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these days God is telling you that the person who may be requesting your assistance at home is trying to show you

how much they care by Taking You by surprise going to your house and asking

for your help is one way to give it a shot this is their way of demonstrating their Devotion to you and their desire

for you to know how much they care this will cement their decision to spend the

remainder of their lives by your side since you have won their hearts and Minds that is because they are

completely captivated by you as the object of their affection broadcast by the god of Israel I will Rectify every

Injustice compensate for every loss Vanquish every opponent and remove every

constraint that you face I solemnly swear that I will postpone all the problems that concern you compensate for

all the losses Vanquish all the enemies and record all the mistakes by the time

this weekend rolls around you will have complete completely forgotten about all the troubles and hardships that these

gifts have caused you throughout your life your life is about to be inundated with gifts if you’re looking for

miracles you should watch this video completely the weight of your love is greater than everything else in the

universe God in comparison to the profundity of Your Love nothing else can

compare nothing you find will ever be able to compare to the strength of your love every day you shower us with

blessings and we beg you to help us remember them all the depth of your love

and the beauty you possess will always remain invisible to us God assures me

that I will find a way even if it seems impossible right now I can restore your

lower back to health by tending to your wounds and setting your broken bones while also energizing and inspiring you

you may express your gratitude for up to as a token of your love and benefits please pay pay close attention

since the material that is about to be sent is crucial you still have time today so you may mourn and be worried

about things that have happened every other day it is entirely up to you if you want to continue doing this I swear

that God knows the end result and that everything will work out just the way he wants it to I make this proclamation in

the name of Jesus Christ according to Legend in the Noto distant future

significant and unexpected events will utterly disrupt your life according to

what the Lord has promised he can seal every door that the devil has set up for you throughout your lifetime and once

you’re born he can unlock every door that the good guys have shut in keeping

with the promise God has made to us I am going to wow you with an endless supply of Love and Money trusting today will

almost certainly lead to an increase in your riches Fitness and satisfaction

hence you should be ready for it you must assemble it immediately since it is certain to happen my love restoration

benefits and unbreakable Eternal peace will update all of the stress tension

worry and struggle that you are now experiencing I will restore your health

bestow my blessings upon you and provide you with Everlasting Peace of Mind any

and all of those factors might be omitted from the review altogether your current life crisis is not going

unnoticed by God he now knows not only the challenges you face but also the

most intimate and delicate aspects of your way of life he knows you have to overcome these obstacles even in the

midst of your current difficulties God is fully capable there will likely be a

dramatic Improvement in the near future this bodess well for what’s to come you

can’t turn around now that you’ve accomplished so much you have come a long way so pleas please don’t lose your

temper I will find a way to solve your problems and satisfy you as a customer

since you are the creator of all possibilities please come up with a strategy that will allow us to escape

this situation I am counting on you I want to express my gratitude to the Lord

for all he has done for me and will do in the future I believe this is what he

deserves and I offer you my whole dedication and love God this very second

you are a massing an enormous fortune and it is increasing at a rate of one foot per day one week per month and so

on a deluge of capital is about to engulf your life true First Rate Fortune

is on its way to you and it will not be obstructed you are fully capable and

obligated to accept this gift since it is rightfully yours and may be bestowed upon you at some point in the future the

terrible things that have brought you sorrow now will have long since passed and joyful things like blessings

laughter and love will have taken their place this kind of thing might happen to you at some point in the future you must

now take a position and maintain your Independence God will restore everything

that your adversary has stolen from you and more if you put your faith in him

you may enhance your peace and prosperity and enjoy an abundance of benefits for your lifestyle by praying

and trusting in the promises that God has provided praying is your only bet

for this to happen the Adolescent has been told by God that they will only have the opportunity to laugh again you

will quickly get to a place where you can have faith in people’s generosity again my efforts to restore what you’ve

lost will restore the importance of love in your lives everything here is

pertinent to the procedure I am doing I have a wonderful plan for the course your life will follow God says to Moses

in a revelation in addition to confirming that God had plans to assist him in

improving several aspects of his life he informs Moses I have strategies in place

to make your Lifestyles less difficult to Aid with your healing and to help you escape that difficult condition if

watching this film is bringing you sadness anxiety or any other negative emotions pray that God will replace them

with joy health and peace this Behavior toward you is a result of of his immense

affection for you if you’re sick of believing that you’re a failure and have no control over your life then you

should know that God has received your supplications and is about to grant them to you in the form of assistance to meet

your needs angels have been sent to you to help you and everything else in your

life will work out for the best if you have faith in God surprising Miracles

can change our lives when we don’t have anyone else to rely r on but God please

come to me if you are not interested in thinking that you are undeserving stop feeling sorry for yourself and come

visit me if you need someone to vent to about how you feel I’m more than happy

to lend a hand whenever needed I assure you that I will attend to your every need help you become well again and give

you the peace of mind that your body and mind want share this video to help get

the message out loving the Lord your God with everything that you are is a long

and Winding Road your emotional spiritual and cerebral selves are all

part of this obligation doing this is really necessary for your faith Embrace

this opportunity and before you know it everything will start to fall into place

to help you reach your goals this is precisely the role that you were meant to play from the beginning from the

beginning this has been the planned course of action take advantage of a wide range of chances and find out

what’s in store for you in the not too distant future possibilities and discoveries abound up to Ability and

you may make full use of them you need to arrive prepared to make the most of

the opportunities presented to you and understand the strides taken all God is doing in you and through you right now

if you have faith is preparing the ground for a future he sees it covers all the that God is doing right now God

is the best at what he does because he can see into the future several wonderful opportunities will present

themselves to you before the end of this week it could be anything after that

everything you’ve been wishing for will happen just as you’ve been anticipating even if it doesn’t seem

like what you had envisioned you can be in the mood to think about it and be happy about it pray hard this weekend

especially on Saturday and Sunday for the Lord has told you to Saturday and Sunday are the dates set for the

sporting events a lifetime of incredible learning opportunities is about to start

for you this is the beginning of your bankruptcy Journey so brace yourself for the worst even though you’re responsible

for some of my worst lifestyle choices I can’t help but be grateful to you for

your unwavering love for me you have given us a fresh start in Christ and we

are very grateful F you have our gratitude for this today I beg God to

forgive me for my sins and make me more open to his grace while flowers and

grass eventually perish the word of God remains Evergreen and never goes out of style watch because I will bring healing

and wholeness to you as the Lord says further I can mend your health and make

it easier for you to accumulate wealth acquire success and avoid danger take

Delight in this and enjoy enjoy yourself I will make sure that you get the rest and fitness that you need you may be

healed and made whole again by my hands look I can bring you healing and wholeness you may be whole again when I

restore your health your financial obligations will be settled and your family will be protected from harm By

Angels yes you may get this gift even if you’re terrified of the constraints that

life may impose on you in the future because of what God has done for your life lifestyle you may have trusted that

he would walk with you through thick and thin winning isn’t important to you since you’re already successful our time

has come and we can win this battle with confidence if we continue to obey God’s word quickly and without wavering God

has assured us in his word that we are not to be concerned because he will remember us and provide for us in the

days to come if you ask me nicely I can clear your record of any wrongdoing and

pardon you again seek my forgiveness and express your remorse if you are prepared

to take responsibility for your mistakes refusing to admit fault will prevent me from forgiving you in just a few more

hours you will experience the greatest excitement and anticipation in November

you will experience all the love pleasure and professional growth that is yours to enjoy in the corporate world

and at work regardless of your current situation you have a chance to be blessed with this kind of item among the

masses in spite of all that you face keep in mind that your deliverer and

champion in battle is none other than the Lord your God always keep in mind

that the Lord your God is the one who will battle on your behalf against your

adversaries only then will you be able to achieve Triumph that is something

that is often required of you I heard God’s voice the heavens will be opened

and and the fullness for which you have prayed and waited will be poured forth I have heard those words God will

strengthen your faith so that you may overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable at first and persevere

through difficult times he will be your leader even in the most challenging

circumstances defeating your enemies has been no easy feat your achievement is

quite remarkable and I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations please make every effort

to be well prepared pray H for I’m about to reveal to you some fresh choices that

are at your disposal make every effort to be well prepared in my view God’s

desire is not necessarily for you to make things harder rather he wants you to have more faith in his abilities God

will fight for your desires if you put all your trust in him and quit working

an immediate and profound change is going to occur in your life because of this regardless of of how hopeless the

situation may seem trusting in God will ensure that you never feel like you squandered time due to a poor decision

you may have faith that I will protect you from the dangers of utilizing our enemy sword even when it seems like

there’s no way out of a sticky situation there is no need to worry that almost everyone will be wounded when you leave

this area since you have trusted me the word of the Lord on this topic has been communicated to us an emotional Nation

characterized by great accomplishment and mildness a nation that unifies all

of these components and is defined by recovery all of this may be accomplished

in a completely altered narrative in a very short amount of time Good Fortune

plenty love joy tranquility and prosperity please watch this video all

the way to the end if you believe this to be true in relation to God the Lord

has told me that he no longer needs me me to disappoint him therefore even when

things get tough he wants me to keep going his wish is that I will keep going

and not give up on him it is imperative that you meet with me to discuss this outlining the circumstances would be

very helpful given the little time that has passed since things began to turn out spectacularly and suddenly in your

favor we can overcome this obstacle if we are all willing to work together and

are on the same page given how little time has elapsed since everything began to turn out magnificently and suddenly

in your favor you will be astounded by how quickly and appropriately things have worked out for you things have gone

so well for you that you will be astounded everything is falling into place just as God intended it to on this

day it will take some effort on your part but there are ways to make this disappointing news useful remember that

God has greater plans for your life Than Anything You Can Dream up on your own the importance of this cannot be

overstated when you pray to me and ask for anything I will hear you it’s

something you want not only will I listen to your prayers but I will also fulfill your requests when you come to

me in prayer yes I am delighted with everything that you have accomplished but I implore you to do whatever it

takes to alleviate the wroth that burns in your heart toward other people says the Lord

you have brought such a sense of calm into my life and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I can confide in

you about anything I could take this opportunity to thank you for bestowing strength upon

me in all aspects of my being not just my physical body but also my mind spirit

and emotions your support has not only helped me physically but it has also

strengthened my mind spirit and Faith it is my my sincere hope that you will

respond to my request the amplification of Jesus’s call is also my prayer first

and foremost I pray for names at this very moment angels are trying to initiate a conversation with you God is

teaching you something very important today and you must realize that you are his beloved toddler additionally they

should comfort you that something crucial is being sent to you by God on this day their goal in providing this

information is to make it seem like they might be having a conversation with you right now

for those who believe in God a simple amen will suffice in order for you to be

stored this must be performed if your faith is in Jesus Christ you have a

chance to spend eternity with God as there may be no other way to be saved

except by trusting in Him it is possible for everyone who puts their trust in Jesus to accomplish it through this

letter I am letting you know that I am now working on the alternative in your life that you have expressed a desire for the

modification to your way of life that you have requested is now in place and I’m writing to inform you of this now

that it’s my area of expertise you’re attempting to start all over I can see

how more information might stimulate my interest in this issue God is the

supreme ruler of all policies and entities in the universe God is the

ultimate cause of everything’s existence there has never been a more intelligent

person in history than him nobody or nothing could ever match his level of energy or oversee the whole universe as

he did the concluding ruler is him since I am the deity of two-dimensional

possibilities he is inherently better if you’re looking to start a new I’d be

happy to provide you with that opportunity it would be necessary for us to work together whatever you need I can

provide it perhaps you have done something wrong in the past if so I beg

you to Pardon your sins and accept my blessing it is possible that you have participated in irrelevant actions both

inside and outside for a better and more prosperous future I will guide you if you just put your faith in me with faith

in me I will show you the way to a better and richer future one that you and others like you will enjoy my

prediction is that starting next week I will double the advantages you get by a

factor of three to make things more enticing for you if you agree with me

there is very little that we can achieve as a pair if we put in the effort to make things happen here is what I want

to demonstrate be ready for something that will emerge with the intention of significantly impacting your way of life

and the environment around you just know that no matter what I will always be by

your side rest assured that I will never leave your side and will be there for you no matter how bad things go whether

they’re Financial emotional or physical please know that no matter what I will

never leave you or abandon you on my own I am always here for you no matter how

much you may be struggling with setting limits on your life at the moment this is the correct thing to do no longer

will you be satisfied with the amount of money that can be placed in your savings account your wife mildly inflated

expectations are to blame for it every single person’s needs would be attended

to by me several times in the Bible God says that I am curing physical ailments

forgiving debts and restoring relationships just in case you probably had faith in me everything else even

making sure your requirements are satisfied might be handled for you if you only have faith please keep in mind

that I make my career doing Miracles and I I would appreciate it if you could acknowledge this take those things into

consideration in addition to success healing and deliverance I am the god who

does all three today just know that no amount of effort on your part can ever

diminish the magnitude of the Grandeur that is ahead of you you have to know that I’m hoping you can’t possibly

fathom the incredible surprises I have in store for you they will go beyond your wildest dreams not only will they

be SI significant in relation to the worldly wealth you already possess but also in relation to the nonsecular

riches I assure you dear are your pets your money will be of the highest kind

this is relevant to more than just your tangible possessions at the moment in accordance with the laws of the universe

you will be granted both Financial Independence and personal freedom the life you’ve always imagined for yourself

could be within your reach as a result I I’ve begun clearing obstacles off your path and making room to expand it all in

an effort to simplify things for you to make things easier for you I have started doing this more important than

anything else is that you push beyond your fears and continue down the road I’ve paved for you I’ve already provided

you with the motivation following my directions is all that is required of you it is

possible that you have obtained the resources necessary to have a beneficial impact on the area and its surroundings

that are suitable for you money is only a tool with the help of people like you

who believe in what I’m doing and provide a hand I can do great things I

want you to know that having money isn’t always a bad thing with it you can accomplish the objectives I’ve set for

your heart and become an asset to others around you it has come to my attention that you have been subjected to

challenging circumstances recently nonetheless I want you to know that I’m

doing everything in my power to enhance your future responsibilities it has come to my

attention that you have been through some challenging times recently you have recently faced some challenging

circumstances and I am aware of them I beg you to remember that people in places you have never visited are raving

about you pay attention to that please keep in mind that I am speaking to you

from a distance and highlighting places where you have not gone my love for you

is unconditional it happens just because you are my kid and I would truly appreciate it if you could acknowledge

this it makes no difference how many friends you have or how much money you make what matters is the quality of your

life right now no matter what happens my love for you will remain unending this

would give you a better idea of who I am and what I’m like if we were to spend some time together you won’t be

traveling alone since I can tag along with you on this journey when you have religion type

I am no longer feeling it either despite appearances I will find the

positive side to any negative situation and strive to make the most of it I’m

going to live life to the fullest accept full responsibility for everything that’s happening with you right now and

trust that everything is falling into place according to my plan for your your life in ways you could never have

imagined were even somewhat possible honestly you never would have thought

that the work I’ve done would have any kind of impact but you’ll get to see the results later on please know that I am

committed to providing abundant blessings to you and your loved ones and offering solace in all areas of your

life those who have influenced your life will likewise shower you with blessings

if you are feeling low being the deity who restores everything to its natural realm I may also bestow blessings on the

location you choose to call home I am capable of handling any challenge that comes my way and I can get you into the

financial situation you want in no time having a long-term romantic relationship

a stable home life and a successful profession should not be a problem for you since all single people will possess

these things and you have faith in my capacity to take care of you you will also have a shot at acquiring the house

of your dreams during the time I have available I would be delighted to

transmit to you the vast knowledge I have acquired as well as the extensive archives that pertain to this matter

everything in your life will immediately become clear once you decide to prioritize our relationship because of

my capacity to take care of you and the timeliness of my deliveries I am working behind the

scenes to make that happen so so don’t let your focus on the mundane fool you into ignoring the supernatural as a

potential Catalyst for personal growth keep in mind that the

Supernatural is always a possibility regardless of how much you rely on what you see in nature alternately maintain a

flexible perspective I want to play a role in your life and I promise I can be

there for you whenever you need someone to talk to or an ear to listen your own

family may be another one that I’m interested in enrolling in I want to be a reliable person if someone decides to

let me stay with them you must have access to every bit of my joy Serenity

and strength the reason for this is because you may be able to reach me you

will experience boundless joy as you bask in the Fulfillment of life’s promises bestowed upon you by my

profound affection for you therefore I have pledged to always be by your side

since I love you so much do not be scared to have a very excellent intellect I am a very big God

big thinking is something you should feel comfortable doing I am here to help you see things through to the very end

no obstacle is too great for you to overcome I hope you have the same optimism I have I want you to realize

that anything you set your mind to you can achieve what you’re going through

right now has absolutely no bearing on the opportunities that are available able to you I can accomplish much more

than you could ever imagine or ask for beyond your wildest dreams I can do

everything you can imagine for this reason my son I want you to have lofty

goals for yourself and have faith that I can grant you everything your hearts

desires I want you to know that I am persistently pounding on the door of your coronary heart hoping that one day

you will open it and let me in please understand that I always seek your

approval before delving into it please know that I’m always prepared to welcome

you whenever you choose to open the door because I am a caring God who is both

kind and concerned you should not be scared to let me in I will provide for you and be a blessing I have already

taken the necessary steps to ensure that the right people will get in touch with you that your concerns will be addressed

and that the proper procedures can be put in place to handle your problems you

don’t have to figure it out on your own since I’ll be right there with you the whole time we’re in the desert I’ve also

made sure that you’ll have every opportunity I vow to be there at every turn I assure you that I will attend to

all of your concerns and provide you with an Indescribable sense of Tranquility I can put an end to all of

your concerns within its surroundings I can provide you with the Tranquility you

really need you bear the burden of the first appearance of the condition of events as

you are the only one who can make yourself miserable love is stronger than

any wrongdoing that has ever been committed so instead of seeking revenge for past transgressions you should

concentrate on being nice to each other and forgiving each other if you find yourself harboring resentment or anger

toward another if you need help finding the right people or gaining access to

critical resources I can take it upon myself to do that God is on your side

protecting you from harm making sure everything turns out well and preparing the route for your success even when it

seems like there’s no way out the devil may be plotting his methods to undermine your joy satisfaction and peace in order

to achieve his goal of bringing you down which makes sense but fear not because

the Lord has great things planned for you at this this time and will shower you with plenty today he has

extraordinary plans for you never forget that God is the ultimate Authority he

controls the universe please don’t give up I beg you desperately it has come to

my attention that you are currently dealing with challenging circumstances that could put your physical health

Financial stability and relationships with others at risk these things are also evidence that you are making

progress toward the goals you set for yourself I am aware that you have been coping

with difficult circumstances for some time I say this with all the compassion

in the world your spiritual physical and fabric lives all need fixing by

declaring that we should not let the acts of other people impact our connections with others God is giving us

the advice to avoid having the activities of other people influence our interactions with those in our near

vicinity this is because God has commanded us to stop letting the whereabouts of others around us dictate

our interactions with those who choose to remain put all of the individuals

listed above are members of this group because they hold no ill will or hatred

against you you should let them know that sharing your talents with your community is usually when you’re at your

worst when you’re in a social situation you can probably affect other people the

most I beg you at this time to let lend a hand to those who are struggling I beg

you to listen to me and provide for me with the courage desire and calmness I

need to triumph over these challenges with the help of the Holy Spirit at that

moment you may be engaging in an activity that is ideal for you instead

of losing it over negative self-criticism try increasing the frequency with which you remind yourself

on a regular basis to explore thoughts that could be genuine and motivating Jesus Christ The One and Only

Creator is breathing down our necks right this second he has always been

here he is here now it was he who sent the Stars into space and set the

galaxies in motion it was he who also brought the universe into being the fact

that he is on your side and prepared to lend you a hand is much more significant

than the fact that everyone else will turn against you by living your life in a manner that shows compassion and

kindness to many others you will demonstrate the love and mercy that I have bestowed upon you never give up on

yourself my little kid I can be your rock no matter what I promise I can be

there for you at all times yes I do believe this I’ve read your requests for

help and understand the difficulties you’re now facing for the time being

you’re crossing your fingers and saying prayers in the hopes that your personal bank account and your company’s profit

margin will reach their previous levels as it seems like a breakthrough is on the

horizon unimaginable levels of satisfaction this group could be a boon

to your life if you really want to make the most of the opportunities I’ve laid out for you you can take advantage of

the ones that let you benefit from what I have to offer regardless of all you’re

going through I beg you to Adore Me and to be grateful for whatever you accomplish no matter how little remember

that I am always here for you and willing to lend a hand whenever you find yourself in need considering that my

purpose in being here is to assist you I am fully available to you at this very

moment if you call out for assistance I can go to you on foot complete the

current Challenge and you will be able to find me if you are interested if you

trust me I can show you the way forward but only if you trust me you must have

faith in me for me to suggest a suitable course of action if you are familiar with me in all your endeavors and do not

depend just on your own comprehension I can smooth the route ahead of time and make it easier for you to go forward

additionally I can explain to you exactly what you need to do although you may have records filled with mistakes

and actions you want to redo I have deleted everything so it seems as if

these things never happen I am here to tell you this it seems that I was successful in making it look as if these

events never transpired I wanted to let you know about them now that the odds are in your favor please know that no

matter what you can count on me to be by your side at all times I am writing this

letter primarily to accomplish two objectives you may count on both of these guarantees from this letter I feel

compelled to inform you of this via written correspondence because of this consequently L they will fight for you

in the arena when it’s necessary and keep an eye on you all day and night they will keep a close watch I will be

by your side every step of the way day or night around the clock so you won’t have to do this journey alone I will

always be by your side so you never have to go through this trip alone even if you don’t know where you’re headed or

agree with your own decisions if you need assistance or information on how to carry out your

mission effectively I am here to provide it to you if that is really the case I

can assist you I have shown myself to be a deity capable of doing Miracles I have

come into your life to assist you in the hopes that it will bring about a miraculous outcome for you my

electricity is no longer to be underestimated there are things I can do that you just can’t fathom this is

something I can have at this very moment there are things I can do that you just cannot fa fathom my work with you has

the potential to impact your physical emotional and spiritual health all of

which are important to your whole being the chains that have kept you captive for so long will be severed and the

handcuffs that have bound you for so long will be broken I will set you free from the shackles of addiction if you’re

serious about supporting our Christian Network we’d be grateful if you could subscribe to our Channel and hit that

like button I hope that the chaos in your life may finally be put to rest and

that the relationships you’ve been hurting get back on track I hope this doesn’t derail your life too much in the

years to come I have nothing but wonderful tales in store for you so you have nothing to worry about you may be

afraid of what’s ahead of you but there’s no need to be afraid not only will these suggestions help you go

forward but they will also boost your confidence and hope for the future please know that I am able ble to send

guardian angels to protect you and your loved ones from harm right now I’m going

to do something and I want you to know that you are an absolutely amazing being

in my mind you are unlike any other version of yourself that I have ever experienced in my thoughts you are

unlike any of the many forms that you have appeared in get away from the shackles of the past if you want to

experience the new ways of living that I have given you feel the Fresh Start I’ve given you it’s my wish for you the next

day isn’t something to be concerned about my darling the next day will take care of itself these days all that

matters is this all at once strategy which implies that you shouldn’t give a hoot about the here and now in order to

go on to the following day you must overcome the obstacles that are specific to that day someone will be there to

greet you when you knock even if you do manage to get close enough enough to the door to knock no one will let you in all

I can say is that I will try my best to avoid doing anything that may lead you to believe I am not telling the truth

the Bible says that Satan is a liar and because of this flaw in his character he

is crowned King over everyone who spreads falsehoods because of this quality the devil also gains control

over everyone who worships an idol an important thing to remember is that you

must not believe the falsehoods that are now circulating in your mind more importantly you must not give Credence

to the lies this is not your fault since I am the one who won you it has always

been my intention that it would make it to every one of your sporting events you have done nothing wrong it was I who

made you a champion trying to remember that God is more powerful than everything else is driving you crazy you

must keep anything in your memory it is far away although it may be difficult to

predict the outcome in the long run if you submit to God’s total control over your lives he will show you your

Alternatives and the direction to go at this point everything will be well in

the end meeting this requirement does not require any more action from you

your faith in your heavenly father is all you can think about since you finally feel like a long- awaited

problem is about to be addressed an important turning point in your life is about to occur tonight and

you must be prepared you should expect to get this issue fixed tonight as it has been nagging you for a considerable

amount of time the Lord has made it very plain that better times are on the way

and he even promises that they may arrive quickly finally you will be able

to pay off that mountain of debt you’ve been carrying you will start to feel better physically and you may even be

able to accomplish what you set set out to do thankfully this terrible situation

is rapidly ending optimism and Joy are yours for the taking because God has

rescued you from your addictions your pessimism and misery and given you the opportunity to live a life free of them

I will provide you with the wisdom to choose the options that might be good for you as God has promised but before I

grant you permission I kindly request that you initiate communication with me

please come and pray when when you are religious everyone around you is starting to notice how much more

beautiful you are as your light becomes brighter you will no longer let anything

or anybody stand in the way of you accomplishing your destiny please increase the amount of time you spend

relaxing God has sent us a word to that effect he wants us to stop being shy and

start showing others how much we care through our actions and decisions while

we do this he wants us to boost our total performance by making better choices and living healthier

lives kindly do this without delay I long for the day when you will serve others around you because you have

surrendered your life to God’s Will and are living in accordance with his plan

the intentions God has for you and the calling he has placed on your life have not altered according to God this new

chapter in your life is far from over so let’s pick ourselves up and start blazing a trail but to those of you who

are paying attention I say this bless those who curse you be kind to those who

hate you and pray for those who abuse your adversaries we decided those old

times weren’t worth it since they brought more people to their intended destinations after you had devoted

followers who said you were our father and led them to their final destination

the relevance of these Pursuits is therefore clarified we ask that everyone

see how much we value these athletic traditions and that we use this challenge as an opportunity to thank you

for giving us the chance to do what we have kindly note that we provide

excellent pricing for opportunities like that no matter how long it takes we are

grateful for the opportunity to participate in this testimony in any manner that we

can we are Overjoyed that your generosity and Goodwill continue to inspire people from all walks of life

despite the challenges they face in today’s world you may maintain your First Rate reputation by keeping the

promises made by your slaves allowing your light to shine brilliantly wherever

is another way to Showcase your greatness to the industry if you did each of these things people would notice

your Brilliance everything that has happened thus far this morning has been of good caliber you’re an amazing dad

and I’m grateful for all you’ve done for me and the opportunities you’ve opened for me the opportunities and good

fortune that have come my way as a result of your influence Are Much appreciated as we go about our work we

ask that you let us utilize the freedom that you have granted us without interference thank you for taking an

interest give us your methods so that we may express ourselves in the same way you have taught us that way we can be

confident that we will always be polite and clever no matter what we do in every

way you have our thanks you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened

to me yes I would appreciate it if you would reply to my request and may

strange names be given glory for Jesus’s call much obliged for your time stay

connected for more profound messages from God


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