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In This Moment Lord speaks unto

you my beloved Son Trust In the Journey

though the path remains unclear look

towards the heavens for guidance for it

is there not among the fla judgments of

others that true assistance lies a fresh

chapter is unfolding before you soon to

be visible to

all the departure of certain individuals

from your life is no accident it’s a

strategic move for your greater good

what seemed like harm was add ofine

intervention to clearing it way for

opportunities grander than

imagined let go of the tears shed over

losses and redrac your focus towards the

new beginning staking

shape stepping outside your comfort zone

doesn’t means finding comfort in the

circumstances be in the divine presence

amidst those

challenges waiting for divine timing

will prove worthwhile devoid of regrets

the Divine schedule is impeccable never

tardy or premature resist the urge to

hasten processes patience will reveal


value comment amen if you need God’s


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