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God is saying to you

today my beloved child in the heart of

Lamentations are profound truth is

echoed the Lord’s unwavering love and

endless mercies greet us each morning

showcasing his

faithfulness remember your Joys Sorrows

victories and challenges are not

unnoticed in Matthew’s gospel Jesus

extends a tender invitation offering

Solace to those burdened and weary

promising rest and peace Beyond

understanding as the Good Shepherd

mentioned in John’s gospel Jesus assures

guidance and protection willing to

sacrifice for his flock this

relationship invites trust leading us to

Tranquil Waters refreshing our

Spirits through Jesus Christ’s life the

essence of forgiveness and Redemption

was vividly

demonstrated he taught the power of

forgiveness encouraging us to extend it

to others mirroring the prayer he taught

his disciples emphasizing the release

from the hold of bitterness Paving the

way for healing and

Reconciliation you are endowed with

distinct talents and Gifts meant to

honor God and serve others with kindness


humility therefore cherished one accept

the love bestowed upon you embody jesus’

teachings and let your existence reflect


greatness right amen if you affirm

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