?11:11?God Says, They Will Give You $30,000,000 Help...✝️Gods Message - online calculators

?11:11?God Says, They Will Give You $30,000,000 Help…✝️Gods Message

angels are saying your financial

breakthrough is coming and you have been

praying for it for a long time but now

it’s arriving smile we are working on

your behalf your Miracle is on the way

it will not be delayed any longer in the

name of Jesus I declare a sudden shift

to your season get ready for increased

manifested promises and

blessings don’t skip this video If you

believe in angels

God says everything is changing you

know it you feel it God has been

confirming it this is the season when

you will shift to the next level and

step into a new dimension that’s the

reason you’ve been attacked so hard

that’s the reason the devil has fought

you but nothing can stop what God has

ordained and God said this is is your

time so prepare yourself child of God

get your mind and spirit ready all roads

have led to this and this is your time


if you believe in God I ask that you

bless everyone reading this right now

protect them Place favor in their lives

increase their funds mend their Broken

Hearts and Spirits heal any issues they

may have in their health Lord let them

know that you can carry them through any

situation because you are an awesome God

and if you bring us to it you can bring

us through it forgive us for our sins

thank you in advance typey amen if you

believe Jesus says faith is the key to

receiving not doubt if you want God to

move in your life but you have doubt you

have to first replace that doubt with

faith don’t let your blessings pass you

by because of unbelief be blessed and be

encouraged then Jesus answered woman you

have great faith your request is granted


wait the right way pray Speak life

every day say I’ll no blessings are

coming my way I know God is making a way

I know he is healing my body I know he

will not fail me as you speak these

things over your life God will send

strength and blessings your way don’t

wait and complain wake and praise don’t

give up on your family something

Supernatural is happening in May God

knows how to turn it around Jesus knows

how to reach those who seem unreachable

and bring them home wake them up change

their heart and bring back the love the

promise of Health healing prosperity and

security is a gift from the Divine hold

on to it with faith and let it guide you

towards a life of abundance and joy come

to me all you who are weary and burdened

and I will give you rest comment if

you needed this God says trust me I have

you covered I know where you are and

where you’re going those obstacles that

look like they’re never going to change

you better get ready this is a new day I

am breaking the chains that have held

you back you are going to see increase

restoration healing and breakthroughs

God will do more for you in minutes than

you can do in your entire lifetime right

now he is is sending your

increase he is healing your body he is

sending people to restore what you lost

it’s about to all make sense trust God

or type I claim it if you receive this

declaration four things God wants you to

know today one just as you opened your

eyes this Wednesday morning God opened

new doors for you expect amazing things

today two

God says stay patient my timing is

perfect I have something bigger planned

for you and trust me you’re going to

love it and three God is getting ready

to blow your mind with unexpected

blessings today Mountains will be moved

Hearts will be healed and blessings will

flow type him in if you believe in God

for God is not just going to deliver you

he’s not not just going to bring you out

he’s going to endorse you put you in a

position of Greater prominence where

people see you honored respected and

admired but they who wait for the Lord

shall renew their strength they shall

Mount up with wings like eagles they

shall run and not be weary they shall

walk and not faint wayah men ready to

witness a magnificent phenomenon that’s

making its way towards you as we speak a

colossal Miracle that’s bound to leave


ASU it’s the time for you to be rich

happy and successful seeing money flows

to you freely and endlessly my God will

connect you to the richest people who

will help you financially to make things

easy for you God says money is coming

your way way like water now you will

never lack money my beloved children I

love you more than you can ever know my

heart overflows with compassion and

mercy for you do not hesitate to come to

me with your fears and your doubts for I

am always here to listen and to comfort

you as your heavenly father I am always

watching over you even when you may not

realize it

I am here to support you guide you and

Lead You towards a life filled with

purpose and fulfillment but do not be

afraid for I am with you

always I will never leave your side and

will always be there tick you up when


stumble trust in me and I will show you

the way my strength is increasing my

health is improving I am clear I am

confident I am strong the Lord never

fails me God’s word is powerful his word

is active in my life blessings are

coming to me now thank you Lord I honor

you always type yes to airm four things

to remember this month one the power of

prayer is so real don’t ever doubt it

two God isolated you because your path

is different you can’t follow the crowd

three God is about to open some

important doors in your life four stay

strong it won’t be long and you will be

able to look back and say that was

nothing but the hand of God pray until

your situation changes my child never

give up hope for miracles happen every

day trust in me and I will bring about a

breakthrough in your life the spirit of

the the Lord is saying this will


quickly it will happen so fast your head

will swim and you won’t be able to keep

up but don’t forget to give him glory

because he loves to show off and get the

glory he deserves he’s accelerating your

promise everything shall happen quickly

God says trust that I have a purpose and

a plan for your life that is beyond your

wildest dream trust that I love you more

than you can possibly imagine and that I

want only the best for you when you

trust in me you will see Miracles

happening in your life you will

experience a sense of peace and

contentment that goes beyond anything

you’ve ever known type

if you trust God if you are faithful

to God he will give you all the success

in your life there will come a time when

your tears will fall not because of

problems but because God has answered

all your prayers God says tomorrow the

day when we’ll be delivering an awesome

blessing to you get ready receive it

with faith and

gratitude pray with me heavenly father I

thank you for my life today thank you

for the love you show me every day thank

you you for the Holy Spirit you sent for

me help me understand the work of the

holy spirit in my life help me feel the

presence of the holy spirit in all my

Endeavors let me feel the Comfort the

love the correction and the healing

nature of the holy spirit in my life

each day your Holy Spirit lives in me

today let it be my protector and

companion in my spiritual warfare let

your spirit give me the strength I’ll

need from within to stay strong for you

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