it is being announced to you by God right now you are going to go through an event that will completely shock you but

God has a special plan to intervene in your life tomorrow this is really because God has foreordained his actions

the recipient will feel comforted and their position validated since this message comes straight from God it seems

that this message was added by some means of communication it appears to have been conveyed via a video

this suggests that the individual’s pleas were heard and understood by the all powerful entity in issue since the

communication seems to have been sent over a link this seems to be the case

perhaps the guy or woman needs both a proposal and comfort all at once and

this Divine affirmation May provide them both also I want you to know that I’ll

do all in my power to provide you with a plethora of miraculous benefits so that we may Exchange ways of life for

something greater on the road this must be acknowledged by you that in my opinion is something I really believe in

and it permeates every part of my being Miracles are yours for the taking if you

watch this video in its entirety I have faith that there is an endless well of

Love and Hope floating about in the cosmos given my firm belief that the

cosmos is brimming with wonderful energy and good will the thought of becoming a channel for such powerful energies may

fill me with pride whatever your needs may be we are here to assist you in whatever way we can whether it’s

Rehabilitation or education since Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior his teachings are very

encouraging and provide us comfort in times of trouble by assuring us of a solution even when it seems impossible

Jesus has shown his unfaltering compassion and love for all who follow him to demonstrate your support like and

share this video if you agree with God you are deserving of all the best this

world has to offer since you are such a wonderful and beautiful person whatever

it takes I will try my best to make it happen for you because you are so important and treasured that happened I

love you with all my heart because you are the most important person in my life I feel compelled to express to you the

depth and absoluteness of my perception what I’m am about to say deserves your full attention I can do all I can to

assist you and you have my undivided attention at all times feel free to reach out to me if you have any

inquiries or issues I beg you esteemed comrade to join me in prayer and humbly

convey these few thoughts in order to create a place in our hearts for the Divine let us make the most of this

chance to cleanse our minds let us take advantage of this threat to the fullest

since we have arrived before you Lord Lord I beg you oh Lord to hear my prayer for your heavenly help in this time of

great need in accordance with the Commandment of Jesus Christ I beg you to do what I say and Obey you may show God

how much you care by giving him $ as an expression of gratitude your

assistance is urgently needed since I’m well aware of the fact that I am unable to do this task on my own also after

giving my emotions and ideas some attention I’ve realized that the one thing I really need is to live a life

without worrying about the future I now know that this is essential for my needs my ultimate goal is to find

a solution that will allow me to live a life free of Stress and Anxiety I really

hope that we may be able to build a trusting and self assured relationship in the future so that I can also enjoy

and fully experience this system thanks to you my pricey rescuer I no longer

have overconfidence in the ineffectual person in this vast and complicated World on my own I will accept what you

say as truth I don’t have any expectations of other people but I do have trust in you I shall be eternally

thankful to you for your unwavering commitment to my well-being and our mutual Faith E I am grateful to you

since we trust each other it is exciting to think about all the wonderful things that will happen to you in the weeks

leading up to your period I say this because I think there are a lot of opportunities for you to develop in the

case of heart issues in particular brace yourself for an abundance of joy and excitement you are likely planning to

finish this specific project regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship or still searching for the

one person who will complete your life you are about to experience the kind of love and connection you have been hoping

for and the stars are in your favor this is true regardless of whether you’re

still looking for that person but there’s more good news your financial situation will become much better in the

next few days the wind’s actual direction will likely differ from what’s predicted so that you too may take

advantage of this offer we kindly request that you join our Channel I am

quite grateful for your assistance in this matter when we’re in the thick of things it may be hard to see past the

immediate problems and the suffering we’re EXP experiencing this being said keep in mind that there is still hope

for a brighter tomorrow our current difficulties will seem small in comparison to the joy that is yet to

come and they will pass swiftly if you’re with me this Joy May manifest as

something completely new like a relationship strengthening a feeling of contentment with one’s life in general

or even just a new experience altogether at the same time we may be

happy with all all of this material in order to bring you some current breaking news we will interrupt our often

scheduled software if this caused any inconvenience to the respected jury

members we really apologize if you’ve been experiencing financial difficulties

in the days before the commencement of a modern day we are certain that the arrival of a miracle will put an end to

them there is an abundance of opportunity now if you’ve been struggling financially today or

yesterday we guarantee this financial Miracle will fix all of your problems

follow this great incident and all your problems will disappear in the same way

that you’re starting a new day full of boundless possibilities we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of this miracle

because our faith in God’s omnipotence will never fade we will have faith that God will intervene in our lives tomorrow

morning in a way we could never have anticipated we will be able to witness something

that become inconceivable to us till tomorrow morning that is a result of our steadfast faith in the almighties would

possibly this is a Divine Providence in order to extensively exchange how our lives spread let us thus approach this

time with all of our hearts and brains wide open you’re approximately to embark on a brand new bankruptcy in your life

whilst the entirety will begin to paintings on your choose consistent with a message that the Heavenly entity who

created and overse sees the arena has dispatched you in this day this message is alerting you to the upcoming begin of

a new bankruptcy in your Lifestyles one in which you will be unfastened to pursue any aim you have positioned your

mind to this message was added to you on this unique day this message turned into

introduce to you just on this day so you would obtain it instantly from the character in heaven who’s presently

speaking to you these wonders will seem in a huge variety of of sizes and

bureaucracy and make their presence felt in a huge range of settings I’m writing

to assist you in realizing that you’ll be getting a vast amount of money from sources you have been ignorant of and

have been unaware of for the past hours I’m writing this letter to fill

you in on this new development and I’m doing it with a heart full of joy I

can’t tell you how excited I am that you’re going to feel after reading this little tidbit of information because

there’s always cause to celebrate when there’s a chance to make a lot of money so take some time off so you can relax

and get yourself ready for the financial success that’s about to come your way

today is one of those days when luck is on your side since life has a way of throwing curveballs at us a positive

turn of events is about to transpire for you as it happens the universe never

ceases to Astound Us in the most inexplicable ways if you believe it to be true in God then everything is real

at various periods in their lives a large portion of the human population has turned to various forms of religion

in search of comfort and guidance of course there will be highs and lows in life and sometimes we find ourselves in

situations that seem to have lowered us to the lowest point even if it may seem like everything is falling apart right

now there is always hope for a better day in our future and we may learn from the lives of the most famous and

influential individuals in religious history that is so even if things don’t

seem to be getting any better right now it may seem that everything is at its worst but this is really the case it’s

not always the case that past emotional trauma makes it impossible to have joy

and contentment in the now or in the future that depends on a number of

things a number of criteria are considered before this goal is achieved

truthfully there is a good probability that you will experience belief joy and

love once again in the years that lie ahead no matter how insignificant or

important it is my ultimate goal is to recover all of your belongings from the

Hereafter finding whatever it is that you could have misplaced is my first objective your lawful possessions even

those that were illegally stolen from you will be returned to you and I will not give up on this goal I want to

achieve achieve this by making sure you get back what is legitimately yours the whole thing everything that has been

stolen from you including relationships chances and physical assets will be

returned to you if you ask me nicely in order for you to reclaim all that was stolen from you I will make sure this

happens my goal is to help you reclaim all that has been stolen from you and I will do everything in my power to make

that happen throughout human history people have sought sought Solace and meaning in their lives via a variety of

religions as you embark on your road towards a better future filled with boundless prospects it is crucial that

you prepare yourself for the moments that will rank among the greatest of your life you need to start preparing

for the best days of your life as soon as you set sail on this adventure you

can overcome any obstacle in your path if you have a clear and determined

mentality no other method will guarantee your succcess as I sit here I’m trying

to figure out the best way to tell you how much you mean to me in a way that would make an impression all the

universe’s advantages healing procedures Solutions Miracles and assistance are my

heart’s wish to give to you it is my firm belief that compliance is essential

this hunger has consumed me to the point where I am exhausted good thoughts are

what I’m sending your away and I pray that this difficult time brings you peace and Tranquility I am determined to

finish this project because I think it has the potential to be useful in certain ways please give some thought to

a video before sending it on to others if it touches you and you think it may be helpful to them do not be shy about

providing them with this information no matter how often I tell you not to it’s

always satisfying when you give back to the community by making a difference in people’s lives both your own and those

around you sharing what has improved your life might likewise provide joy to

someone else it’s great to avoid something that has improved your life or benefited you in some way you should

give it to someone else if you still have something that has changed your life for the better praise be to you

Lord for all that you have done for me in the past and are doing for me today I

would want to use this opportunity to thank you I really ask that you provide me with the wisdom and strength I need

to keep serving you there are no adequate words to express my gratitude for everything that you have done for me

your unending kindness and support have meant the world to me and I wish I could say it all over again whenever I’ve

needed Solace or inspiration they’ve been there I feel so fortunate to have

someone in my life who embodies the trends of generosity and selflessness

since you are truly remarkable in that regard by sharing this video you may help unravel the term please know how

much your efforts are appreciated I hope I can put my feelings into words for you God for you are the one I love the most

because of who you are the enormous love you have for everyone and your great Brilliance Brokenness and honesty my

heart is overflowing with appreciation and respect for everything that you have done and are it is my desire to live my

life in harmony with your will Lord it is excellent that you have acknowledged my plea I am aware of and willing to

accept the possibility that from time to time your best interests May conflict

with my own desires and requirements so I beg you Lord to guide me and give me

the strength I need to run the right way the goals I’ve set for myself May

sometimes clash with your best interests and I’m well aware of that possib ability please Lord may your Holy Spirit

lead me daily and may the power fail to obey my desire but rather yours I

implore you to remember my plea and answer it in order to get a positive response to my question I really must

listen to you again I assume there’s a purpose to my inclusion in this world and I’m sure you have great intentions

for me it seems like you have a specific purpose for my being here and I can see

why that would be the case in this letter I humbly ask for your assistance

and insight into the art of communication specifically in the selection of suitable words to convey my

thoughts and feelings at the most opportune times in an effort to get your

expertise and assistance I am writing to politely request it I would greatly

appreciate it if you could spare a moment to remember this and provide some advice just give me a moment to remember

what I said about this and I may just respected if I am successful in this capacity it will help me achieve my

lifelong goal of living a peaceful and joyful lifestyle maintaining a systematic

lifestyle characterized by patience is essential take my impeccable timing for

finishing tasks or being punctual for events as an example it’s like magic

while I’m waiting for a response I always ensure that I finish whatever task I’m working on at the exact time it

is assigned to it they will also be able to put this gift to good use I have put in a lot of time

and effort to master this skill because I have something far more significant

and substantial in store for you I can guarantee that when our conversation

comes to a close the effort will have been worthwhile the choice you make this

Christmas season will rank among the most consequential ones you’ve ever made

at some point in our lives the majority majority of us will probably feel that something is preventing us from

finishing the tasks we’ve started or from keeping going in the direction we’ve already decided to go keep in mind

that contrary to what you may think this delay is likely a good turn of

circumstances this must always be remembered keeping this in mind is crucial most of the time it’s important

to keep in mind that although there may be greater chances around the next Bend in the road there may also be challenges

that we haven’t even begun to tackle yet it is not completely impossible that

this kind of claim may be true keep in mind to be grateful for the path you’re

on at all times no matter where it leads you you must have faith in the universe’s timetable to provide for you

and that the path ahead will become clean and safe it’s also important to remember to be grateful for the path

taken before no matter how accurate or terrible the reports may be because they

are all crucial to your character development you should make an effort to reflect on and learn from them again

therefore it is critical that you remember the significance of the meetings you have had and strive to

express your appreciation for them there will be ups and downs in life but having

faith in a higher power like God can help you get through them the inevitable

highs and lows of life may be better weathered with trust in a higher power for others this may be an insurmountable

obstacle the old proverb goes something like what’s meant for you won’t skip you by it basically means that everything

happens for a reason and that everyone has a predetermined route in life in addition it means that once something

has been planned for someone to enjoy there is no going back to get this

benefit it can seem like a message of Hope and consolation or it might be a

mild public Service Announcement encouraging us to put our faith in something greater than ourselves or both

while acknowledging that people may experience disappointment and sadness in their lives God the almighty has

provided comfort and security to his people other Expressions were given

because God has made it clear that people will experience disappointment and sadness from others around them the

Reason God allowed these comments to be made is because he knew that people would would disappoint Mankind in the

end God knew that people needed a way to cope with those terrible Tales so he created them the Heavenly being first

gave words of comfort and confidence to Mankind and then it spoke these words to

every man and woman but especially to those who put their faith and confidence in a higher power could they also find

solace in the knowledge that God is the one constant in their lives the one who

will never fail them or disappoint them and who will always be there for them

for those who put their Faith and Hope in a higher Force to help their parents in distress this is what is

guaranteed with this in mind the concept might be quite simple to understand

these remnants serve as a gentle reminder of the love that has endured over the ages and the devotion that they

represent I promise that I will do all in my power to alleviate your fears for

your safety please know that I pledge to do my utmost to protect you and your loved

ones from harm if you give me the task of protecting you and your loved ones

you may be certain that I will fulfill my commitment if you entrust me with this responsibility you may have

complete faith that I will do all in my power to keep you and your loved ones

secure so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the security you deserve

to guarantee that I willing to do whatever is necessary rest assured I

will always be by your side no matter what obstacles life throws at us

whenever you need me I will be here to help and guide you regardless of how you’re feeling in addition to putting

our trust in God we may take solace in his promises since we must give this our

whole attention it is reassuring to know that he has promised to eliminate all of

our worries conflicts and difficulties what a powerful reminder that we are

never alone in our struggles and that God is always there to guide us and assist us in all our

tribulations we shall find the power to overcome any obstacle and come out stronger and more resilient than before

because we trust in him discover solace in God’s teachings and let his love wash

over us so that we may find joy and happiness in any circumstance I will be

here for you every step of the way providing unfaltering support through thick and thin no matter what challenges

you face there is no way to break this vow I can be by your side no matter what

happens knowing that I am here for you means that you can always count on my constant encouragement and support no

matter what comes your way rest assured I will never leave your side whether you

are filled with pleasure or fear content or sad I am able to be there for you at

all times I promise I will be by your side through thick and thin happiness and sadness

pleasure and fear you can count on me to be by your side most of the time if you

ever need someone to rely on for your lifestyle I am here for you and I promise I will never let you down I

promise you under oath that I will fulfill my promise as soon as I look

into the future I see a vibrant future full of opportunities for personal and

professional growth and I think about what’s to come my steadfast dedication

and unflinching determination have led me to believe in a prosperous future knowing that I can transform any

difficulty into an opportunity for Global Mastery gives me confidence that I will be able to transform any obstacle

into a valuable learning experience that will Propel you forward on your journey to

greatness that is absolutely true and I really believe that we can accomplish what we set out to do fear not to embody

change or to take formidable action towards the realization of your goals I

am here to advise and assist you at every stage of your life just when you need me I’ll be here this has my highest

expectation of becoming useful please I implore you to must The Bravery to seek

out novel experiences and be receptive to Fresh information keeping your adventurous Spirit Alive through

different ways of living may also give you the courage to try new things in many of the areas that may be considered

crucial you are likely to experience a couple of phases of significant change

these formative experiences might present themselves at any point in your life these periods of change could be

little or big but either way they’re probably going to be for the best there’s a good chance you’ll come to the

conclusion that the changes you’ve made have significantly improved the standard of your health and wellness and the

quality of your relationships with others we can almost certainly attribute

the changes that have occurred to the consistent effort and resolve that you have shown towards this treatment the

power of prayer to accomplish everything one sets their mind to is a widely held

and generally accepted belief because we are communicating verbally with the

supernatural via prayer the words we choose to use May control the course of our Destinies our prayers should be

heartfelt and frequent so that we are constantly barraging god with our needs

we need to pray with all our hearts and souls when we pray the idea that prayer

somehow invites God into our lives is one of the many things said about it at

the entrance of Heaven however you will have an encounter with God face to face and you may find yourself listening to

his laughter as he answers you kept me occupied my child what a magnificent

trip you’ll be having if you go go through with it I may not believe it too

in light of this let us pray constantly and with such intensity that our requests and Praises keep God occupied

and let us pray with all our thoughts as well the rationale behind this is that

when we pray we do more than just connect with God we also create mental space for all the incredible

possibilities that come with living in a world that is just as powerful as ours

it is of the the utmost importance to keep in mind that you are not the only one dealing with difficult or

challenging circumstances in your life right now huge numbers of individuals

throughout the world can relate to what you’re going through right now even if

you are dealing with a great deal of challenges or challenging conditions right now that is still the reality even

if it seems like there’s no way out of this mess there’s always a chance for better times ahead even when a country

situation seems Bleak there’s always a chance that things will get better you

may have faith that God will always be with you keeping a watchful eye and providing guidance at every turn this is

here at your sight to provide you comfort you might keep amassing this knowledge in case you ever need it he

isn’t planning to give up on you on the contrary he’s working tirelessly behind the scenes to provide you with

prosperity peace and happiness that may be yours by right therefore

strengthening your faith and trusting in God’s plan for your life should be top priorities with his assistance not only

will you conquer any task but all of your dreams and Ambitions will come true

the Supreme deity has told you that you are about to enter a state-of-the-art Gateway that could be of great use to

you thereafter you might amass a lot of Aid by using this Gateway which offers an expansion ion of several techniques

due to its exceptional quality in comparison to others it has a high probability of becoming of great help to

you on the flip side this bodess well for your future since it indicates that

you will likely be presented with a clear Hazard or choice that may lead to Fantastic conferences and events this

opens the door for wonderful things to happen in the future and brings people together it’s critical that you approach

this new chance with an open mind and have faith that the difficulties you’ve been facing are almost over you are

solely responsible for carrying out these two tasks both of those obligations are solely your

responsibility to fulfill you must take charge of your own fate if you have

successfully dealt with the problems and obstacles that have been holding you back you should soon be ready to go

forward in a state of ease and success you can’t afford to give up now that

that you’ve achieved this despite the difficulty of this catch circumstance

you should maintain your decorum the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer by the second keeping

your trust in a religious institution and putting your full faith in someone or something will make things better in

the not so distant future pretty soon you’re going to discover that your way

of life is jam-packed with all the things you’ve ever wanted the area will

have to be transformed in an unusual way for the most extraordinary evaluations

to be possible such an incident occurs in the blink of an eye it will catch you

off guard that everything fits together so well as if some unseen Force were

hellbent on swooping in and making it happen for that reason you shouldn’t

ever doubt your abilities or let your dreams die down everything is working

out just fine I am here to tell you that the amount of extraordinary compassion I have shown in the past will Astound you

the reason for my excitement is because this is really the case maintaining a firm faith and demanding the best of

oneself are crucial I will show you in the following minute how you will be enhanced with an exceptional level of

care and attention I assure you you won’t want to pass it up upon my arrival

before you today you will not have any doubts and will not have to forgo the opportunity to carry it out my heart is

in shambles oh glorious and Powerful Lord ruler of Heaven and Earth first and

foremost you are the only creator of all that exists on the planet thus this is

both sad and modest you have complete Command over every single element on Earth I’ve just realized that having you

in my life is the single most important thing that makes me happy you are an

integral component of my ident identity and my work and I would be lost in this world without you no matter how much I

tried to convey my deepest most genuine feelings for you every precious moment I

get to spend with you is something I treasure it’s absurd to even think about the opportunity I would try to get they

are all held in the utmost esteem by me you have never ceased to amaze me with

the amount of love and concern you have given me during our journey together there is just no way I can change this

so I just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done and how much I value your constant encouragement and wisdom

they’ve both helped me feel better and keep going because of everything you’ve done your actions have not gone

unnoticed or forgotten and for that I am grateful as I contemplate the ideas that

may arise during the day and consider the reality of the situation with a spirit of humility I am acutely aware

that I need a great great deal of courage and focus to overcome this challenge if you can give me the

strength to face the challenges that lie ahead I will come to you help me must

the strength to give this a go God thank you for your steadfast support and the

guidance you have offered if you are of Faith Jesus Christ is supreme if you

listen carefully to the relative silence around you you may be able to pick up on a faint murmur happening in your own

heart right now I I am the author who loves you and is trying to communicate

with you I just wanted to say how proud I am of you for consistently finishing

it each week without falling victim to any particularly challenging conditions it’s clear that you put in a lot of work

and refuse to give up it may be challenging to maintain focus and attention on the task at hand but you

should be proud of yourself for making it thus far what you’ve done has shown courage on occasion and shown that you

have the the skills to provide reports that I’ve almost trusted you are a courageous and daring individual since

you are all proof that this claim is true your unwavering determination and

complete absence of anxiety when confronted with difficult circumstances are two things that Inspire and motivate

other people using a great number of sources that are deep within you is one

component of this that is extremely obvious your Dad gives me immense Delight as a child and I can’t help but

spread the happiness that comes from seeing how confident he is nothing will ever take away the boundless joy and

serenity that you bring into my life my love for you has no bounds it makes my

heart sing with happiness you are an invaluable part of my life and I do my best to savor every second we have

together because of that for some reason I always want to cling to you no matter

what so every time we can spend together is a special time for me you have my word that I will never leave

your side and that you can count on my unwavering support no matter what comes our way perhaps I should inquire as to

whether or not your concerns about those two claims have been allayed almighty God I beg you to accept my sincere

appreciation I would be eternally grateful if you could immediately eliminate any references to contemporary

events from my life before you decide if it goes against your holy purpose for my life or whether it fits in with your

plans for me I wanted to thank you for listening to my plea under such

circumstances I would honor it I’m grateful that you heard my prayer and agreed to fulfill my request at some

point during this period if it is possible to express my appreciation in advance that would be great if you could

help me achieve mental and emotional calm so that I don’t let Stress and Anxiety rule my life I would really

appreciate it please God provide me with the confidence that that comes from knowing that you have a complete grasp

of the situation and can use it to my advantage while also bringing glory to your name please give me the power to do

that assignment Yours Faithfully the vastness of the sky and the solidity of

the earth were both suddenly and easily within my reach thanks to my enormous

superhuman strength and the length of my extended arm this was made feasible I

was able to get both of those things done at the same time because of the this people are living proof of my

Limitless potential and inventiveness their rise to prominence is directly attributable to my

capabilities and my unparalleled power when it comes to finding solutions to challenges I have an infinite supply of

imagination and resourcefulness there is total certainty in my mind that I can

complete any task and Triumph over every obstacle that comes my way because I know I can do anything that is asked of

me if I tell you you that I can significantly impact your life in only one minute you should take my word for

it it finished in seconds total with the wisdom and experience I’ve gained

over the years I promise to make a significant difference in your life one that will make you feel whole and

satisfied there is no doubt that I can lead you to a better future that is full of boundless potential through the grace

and acceptance that are inherent in me the evaluations indicate that the all

powerful author altered his tune saying that he has done this before and may very well do it again the most crucial

thing that may happen in this case is that you keep your promise to pray and think about me there is a connection

between such things you may deepen your connection with me by praying regularly

and working together in prayer you have the option to seek help or find Comfort

when you are going through difficult moments plus if you stay true to me I

will never change or disappear regardless of how much time or eternity goes by or how far into the future we

look I know that life’s currents are always changing but my character and

identity will remain constant no matter what right now I’m excited to see what

my destiny brings I know it’s been a long time since we last spoke but the door in front of me symbolizes more than

just New Beginnings it also means the freedom to go down a road no one has

ever gone before which is just one of many things that this door offers the

more I turn the knob the more I imagine the weight of the industry slipping off my shoulders and the more certain I get

that I just may be able to do it I want you to know that I have completely disregarded you regardless of how long

it has been since our last conversation even if it has been a while I will never forget the wonderful anecdotes we

exchanged and the new things we learned over that period I have never in my life

experienced either of these things someone may have carved out a special place in my heart for you that nobody

else will ever be able to reach I have had the privilege of hearing and seeing every prayer and every tear poured for

as long as I can remember being exposed to a wide range of emotions and experiences has bestowed upon me the

ability to observe and pay attention to all the numerous Fe feelings from the deepest levels of sadness to the highest

levels of Joy my eyes were opened and I have gained a lot of knowledge because I

was able to examine each and every one of them I am really glad to be an integral part of it in the midst of all

the planning for the upcoming games don’t forget to take a step back and assess your progress so far including

the good and the bad the amount of work you’ve done and the dedication you’ve maintained in pursuit of your your goals

Jesus my Lord it may be really helpful for you if you can maintain an open mind

and a good attitude about lifestyle choices the ultimate significance lies

in the maintenance of open minds I feel compelled to inform you that in the not

too distant future there is a chance that your life may also undergo a great deal of radical change it is really

essential that you be aware of this option therefore I will advise you about it I know it’s hard to say what the

future holds but that bill that’s been stressing you out about money and how you’ll pay it appears to be getting

closer and closer to being paid off in full because it means the loan will be paid in full this is something you’ve

been looking forward to this data is accurate in my view you may be certain

that whatever it is you’re seeking has to have its source in the supreme god who not only created the cosmos but also

began it all because Christ is the foundation upon which all blessings rest

that is correct because of his boundless knowledge and love for his children I can say this with complete certainty no

matter what we know he’ll be there to help us out and listen to what we have to say it is a vital reminder that I am

by your side and will accompany you on your trip in whichever manner you choose

please keep this in mind at all times you must always have this in the background as an important consideration

when you think about God’s plan please know how important it is to you that I

will always be by your side whether you’re going through the best days of your life or the worst I will never

leave your side our presence will remain unwavering I will always be here for you

no matter how bad things become and I will do all I can to lift your spirits

without a question in my mind I make that pledge no matter what you can count

on me to be your constant companion ready to heal you out and provide a helping hand you are embarking on your

journey at this very moment and I assure you that I will never let you down your

excitement is growing as you near the next exciting part of your trip using the energy surrounding you you’re being

driven towards your goal and you are getting there faster at this rate despite the fact that the path

ahead is arduous and winding to reach your destination you possess an excellent philosophical experience that

will lead you to the most incredible Triumph you have ever encountered you should be absolutely confident in your

own identity right now is the time to try to grab the spot in the world that is

lawfully and legally suitable for you you’re getting closer and closer to

Turning second as a means to your breakthrough every day and you are nearly ready to make a successful return

at this point these days a clear and decisive decision was made to silence

everyone who dared to speak out against you and your Divine Destiny the evidence

presented today LED them to this conclusion as it is quite obvious that you may achieve your Divine challenge in

this way of life this decision was made subsequent to the order being issued and it will be

put into action as soon as it is feasible to do so given the available resources thanks for watching subscribe

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