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my beloved child I the Lord vow to

bestow upon you all The Virtuous gifts

you seek through prayer approach me with

a heart full of faith and witness how I

transform your life your family your

daily bread and every step you take I

promise to dissolve the ailments that

afflict your body and soothe your mind

from the torment of past sorrows

your burdens shall dissipate your debts

shall be released and you will be

enveloped in an abundant blanket of

blessings where your trust rests in me

like a tree you shall stand robust and

verdant offering shade and comfort to

those in need do not fear the harshness

of Life heed for you will be a beacon of

Solace and a Wellspring of Hope to many

your fruits of faith and love will never

cease they will flourish and bless all

who encounter your presence my favor and

peace will be your Everlasting

inheritance with me your endeavors will

reach fulfillment so you and your family

will be shielded from Life storms

surrounded by my Angelic

Guardians your heart will brim with joy

and peace a testament to the Eternal

happiness I bestow upon those who walk

with me in moments of fear or distress

remember I’m always by your side

strengthening and upholding you with my

Victorious hand let your actions be pure

for they are offerings to me your

sincere efforts will not go

unnoticed they shall be rewarded with a

glorious inheritance trust not solely in

your wisdom but place your unwavering

faith in me acknowledge my presence in

all aspects of your life and watch as I

guide your path towards righteousness

and truth I am the resurrection and the

life should you stumble and fall fear

not those who believe in me shall rise

again never to be ens snared by death’s

grip maintain humility cherish your

meekness be p patient and refrain from

anger towards those who provoke you

respond not with harsh words or actions

for I’ve endowed you with a courageous

heart and wisdom yet should fear ever

darken your doorstep seek my face with

earnestness I will be your steadfast

protector guiding your steps and

guarding your home and

Journeys always keeping the Forefront of

your heart in mind that I your God God

am ever present I guide you gently by

the hand speaking to you with a voice of

Tranquility do not Harbor fear for I am

perpetually with you ready to provide

assistance my love for you is

boundless never feel isolated or

neglected there are those who may seek

to remind you of past errors aiming to

shroud you in Shame by dredging up your

sins ignore such

voices refuse to let bitterness and

despair grip your life even if others

turn away I remain steadfastly by your

side I will never abandon you regardless

of the world’s

judgment in my sight you are eternally

cherished a beautiful gentle and honest

Soul disregard the idle chatter of those

who find pleasure in maligning others

rather than focusing on their own lives

they Cloud their minds with nonsense and

untruths instead seek my face long for

my words and find solace in the shelter

of My Embrace take comfort Under The

Canopy of my love for everything around

you the vast oceans the expansive Skies

the majest IC mountains was crafted with

immense care and affection the influence

of the wicked is fleeting but your time

is eternal I offer everyone the profound

freedom to choose life and Truth your

heart reached out to me in gratitude and

in response I vow to bless you

abundantly our bond is eternal hold firm

in your faith and despair SP any fears

pay no mind to those who squander their

time accusing you of past

mistakes I’ve already forgiven those

transgressions they are forgotten cast

into the depths of the sea right now I

am lifting the burdens that have weighed

heavily on your mind the hidden Sorrows

of your heart I’m transforming your

spirit endowing you with even greater


arise with Newfound energy and approach

life with fervent Zeal the most profound

blessings are bestowed upon those who

sincerely believe in me who keep my word

near their Humble Hearts and resist the

corruption of power the heavens Rejoice

over your decision to welcome me into

your life to heed my teachings and to

follow my commands because of your faith

I I am committed to restoring what has

been lost to you walk with Assurance for

your fate is safely cradled in my

hands all your foes been vanquished

approach me in prayer full of faith and

I will lovingly Grant the desires deeply

rooted in your heart depend on me and

cast aside your

fears here I am ready to embrace you and

provide peace and it’s these

trials this is a test of your faith and

know that I am with you through it all

when you called out to me in

desperation I listened attentively my

ear is always inclined to your voice and

I am patient waiting for the perfect

moment to let my Holy Spirit speak to

your heart I am fully aware of your

actions and your journey even when your

mind and senses suggest suggest that all

hope is lost and you find yourself in

darkness my boundless love will not

permit your downfall your defeat will

not come to fruition do not be

disheartened by mere

appearances beyond the hurdles that seem

to block your way great blessings and

divine gifts await am imparting wisdom

to you opening paths that once seemed


Paving the way for you to move forward

from this moment forward rest assured

that no one shall

intimidate disgrace or belittle you I

your heavenly father the almighty

creator of all stand beside you do not

fear people reflect on the numerous

instances when envious individuals

conspired against you spreading lies and

eagerly anticipating your

downfall yet their plans were in vain

here you are still standing strong today

I instill in your heart a rejuvenated

zest for life and a joy that no one can

take away I cradle you in my hands your

love for me has captured my heart and

attention you have steadfastly kept your

faith and followed my teachings for your

family and yourself I shower you with my

favor trust in me wholeheartedly and


Simplicity your destiny is under my care

and I will protect you from those who

seek to harm you shame shall not touch

you it is decreed that the light of my

Holy Spirit Will illuminate your path

those who persecute you unjustly will

find themselves distanced from my

forgiveness their deceitful ways leading

to to their downfall you however will

Thrive like a lush tree planted by


streams you and your family bearing

plentiful fruit others will look upon

you and take inspiration across

Generations I will bestow upon you my

abundant goodness enveloping you with my

pres seek me each morning do not let

worldly distractions Veer you away from

the source of your

blessings our bond is cemented by my

grace My Sacrifice your

loyalty and your faith through the power

of my resurrection and your Brave choice

to believe even in the

Unseen I will make my presence known to

you in extraordinary

ways this profound presence you feel

today will never leave you you hold

within you the power that created the

universe and I affirm again I am with

you stand firm against all adversities

and the onslaughts of your

foes refuse to let others diminish your

worth reject

violence Safeguard your children and be

cautious of those who speak sweetly but

intend to disrupt your family I have

positioned in angels around you to

protect you from harm how however it is

crucial for you to play your part show

me your faith and take my words to Heart

your enemy lurks hoping for you to

forget my promises and become distracted

leading to your downfall start each day

with a few moments dedicated to me come

with gratitude recognizing that all

blessings flow from my love I’ve

repeatedly asked for your heart now give

it to me

unreservedly I forgive your flaws

cleanse your sins and refresh your

conscience my word is engraved in your

soul bolstering your faith and granting

you immense

strength your life should now be rooted

in obedience and prayer you will achieve

great Dreams by entrusting me with your

heart but if you neglect this sacred

love you risk reverting to your old ways

my love for you is deep and patient even

if you don’t fully grasp it yet soon you

will see with Clarity how much I cherish

my beloved what will I do I will

accomplish Feats you deem impossible

affirming that I have spoken to you

today and have a divine plan for you and

your family if you feel the urge to cry

do so I will use those tears to relieve

you of Burden

that weigh you down be still and listen

to two words that encapsulate your life

your future and your blessings

everything aligns when you converse with

me I will not ignore your calls for

every prayer I have a response for every

pain I offer a Heavenly solution even if

you doubt my presence or blame your

struggles on my absence and perceived

indifference grant me just a little more

faith take that step and strive to

dismiss those fleeting thoughts choose

to believe in the word you hear it is

the foundation of your faith my promises

are not fleeting or

forgotten they are fulfilled in those

who trust me

wholeheartedly I understand your

challenges sometimes things don’t go as

planned you hear words of divine love in

the morning but the day may bring

setbacks and the anticipated blessing

seems elusive people may turn their

backs on you and you might lose

cherished things your day might end in

weariness and

disappointment in those moments you

might think I’m not listening but that’s

not true I heard you when your heart

cried my God where are you I saw your

silent tears shed in solitude because

you didn’t want others to see your pain

and fear but now I say to you let those

emotions flow shout

cry let your tears flow freely like a

raging River they will wash away your

anguish soaring high like fountains

reaching me here I receive them

sanctifying your precious tears

one day I will show you how they’ve

transformed into sparkling diamonds

jewels and treasures you’ve accumulated

over time love abides here a profound

love and affection for you I’m

infinitely patient with you even if you

don’t fully understand it yet soon

you’ll witness with your own eyes how

dearly I cherish those I love and you

are deeply cherish by me what will I do

for you I will accomplish things that

seem impossible to you leaving no doubt

that I have spoken to you today and have

a sacred purpose for you and your family

once more I say if you need to cry then

cry I will use your tears to cleanse

your soul of burdens that hold you back

be still listen and absorb these two

words that en Compass your life your

future and your

blessings I love you everything falls

into place when you talk with me I will

not Overlook for every prayer you utter

I have a response for every pain you

endure I have a Divine cure whether you

see me or doubt my presence or attribute

your troubles to my absence and

perceived lack of love give me just a

bit more faith take that step make the

effort to cast aside those empty

thoughts decide to believe in the word

you hear it is the anchor of your faith

my promises are not swept away by the

wind or forgotten over time they’re

fulfilled and come to fruition in those

who trust in me

wholeheartedly I know it can be tough

for you sometimes events don’t unfold as

you expect you hear words of divine love

in the morning yet something goes wrong

during the day and the blessing you

expected eludes you people might turn

their backs on you and you might lose

things dear to you your day may end

feeling tired sad and let down on such

days you might think I don’t hear you

but I do I heard you when your thoughts

cried out my God where are

you I saw the tears you shed in silence

because you don’t want others to see

your pain and you can’t show your fear

but I tell you now release those

emotions let them out shout weep let

those paint up tears flow freely like a

mighty River they will wash away all

your suffering Rising like Springs

reaching up to me

here I receive them sanctifying your


tears one day I will show you how

they’ve transformed into diamonds jewels

and Majestic Treasures that you have

accumulated over time there’s a remedy

for your suffering an answer to your

pain and a reward for your

bravery I have reserved a special

blessing for your resilience and

determination embrace these words they

will be your anchor when doubt seeks to

invade your thoughts I’m inscribing

every word you hear in the depths of

your heart you will dream of them so

vivid so genuine so tangible that you

will rise in the early hours overwhelmed

with an urge to pray

fervently making a heartfelt commitment

each morning you will find faith in the

promises heard in the words you read in

my sentences that resonate with the

truth of my eternal love for

you I have been um and will always be by

your side regardless of

circumstances regardless of the chaos

that surrounds you even if the world

crumbles and the earthquakes even amidst

distressing news attacks from

unbelievers or reject ction from your

own family know this unwavering truth my

love for you surpasses all as long as

you cling to these words your Triumph is

certain but if you let Sinister doubts

invade your mind you’ll be swept away by

The Winds of

disbelief today I assure you that you’re

not journeying

alone I am here to listen and respond

always yet there are moments like these

when I need you to take the first step

show me your active Faith let not your

heart be disheartened by negativity or

misguided advice from those mired in

their own wrongdoings or head lies a

future filled with blessings a reward

for all your

struggles I promise a Crown of Life and

success for you and your

family what I ask of you my child is

your heart and that your eyes remain

fixed on my path do not Veer to the

right or left do not look back never let

the words of others settle in your mind

anchoring you in a quagmire of Despair


isolation if you feel trapped today

thinking you can’t endure any longer

know that I am here for you I bring a

miracle for your profound discouragement


healing as you listen to me cast your

burdens upon me confess your sins share

your pains and believe in my

promises I assure you that if you choose

to believe in me Surrender Your Heart

turn from your faults and follow me in

faith and devotion today I will lift

those heavy burdens from your shoulders

setting you free this promise is for you

now and forever the matter that only you

and I know is in my hands soon all will

be resolved tell me if you believe be at

peace learn to rest in my promises I

heard your desperate Cry of uncertainty

and that’s why I’m here telling you

surrender everything to me doors will

open storms will pass Victory will be

yours and blessings will do not fear for

I’m here to Aid you do not not lose

heart for I love you move forward with

courage for I am with you giving you the

strength and wisdom to overcome this

trial I will shelter you under my wing

where no enemy can reach you when you

are weary I will uplift and comfort you

with my love if you need to confide in

someone bear a burden or keep a secret

that you can no longer hold turn to me

I will not judge or condemn you for what

you Reveal Your confessions are safe

with me and again to find peace and

confidence allowing worries to dominate

your mind can harm your health and your

family if you let troubling news weaken

your faith and trust you open the door

to defeat and despare know that I’m not

angry with you nor I sending any

punishment you you face many challenges

but for your well-being and out of my

love for you I will transform all

adversity so do not be afraid come and

speak with me I yearn to share my plans

with you to guide you and Grant you

wisdom for making the right

choices at this stage in your life you

cannot afford to waste time or spend

your days without seriously considering

your future still clear bide company and

those who mock your faith leave them to

me I will handle them I can touch their

hearts and know how to deal with them

but you focus on what’s ahead it is my

will for you to become successful

respected blessed and F Mercy either are

for you to plant new seeds of love and

harvest abundant fruits of joy and

prosperity in your your life I have

bestowed the extraordinary Gifts of Love

forgiveness Aid and the supernatural

reception of my

word my desire is for you to demonstrate

my love to your family through your

Deeds your hands have the power to touch

and transform the lives and hearts of

many I am elevating your faith to

Heights previously unfelt should be

necessary for me personally mind you

each day to focus on me I will do so

your stresses are being lifted your

emotions healed and your heart wholly

transformed witness with your own eyes

how I support and assist you in all your

endeavors my love accompanies you I am

your guardian your protector I urge you

to be filled with courage do not falter

now persevere

I grant you the strength and wisdom

needed to navigate through this phase of

your life I will shelter you under my

wings beyond the enemy’s reach when

weariness overcomes you I will uplift

and console you with my love should you

need to unburden your heart share a

secret too heavy to Bear confide in me I

will neither judge nor condemn you for

your confessions

your secrets remain safe with me I

sacrificed myself for you my deepest

wish is to offer

forgiveness I do not want you to

continue living in worry stress and

fear time and again I have called you to

peace and

confidence let not worries dominate your

mind for they can harm your health and

distress your family allowing

distressing news to weaken your faith

and trust opens doors to defeat and

despair know that I Harbor no anger

towards you nor do I intend any

punishment in the face of the numerous

challenges you confront my love for you

dictates that I will transform all

adversity therefore fear not come and

speak with me I’m eager to disclose my

plans to guide you and to upon you the

wisdom to make the right

decisions this period in your life is

pivotal you cannot afford to squander

your days without serious contemplation

of your future avoid the company of

those who belittle your faith leave

their handling to me I will reach their

hearts and know precisely how to act

your focus should be on the future it is

my will for you you to become a person

of success respect blessing and I

encourage you to plant seeds of love and

harvest abundant joy and

prosperity I’ve endowed you with the

gifts of loving forgiving aiding others

and embracing my word in extraordinary

ways show your family my love through

your actions your hands are capable of

impacting numerous lives and heart

I am amplifying your faith to levels you

have never

experienced if

necessary I will personally remind you

daily to keep your focus on me as I

eradicate your stresses heal your

emotions and utterly transform your

heart you will see firsthand how I Aid

and support you in all your

tasks I Journey with you in love I am

your shield and prot protector be brive

ignore the pessimists who view

everything negatively those with baren

dreams and limited

perspectives disregard their words for

their aim is to discourage you and fill

your heart with negativity you have the

courage to be your true self strive

diligently never yielding for you are

constantly loved supported blessed and


I’m encircling you with Legions of

warrior Angels stand tall and

smile you are incredibly precious to me

I cherish you deeply dedicate Time Each

Day to my word be mindful of your steps

and words keep your secrets and

vulnerabilities to yourself I will bring

trustworthy people into your life

individuals who will believe in help and

support you I possess the power to

relieve your burdens I will take care of

him This I Promise You amen like and

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