🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| 2024 As You think It won’t..‼️| God Says Today | God’s Message Now

God is telling you

today my little ones you were through a

lot in your life if human beings only

knew the half of it you have been there

for others through thick and thin you

cherished them bya the worst of

instances you handiest requested for

honesty and loyalty in

return you had been hurt so typically

because of your loving and caring

coronary heart you even opened your

doorways and took on duties that belong

to others yet you keep to praise and

worship me I recognize your pain I will

in no way go away you nor forsake you

you’re not going through you’re coming

out in

your whole household is going to be

touched through my hand blessings are

coming your way trust me I love

you subscribe to the channel if you love

God God is running to your life right

now know that no weapon fashion in ouros

you shall prosper and everything that

rises up towards you will

fail today is a brand new day God is

ready to do something new to your

existence this month will be stuffed

with blessings breakthroughs and

complete recoveries I love you typ power

man if you have faith in God

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