🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| “Be Still and Know that I Am God…✋| God’s Blessings | God’s help

God speak to you

today my beloved ones you can accomplish

many things but if you’re now not

dedicated you then may not be triumphant

above all Supply me all your plans I

will mold them to what I see

satisfactory for your Lifestyles I love

you life will no longer always the equal

I will come agot today I need you have a

good time in Victory

I will lead you and could come up with a

victory you will no longer be destroyed


you that pain that keeps you in bed most

days that ache that forbids you from


satisfied that pain that destroys you

will soon be the cause why you will

develop a lot stronger pain shapes

character I love you to confirm type


take your head up today may have not

been your day but today’s horrific day

is only today’s bad day tomorrow is a

new day keep your head and smile I love

you write outen and like the video if

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