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?God Message For You Today??| God Emotion With You..” | God Says Today | God’s Message Now

God is announcing to you

today my beloved child of Christ there

is nothing on heaven or earth that is

too hard for me and it is a crack

element so that it will begin out with

this notion that La am able to do

primarily what you ask or suppose it’s a

new month I fail to convey you this a

long way to depart you forget

approximately what passed off ultimate

month I’m doing a brand new component

trust me these days hand always I will

guide you through every state of affairs

which you will

face share it with three persons and

watch these blessings

multiply can alternate that situation

the tears ache and sleepless night

you’re experiencing are making you more

potent I am working at all together for

the accurate even though it would not

sense excellent hold on to my unchanging

hand I am usually with

you when you feel such as you can’t move

on I will come up with strength I will

convey you extraordinary pleasure and

peace place your religion and agree

within me be still and understand that

I’m God

comment amen if you need God’s help

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