today God is telling you that no matter how much someone in your family tries to hurt you you shouldn’t be afraid because

God will always be there to protect and help you this may provide you with peace

even in the face of danger you could feel a little more at ease with this if you’re feeling anxious right now that

idea could help you feel less so your level of stress relating to the scenario

May noticeably diminish after this step is over God has acknowledged that he has

heard your pray prayers and is now directing a miracle in your favor given the significance of the

miracle you may have to make substantial changes to your daily routine if you want to continue living your lives as

usual while the event is happening right now observe Miracles unfold in your life

by watching this video from beginning to end your bank account is about to have a

windfall that will go far beyond anything you could have imagined having all at once wherever in the world

this is where we are but there is no practical way to make it seem that something like this is even likely to be

conceivable if you want to have something to look forward to you should really put this on your calendar you

should be pleased with yourself for many reasons you could receive a call this weekend from someone who wants to check

in with you and give you some good news all thanks to God’s grace whoever is

contacting you will be the one who comes up with this name the perfect home you’ve always desired the perfect job

promotion you’ve been seeking and the perfect love relationship you’ve been striving for are all drawing closer to

you every day and this video is a sign of that watching this video will put you

on the path to the perfect love connection you’ve always wanted keep a watchful eye out for them because of

this as a direct consequence of their decision you will learn more about the flavor and likelihood of enjoying eating

the Lord if if you give it a taste test beforehand those who choose to make

their religion a strong point in their lives will ultimately feel fulfilled the universe has a fantastic surprise in

store for you tomorrow in the shape of a gift that will both delight and Amaze you the following day you will get this

gift here is a token of our appreciation for your assistance this blessing will be bestowed on you tomorrow by the

cosmos as a symbol of its appreciation for everything that you have accomplished

kindly show your support for this video by giving it a like and sharing it with others if you have faith in God you will

understand the lesson better and be more prepared to handle the indications and manifestations when they come before the

clock strikes midnight this evening God is going to reveal something incredibly wonderful and kind if you watch the

whole video from beginning to end this may be an important message that you

will never ignore I have a message for you that will be very significant to you

and remain with you forever you will find out about it just before midnight my most beautiful baby I will unleash

the floodgates of heaven and shower you with everything that you have prayed for and

prepared according to God one way to show appreciation for blessings is to

give as much as dollar prepare yourselves for I will do this task as

quickly as possible for all all your years of wishing and dreaming I am going to unlock Heaven’s Gates and give you

everything you could ever want no one else can have a conversation with the father but me I am the way the truth and

the life according to what Jesus supposedly said I am the truth and the

life Jesus said implying this some conversations have taken place in places

you haven’t been in character and they’ve mentioned you by name I am also aware of the fact that comparable

conversations are taking place a miraculous opportunity will present itself to you throughout your lifetime

thanks be to God I really hope and pray that you take this danger seriously from

the moment you start chatting with the appropriate people you’ll know it your health will start to improve doors that

were before closed will suddenly open you will achieve all your goals and desires your prayers will be answered

you will also come to understand that even if you aren’t yet aware of it you already own everything that your heart

could possibly want it is now ready to be delivered to the customer as everything has been finished you need to

build the habit of offering God your allout thanks right away start expressing your appreciation for

everything that God has done and start celebrating its numerous victories as soon as possible since all your ideas

are beginning to materialize in the real world right now the most important thing is to be grateful for what you have you

should be careful that you’re just letting yourself think good thoughts you must ensure that at this very moment

only happy ideas are entering your head the good times you’ve been anticipating

have come according to God’s revelation if you have the intelligence to read this God is telling you that your best

years are ahead of you to have this mindset and to overcome it I can only

hope that the God who gives strength and encouragement gives it to you please please try to put yourself in each

other’s shoes and view things through Jesus Christ’s eyes may you see things in this way I will hope and pray for it

if you have faith it may not seem like it right now but everything will work out for the best in the end even if you

can’t see it happening right now things will work out for the best in the end even if you can’t see it happening right

now trusting your chosen God is all that is required the rest will take care of

itself although it may not seem so now everything will turn out well in the end

even if you cannot perceive it now and even if you can’t see it now everything

will work out for the best in the end as long as you have faith in me I will

provide for you bring you up and shower you with benefits if you are humble and

obedient toward me if you treat other people well as the Bible says you will be able to enjoy Life’s good things I

promise to only show you satisfying things if you continue to put your faith in me I can help you grow to prove to me

that you are ready to be humble You Must Believe In The Cosmos and remember that the bad things in life that have caused

you to cry will eventually pass and be replaced by good things joy laughter and

love you should know this and agree with it if you want to agree on anything you

have to be able to identify these recordings at this point you must have trust in in the sea Cosmos meaning you

must believe that everything will happen as planned is there anything you need to do that I didn’t explicitly tell you

about stay true to the bravery and Inner Strength you’ve worked so hard to develop you should not be scared or

dismayed because the Lord your God is with you and can see you no matter where

you go you can rest confident that he will never forsake you nowadays there’s

almost no chance that you’ll have a bad day excellent chances are just around the corner and your life is prepared to

take a surprising turn that you weren’t prepared for today is going to be a training session for

everything it is with much sadness that I must inform you that your day will be

completely ruined the significance of this evidence cannot be stressed enough

thus it is critical that you see the whole film without missing a moment you

are about to embark on an incredible journey that will change your your life forever in the first week of December

th you will face a once-in-a-lifetime risk but if you make the right decision this week it could be

the beginning of a once–in a-lifetime opportunity that will fulfill your deepest most sincere desire keep calm

and be patient you all know why it took longer than anticipated until everything

started to make sense and fall into place there will be a lot of waiting around before your turn comes around the

Lord your God is on your side the whole journey and will never leave you or abandon you so keep your cool and be

patient stay strong and resilient in the face of dread and stress you are to

resist their Authority you must never let your integrity deteriorate or your courage be diminished by fear or

trepidation do not give in to your worries or the fear that comes from them

if you believe in god there will be tremendous twists and turns in your personal and professional lives but they

will all be for the better your current quality of life will continue to improve as time goes on amazing things may soon

be yours if you are a sensitive soul and put your faith in God there will be an

end to the mourning and crying eventually and fresh opportunities will arise later on amazing things will

happen to you rapidly if you are able to get this you may finally be able to put

your long-term worries to rest anything that has been bothering you for a while

May finally go away tonight all of the details will be handled by you get ready

for the Noto distant future when your lives will take a significant turn whatever has been bothering you for

a while will no longer be a reason to be afraid this evening because of you my

tears have turned into dancing and you will make sure that everything is taken care of with your help I was able to

shed my sackcloth and put on an expression of gratitude instead I’d like to use this opportunity

to express my appreciation for your help with this the person’s Financial State is anticipated to improve soon putting

them in a position to enjoy better Financial circumstances an indicator that the

moment has arrived is the fact that someone is getting messages from the cosmos suggesting that it is now the

right time to do so some people will look down on you but I will protect you

from their damage according to a promise God made to his people even when other

people put you down I can help you get back up I will help you shine it’s more

important to strive to be a better version of yourself than the day before not that you should strive to be as holy

as the other people around you walking into a fire will not cause you to burn

or be consumed by the Flames God assures his people that they will be safe even

as they go into the fire soothe yourself as you go through the fire it won’t burn

you or Crush you as you cross over the rivers they will no longer be a burden

and God promises to be with you through the floods he said that even though they will be crossing rivers they need not be

afraid of the water since God may be with them their presence won’t be an issue so you shouldn’t be concerned

about being obstructed in any way by sharing this video you can help get the

word out because God loves you so much he will never abandon you the river

crossing won’t be too difficult for you even if the storm is Raging and the waves are crashing all around you do not

worry you will manage just fine if you want some people to misunderstand you

that’s just okay you aren’t trying to make everyone understand you attempt

with all your might to avoid coming out of this feeling disheartened or progressively down because I care about

you and want what’s best for you I fully understand and can relate to what you’re going through this allows me to claim

that I am aware of your situation rather than depending on your own discretion and the knowledge you have gained over

the years have complete faith in the Lord and do not let any questions arise about the veracity of his promises trust

in the Lord with all your heart or you may place your faith in this more than

anything else God will direct your steps in the way that is most good for you if

you include him in all you do as long as you let him including God in all you do

will cause him to lead your actions in a way that will benefit you the most you could find yourself rolling around on

the floor from laughing so hard for the first time I promise to listen carefully

to the sound your trust in other people’s motives and behavior will swiftly return to its previous level

devil you will be able to love again because God is restoring all the ways you have been hurt and all the things

you have lost for religious people being here is a response to God’s creative Endeavor some of your appealing

characteristics make you stand out a nice path was given to him by God to

facilitate your salvation through his life your accomplishments in life have been greatly admired and celebrated by

everyone who knows you in most cases God watches over for you and provides for your every need do not be concerned

about your health instead focus on the fact that God is with you right now in

this room maybe there isn’t anything I want you to know about me you should try to think optimistically even if you had

a bad day since every day is a chance to give up you should do this regardless of

whether you have a great story to tell about the day you should definitely make this your routine never lose sight of

the fact that a new and better day is just around the corner on your journey

that is something that must never be forgotten the things that God said to me in our conversation really came to pass

someone will come back into your life and do everything for you in a really amazing manner I hope that the person

being questioned has unwavering moral principles in the end it will all make

sense even if you can’t comprehend what I’m doing now just keep hoping even if

you don’t understand what I’m trying to say that’s still the truth it doesn’t affect the fact that I know this truth

even if I’m well aware that you can’t understand what I’m trying to say it is my solemn vow to you trust me when I say

that some individuals will regret the harsh way they treated you at some point in their lives and that moment will come

far sooner than you realize keep this in mind at all times as you go through life

if you still need convincing just think think of all the instances where you’ve been unreasonable with other people

being too critical of them or use self-criticism as an excuse to change

you should quit being so handsome God has made his voice very plain and easy

to hear please put an end to your poverty negative self-reflection is

something you must overcome there is no one in the vast vast Cosmos who is exactly like you be careful to

acknowledge this benefit according to God’s teachings one must first grow and change until they are ready for their

current situation regardless of how challenging it may be the first step

toward growth is realizing one’s potential in order for you to be in this

position you must acknowledge that you are responsible for everything that has transpired once you are ready you must

allow me to take responsibility for your pain please understand that you are ultimately to blame for all that has

transpired the courage and Inner Strength you’ve worked so hard to develop must remain with you no matter

how bad things become you shouldn’t let them fear or discourage you because the

Lord your God is on your side the whole way do not be afraid or concerned about

what they may bring because you are to keep your focus on the Lord your God at all times nothing can ever change the

need to have unwavering faith in the Lord your God in other words you are not

required to experience negative emotions like fear or hopelessness at this stage of your life unbeknownst to you changes

are already in progress and they aren’t happening as suddenly as you’d want

changes are occurring whether you are conscious of them or not things are evolving regardless of your level of

awareness this is true regardless of your capacity to detect any change in this instance even if you are unaware of

it personally rest assured I Will Never Let You Down so please hold on to me as

hard as you can I promise I will never let go of you you will be saved if you

publicly profess that Jesus is the Lord and privately believe that God resurrected him from the dead in the

event that you carry out these responsibilities in order to be spared you must finish each of those steps this

strategy could be the only one that can avert certain fatalities you must do both of these

tasks without fail there may be no way out of this scenario if you ever choose to escape it get rid

of the pressure you’ve been putting on yourself because of unrealistic expectations of how things should be if

you can learn to control this Talent your life will be complete for you to mature into all that I want for you you

must act in accordance with the standards I have set I need God’s approval before I can get you anything

let your worries melt away I have faith that we can find a solution a moment of

reflection is all that’s required I assure you we will follow the necessary

procedures honestly I don’t have a single doubt that we can probably pull this off if you ask me to forgive you

again I will do it without hesitation no matter how many times you have asked me to do it in the past please don’t

hesitate to beg me to forgive you again if you need me to I promise that right

this second I can start making up for all the ways I have wronged you it goes without saying

that I’m sorry for anything I did despite the fact that I am well aware that this has not been an easy path to

follow I want you to comprehend and be proud of the progress you have achieved thus far I want you to be honest and say

that there have been occasions when you’ve struggled to complete this course opportunities may present themselves to

you in the near future but you are now ready to seize them them take advantage of the chances that present themselves

by using these higher functioning words it may not take long at all to live the life you’ve always imagined and it will

seem so easy since everything is tailor made for you the chance to live the life

you’ve always dreamed of may present itself to you in no time you will soon

have the opportunity to live the life you have always pictured for yourself and it will likely be exactly what you

have always desired the opportunity to do that will present itself to you

shortly if you believe it it makes perfect sense that God should be in charge of everything in the universe God

will grant your every desire if you are completely forthright with him about

everything your needs your secrets your dreams and everything else included this

includes every single thing you may want everything is covered in this including your dreams goals secrets and strategies

here we’ve taken care of everything including whatever you could need this encompasses everything including your

future aspirations and plans your Ambitions and your trade secrets and

methods it has shown me that God is the greatest and most worthy of my full

support the amount of time I let myself dream about right now is something I’m going to try very hard to control there

could be no need to be concerned about my fitness level no matter how much I want to get worked

up over it I will not give in after giving it some serious consideration

I’ve decided that I need to include my agreement in the acceptable I have decided to trust that God will arrange

the time according to his plan it is my deepest conviction that inside me

resides the voice of God he is the reliable source from whom I may get information I’m going to beg him to be

here with me these days so I can finally relax oh God I pray that you will let me

realize that you include me among your children your unwavering support has

shown me how much you care about me and for that I will be eternally grateful

that you haven’t abandoned me I would really appreciate it if you could accept this gift of another day of life sooner

rather than later if you could Grant my request I would be eternally grateful

you are the bright spot in my day seeing that you have accomplished more than you ever thought possible will be a pleasant

surprise this will become apparent to you in due time in little time at all you will grasp this knowledge the

Fulfillment of your good deeds and goals may become clear to you at some point in the not too distant future and you may

be able to perceive the effects of this in your current physical condition your relationships at work and your spiritual

life because of this realization you come to understand that your good deeds

and goals have been accomplished because of this mental

change your perspective will improve and you will feel more thankful and appreciative of your persistent

lifestyle and life if you are religious you should see this video from beginning

to end if your only possession is faith in God then you have all you could ever

want or need in this world if this is your only option you shouldn’t worry about anything else there is nothing you

can’t do as long as God is involved in your Endeavor nothing comes out of it

being in God’s presence is an experience that cannot be adequately described it

can only be described as amazing and very fortunate for those who believe in God it is possible to preserve and

transform even the most heinous deeds into Exquisite works of art the presence

of self-confidence is an extra pre requisite that must be satisfied the situation has to be

handled immediately because even if there’s just one Mustard Seed involved

it’s still quite dangerous encouraging you to focus on what should happen in the future can help your enemy keep you

from experiencing what’s happening right now that is exactly what the devil has in mind the reason being your opponent

wants you to be confused about what’s happening right now as a result his confidence has been sever verely damaged

by this predicament this makes it very difficult to give any thought to what he says get out of here before you feel the

stress and strain that might be triggering this putting God first should be your number one goal in life and you

should strive to earn his favor by making the most of each day he gives you

your ability to remain calm under pressure is directly proportional to how efficiently your brain searches for

Solutions being able to Main maintain one’s mental balance makes one more trustworthy more religious and better

able to give and receive trust just let go of your attachment to your current

plans and actions and let yourself be led to the aspects of the situation about which you are uncertain if this

helps you may be able to grasp the bigger picture at this point this is the

only thing that anybody can properly expect from you now before the event can begin all of the necessary Parts must be

in their correct locations in order to achieve this goal in order for it to start immediately you’re getting

yourself ready for it by doing what’s needed select sure if you’re in

agreement everything will work out as it usually would if you just attempt to

relax staying alert to the identified warning signals and symptoms and

consistently improving your development are of the utmost importance no matter

what happens hold on to the hope that all will work out for the best in the end in what seems like the blink of an

eye your future will take a Hollywood turn to be more precise this might show

up soon with any luck you’ll be promoted to a position where you can really shine

in the not too distant future we are quickly approaching this promotional event indulge in this wonderful and

uplifting experience that you are about to enjoy and you and the people physically near you will feel delight

and self-confidence keep yourself ready for anything at all times and keep an eye on

those around you you won’t be able to predict when miraculous things will happen and they’ll happen just when you

least expect them please come amen believe in God and have faith in

yourself to the fullest if you do you will achieve your objectives and as you

move along you will witness the wonderful fulfillment of your dreams and you will know that you will have

succeeded now that you’ve done this continue doing what you were doing you

are free to proceed with enthusiasm and choice it seems like there may not be any rationale for this given that

everything in the cosmos is a mystery the idea that your trip might be anything other than a mystery seems

inconceivable an increase in your level of excitement for the future that awaits you despite its inherent uncertainty

just pretend that the plan to get there has already been put into action if you want to come close to realizing

your ideal vision and being satisfied with your achievements while still pursuing all of your desires you should

strive to dream as big as you can possibly dream this will help your romantic lives blossom into something

truly remarkable which will provide you with new and greater strength that is

something that will emerge quickly in addition to being a physical remedy if you would like to facilitate this

immediately you have the option to connect with the the most suitable person at the most appropriate moment

this is the trigger that will activate the whole element the same is true for the wings they will be given to you so

that you might reach Heights you have never been before in your whole life you will be able to achieve Heights that

were previously Unthinkable These Wings will allow you to soar to Heights you

have never before been able to reach in your whole life based on our interpretation of his words God has made

it very clear that he wishes to help and console Us in whatever way we could ask

God will provide for our needs in every situation no matter how bad things go

God wants to stick by our side the whole time you are the wonderful element that

makes my day you are clearly making an effort to ensure that your lives are filled to the brim with happiness since

you are reading this right now this is a Divine indication despite the mental and

physical toll that helping others entails you must make an effort to exercise self-control and let only the

best ideas into your head at this time since every idea you have is quickly becoming a reality God I beseech you to

give me the strength to persevere I am exhausted physically and spiritually from always lifting other people up

please hear me out and respond to my plea give me the strength to love and support others no matter how I feel

especially as our relationship deep the more time we spend together the more I admire that you have given this some

thought I would really appreciate it if you’re up to the challenge of the following I’ll make it simpler for other

people to meet you so I need your advice to make sure I’m not only copying your actions but also the ones you take to

make it easier for others to recognize you and form connections with you I am doing this in the name of Jesus Christ I

will surely express my gratitude to you your self-imposed goal will be the length of the assignable hard term you

must be starting to notice the incredible Marvels popping up all over the place by now these Miracles will

improve your situation your unshakable faith in God has enabled most of these

miracles to happen for some time now these healing processes have been going

on in your area without a shadow of a doubt I took the unthinkable decision to

strive for your ultimate happiness wealth and Health what you have been praying for will be yours according to

the Lord since I have been paying close attention to your prayers I am aware of

this the fact that I’ve been listening to you pray about it has made me aware of this the fact that I have been paying

attention to your prayers about it means that I already know it I’ve been keeping

an ear out for your prayers about it which means I am already aware of this

when it comes to completing the duties I understand what you want from me in order to strike you like a freight train

full of bricks the moment you open your eyes in the morning you have set me up with a special miracle that is just for

you when this unprecedented event occurs in the future it will have been meticulously prepared for people have a

lot of good reasons to be optimistic and constructive and there are also a lot of good reasons to think certainly you may

be certain that you will always have my blessing so there’s no need to worry about it if you could kindly share this

video with your friends and give it a thumbs up I would be very grateful I

Will Stand By Your Side if you are the kind of person who believes that the majority of people are motivated by

altruism and seek to be exceptional during this challenging period I am here

to support you if you’ve exhausted all other possibilities and still can’t find a solution I may be able to comfort you

and dry your tears the Lord has spoken these things to us and given us understanding he has bestowed upon us

the ability to make them a reality since I intend to reside there and maintain a

function that is very near to you I will be available to you whenever you need someone to Aid you through this tough

moment I don’t want to lose you so please don’t move anymore in the days

that follow you will see it all clearly and the next day everything will fall into place as it should this should be

good for the next days God took on the role of shielding you from danger and

preventing you from carrying out your intentions so that he could carry them out personally God wanted to get things

done so that he could keep you secure and focused particularly on her given

his undying Devotion to her he has no reason to stay distant from you at all times and he will likely remain so for

quite some time think about it right now as we’re experiencing it he’s in charge

of your sports you give the Universe permission to do whatever it has to do by asking for what you want thereafter

you will surrender let go and allow the universe to operate according to its will this is the method by which you

grant the universe permission to handle anything it wants to handle right now doing so will show the universe that you

are willing to handle all that needs doing right now as well as anything else that may arise in the future have faith

that in time things will get better and your expectations will be satisfied you need to trust these things the most

important thing you can do to maintain reception is to keep the space free even

if you’re not very interested in doing anything else there’s really no pressing necessity for you to do anything else

right now there may not be anything further that is being asked of you at the moment except for what has already

been said if you are in need of this blessing the opportunity you have been seeking will present itself to you

shortly as a direct consequence of your preparation how much effort you put in

and how quickly you respond to your preparations will determine this currently they are trying to get you to

agree with them on the practicality of those ideas since that’s what they want from you the significance of

synchronicity and divine timing is something they would want you to acknowledge in order for the angels to

carry out the mission they have discerned for you your success and happiness must be sacrificed the only

thing that is required of you to keep receiving is that you keep space free aside from that you are not wanted yet

you do not want to do anything else either besides what has already been explained there is currently nothing

further that needs doing on your part if you want this blessing the danger you’ve been anticipating will present itself to

you immediately as a consequence of your training this may have direct bearing on

the effort you’ve put in a clear response to your plans will emerge from this because they want you to think

about the importance of synchronicity and divine timing they are trying to convince you that these ideas are

relevant right now your joy and prosperity are important to the angels

because they enable them to fulfill their mission everything is unfolding

just as it should be right now to facilitate the growth of your spirit in the most advantageous way possible the

expansion of your spirit is the most significant correction that may possibly occur the reason for this is that

everything is happening just as it should be right now in relation to the present

scenario have faith that the process will be completed soon since the next step will begin only a few seconds after

you get there we really value your active participation I can almost feel

your presence here these days in order to get where you are right now you have been working your way up to this point

by using the information covered in earlier chapters you will be required to investigate regardless of whether

everything on this website is familiar to you from your prior experiences or not embrace the approach that will be

used in the notso distant future now that you’ve earned this degree you may go on to the next level

keep an eye out for something that is going your way it will blow your mind since it is coming fast the universe has

someone on standby who is eager to introduce you to the one who is eternally meant to be your soulmate no

matter how far away you are or what time of day it is I am making this effort to

help you holding on to this connection will ensure that your lives are filled

with happiness and prosperity if you feel the same way this person has likely been fantasizing about

you for quite some time plan planning to meet you someday and expressing their satisfaction with you in person they may

be so enamored with it that they wish they could be there to share it with you face to face they made up terrible

things about you while they were thinking about it can you take in new knowledge and process it appropriately

when provided with it I am at a loss as to how I will continue to live my life I

am really at a loss as to how to accomplish it someone please lend me a

hand I will have to cancel the whole trip if you don’t want to go on this adventure with me your treatment of me

has shown me an incredible amount of kindness and compassion I dare you now to have the

courage to tackle this project directly and with the seriousness it deserves although I’m aware that it may

be challenging I am certain that you might succeed if you could spare a moment to listen to what I have to say I

would really appreciate it it turns out that this month has been really challenging in many unexpected ways I

really hope that you can help me get back on my feet so that I can continue doing business as usual you are the

highlight of my day it seems as if the doors are beginning to open on both sides did anybody even think the

birthday celebration might face any kind of punishment because of the delay getting ready was the most important

thing that could have happened at that moment everything else remained the same size

it would mean a lot to us if you could show your confidence in Us by giving this video a like your life would be

enriched if you met a certain person who could Grant all your wishes and make

your fantasies about your relationships come true you can achieve all your

dreams and realize all your Ambitions with this one individual the timing of

this person’s arrival in your life is perfect in time you’ll realize that this

Persona is a COS Cosmic gift that allows you to grasp the big picture in any case

the final product that gets generated can be stunning assuming you are committed to participating in this

endeavor there is a good probability that you will achieve your stated objective with remarkable

ease no matter how hard you try you and the people you care about will never be

able to solve any issues God has spoken to you verbally at this present moment

to urge you to start working on bettering yourself right now regardless of what’s going on around you as long as

you believe in God’s plan type to save yourself the trouble you should

actively try to avoid being hit by the problem’s final outcome I made sure you

had all you needed to get through the day instead of trying to control everything by breaking it down into

little pieces just let things happen your anxiety will make you feel like you

don’t have as much control as you would like like if you want to succeed you need to stop letting yourself become

frustrated by the situation put your faith into action and focus all of your

energy on something substantial the opportunity to see some really excellent things happen right before your eyes

will not be available for much longer this month will Mark the beginning of a period in which you will be punished for

activities that you have performed in the past you are about to enter that

phase if you are prepared to enjoy the benefits that will come as an immediate consequence of your effort the results

you desire can be yours as a direct consequence of the efforts you have already made if God were a person they

could encourage their children by telling them things like hey my baby you’re really good at what you

do stay focused on what happened yesterday there’s no need to worry about

anything since I’m here to assist you with whatever decision you may make preference if you think you can pinpoint

where you’re wasting time and energy and if you can you can go ahead with the right strategies to fix the problem do

everything in your power to prevent damaging ideas from getting in the way of your Pursuit of

Happiness completing this cycle might be the difference between failure and success this is due to the fact that

stress may act as a hindrance to finishing a task everything I could ever desire is is already safely stored

inside me waiting to be accessed whenever I need it if God is really listening I anticipate that my way of

pondering will shift somewhat in reaction to remarkable Encounters in the future your actions and words have a

great deal of significance I believe that God teaches us to prioritize our own faith over the religion of others

you can have access to what will turn out to be the greatest Advantage accessible to you right now because you

may not be able to resist it this is the most profound lesson that God teaches us

you are strongly advised against attempting to take on the tasks no matter how far away it may seem if

something a person an item or even an idea is meant to be yours it will

eventually find its way to you if you have been diligently following God’s plan you will start to see answers to

your prayers this week it is possible for God to answer your prayers and provide you with the answers you need

may you be present may you be grateful for seeing and may you be subscribed to get more of God’s messages


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