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God is saying to you today my beloved child I have

heard your plea and open the gates to bring you comfort at long last the blessing you seek shall be

bestowed upon you open your heart to receive this gift being sent from the heavens

above the chains of suffering shall not bind your children nor shall pangs of

hunger afflict them I shall guard them from all tragedies and banish every illness from

your home the curses seeking to drive families apart shall be nullified under

my protective wings no Spirits wishing to breathe in

for Fidelity shall succeed my Divine blood now envelopes

your family shielding you from all malevolent forces no harm shall befall those I hold

dear for I am the almighty who keeps safe my beloved Treasures nestled in the

palm of my hand you are the apple of my eye the jewel I watch

over none can snatch you away for my spirit resides within you always keeping

guard this is the Deliverance for which you have so patiently

waited no longer will you cower before the enemy is battering at your

Gates the dreams filling your Slumber shall soon spring to

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shouldered alone on endless sleepless nights when doubts assailed you even

when your heart wavered still you persevered with steadfast devotion and I

was there through all your trials my child soon Another Blessing shall arrive

one you did not request but which I bestow freely as a token of my

love but hearken to my voice for your journey is not yet yet at its

end I have brought you here to gaze upon the vast Frontier still left to

conquer lift your eyes to the expanse stretching far beyond the Peaks your

feet now tread a great battle awaits my Bravest Warriors and you shall march with Valor

at the Vanguard of this Crusade it brings me profound joy to know you did

not hesitate when I called but instead rose up with sord in hand ready to

charge forth in my name not only have you fought fiercely

for your loved ones but your passion has awakened my spirit and so I shall re

blessings down upon you your family your elders your Youth and all the little

ones who shall come after for you shall blaze a trail of courage to inspire generations to

come yours shall be a household spoken of in reverent

Whispers for where you walk my glory and power also

reside type if you believe in Jesus I will never forsake my beloved

children even now fortune Smiles down on you rejoice for a great miracle rushes

toward you like an approaching storm it near I can feel it

can you sense it too the Stillness preceding a mighty Tempest soon to be

Unleashed but do not allow the corroding fangs of fear and doubt to weaken your

spirit my words here shall not return void fortify your soul by steeping

yourself in my teachings stay vigilant against the forces wishing to diminish your faith

Stand Tall unbroken for I shall have the final say every infirmity plaguing your

body I will heal every financial burden I shall

lift the ghosts of your past cannot haunt you any longer for today I grant

you Liberty the chains that have bound you will shatter as my light and warmth

flood your weary soul laughter will overflow as blessings pour

down in great abundance such glorious Splendor

awaits Oh Come and allow me to imbue every fiber of your being with my

restorative powers fling open the gates of your heart so I might fill you with my

perfect peace for those storms may batter and theil you still you must Press On

undeterred by scorn and ridicule type Amen in the name of Jesus

this day shall see all your efforts at last rewarded fortune and prosperity shall

flood to you like a great tidal wave come to carry you home if every doubt should threaten to

invade know that I will help guide your way if only you call out to

me each morning bring your hopes and dreams and lay them at my feet feet and

I will lead you to verdant pastures where Crystal streams Bubble Up from deep within the

Earth their restorative Waters shall renew your weary Soul even as life’s

heavy burdens threaten to break you still I Infuse your limbs with

strength I ignite within you an unquenchable fire so adversity cannot

extinguish your dreams this day hold my words close to

your heart believe truly believe that no barrier is too great when forged in

faith have I not said All Things become possible for those who

believe let me see your faith in action sever ties with false friends and

fleeting Pleasures that wish only to lead you astray in your hour of need it is not

worldly Treasures which which shall save you forsake ephemeral Comforts or risk

losing yourself forever more keep the promises I have made ever

close for they alone contain the path to Salvation seek me in The Quiet Moments

Before Dawn steals across the Horizon carry the warmth of our

encounters throughout your day to fortify your spirit against trials which await you

and at night unburden yourself at my feet before sleep overtakes

you hold fast for a great Wonder rushes toward you my

child I can already feel the wind stirring type I embrace my power to

affirm something astonishing awaits just over the horizon transformative

blessings the likes of which you’ve never seen continue Keeping the Faith my

beloved I shall provide you all that you need so you shall not want for

anything my grace and wisdom will overflow within you if only you ask it

of me each morning let us meet so I might guide your steps to Peaceful Pastures

and Still Waters that restore the soul I am filling your heart with

passion and resilience to face each New Dawn you shall not falter but will press on

with head held high no matter the obstacles strewn across your path for I believe in you my child and

today I ask the same of you believe in my promises and claim their fulfillment

as your due inheritance has this world not taught you that impossible exists only in the

minds of those too afraid to try you were not made to wander

terrified and alone through storms that seek to destroy you I can lead you through gay and

Tempest to the calm shores of Salvation if only you let me take your

hand together we shall blaze a trail proving no barrier built by mortal hands

can contain a willing heart on fire with purpose I will Infuse your soul with

such Radiance all the world shall Marvel at your ascent for I am the shepherd who

leaves the to find the lost one and you are that precious lamb I welcome

home with tears of joy my child I weep for the dreams you

Let Die for fear of failure but no more this day I instill within you the

wisdom to nourish every hidden ambition kept locked away in your

heart I array before you goals of such magnificence and purpose even your loved

ones will Marvel for I did not intend you to cower in Shadows but to let your light Blaze

forth to inspire all who are exposed to its Brilliance let my teachings permeate

every cell of your mind so you need not repeat past errors you know I would never deny you

my affection therefore believe I wish only to transform your existence into

one of Bountiful blessings and vibrant purpose devoid of suffering type I’m abundant to

affirm my child I vow to infuse your days with radiant Health abundant

prosperity and to walk every step of this Odyssey by your side have I not said you are most

precious in my sight then trust the more devoted you

remain to our covenant the the greater I shall shower you with blessings too long have you swallowed

tears of Anguish as life’s cruel storm sought to destroy you but no more this

day I extend my hand to lift you up out of despair’s midnight Abyss into Dawn’s

Rosy arms the years of pain end now henceforth I fill your heart with love

and cloak your days in Sublime peace the shame and guilt poisoning your

spirit I now cleanse and replace with healing Joy feel my warmth surround you beloved

one together we shall embark on a bold new adventure filled with previously

unattainable rewards for I am lifting you up out of Darkness this moment you deserve all the

happiness prosperity and blessings I am set to bestow for you have long endured

The Tempest alone my precious child open your eyes to the Glorious

future I am creating for you never doubt your worthiness to

receive the full outpouring of My Affection did I not promise to always

remain by your side offering strength in moments of weakness then fear no evil your life

flourish is within my protective Embrace type to show your belief in

Jesus today I offer you unconditional Absolution will you accept the fullness

of my devotion for see even now I cut my hands

around the flickering flame of your battered Spirit shielding you from Tempest winds seeking your

destruction Fe fear no evil my beloved no harm will befall

you keeped me now in this trying hour the season of grief praying upon

you now will not long endure I vow one radiant Dawn will soon

dispel The Melancholy pervading your days when all strength abandons you and

anguish drops you to your knees still will I sustain you have courage and believe

I will never abandon you not even when the weight of all your unshed tears

threatens to pull you under then most of all do I lift you up

and speed your faltering steps go on weep away all Earthly sorrow

for my light shall soon bathe your Wounded Heart unleashing profound

joy in me alone will your soul find lasting peace and comfort

should you now Traverse the valley of death’s black Shadows still you must not

give way to crippling fear hold my words close as a lamp to

guide your feet along perilous paths pay no heat to enemies hissing you

will stumble and fail my voice Whispers gently to you now

be still and know I am your God I will steady your heart when dread

leaves you trembling and weak anxiety cannot endure under the

shelter of my feathers peace be still my

child believe I Infuse you now with formidable courage against which the

battering Winds of Misfortune hold no sway plant your feet firmly so no

Tempest can sweep you away when destruction bears down from

all sides have I not said many times no weapon forged by man can overcome a

willing heart Ablaze with the Holy Fire of devotion fan the Flames of your faith my

beloved soon you shall stand tall for all to see what wonders I have wrought in you my beloved child type to

manifest miracles in your life I speak to you today directly from my throne in

heaven since the beginning of time when I knit you together in your mother’s

womb I have known you intimately even before you took your first

breath I saw the totality of your life’s journey unfold before

me I am well aware of the trials and tribulations you had fac during your

time on Earth I foresaw the wounds inflicted upon your Gentle Spirit the adversity

that would test your your resilience and the enemies that would rise up to oppose

you but I also glimpsed the unwavering strength of your faith the depths of

your love for me and your determination to earnestly seek my face no matter the

cost yes your pathway has been marked by sorrow and

suffering I have watched silently as trusted friends betrayed and used you

for their own gain I have heard the cruel lies and accusations hurled at you by those ruled

by jealousy and greed during the long nights when you cried out to me from the valley of Deep

Shadows imploring me to take your weariness and despair I was

there and in those Barren places where fear and hopelessness threatened to

Snuff out your life’s breath still I remain beside you I tell you solemnly

there has not been a single moment from the instant of your first wailing cry to this very hour that I have not tended to

you whether you sense my presence or believed yourself to be alone still I

unfolded you tightly in my embrace the wounds scoring your heart

have not gone unseen by me I know the lingering ache of

rejection abandonment and mistrust that yet smolders there but now I desire to heal you

completely with my love to bathe your battered spirit with my mercy and

restore your soul the time for New Beginnings has

come if you are willing I long to saturate your entire being with my

unwavering strength I will touch your lips with my

power silencing the destructive words that others have weaponized against

you no longer will you be Shackled by the weight of past griefs instead you

shall bear the Yoke of my joy which will Infuse your heart with Supernatural

peace type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive

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for so long to believe that you are truly loved but I tell you earnestly that my

love for you transcends all Earthly understanding it remains steadfast and

unchanging even on the darkest of days when you cannot perceive my

presence you are of immense infinite value to me I Delight in you you in the faithful

rhythm of your Beating Heart in the light of divinity I installed within your soul therefore lift up your

downcast eyes to meet my loving gaze allow my words to erase the pain of

yesterday and Trust holy in the brighter future I am preparing a powerful Miracle

awaits you if only you will reach for my outstretched hand ask me for health and I will will

bestow it seek provision and I will pour abundance over your household until all

lack is driven out Knock boldly on Heaven’s gates for

wisdom and Direction then watch as I swing them wide open before

you yes the Sinister forces of Darkness have contrived weapons of Affliction

intended to destroy you but let your Lion Heart be filled with courage this

day for no weapon formed against you shall prosper so long as I Shield

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to the channel if you love Jesus did I not deliver you safely through crashing

waves and protect you from the snare of the Fowler countless times have I not guided

your steps past unseen traps and given you wisdom when you lack

discernment indeed the days ahead will require deep reservoirs of courage and

uncanny perception to navigate but I remind you that the one

who fashioned the stars and commands the vast Heavens fights for

you my angels heed my voice and rush to defend you my power upholds

you therefore banish all doubt and discouragement from your mind determined

to move forward with Stead fast purpose rooted in the confidence that I go before you to clear the

way the dark powers that oppose you shall surely scatter as dust before the

wind of my spirit and as for you my beloved radiant

vistas of blessing await just over the horizon as you pass through the refiner

fires of suffering you are emerging as gold purified and

resilient I will multiply the gifts and talents I have invested within you so

that you may leave an inheritance of blessing for generations to come your hands will lack no good thing

your storehouses will overflow with abundance the work I have called you to

shall Thrive and bear Everlasting fruit yes a grand celebration awaits all

who set their love upon me rejoice for this is your appointed time to

Blossom and Thrive but even greater than these physical blessings is the sacred

inheritance I reserve in heaven for you shelter beneath my wings and one day

you will exchange dust and Ashes for a jeweled Crown you will trade mortal weeds for

Robes of Glory purchased by my blood and in my house there are many

rooms where you shall dwell in my presence forever more for now lift your eyes higher my

beloved the storms of life rage on but I remain Sovereign over them

all type if you believe in Jesus my grace is sufficient for you my Mercy

endures forever not one of my promises shall fail nor will my love for you ever Wayne

you are safe in my hands so come to me now with hopeful expectation in your

heart bring to me your plans and petitions casting all your cares upon my

shoulders for I desire to bless you richly the heavens stand ready to

respond to your faith filled prayers only believe and you will see my

wonders revealed for I am your omnipotent God and there is nothing too

difficult for me my precious child how I long to unfold you and My Embrace this hour and

dry your tears I know the overwhelming grief that torments your

soul I see the despair sweeping through the chambers of your heart threatening

to suppress the last flicker of Hope’s flame where are my promises of peace and

rest for the weary you wander silently questioning if I am

truly loved by the almighty one why do Affliction and adversity yet pursue

me why is my spirit vexed on every side when will this Valley of weeping

finally end I understand the doubts plaguing your mind because I see what you

cannot behind the shadowy veil Between Heaven and Earth sinister Powers

contrive weapons of mass destruction against you the rulers of Darkness have

conspired with wicked men devising malicious schemes to shatter your life

and destroy your destiny type Amen in the name of Jesus even some you once

called friends have betrayed you their words cut your heart like razors leaving

wounds that struggle to heal and yet beloved fighter of mine

despite all these things I tell you a profound truth this hour not one of the

dark arrows striking your armor was fashioned or released without first passing through my sovereign

hands nothing befalls you that I do not permit according to my higher

purposes stand firm upon this Truth for it will Infuse you with courage for the

battle yes for my Throne I witnessed every detail of the Betrayal by those

you trusted I watched The Conspiracy unfold from its Inception and I allowed it

because Through The Crucible of adversity you are being refined as gold what the enemies of your soul meant

for evil I am transforming for your good surrender the Injustice and cruel

wrongs suffered into my capable hands precious one I am implore you do not take revenge

or repay evil with evil for I will not anoint such

actions rather forgive those who persecuted you bless and pray for them

and leave the recompense to me rest assured that my justice will

prevail on your behalf in due time for now look up gaze into the eyes of love

that watch over you so tenderly this night of weeping although

battle rages in The Valleys all around you dwell under the shadow of my

wing there I tenderly Shield you until the break of dawn type I embrace my power to airm the

war will not last forever but my love for you spans the

Ians even death itself the final enemy shall one day be swallowed up in Victory

so lift your tear stained face to mine allow me to embrace you and saturate

your innermost being with Supernatural peace the discordance of howling winds

outside shall not trouble you for you abide at the center of my perfect

will here in the sanctuary of my presence you are

safe tomorrow rise renewed through the strength found in me

I will impart tonight The Battle Belongs to me but the victory already Belongs to

You wield courage like a sword Faith as your shield and my word as a lamp to

illuminate your path feel the rhythm of my love outpoured into your heart without

measure and remember always that I am nearer than your next breath actively

fighting for you completely committed to your happiness and

success in me you are my beloved treasure and I will never forsake

you only keep your eyes uplifted to me I am unveiling Miracles one after another

even as Darkness closes in around you the present trials are only

temporary but my rewards for you are Eternal hope in me always my

child I hear your quiet it please for help in the depths of Despair when you

feel your will to carry on slipping away my spirit remains ever

presentent come to me with the faith that still flickers within for I have

much to offer one who believes in my presence you shall find not only

unconditional love but Supernatural power the power to change your

circumstances he here cradled close to my heart nothing can touch you no fear

no person no force on Earth I long to shelter you completely

to heal every wound Break Every Chain wipe away every

tear I see your potential and I have plans to prosper you to give you a hope

and a future you deserve Joy Without Limits

beautiful dreams and high achievement I will Empower you to rise

above every obstacle and my perfect peace will guard your mind and

heart as you read these words believe in me accept my love embrace my help for I

am always your best and wisest choice I see farther than human eyes can

perceive and wonders await you that your mind cannot yet fathom them I want to see you healthy happy

strong and enthusiastic to greet each new day let bold faith and excitement about

the future fill your thoughts be still do not listen to the

voices of type amen if you believe in God if you’re all set type yes take care

of yourself type I claim it if you receive this declaration type yes if you’re

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