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my beloved child hear my words for it is

no coincidence that they reach you now

listen carefully to my voice focus on

the message of love and understanding I

bring you today know that this message

comes not by chance but as a heartfelt

expression of my love aiming to touch

every part of your soul and invite deep

reflection there are many who ignore my

call and are swept Along by the currents

of this world they fall into

distractions and temptations that lead

only to ruin and estrangement from My

Love Therefore today my child I

earnestly implore you to heed my words

and avoid the empty flee bleeding and

superficial paths prevalent in these

times remember the world offers a life

full of desires pleasures and

temptations all designed to draw you

away from me ultimately leading to your

downfall in this era I see so many

getting carried away by worldly desires

following its trends and practices which

only bring sorrow the lures of this

world are plentiful and its pathways are

deceptive though the ways of the world

may seem attractive and full of Promise

they in truth lead to the death of the

soul but you my beloved child must not

allow yourself to be pulled down by

these forces

for they will lead you into darkness and

desolation do not be enticed by the

false promises and fleeting Illusions

offered by the prince of this world be

not misled by Voices That aim to draw

you away from my path and distort my

truth my desire for you is to live a

life filled with joy and happy to

achieve this it’s essential to follow my

teachings hold them dear in your heart

and apply them in all aspects of your

life understand that my teachings are

your Guiding Light leading you safely

and giving you strength and hard times

know my child that I don’t ask you to

isolate from the world but to not align

with its negative values and

practices aim to be a positive force

around you spreading my love and truth

shine is a light in darkness a symbol of

Hope in a world craving love following

my commands and principles will bring

you inner peace and true richness that

comes from a life in tune with me do not

fear the hurdles you might face for I’m

always with you don’t lose heart facing


challenges within them lie chances for

growth and

strengthening your trials are Stepping

Stones leading to Victory success and

abundance trust in me wholly and let me

guide your life follow my will and let

my spirit guide your

decisions thus I encourage you my child

not to be swept away by worldly currents

but to diligently follow my teachings

and live by their principles assist the

lures and dishonesty in the world for

they lead to ruin seek

wisdom and guidance in my words for a

life filled with prosperity and

fulfillment remember living in obedience

to my teachings will bestow upon you


Blessings my desire is for you to

flourish in every aspect of your life

finding the true peace happiness and

prosperity that only I can

provide do not drift away from my

presence nor let the world draw you away

from my Loving Arms trust in me and

follow my

Commandments even when challenges Loom

large you will see how everything aligns

for your

benefit my child I love you and always

want the best for you and that will

never change so do not be disheartened

by the difficulties you face today have

faith in my grace sufficient to sustain

Ain you I am with you at every moment

hearing your prayers and responding in

line with my perfect if I speak to you

now is so my voice echoes in your heart


mind constantly reminding you of the

importance of adhering to my words and

loving others with kindness and

compassion today my beloved I bless you

raise your hands and let my light shine

through you may the sound of my voice

ease your worries Whispering words of

encouragement and

bravery guiding you to peace amidst


tumult this message is not just a

reflection but a vibrant expression of

my eternal love and deep wish to see you

thrive completely hold these words words

close to your heart wear them as a

necklace Let each sentence soothe your

soul and each lesson illuminate your

path do not ignore my words let not my

message go unheard do not turn away from

this video for I have something

important to impart to you today I

address your weary heart accept the e

words with love do not fret over the

challenges you face now everything is

unfolding according to my perfect plan

let things fall into place according to

my will I wish only the best for you

much like the father in the parable of

the prodigal son who welcomed his Lost

Child back with open arms in the same

way I embrace you with everlasting love

my plans are often Beyond you might not

see my hand at work right now but rest

assured I am actively arranging

everything for your good trust in me for

you will be filled with joy you will

realize that the waiting and every tear

shed have been meaningful

heed my words for they are meant to

guide you in these

times I’m endowing you with the strength

to endure trials follow my directives

precisely take a deep breath and stand

tall persevere through hardships for you

are never alone I send my angels to

surround and protect you do not fear the

hidden enemies that wish to see you fall

my shield is around you in your

household nothing and no one can harm

you under my watch do you realize who is

with you it is I the king of

kings the Lord of lords your heavenly

father overseeing your life from above

my presence alone is enough for you to

March towards Victory without fear or

hesitation I am your Shepherd your guide

your strength and the one who grants you

Victory When Trials come you need not

fear in the darkness you will recall

these very

words you shall Traverse The Valley Of

Shadows with my spirit and I shall Grant

you the strength to come cease your

worrying for today you shall receive the

answers you await do you believe that I

have not heard you I know your thoughts

your desires the deepest longings of

your heart Nothing Is concealed from me

for your request to be fulfilled you

must take

action I shall provide you with the

tools and wisdom to execute my will

exercise Prudence in carrying out my

plans do not rush and do not succumb to

the snares of ambition be cautious be

wise the plans of the diligent tend

toward abundance but recklessness leads

not everything is

predetermined I shall bestow upon you

the strength to change the winds in your


you have sailed without my guidance and

time has proven me right yet you still

have the opportunity to alter things you

heard me my timing is perfect neither

too soon nor too late but at the right

moment take heart great and favorable


approach amid them you shall encounter

obstacles but if you place your trust in

me there shall be nothing to fear

remember that behind every trial lies a

great blessing allow me to transform


thoughts let me work in your mind and

allow me to change your life making you

an instrument of my power I shall use

you to teach the world of my love and

understanding people shall w witness my

peace and love in you even your

adversaries shall see that their plans

of Destruction have failed in your life

I possess the power to change

circumstances beloved You are not alone

you have not been abandoned cease

dwelling on the

past I shall not permit you to Forfeit

what I have in store for you

focus on the good do not lose your way

your blessings await you I have

transformed everything within you do not

return to the place from which I rescued

you all of that is in the past now you

are cleansed and saved you are no longer

alone do not revisit the days of

solitude close your eyes and feel my

spirit accompanying you you shall

triumph over any adversity for you are

courageous you shall gain control over

your emotions and not act

impulsively you shall remain calm in the

storm never losing the faith I have

placed within you declare my word tell

the world that I am your God and recount

the miracle Miracles I have performed in

your life let all those around you know

that I am a god of love slow to anger

and abundant in

Mercy I forgive my children and do not

forsake them I am faithful in the trial

and I have demonstrated this in all that

you have

experienced my love for you grows with

every moment every day

it is so immense that you may not fully

comprehend it now is the time my child

go my son go my daughter and do not look

back I am with you today tomorrow and

always do not fear trust in me and

believe in my words very soon I will

reward your faith with Abundant

Blessings I I understand that you have

been troubled by the challenging moments

you are

enduring everything surrounding you

overwhelms and burdens you filling you

with stress fatigue and worry you stand

on the brink of collapse for all these

things have overwhelmed you making you

feel alone sad and

despondent but I can assure you beloved

child that what you are currently going

through is under my control do not fear

for I am with you do not be anxious for

I shall go before you fight for you and

nothing and no one shall harm you do not

ignore that my powerful hand is upon

your life working in your

favor I want you to be at peace even if

you view this trial as a formidable

giant or an insurmountable Mountain I

shall not leave you

alone instead I will make you stronger

and wiser so that you can overcome any

barrier be it Financial emotional or

spiritual place your faith and trust in

me alone for I’m greater than any

problem or giant that may be restricting

your life it is my desire that you live


Tranquility confidence and security

filled with abundant Hope cast aside all

Affliction weakness and

fear have faith and full assurance that

my mighty hand is reaching out to touch

your life in this process I shall make

you stronger and wiser

so that you may achieve all that you set

out to do for a life of success and

blessings is what I have ordained for

you never forget any of the promises I

have bestowed upon you for they are not

mere words but a testament to an eternal

commitment embrace them as beacons of

Hope on your journey through this world

in these promises you will find my


faithfulness they will not fade into the

void of forgetfulness or be lost amidst

the chaos of daily life instead they

shall emerge like a beacon of light in

the darkness revealing themselves at the

precise and perfect moment unveiling my

purpose a purpose that transcends time

and space therefore do not be distressed

by time and do not lose heart if the

answers to your prayers do not arrive

instantly have faith in me for with

faith and patience you shall witness

each of them shine in their fulfillment

reminding you that my love and Fidelity


unbreakable simply place your trust in

me and I shall I’ll be with you every

day of your life I Will Stand By Your

Side in every battle granting you the

victory you rightfully deserve continue

to abide in me and no attack against you


Prevail your adversaries shall flee and

the reward shall be

yours for in my

presence you are more than a conqueror

always remember in every moment and

Circumstance that I am your Eternal

strength your Swift Aid and your


assistance I am your faithful and mighty

support I am your Invincible God

bestowing upon you countless favors and

showering you with abundant

mercies my love for you is immeasurable

and nothing in the vast Universe can

diminish or alter my love for

you therefore when you find yourself

treading on shifting and challenging

paths have the certainty in your heart

that my love and strength shall be by

your side never doubt my child for I

shall always be near you with each step

you take you shall feel my loving

Embrace as my boundless love infuses you

with the energy to move forward and

attain every one of your goals and

aspirations even the deepest desires of

your heart remember always in every

trial challenge or test that life

presents to you my presence shall

inspire you providing you with courage

and acting as your Perpetual strength a

constant support guiding every one of

your steps towards the destination of

Abundant Blessings I have ordained for

you simply trust in me even in the

coldest and darkest of

moments for I shall help you in every

circumstance do not forget that I am

your Invincible God surrounding you with

a mantle of

favors covering you with countless

blessings and pouring out mercies that

shall fill you with peace joy and

happiness beloved child my love for you

knows no measure or limit it never

changes so walk with the certainty that

all shall be well because I am by your

side holding your hand

and guiding you towards a life of

success peace and prosperity never give

up or

Retreat face this challenging moment

with courage faith and determination

then all your uncertainty shall

dissipate and darkness shall give way to

my eternal light which shall lead you

along the path of Happiness toward the

great and beautiful blessings I have

reserved for you keep moving forward my

child keep moving

forward soon you shall see your goals

flourish and you shall reap the fruits

of your

efforts receive what I tell you today

and believe it for everything shall come

to pass place your life your goals and

your dreams upon the unshakable rock

that is

Christ and you shall achieve all that

you set out to do beloved in this world

there will always be challenging and

difficult circumstances that you must

face even moments that test your faith

and the strength of your character that

is why I advise you today to build your

life upon the unbreakable Rock which is

Christ Jesus Jesus do not build it upon

fleeting and superficial things such as

the cares and pleasures of this

world lay the foundation of your life

upon the principles of my word and do

not allow yourself to be swept away by

the currents of these times do not let

the desires of this world seduce you and

Harden your heart for they are like

quick Sands that not only ens snares you

but also bring shame failure and

ultimately leads to disgrace and ruin

understand my precious child that the

ways of this world are empty and

misleading leading to passive doubt and

fear therefore it’s crucial that you

remain vigilant Vigilant and ready to

face any challenges that life might

bring you must endure with

resilience equipped with the tools of

the spirit and strengthened by my power

do not let the adversary’s Shadows Cloud

your mind nor his lies darken your heart

beware of those deceitful and tempting

words that aim to steal your blessings

and Lead You astray from the Divine

Destiny I have set for you trust in me

and resist the deceptions that try to

divert you from my path remember you are

my child my creation my masterpiece

endowed with the truth and the light of

my word believe in my love and the wise

guidance I offer you today

always remember that I forever seek the

best for you constantly working for your

good and standing by your side to guide

and protect you from the enemy’s

schemes so when you face the temptation

of malevolent voices those spreading

lies and sewing doubt reject them and

push them away find refuge in my world

word and through prayer hold on to them

and you will find the strength you need

and the protection for your soul in my

presence you will always find peace

tranquility and the happiness you long

for hence I tell you once more my

beloved child build your life upon the


foundation if you do this you may face

storms and trials but nothing will move

you you might be confronted by

tempests but if your life is grounded in

the solidity and strength that only

Christ can provide you will not be

shaken nor will the fiercest waves or

winds uproot you while your life is

constructed upon the rock that is Christ

you shall endure the trials and

tribulations for he is the Gateway that

shall Usher you into eternal life the

Fountain of salvation for your soul do

not doubt my words beloved child trust

in me and entrust all your dreams

aspirations and concerns into my hands I

shall guide you and bestow upon you the


and strength needed to surmount all the

challenges that confront you daily

therefore whenever you feel lost or

overwhelmed remember these

words build your life upon the solid

foundation that is Christ in doing so

you will be well prepared for every good

work firmly resisting the enemy’s


fight the good fight of Faith with the

sword of the spirit which is my word

only then will you achieve Victory and

experience the immense wonderful

blessings I have in store for you with

me by your side nothing and no one can

stand against you always remember my

beloved child that I am the Everlasting


your unbreakable

Foundation always eager to bless and

enrich your life if you remain in me and

my words remain in you whatever you ask

in jesus’ name will be given to you I

honor those who honor me and pour out

blessings on those who trust in me Let

My Words Be imprinted on your heart and

let your life be Guided by the teachings

of my

word act righteously and kindly

spreading the truth of my gospel at all

times bring good news to the poor

Proclaim freedom for the captives heal

the brokenhearted Open the Eyes of the

Blind and set the oppressed

free never forget that I am always with

you Desiring only the best for you you

are my child my prize creation I will

never abandon you remember my spirit

lives within you and I have instilled in

you a steadfast Faith so you won’t

falter or sink into despair now stand up

and walk in faith confidently claiming

each of my promises assured that your

life is built built upon the unshakable

foundation that is

Christ trust in me my child and believe

in my words then whatever you ask in the

name of Jesus will be granted to

you amen like and share this video If

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