🛑God Message For You Today I My Child Watch This Asap I God Says Today | God’s Blessings

today God is speaking to

you my precious children doesn’t it feel

as though I don’t love from time to time

because of these situations which you

face in existence I understand why you

would experience that manner dot dot but

I need to inform you that your wondering


incorrect I love you unconditionally t i

preference the very high quality for you

I’m here for you at L by no means

prevent loving

you receiving it by typing

you are my love Satan will inform

you that I am disgusted by you and all

which you have accomplished but he is a

liar he came to this world to scuss

borrow kill and wrecked I came to


L am the god of persistence and perfect

timing trust in my dark Divine timing

even when it seems delayed or unique out

of your

expectancies I recognize what is first

class for you rest confident that I am

working all matters collectively to your

precise if you pray daily God comments


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