🛑God Message For You Today🙏🙏| Your Upgrade is Upon You…✋| God’s Message Now | God helps

today God is speaking to you my dear son

Lam the god of transformation allow me

to shape and mold you into the

individual El created you to be submit

to my refining procedure even if it

feels uncomfortable trust that I am

making you into something lovely and

practical please like this video if you

truly faith in in

Jesus L am the god who transforms your

fears into religion do you no longer

allow fear hold you again from my plans

for you trust in my power love and

information I am with you and I will

manual you via each step to concur Ander

to two true L am the god of persistence

and ideal timing Trust in my Divine

timing even if it appears behind

schedule or exclusive from your

expectations I realize what is high

quality for you rest confident that I am

running all things collectively for your

properly comments am man if you love God

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who trust God

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