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?God Message For You Today ??| My Word’s Energy..‼️| God Message For You | God Says Today

God speak to you

today my lovely son God is sending rain

from Heaven prepare for a downpour of

benefits you will acquire the whole lot

you have been waiting and praying for

this is your time and

season when you undergo deep Waters I

may be with you when you go through

rivers of problem you may now not drown

when you walk via the Hearth of

Oppression you will not be burned up the

Flames will not consume

you like this video of you faith in the

Lord I know you’re involved

approximately the future you worry about

what you do not know don’t permit your

thoughts wander aimlessly anymore rest

on this

truth I pass earlier than you so there

may be no need to work worry about your

future due to the fact I actually have

everything in my Palms just let go and

and me enter in if you believe

this I bless so many people and while

their existence is notable they neglect

approximately me please don’t forget

about me I love you and I desire that

you live close to me

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