the

Lord bless you and maintain you the Lord

make his face shine on you and be

gracious to you the Lord flip his face

toward you and provide you with peace to

confirm enter

lovely kids of mine let go of your

cares and anxieties so that you might

come across my voice everything that

worries you put it in my hands you are

now free to seek my face without

interference allow me to set you free

from the crippling dread that is inside

you relax in my presence and let my

light illuminate your soul dispelling

any Shadows that may be lurking

inside remember that I am in control of

your life and and take each day as it

comes in this day that I have created

Rejoice because I am abundantly present

give thanks to me no matter what do not

dwell on your regrets or resentments put

your faith in me and not your

fears give thanks to me and rest in my

Dominion listen to me first even if

you’re already listening to other people

holy ground awaits you as they expose

their souls to your

examination in order to react correctly

you must seek the guidance of my spirit

to think live and love through you beg

him to do it write our man if you

believe through the Holy Spirit my whole

Essences breathing new life into you you

are giving them dry Crum if you try to

meet at once with your own thoughts

alone my rivers of live water flow

through you to others around you as the

Holy Spirit enables you to listen and

communicate listen to me like you listen

to other people and I will send my love

joy and peace to you you on a path that

is specifically tailored to your

needs as your relationship with me

deepens you will realize your entire

potential and become exactly who I

created you to be the road you are on

with me is becoming more different from

other people’s pass because you are

unique nevertheless I provide you the

ability to pursue this lonely root while

maintaining strong

relationships with others via my

enigmatic take knowledge and methods in

reality Your Capacity to love others

freely increases in proportion to your

level of Devotion to me take in the

Splendor of a life where you feel my

presence at every turn let us rejoice as

we go on this path of intimate

connection side byai take pleasure in

the Journey of

self-discovery that begins by immersing

yourself in me we are a wonderful match

your needs and my riches being

independent was never my intention

instead I made you in my image so that

you would rely on me for more than just

your basic

needs in order to lead you to me I

painstakingly fashion your desires and

sense of being lacking you should not

therefore attempt to suppress or ignore


emotions worst case scenario you attempt

to appease these desires with things

like power material Goods or other

lesser deities get down on one knee and

seek my blessings in all your

Affliction your greatest desires are

satisfied when you dwell in my presence

you may disc cover deep fulfillment in

me therefore rejoice in your weakness

those who put their faith in me will

never be condemned you are no longer

bound by the law of sin and death

because you are free in Christ

Jesus this tremendous freedom is a right

of birth for Christians but few really

know how to live it let your life be

free in me because I died to release you

type to now if you want to find

Freedom you have to maintain your focus

on me this is the way for you to go say

many voices but only my voice can show

you the real way the more you cling to

the world’s glit and bod the more you’ll

fall into its bit even Christians May

mislead you with words like two this

don’t do that pray this way pray not in

that manner you will get more bewildered

by listening to everyone’s opinions

relax and enjoy the life of a sheep

willing to do nothing more than Follow


Lead ascending the pathways of

righteousness I will bring you into

verdant Meadows where you may

relax type Jesus’s God in the comment

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people who believe in

Lord affirm when something isn’t

contributing to my highest good I let it

go I shed old habits and false beliefs

being in the midst of a transformation

has taught me to be patient and kind

with myself I give myself plenty of time

to really absorb these

transformations to confirm right I am

thankful dear cherished one let me take

a moment to ease the weight off your

shoulders gift me a bit of your valuable

time and watch as I transform the heavy

load of worries that way you down into

floating feathers of

Freedom My ultimate desire is for your

Sorrows to morph into Joys your tears

into laughter it fills my heart with joy

to witness your daily Endeavors to reach

out to me and your words of Praise don’t

go unnoticed imagine facing life’s

battles without me defeat might have

been inevitable open your eyes and see

the challenges I have set before you not

as obstacles but as tokens of my endless

love for

you even if your path took you through

Barren desserts know that I was right

there beside you Embrace this truth as I

have pulled you through past hardships I

promise to do so again I assure you no

one and snatch away the blessings I have

reserved for you in the midst of turmoil

find comfort and peace just type onen

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message with others let it be a reminder

that when you call upon me in prayer I

am fighting your battles alongside you I

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channel know that you are dearly loved

Chosen and valued my commitment to you

is steadfast today I invite you to open

your heart to me fully to let my

presence in envelop your life embrace

the transformation waiting for you A

life filled with miraculous

wonders barriers will be removed chains

will be broken and extraordinary things

are on the horizon trust me to lead you

every step of the way to a future filled

with blessings I am breathing fresh life

into you promising a journey where no

enemy or misfortune

and touch you because I am your

protector my love for you is unwavering

and soon you will witness signs of this

enduring love my words are meant to

uplift you to dispel any despair or

sense of

defeat ignore the doubts gased by others

and focus on the lofy aspiration I

placed in your

heart while some may judge s

superficially swayed by rumors or

jealousy I see your heart your genuine

intentions and your determination to


yourself your desire for Change and to

pursue your dreams does not go

unnoticed if you wish for my grace to

remain upon you consider supporting our

ministry as this message is the result

of significant effort Trust in my

omnipotence and start your journey today

for yourself and for your loved ones be

courageous and persistent and you will

reach your destiny filled with even

Greater Joy believe in my word numerous

blessings are waiting for you if you

place your trust in me your heavenly

father with love and affection is speak

to you today urging you to protect your

heart against those who seek to deter

your dreams with falsehoods seek me pray

and focus in fulfilling my will a

magnificent blessing a Divine

opportunity is coming your way remember

I love you and changes are

forthcoming do not fear I have a plan

for you elevating you to where blessings

abound When Faith facing new challenges

it’s natural to have doubts but seek my

guidance every morning I promise peace

Serenity and

joy if you have faith and Lord right

amen beloved I’m here to lift the

heaviness from your spirit just a moment

with me can turn the tides of your

worries into moments of peace I cherish

transforming your trials into moments of

Victory and your sadness into

happiness your pursuit of me and your

words of appreciation are a BM to my

heart without my Guidance the battles

might have seemed

insurmountable but recognize the

obstacles you faced were merely

expressions of my love you were never

alone even in the loneliest of

times know that as I have been your

anchor in in the past I will be so again

the blessings I have for you are

Untouchable by

others find comfort in knowing that in

your darkest hours there’s light share

the speaking of Hope with others by

typing amen and passing this message

along your prayers are always heard and

in response I stand with you against

your Giants fortifying your spirit with

my strength and courage when you feel

weakest in your suffering my grace is

your steadfast

support you are immensely loved selected

by me and held in high regard my promise

to love you is unbreakable today I call

on you to let me in completely to fill

your life with my asence welcome the

transformation that awaits a life

brimming with miracles

comment the Lord is beside me I am

revitalizing your spirit assuring you

that withth me as your guardian no harm

will reach you my affection for you is

unwavering you will soon see the

evidence of my love listen to my

encouraging words meant to lift you from

despair let not skepticism or negativity

from others cloud

your vision of the future I have for you

the dreams I planted in your heart are

noble focus on them not the judgments

and envy of

others I see your true Essence your

intentions and your will to better your

life your drive to evolve and chase your

dreams shines brightly if my grace is

what you seek

continuously then supporting our cause

would mean a lot as this message is

crafted from

dedication heed the call of your

Almighty embark on this journey not just

for yourself but for your loved ones

Embrace bravery keep pushing forward and

you’ll find your efforts rewarded with

un parallel Joy trust in my promises a

myriad of blessings are yours for the

taking if you put your faith In Me Your

Divine Guardian with affection I reach

out to you today urging you to guard

against the deceivers and the dream

Steelers instead seek my face pray and

align your actions with my

will whoever believes in me as scripture

has stated rivers of dwelling water will

Glide from inside them John

type PS if you think God is my

savior in this verse we see the

transforming power of God’s rescuing

Grace no longer do we identify with our

Wicked disobedient and evil

nature rather we are urged to conduct

ourselves in accordance with our

transformed selves as offspring of light

because we are children of light we need

to model Our Lives after

Christ we are commanded to live our

lives in a manner that gives honor to

God and testifies to his Redemptive

power inside us this is known as walking


righteousness our life should be a

beacon of love compassion and mercy

Illuminating the change that Christ has

made in our hearts just as light dispels

Darkness our ability to live as children

of light depends on more than just

ourselves being able to walk in

righteousness is only possible through

the ongoing activity of the Holy Spirit

every day we must seek God’s wisdom and

Grace and humbly depend on his grace as

we seek God In

Prayer immerse our elves in his word and

serve him we get a deeper appreciation

for God’s grace and see it transform us

into Christ likeness the primary meaning


choim is that Jesus Christ Alone can

bring us near to the father

salvation according to Christians is not

based on anything we do righteous but on

Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrif rice on


cross we enter into a fresh and personal

connection with the father when we put

our trust in Jesus who grants us direct

access salvation is for everyone and the

phrase we both highlights

that the central theme is that God can

reconcile Jews and Gentiles via Christ’s

sacrifice and Resurrection

highlighting God’s Sovereign design this

passage states that he decided to remove

any barrier between various peoples by

extending his love and salvation to

everyone who would

believe salvation is available to

everyone regardless of their origin race


socioeconomic class the holy spirit is

an integral part part of our faith

journey and the word chi Spirit


this right Jesus is supreme

King the job of the holy spirit is to

regenerate our hearts to make us see the

gospel for what it really is and to give

us the ability to react with Faith

indwelling by the spirit gives you as

the strength to approach the father have

communion with him and live the rich

life he

promises apart from worldly possessions

and incredible as it may seem this

scripture reveals the depths of God’s

strength and his hatred it demonstrates

that his power over our lives has no

bounds in his handywork he surpasses our

expectations and comprehension a proper

understanding of the importance of God’s

rescuing Grace and the holy spirit’s

renewing activity in our lives is

essential without both we would be

spiritually dead and unable to know or

feel God’s

power but thanks to his boundless

kindness and love God has reconciled us

to himself by transforming us into new

creatures through Jesus

Christ typ how man if you trust in


Lord the ability to accept and Trust in

his promises is a gift that he has

bestowed upon us we must also

acknowledge that our Redemption and

ongoing sanctification do not result

from our own Deeds or

efforts it it is an act of God’s

Sovereign Grace performed according to

his will and for his purpose this serves

as a reminder that God’s Great Deeds are

accomplished not by our own Merit or

strength but by the power of His Spirit

working inside

us this reality ought to alter our

perspective on life and our

understanding of God’s intentions for us

as a result we are reminded of our

insignificance and the fact that God has

infinite wisdom and

knowledge we are humbled by it God who

is all powerful is on our side and that

gives us strength and optimism work to

look carefully is to approach life with

caution and deliberate us the desire to

honor God ought to govern our Deeds not

only our own willpower or Earthly

motives to live in accordance with his

will we must examine our ways with

wisdom true wisdom sets us apart from

the rest of the world our decision

making as Christ’s disciples should be

guided by Heavenly knowledge not by

fleeting human

impulses it entails listening to wise

people learning God’s word and letting

the Holy Spirit direct our steps our

ability to demonstrate wisdom in the

face of Life complexity is a gift from

Christ’s atoning work in

us but the Apostle Paul also stresses

that having knowledge isn’t enough we

need to put it to good use by making the

most of the time God has entrusted us

with the care and management of his

precious gift of

time God has entrusted us with the care

and management of his precious gift of

time in any situation there is a chance

to share the gospel build connections

and assist people without expecting

anything in

return considering the transience of

light we should give more weight to

things that last than to those that pass

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voice greetings listener join me in

prayer and then repeat this after me oh

Heavenly Father we have been trying to

have a baby for a while now we have

tried every phys physical

solution we have spent a fortune on

doctors and tests nothing seems to work

do we know that you are the god that

made everything you created from nothing

you make streams and desert areas we ask

for a spiritual breakthrough give us

heracle baby

today strengthen vitalize and energize

my sperms open her womb and deliver our

bundle of joy give us a chance to be

parents let your spirit remove any

blocks preventing pregnancy from her

body break any spiritual impediments

that working against us we know that you

have answered our prayer in jesus’

name we have been attempting to have a

family for some time now every Poss

physical solution has been exhausted

doctors and tests have cost us a

lot there is no apparent solution we

acknowledge you as the Creator God you

made something out of nothing in arid

regions you create streams a spiritual

breakthrough is what we want please

today deliver our miraculous

baby imbue my sperm with strength

vitality and energy come out of her

belly and give us our precious baby

please consider us for the role of

parent please let your spirit clear her

body of any obstacles that could hinder


pregnancy remove the spiritual obstacles

that are preventing us from moving

forward thanks be to God who in jesus’

name has heard and answered our request

oh my God to you I owe an immense debt

of gratitude for the gift of

life I am grateful for your kindness and

love in my life many thanks for the

chances you’ve given me May everything

that you do for me be blessed I ask that

you shower your blessings on me again


month may you provide me the ability to

enter new Realms of possibility please

also bring back any chances I may have

passed on in the past the abundance in

my life has been slipping my mind

therefore I beg you to open my

eyes my Lord please lead me to the


individuals and make sure I meet them in

my life your voice is audible to me now


willing we kindly request that you

subscribe to our Channel as well as

share this video to increase its

visibility he will be encouraged by your

action you may give via super thanks if

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