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?God Message For You Today??| Don’t Take This Lightly | God’s Message Now | God’s Blessings

God tells

you oh my child I saved you continue to

be sturdy and in no way lose religion

during your weakest moments in life your

faith ought to be the strongest I love

you I apprehend how you sense I

recognize that life might not be going

the way you

wanted however put your trust in me and

I will make your course in

immediately I have already given you the

victory now it is as much as you to

redeem that Victory by means of taking a

step of faith and braveness I love you

have a blessed day please like this

video if you love

Jesus when the street receives difficult

and your steps experience heavy recall

taking walks beside you providing you

you with energy each step you are taking

even when it’s tough is a step of

courage and Faith keep going

understanding them with you turning

challenges into Pathways of growth and

resilience your perseverance is a

testament for your religion in me trust

in my guy and you may find the power to

maintain moving forward one step at a


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