God is telling you today that a very religious person is being dishonest behind your back which means they may

hurt you physically and are trying to make you lose a lot of money because they want you to think they’re looking

out for your best interests that’s why they’re acting this way they experience intense jealousy because it makes them

feel inadequate once they take into account how well you’re doing and how

magnificently you’re living they have a lot of jealous thoughts I have proclaimed dominion over your ways of

Life along with prosperity tranquility and healing my word is definitive and

you must always keep that in mind I have promised you that what I have said will

bring you happiness peace restoration and money at some point in your life I

have also stated that these things will come to you because of the things I’ve said about your existence and because I

have worked hard for you here are the the advantages Victory peace

recuperation and money fortunately I have been financially well off while I

stand by and watch them hurt you anybody who was planning to harm you will now be unable to do so it will not materialize

anymore a terrible assault is being plotted by your opponent and it will knock you to your knees and cause your

family to weep in front of you God wants you to comprehend that in the aftermath

of this incident you will be utterly devastated as you see your loved ones weep in my opinion it makes no

difference what your opponent does to undermine your position in the market make sure you watch this video till the

very end you now possess everything that is necessary or desirable for the

manifestation of miracles in your life if your only source of religious conviction is faith in God then please

disregard my warning if all we have is trust in God then nothing is impossible

for him to do on our behalf provided we submit to him God promises a wide

variety of benefits to those who put their faith in him and ask for his guidance to live a life where serving

God is Paramount some things are broken but God can fix them and make them

lovely again among God’s miraculous works is this nothing more is required

than to acknowledge something as true about an object or somebody it may just be the size of a mustard seed but its

flavor is far from all ordinary so that you won’t be able to Relish in your fate Satan wants you to be afraid of it the

fact that Satan lies is one of his distinguishing characteristics hence it stands to reason that he is a liar put

an end to stressing out over your life circumstances pay close attention to God at all times in this scenario take

advantage of every moment to remember him and express your gratitude for what he has done please show your support for

God by sharing and liking this video we can better help you find Creative Solutions to your problems if you can

remain cool during any disagreement an agreeable condition is one that by definition leads to peace at

all times it means giving up on the idea that you have to know everything and

instead letting yourself be guided by the aspect of the issue that is most troubling you everything that needs to

be done has been done everything that needed to be accomplished has been accomplished knowing this is true will

prevent you from reacting emotionally or overanalyzing the issue there’s only a

little while left and everything will work out perfectly everything is going to be top-notch at this point pay great

attention to the advice offered to you and start working harder all the time if you want to be great focus on what is

happening right now rather than trying to predict what the future holds in

order to find out what the future holds and how things pan out for you you are about to begin an exciting sport in no

time at all you will be promoted to a procedure that will give you access to several First Rate benefits and rewards

you may expect to see this merchandise shortly we expect the merchandising event to happen soon the people in your

life may experience an abundance of happiness and longing as a result of your remarkable Journey the reason for

this is the exception level of fun you may expect this is the result that will

follow your achievement because of the good fortune that has befallen you that is exactly

what will happen having a positive outlook requires two things a terrific

disposition and the ability to maintain a steady temper no matter how hard you

try to hide them Miracles will still find a way into your life persevere with

unwavering conviction knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled fulfilled and your aspirations will come to fruition

in due course keeping moving forward will bring your dreams to fruition and they will be of the highest quality all

of your hopes and Ambitions will materialize in an extraordinary manner

pretending that this could ever make sense is ridiculous understanding anything on our

planet is challenging the fact that you’re traveling in complete darkness means that your adventures should blend

in with everyone else they are not required to act in such a manner all of your deepest most important goals and

aspirations are in your hands right now if you want to create anything with certainty you should dream big yet let

go of any doubt an incredible transformation is about to take place in your romantic life one that will

transform your relationship into something so beautiful that it will almost cure you and give you a fresh

start you can find that your mental and physical vital Al ity are both boosted

by making this adjustment to your lifestyle the fact that God gave us this

communication confirms his presence helping and comforting you is my desire

you have my deepest admiration what you have done wrong will always pale in comparison to the

wonderful things God has in store for you this much is certain just keep your calm and keep thanking God for all the

beautiful things he has done for you you should be glad when other people are happy and you should be very sad when

other people are really miserable feeling both Joy and intolerable

disappointment simultaneously is the most fulfilling way to remain suddenly

you will have more than enough money to settle all your bills and give your children a special gift just as God

promised in the Bible you will be utterly taken aback by this everything is being rearranged so that it can help

you more in the the end I hope this might be of use to you give Jesus Christ

serious thought and trust him with all your heart everything else in your life

is in God’s control as a result of the tremendous power riches Miracles and

gifts that may be forthcoming to you from the sector it will be evident in a few ways how your life has altered and

that is the path to achieving maximum prosperity and pleasure in response to your prayers this variant will appear at

the proper moment it has been revealed to you by God and I will restore your broken way of life I am connecting you

with all you asked for so be ready for your request to be restored according to God I am able to

confess openly that there are moments when I wonder whether they are being dishonest in other cases however I can’t

help but wonder whether they’re being unjust but now that I think about the bright side Lord God I can see how you

you were there the whole time working things out for my benefit even if I didn’t realize it then they have been

sneaking into my favorite spot even though you have been trying to resolve things you may have been dragging things

out but you’ve arranged things so that they benefit me it is impossible to

circumvent this criteria it must be satisfied in every case the next week a

crucial development will occur in your life about which you could find yourself speechless

at some point in your not so distant Destiny whatever you have been hoping for and praying for will come true for

you you must have a receptive and accepting attitude toward people I just

wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for all you’ve done for me your patience with me during this

whole ordeal is inspiring even though I know I am Unworthy of your love I just

wanted to say how much I appreciate all you’ve done to improve my life life dad

you must know how much I value and honor him you are appreciated as long as the door remains closed God’s rescue plan

for you will arrive as a substitute for your current plans it has been opened

and closed so it is in the correct location no changes are necessary at this time because the desire to gain

money is fundamental to many other forms of Deceit are you going to swear that

you won’t go insane trying to achieve your financial goal gos some people have lost touch with their religion and

caused themselves a great deal of suffering by engaging in actions they know to be sinful in their pursuit of

money all the love healing and money that is supposed to return to your lives

will begin to do so in the right way the week following this one things will start to manifest in the manner that

people expect them to everything that God is doing in you and through you

right now is according to to his perfect plan for your future which he sees

clearly as far as anybody else can tell he is preparing for an unknown future he

is taking these measures in preparation for a future he sees each of these Deeds is a cog in the wheel of faith that he

perceives most clearly this circumstance as I understand it has caused you a

great deal of difficulty that’s my apology you must understand however that

despite my deep concern for you I will never put you in a situ situation that is beyond your capabilities or too

challenging I will never put you in a scenario where you can’t handle it or where your explaining skills aren’t

tested I have deep feelings for you and that’s why I’m taking this step because

nothing will change no matter how many days you spend wishing things had been unique expecting them to be is a waste

of time that is why hoping for the best would be a waste of time things won’t

always be this horrible and if they ever do I’ll be here to console you let me explain something to

you keep pushing forward if you’re planning on planting seeds remember that

the yield can be directly related to the variety when people plant a limited

number of seeds the crop they obtain is relatively tiny compared to those who plant a large number of seeds God wants

to tell you something so listen carefully to what he says today keep in mind that the diff difficulties you’re

experiencing right now may not last forever this fact should remain firmly

in your mind at all times I am well aware of the fact that you are now very

exhausted God will perform a miracle for you soon and you will see his presence in your life keep in mind that

additional options may arise soon so this is not something to be taken lightly for a time things were getting

worse but now they seem to be improving there are indications that the potential

to recover from injuries may become more apparent in the near future take this as

a sign from above that you are entering the most joyful period of your life at the moment you are learning this the

only thing remaining is for them to actually encounter them it may be

crucial to pay close attention to the specifics of the topic you are working on at the moment you must keep your mind

clear of negative ideas and focus exclusively on good ones I hope and pray that the Lord blesses

you abundantly because you’re staying with him he has the power to miraculously solve all of your problems

and improve your lives the fact that you are clinging to him is the root cause of

all that has transpired wait until some time has elapsed before taking any

action stop letting your immediate desires distract you from the abundance of good things happening in your life

right now resist the urge to let it divert your focus do not do this if you

do not see an immediate convergence of all relevant factors that doesn’t mean good things aren’t planned or on their

way to you the fact that you are unable to see bad things at this moment is no

excuse for them it may not seem like much is happening at the moment but that’s okay even still beautiful things

are beautiful in their own way even if you can’t see it happening immediately

everything will work out for the best just a little more time do you remember

how crucial it is to consistently demonstrate patience and commitment think about always siding with God you

have a lot of potential but God thinks you’ll be unappealing in whatever Endeavor you do you won’t be able to

accomplish any of them well or achieve any success in any of them unless you put in the time and effort devotion is

essential sharing this video with would really assist me in getting the information out there it could be

crucial that I comprehend all of your intentions right away so I implore you

to take the necessary steps to bring it into being I will shape them beautifully

according to my best guesses for what will bring you the most joy throughout your life I shall mold them according to

my best guesses for what would bring you the most joy in life you brighten my day

with your presence it’s reasonable that not everyone understands what you’re saying since you

wouldn’t want someone to put in the effort to be disappointed whatever it takes I get

what you’re saying you are the most exceptional part of my day at the moment you are about to get the miracle that

has been stirring your heart with such passion an important change is coming to your way of life therefore you should

quit bugging others you will undoubtedly succeed and so will the individuals who

may be most important to you remember right now that you shouldn’t let your stress get the better of you no matter

how tough things are do not be afraid that I will take on all of your problems

I am strong enough to handle everything you throw at me you should not be concerned about anything this can mean

you don’t have to worry about getting dragged down if you put me first in all you do this week God promises I will

make sure everything works out well for you now that a new week has begun I will I want you to give this some thought

feeling happy should be your goal I beg God to bless you abundantly despite

everything that is happening in your life right now a person is instantly placed on the most loving frequency when

they receive praise and appreciation they can be doing it to demonstrate their appreciation for someone else a

portion of the Holy texts includes the books that follow the ancient Hebrews believed that blessing another person

should bring them happiness and improve their lives in every way the idea that

praise has been there since the Bible without anybody noticing is the foundation of this Viewpoint they were

cognizant of the fact that those bestowed with Divine assistance had electrical power God is trying to teach

us that the most difficult times in our lives often come while we are striving to do great things people who have lofty

goals and a good higher purpose are often thrust into into situations where they must overcome insurmountable

obstacles what God wants us to know is that being a part of that organization

will bring its fair share of hardships but those trials will shape us into the kind of individuals who can confront

their Destinies with confidence and strength if you want them to have a good

life in the future you have to ensure that you provide for them everything that goes wrong is meant to happen to

you and every challenge you face is an opportunity to grow as a person getting

to the top of your field usually requires figuring out how to pass a Labyrinth of challenging

obstacles help me to Bear the cross of what happened in the Hereafter it would mean a lot to me dear Lord I would

really appreciate your assistance on that Journey so that I may approach the present with an open heart and mind it’s

not at all what I had hoped for but I do hope that others might get insight from from my experiences in everything that

happens to me the people I interact with and even to myself I would really

appreciate your assistance in seeing the bright side similarly I would want your

assistance in recognizing my own positive qualities please try to think of me in a way that brings me gratitude

and quality whenever you think of me it would mean a lot to me just take care of

it please know how much I appreciate your encouragement to lead a life life that is kind and altruistic much like

the one you’ve chosen for yourself can you kindly lend me a hand with this what

started as a prayer to God the night before became a conversation with him in light of your instructions he was

acutely aware of the anxiety depression uncertainty and Agony he was

experiencing at the moment thinking about it makes it obvious that you have

been unhappy with your family your kids your friends and your current Serv circumstances he saw your weeping he

also saw your anguish as you felt helpless besides that he could see that you were worried about your own

situation because of the tears you cried at the moment you’re paying attention to

what God is saying he assures you that there is a blessing in store for you for

every tear and every night of restlessness at some point in the future

you could be leaving this area they will be there in a minute this group of angels has been instructed to pave the

way for you have no fear because this pain has been going on for quite some time you may not have

much more time to endure it you may take it as a promise in Paradise you will

enjoy my favor by bringing you down from your overactive State this may offer you

healing Miracles and answers to all your problems keep reminding yourself that

this case is providing All the Right facts until you give it some thought at some point in the future this may come

to pass you might look at more useful stuff the more people you talk to while

you’re going through a tough time the happier you’ll feel unlike at any other

time in your life at this very moment you may be happier than at any point in

your whole life including all the previous times is the idea that this is

an improvement over the previous state of affairs no longer appealing to you everything you’ve worked for for in your

life up to this point is at stake you have the power to control your ideas if

you do you can change your life regardless of your circumstances if you start to choose your ideas you can

transform your life right now there is no situation as bad as it can be if you

make the most of your current frame of mind just as there’s always a way to improve there’s always a way to escalate

a terrible situation in any case you you have a lot of leeway to make the necessary

adjustments to your life at this point I am almost certain that I will get this

gift in order to create a positive lifestyle for the future the most important thing is what you are thinking

now your mental faculties are the primary source of Your vitality because you are always asking

whether your life may be transformed by using the things you think about and pay close attention to it is reasonable to

assume that you you are constantly engaged in something important this statement is accurate regardless of your

opinion on the matter it is not possible to be joyful while harboring a terrible

mental state you feel true because of the positive ideas that have been running through your head lately there

are no constraints imposed by existence the only obstacle you face is your own

thoughts put simply there’s an activity that requires you to be in an ex

exeptional State of Mind in order to enroll in even if it seems like you’ve purchased all the possible items hasn’t

it the majority of people think you’re unfit yet right now what’s materializing

before our eyes isn’t your glory without a doubt God is unique your guiding light

is on and it’s becoming brighter things about your life which may already be decided cannot be stopped by anybody or

anything embark on a journey towards your ultimate goal as an option you may

have your friends see the video with you in case you want to handle the matter yourself gratitude should be your

guiding mentality you’ll benefit a lot from it before you arrived here you made

a lot of progress but there’s still a lot more to learn you have a good chance of continuing to improve during the next

several years remember to be grateful for all the new information you have received you can make the most of what

is occurring now and what could happen in the future if you utilize the options you have you made it through the tough

patch you were in and everything has worked out well thus far all because you know what God wants for you good things

that may be occurring around you should already be within your capabilities after you make those changes you should

feel better yes I did choose you to improve your health wealth and happiness

also I really did choose you with the intention of making you happy in every way way in the event that you are in

agreement you will soon be assigned a position that will allow you to receive a plethora of additional bonuses and

honors this is all in preparation for the immense joy and desire that your loved ones will experience as a direct

consequence of your immense contentment upon learning that this is going to happen be ready to give this

considerable consideration and have an inquisitive mindset at all times your

mental attitude is the single most important factor in determining the quality of your day

according to one of the Lord’s proclamations for today if you want to make it through each day you have to

face the fact that you’re the one who has to generate the power that makes up

each day doing this is the very minimum to give yourself a Fighting Chance as

long as you don’t let your internal State be affected by the things you have to do outside of work it’s like having a

weekend your personal experiences are entirely up to you since you are the only one who can be held responsible for

anything that happens with each passing minute it seems like a fresh and lovely

present is given to us these days God is communicating with you in a manner that

is totally private you simply have to accept the things in your life that you can’t change and go on you can’t change

the outcome of this situation since I’m standing right here you may have faith in me to attend to this and ensure that

it is fixed within the next days after doing this you will know all there is to

know about the topic it turned out that this adjustment from your original plan

was God’s way of making sure you would be safe in case of an emergency at that moment he was curious

about himself and she became the only other person he knew he can’t be more

than a respectable distance away from you I assure you if you want to do the things that make

you happy and provide well for your family you don’t always need to depend on other people’s generosity it is

possible that you are offering Aid via your message in the next Days your

good fortune will double Thrice if you hit the like button on this video before

they ever step foot in your facility be ready to make them feel at home if you believe this to be true in God then

please watch this movie in its entirety close your eyes and picture yourself

experiencing the life you’ve always dreamed of while describing its smell feel and appearance be very careful to

focus on the details all it takes is a little period of closing your eyes and

then you may open them again get ready to be amazed when your conceptual ideas

materialize in the real world a really large event which may come as a complete

shock to you in the near future may be fresh in your mind you won’t be able to contain Ain yourself After experiencing

such an immense surge of joy and contentment all of your thoughts and feelings will be racing through your

head at a pace that you can’t possibly keep up with whether or not it came from

another world is something you could start to wonder about it will be difficult for you to gauge the rate at

which everything is developing prepare yourself so you can deal with it it is

advisable that you prepare for it all the terrible things that have be Fallen you over the years and caused you to cry

will soon be a thing of the past we can say with certainty that they have accomplished their goal feelings of Joy

contentment love and generosity will replace them everything that has ever

made you cry throughout your whole life is a part of this here you will have an

overwhelming sense of Good Fortune not long from now you will have accomplished a great deal if you can try not to to

let your anxieties get the best of you it will all have been worthwhile if you are able to keep your faith while going

through this tough moment someone eventually stops by your house and knocks on your door even if it’s far in

the future you probably won’t have any late payments to fret about since you can pay all of your bills in full there

is a high probability that your current economic situation will undergo rapid and substantial changes in a variety of

important ways make the most of the significance something has in your life

by realizing it is a gift and putting it to good use on the other hand the water

that I am about to offer him will transform into an inner spring and then it will flow upward into Everlasting

existence from that spring nevertheless the Savior promised

that anyone who drinks from the water that he would give them would never again feel thirsty even if this happens

while they drink it according to God’s word you will soon begin to laugh trust and love again at

scratch you will start over with your romantic lifestyle if you ever need my assistance recouping what you’ve lost

I’ll be here for you God is now meticulously crafting your tail attending to every detail from the very

beginning to the very end you shouldn’t discount the depths of human understanding just because you haven’t

written about or directly encountered every possible option when you think that everything will go according to

plan and that all your concerns can be handled you can rest certain that there is nothing to worry about stick to the

plan and remember that you are solely responsible for the energy you release into the arena agreeing with the method

is the next stage after which you may sit back and let your goals come to life

I am grateful for the effort you are making to see this project through through to its conclusion as the Lord

God has spoken you have no idea how amazed I am by the tremendous amount of

work you are putting in and I am Overjoyed by it you have my undying

devotion given the current state of affairs I have a plausible strategy for your lives that I want to implement in

order to guarantee the greatest possible outcome considering the current state of

affairs the plan’s objective is to guarantee that all aspects come together

to produce desirable outcomes you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the fact that I called you no matter how confused

or irritated you are right now people in the modern world endure a lot of pain

and suffering because of the way things are but they also often experience a lot

of Joy wonder and beauty within the context of it all the Public’s focus

should be on the great reports and possibilities that are available in this world world and your key ideas should

revolve around them it could be wise to pay attention to the things that Earth offers on top of that you need to make

an effort to turn the negative world of suffering into something constructive it may help you become a better version of

yourself therefore you should let it change you God assures you that his benefits will engulf you if you are

receptive to receiving them eventually you’ll realize that right now you’re exactly where you should be at the exact

right time people are more likely to go out of their way to help you when you’re in a jam when they have a good image of

you you must remember this even when you are in a difficult situation from the

depths of this sector I am sending you my deepest wishes and prayers you might

have been led to believe that you were rejected by God in order to Shield yourself from anything that could end

your life alter your permanent location in this world and control your

destiny hold this idea close to your heart at all times and know that God has

wonderful plans for your life nothing is more important than keeping this in mind at all times I give you the blessings of

good mental and physical health abundant wealth harmonious relationships profound

connections tranquility and progress in all areas of your life including your

finances spirit and relationships all of these things will happen because I speak the word Beyond

this I promise that you will achieve great success in every area of your life and that you will have excellent Health

whatever you have planned to do this week know that it is for the glory of God and his purposes we trust that our

hopes and desires as expressed in our artwork will be realized in due time in

my opinion you will be able to pull it off with ease I promise you that no matter how difficult things become you

will find a way to to overcome them and succeed your ability to overcome any obstacles that may arise along the path

you have chosen to follow is always without a doubt on my mind I am

completely confident in you whoever reads this is in for a fantastic next week and it will profoundly alter the

trajectory of the remainder of their lives as a result of this as a mile long promise from me this may be a beautiful

day full of presence and walking whoever reads this comment I pray that God

blesses you please God if you have faith in God I implore you to hear their

prayers and Grant them Health provide for all their needs defeat all their

enemies and let blessings flow freely into their lives no matter how far you

try to escape the truth my love for you will never stop pursuing you and could eventually find you Lord it is fair to

assume that you will be there in the correct place at the correct time given your your track record of

reliability others are more likely to go out of their way to assist you when you’re in a jam if they think highly of

you this becomes much more obvious right now when you are in a jam all the

wonderful things that I have planned ahead of time for you are now being given to you worrying about the next

event as a means to exploit your life is pointless since it may not pertain to you at all just try a lot of different

things and have a lot of different faiths as soon as it is practically possible I can have the appropriate

staff members contact you and they will do so without delay just as I have been

I will continue to put you through a careful test over the following days I was planning to keep working on the

display until it broke if you’re unhappy and desire more experiences I can help

you have them even if it seems like there’s no way out of this Jam I can figure it out even though you feel like

you can’t it it is assured by God that he will provide you with the strength to do this eliminating all ideas should be

your first objective instead you need to be seeking guidance throughout it all

giving thanks to God first for everything he has done for you and then communicating to him what you need from

him moving forward the opportunities that come your way may make you feel like you’ll never need to borrow beg or

fight for anything again this is a promise is from God because we promised

something that’s why Moses learned that I was about to give you money and people

resources that you could never have dreamed of before things are looking like they’re about to change for you

eventually you will understand why God created you and anticipate this type of lengthy term if you can hang on

successfully what God is doing right now is much more than anything you could ever hope to achieve or even understand

stay calm when you’re being careworn make it a habit to wish every day and take solace in the fact that you still

have a desire in addition to everything else you may probably think of God bless

you no matter how difficult things become for you right now my kid may come

to me with high expectations and the knowledge that I am your God because humans are capable of communicating with

God and God will tell them things if I can get over my own infection I can help

you get over yours too the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived and

you may soon be released from jail giving you the chance to return to a life that’s more normal during this

holiday season I will put you in a position of joy and desire Beyond any you have ever experienced before

maintain an optimistic Outlook and look for ways to uplift those closest to you

I am someone you can rely on I am in a position to stop doing it right now

whatever whatever God wants will happen and there may be no stopping it if he is serious about it absolutely nothing can

stop it from happening if it is God’s will also even if this is now seeming

less likely which is quite unlikely God still has something better plann for us

let go and keep this fact in mind when you perform this way God responded to

Elijah’s questions concerning his life’s trajectory by promising to rescue him from Oblivion and provide him with great

honor the purpose of Elijah’s life had been a point of contention with God because you

are Dependable work very hard and respect me in this manner you have earned my

appreciation I have some important news to share with you so arm yourself the

most amazing experience of your life is about to begin things are progressing as

they should and are drawing near to where they must be right now it’s almost like a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces

are gradually fitting together to create the final picture prepare to put your

brain to work a word from on high says you may relax and wait it will bring tears to your eyes there will be times

when you really feel like giving up but you can’t just do that you should be prepared to be let down by your

expectations but there are good reasons to be optimistic as well in the future

you will face difficult times preparation may seem like it takes forever but trust that God will give you

the strength you need to see it through through there will be many possibilities presented to you in the future and you

should seize them your persistence will be rewarded and more than that in the

end you may relax knowing that everything will work out in the end to your satisfaction since the whole

universe is keeping a close check on it abundant benefits designed to Astound

you will be heaped upon you and the people closest to you everyone but

particularly you has plenty to be proud of feel free to proceed with this my head

is spinning because I’ve just heard the most incredible news you probably don’t want to miss out on God’s excellent

things happening in your life that week if it’s at all possible to do so in

return for the pain anxiety and worry you’re feeling right now I promise to bring you peace love healing and

advantages I really hope this is useful my friend it may be a serious promise I

make to you please let us join together in this prayer to the Lord God the

Father I am overwhelmed with thankfulness as I come to you today I really hope you understand how grateful

I am for this you have done so much for me and your kids and for that I am

really grateful additionally I would like to convey my appreciation for the

beautiful weather that we have been experiencing recently you have helped me achieve my objectives and I am thankful

for all the gifts you have bestowed upon me the kindness and compassion you show

me every day allow me to get through the day and take on the obligations that are

essential to me your actions have given me the capacity to love and respect you

indefinitely and for that I am eternally grateful currently God is engaging in a

one-on-one dialogue with you anytime it occurs to me I will always be able to fix the problem supposedly he would tell

you I am the god you worship and I can Aid you in all your

undertakings in good times and bad in the good times in the bad you can count

on me to be by your side I assure you I can be by your side forever please share

and like this video to show your support if you believe this to be true about God

having trust in one’s own abilities is mostly suitable for certain contexts

having faith in my own abilities and achievements is is no longer a bed of roses for me you must know that I

infused you with an abundance of untapped potential when I created you

your chances of success are increased if there is a chance that other people can achieve their goals you are someone in

whom I have complete faith make an effort to be more lovely please your

perspective on Lifestyles prevents you from reducing yourself to a level with the rest of us finished acting helpless

you had successfully defeated all of the other competitors and secured first place the best way to get your anger

under control when things are tough is to come to me for advice when times get

tough you can count on me to be there for you instead of turning to food as a crutch remember that I am the one

responsible and that I am aware of your desire to alter the way that important things are entering your life at this

very moment despite the fact that new beginnings are taking place you should shouldn’t give up hope since I am the

reason in order to make the improvements to your lifestyle that you desire after you decide to cut ties with the

unfortunate people who have been a part of them and prioritize Me Above All Else

you must first decide to change your lifestyle from how you likely lived it before you decide to make adjustments

doing that will lead to an improvement in your lifestyle your ability to remain objective will grow in direct proportion

to the strength of our connection and the amount of time we spend together goodbye to

manifestation for tuning in I am grateful get more messages from God by subscribing


[Music] amen

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