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today God wants to say something to you

from the heart a my child facing

setbacks let Downs or opposition

received unwelcome news about your

health don’t lose heart these are simply

indicators that you’re on your way to


goals it seemed always quiet when you

first set out but the moment you began

to advance you caught some unwanted


that’s when hurdles and complications

were thrown your

way however these obstacles only serve

to confuse your detractors they assumed

you’d surrender after encountering a few

bumps in the road they thought you’d

lose your drive when a friend betrayed

you when you lost a client or when your

child faced

problems but contrary to their

expectations you pressed on holding on

to the belief that greater forces were

at play convinced that you’re not

fighting alone each morning you affirmed

with conviction that no challenge could

deter you if you’re convinced enter

have faith in the divine plan a

favorable outcome awaits you you’re

never set into challenges without divine

presence leading beside and following

you facing any challenge remember Divine

support suround you typ onment to make

it happen

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