?God Message For You Today ??| Your Sad Days Are Coming To An End." | God Says | God's Blessings - online calculators

?God Message For You Today ??| Your Sad Days Are Coming To An End.” | God Says | God’s Blessings

God tells

you my precious child today on January

th relaxation from all the strain that

the weak brought you take a minute to

respire and to acknowledge which you are

alive and which you are wonderfully and

flaw Slade in my image I love

you pray and post yourself to me for I

am your writer and recognize what’s in

your heart trust and trust and I will

deliver to concur Ander to two

true do no longer surrender this is

where your story ends this is where you

may enjoy the finest growth I’m on this

system with you we will walk together I


you start encouraging yourself begin to

have high quality thoughts give

compliments spread love and allow people

to look at you serve a strong

God God say need peace need consolation

invite you to open the Bible and to

start reading it the nearer you are to

me the extra Freedom you’ll feel L love

you typ power man if you trust in


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