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God telling to you

today oh dear child it may not be

truthful but I see what is happening I

even have you in the palm of my hand

I’ve given you a Dorn for each

frustration I’m breathing in your path

right now don’t end your near step

forward you are lose to the brand new

starting I’m renewing your power even

through anxiety fill your coronary heart

I am giving you Everlasting peace you

will make it via this the excellent is

but to

return subscribe to the channel if you

truly believe in

Jesus L can change that situation the

tears ache and sleepless nights you are

experiencing are making you stronger I

am running it all collectively for the

right even though it would not feel

suitable hold directly to my unchanging

hand I am constantly with

you Lam positioning you for greatness

and no person on Earth can trade it it

isn’t about being the nice or now not

making errors it is ready trusting me to

be God and walking in my

will type how man if you have faith in


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