🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| THERE IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE…‼️| God Says You

God is telling you my kids I’ve heard

your cries I can experience your ache I

have no longer forgotten you I know that

you may not apprehend all that I do and

permit but I am constantly in control on

my own evil

energy out of your harm and

disappointments I will deliver topnotch

pleasure I need you to hold on in the

course of those tough days days ahead

everything goes to be very well place

your faith and believe and Ne like by no

means before be nevertheless and realize

that I am God your concerns fears stress

and ache will soon be long gone and you

will be filled with peace love healing

and blessings I am with you

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God every tear you cried this year

watered subsequent years Harvest none of

your ache conflict sacrifice or

heartache has been wasted the intensity

of the trial became essential for the

value of your Leap Forward you now have

the character to sustain you in your new

season trust

me right yes if you think God is my


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