God is telling you right now that things have happened in your life that seem impossible at first glance because I am

the god of the impossible at this very moment you possess the power to do tasks

that seem insurmountable in order for us to be reunited I have come to you my beloved

and most devoted toddler to assist you in making the seemingly impossible possible if you want to see a miracle

the Lord has prophesied that you will get a check check for $, in the mail before this weekend’s believing

please see this video in its entirety in an attempt to remind you of my love and

guidance I’m going to pull off a financial miracle for you in order to guarantee that you will never forget how

often I communicate with you I will take this step in order to leave no room for

question about my love for you I shall do this even though you have performed

very well in the past I still value you and think highly of you and now it’s

your turn to make this incredible occasion even more memorable among other things I need you to take this one

component away recognizing this is I presume crucial for you as a consequence

of the Endless stream of Miracles that will happen in your lifestyle you will realize that you have been healed and

that your life has been restored the Lord may do those miraculous things that he has prepared for them vote for and

give this video a preference if you are in agreement with God I hope it brings you some comfort to know that I have

been aware of and have been considering the prayers you have announced in response to this issue I am cognizant of

the fact that you are now experiencing financial hardship I am aware of the recent financial difficulties you have

been experiencing if your finances are in order you could even have some extra to do something special with the people

you care about most in your life you will soon be able to put your present financial problems in the past because

of the benefits I am about to provide you they will drastically change your life I am offering you benefits with the

hopes of drastically changing your life’s trajectory I can confirm that you

pass the test the rest of your life will be significantly impacted by the benefits I’m about to bestow upon you

this word has been provided to you by God Miracles assistance healing benefits

and answers are on their way to you we will be delivering all of these items to

you soon things that were once impossible will suddenly become feasible and everything you thought had always

vanished will surge back to you it seems like everything is falling into place to

fulfill your wishes things that were once considered impossible will now be within your reach your financial

condition will improve dramatically from day to day if you only keep keep your gaze fixed on me and maintain faith in

the honesty and dependability of my character make it a priority to watch

this whole video before you turn in for the night however the Tale on this topic

does not stop here by the end of this week I will have bestowed upon you benefits that will never end the kind of

smiles that bring about even greater improvements to your financial situation

and opportunities that surpass all your wildest dreams nothing is impossible

because I am a God who can do miracles in fact I have the power to make anything happen every day my love for

you will remain unchanged yesterday it became the same today and tomorrow it

will likely be the same it stops becoming bigger or less severe with the passage of time it stays the same keep

in mind that I can always lean on your side even once this time ends keep in

mind mind that I’m always here for you and cling to the reassurances I have given you I am here to assist you no

matter what so please don’t ever forget that always keep in mind how important

it is to have faith in my judgment and the time that I choose Thank you very

much before we continue I want you to know that I understand there will be moments when you can’t wait however I

want you to know that I have a plan for your life beyond this one and I’m with willing to see it through to the end

there may be an incalculable amount of money and advantages included in that plan as well as benefits that are too

exceptional for human understanding it is my decision for you to know that I have faith in my ability to lead you

therefore my child resist the temptation to give in hopelessness it is critical

that you not give into your feelings of melancholy because I will never stop trying to help you my solemn vow is that

I will never never abandon you that I will never stop caring about you and that I will always be available to

listen to you and fulfill your needs in addition I promise that I will never

leave you or ignore you in any situation you could rely on my unwavering support

I assure you without reservation that I will never leave you or turn my back on

you keep your attention on me and have faith that I can do more than you could ever imagine or that I am far more more

competent than anybody in those areas alone since I am the one who gives life

to everything as you take stock of the gifts around you don’t forget to express

your gratitude and admiration to me remember to express your gratitude by thanking me and sending a thank you note

while you take stock of your surroundings and anticipate the prizes that are on their way to you also when

you look around and see the things that are on your way remember to appreciate and respect me I was the one who gave

them to you instead of other people but that in no way diminished his love for you his feelings for you are substantial

his love for you is unchanged and his desire for you is strong but he still wants to be with you doing both of these

things shows that his concern for your well-being is genuine if you have faith in God the things you have accomplished

and the joy you get from your achievements do not go away at all just type

you have my undying unfaltering and Limitless love my darling my love for

you is Limitless and unwavering and it may never end you are the most beloved

toddler in my life I love you just the way you are everything else is built on

this Foundation you were made in my image and I hold you in high regard

because I made you from a photograph of myself you are much more valuable to me no matter how bad things become or how

far you think you’ve gone know that my love for you will always be there that

holds true even in such cases you have either accumulated too much or gone too

far in your studies regardless of where you think you studied nothing will ever take away my love for you no matter how

far you believe you’ve gone I’ll always remain by your side nothing will ever

shatter my unbreakable love for you so we will always be together because of

what Jesus accomplished on the cross I promise you that there is now a chance for your sins to be forgiven and your

relationship with me to be restored this whole thing is a direct

outcome of what Jesus did for you his sacrifice while he was on the move which

is the reason for it all you must always be determined my dear child no matter

what comes your way because of this I am here to perform a miracle for you just

when you believe your life has hit rock bottom and there’s no way things can get better no matter how things seem I’m

here to show you that everything is possible I wanted you to know that you are still important to me and that I’m

working on certain goals and aspirations that might include you I’ve realized

that my concern for your well-being is still very much alive and well I’m writing to express my continued concern

for your well-being it is my sincere desire for you to acknowledge my continued presence in your way of life

that has led me to inform you of this this is the message I came to deliver and I am here to tell you about it I’ve

arrived to draw your attention to it my existence might be reduced to just one

reason if you wanted to the only thing you have to do is return to Jesus and

ground your faith in his Selfless Love for others there may be no other way to reach the kingdom of life that lasts

forever your trials may be turned into victories your tests into testimony for

others and your tribulations into lessons for others if you let him alone

he may take your test results and use them as evidence in court he’s the most

practical guy to do this no one else can achieve this objective he is the only

one who can my sweet little one I beg you to fight fear right now rest assured

being polite is possible for everyone do your best to overcome your fear because

I will never leave you you shouldn’t let yourself get sad and discouraged so you

shouldn’t let it stop you from giving it your best in the midst of this challenging time I am here to help you

get back on your feet and show you the way that will ultimately bring you Joy and contentment in your life in this

conflict with these adversaries there are those who can fight additionally

angels are supposed to maintain a careful eye on their human counterparts and assist them in overcoming any

difficulties that may emerge for those who believe in him and pay attention to his signs God is always pleading with

the Heavenly authorities at the moment he is acting in your stead and submitting these requests those who

follow his instructions and have faith in him will be the ones to benefit from those requests the rewards of God’s

active engagement in the lives of believers who take the time to remain consistent with his teachings are

experienced by everyone who puts their religion in God let us use this video to

better understand the Lord’s word you shouldn’t give up since there is still time to get closer to your objective

from the most difficult times to the most joyful God is with you every step of the way he is more than willing to

lend you a helping hand and point you toward Redemption put your trust in God’s plan for your life and your

confidence in yourself and you’ll see the wonderful things he has planned for you in the future if your faith is an

integral part of God’s design for your life you may likely relax this weekend

knowing that you’ll have plenty of opportunities and rewards to make the most of you have a choice and it’s

because of God’s grace that he’s opening doors for you that you never would have thought were possible nothing could have

prepared you for the possibility that this might really be possible God may have something in store for you and they

may be willing to accept it even if you never imagined they would hold fast to

your faith while displaying an open mind he thinks the fine is too high keep in

mind that no one fights with you in battle or even on your side but the Lord

your God he is the one who ultimately delivers your Victory he took care of

all of these things for you all of this is in an effort to provide you with the reward and credit score that are

rightfully yours only he fights by your side in this conflict with him at your side no matter what you shouldn’t be

worried or afraid he will be there for you continuously everything that was preventing you from reaching your goal

has already been overcome because of Christ’s love for you you should build your confidence on this knowledge before

you even think about stepping into this next phase of your life you must remember that God is already working in

your past to fix every single problem you’ve ever had this is something you

must think about much more urgently moving ahead you should keep this in

mind and respond appropriately your physical health social relationships and

financial situations are just a few areas that will be greatly improved and

rejuvenated by God’s active participation in your life I can promise

you that if you put your faith in him you will see that he opens doors that seem to be

closed avoid allowing your anxiety ities whether they be cloudy judgmental or

caused by a lack of sleep to control your actions by using your power to

remind yourself that God is Sovereign and has a purpose and a plan for your lives this makes you feel far less in

control of your own fate you are entering your homecoming year which may prove to be the most fruitful and

groundbreaking of all time you have the opportunity to achieve a level of satisfaction that was previously

unattainable if you fully exploit this danger now is the perfect moment to

savor your comeback year if you believe this then you should keep praying never doubt God’s intentions for your life and

never give up on your faith Your Existence in this world will always be remembered and you are loved and

treasured you won’t find yourself here alone too often even when you’re all by

yourself your personal safety is completely guaranteed if you remember

remember that God is with you at all times and will never leave you you will experience an inner peace and

contentment that passes understanding this letter is written to encourage you

to be faithful in prayer maintain your confidence in God and continue to

receive his plans for your life I really hope it accomplished what it set out to

achieve and that you found it useful right now I’m writing to you to let you

know something you must always always believe in God if you do you may see Miracles every day so never give up on

your faith you need to make the most of the fact that he may greatly influence the course your life is now taking in

the next week you could be in for a pleasant surprise a significant increase in your financial

security maybe next week there will be something exciting to look forward to

you may be prepared for any blessing in light of your present financial situation and an unexpected Financial

Providence from the Lord in this the Lord is at fault everything here has the

potential to become a masterpiece of the Lord in due time a brand new phase of

your life is about to begin and it has the potential to bring you more joy

wealth and success than you may ever have imagined you may say this is one of the

most memorable periods of your life in everything that you do remember that God is with you and that he has wonderful

plans for your life planned for you are delightful issues from his side you are

about to get First Rate blessings and plans from him even if you are already facing challenges he will devise a

strategy that will enable you to Triumph no matter what he will always be the one

to open doors that no one else could possibly shut for you opportunities that are Out Of Reach right now will

materialize as a result of your continued faith in him the Lord wants you to know know that he loves you

deeply and cares for you in ways you can’t fathom these are facts after all

he wants you to know that there are ways he loves you that you can’t possibly fathom the Lord wants you to know that

he loves you and provides for you in ways that go beyond what you can imagine he will never ever leave you or ignore

you no matter how difficult things become irrespective of the circumstances

he will be by your side rest certain he will remain steadfastly by by your side

never betray you and never abandon you because of this he thinks highly of you

and has wonderful hopes and goals for the rest of your life you are valuable to him in ways that money can’t buy

excessively High aspirations for oneself leading to the acceptance of utterly absurd things as truth are not

inherently bad on this you need not be scared to do so in God’s eyes there is

no obstacle too great ignoring how daunting the the scenario may seem you can still complete the task at hand if

you make it a point to always be interested in him he will show you the path to fulfilling your wishes and

aspirations you will always be in my thoughts and in my prayers and I will beg the Lord to shower you with his joy

peace and love my prayers and thoughts will be with you please know that you will be on my prayer list and in my

thoughts for the better part of the next few hours in my prayers I hope he

continues to Grant your every desire and shower you with blessings beyond your wildest dreams also please know that I

will be praying that he satisfies all your needs you may have faith that God will provide the means for you to

accomplish your goals irrespective of your location or actions if you put your

trust in him you must always remember that God is with you and that you are really not alone on this Earth this

should be considered at all times by being faithful in every aspect during

the whole process you have a far better chance of enjoying yourself at the end

please resist the temptation to give into despair or stress I assure you that I will always be by your side whenever

you need me I say with conviction yes there may be moments when you feel

trapped in your current situation without a way out and things could be tough in the midst of all that

difficulty keep in mind that there is usually a solution to every problem having said that it is recommended that

you prepare for this continue to embrace your acceptance as genuine with me and

acknowledge that I can find a method to assist you through this challenging situation I can give you an example of

something that is really feasible even if it doesn’t seem to be possible at first I am the deity of Miracles thus

with my help you will be healed put back together and give given strength with

only a simple call to my name I can have all of this no matter how damaged or

wounded you feel on the inside my love and compassion will help you heal what

you don’t know is that I am capable of changing your lives in ways you never thought possible this is something I can

handle if you decide to go It Alone on this path I will no longer leave you hanging I will no longer be responsible

for it alone even when you feel like giving up up and giving in you will not be traveling this path alone because you

are a countdown to reality rest assured I am always here to support you and

protect your best interests this is true irrespective of the degree to which surrender is required at any one time

God promises that you will have more than enough money to pay all your bills and more to contribute to your family

this will startle you to no end the immediate consequence of this is that you could could seize opportunities that

might radically alter the trajectory of your life even when there seems to be no way out of a difficult situation the

Lord will intervene I can find a solution may that be so amen your health

will be restored to its pront state and your recovery will be completed if you

have faith in God if you could share this video with your friends and give it a thumbs up that would be great it would

mean a lot to me if you believe in God I will bring you back boundless blessings and larger grins before the conclusion

of this week according to the almighty Financial Innovations and hither to

unseen opportunities your prayers will be acknowledged and the solution to your question will be revealed when you

swiftly Slumber in the highest Heaven’s hands this evening possibly nothing will remain to concern you after this

remarkable encounter so there’s no need to fret about anything else by the time you finish this you may

be living the life of your dreams because my life would be meaningless apart from you Lord I have come to you

with a plea throughout our conversation you have paid me a great deal of attention and I’m grateful that I’ve

reached the point where I have to ask you to gather the courage to handle the situation we’re in now that I’ve brought

it to your attention this week will be filled with an abundance of miraculous events interesting news important

discoveries and much more wonderful presents God will soon wash away the shame you’ve carried in your secret pain

and the tears you’ve been holding back will soon dry up you have the opportunity to buy products that will

make your lives easier and provide you with lasting Tranquility you may choose from all of

those options right now even if you have sinned against him and others Jesus

loves you very much and it remains true even after you’ve messed up there is no

way that Jesus cannot meet all of your needs and he will always have a special place in his heart for you you may have

complete trust in him but as a God child it is your responsibility to keep

believing praying and receiving always keep in mind that you must have faith in

God as he can and will do Miracles he might also make a lasting impression and

rapidly and profoundly change your life think of God as K and you’ll show

them that no task is impossible and that on an individual basis God’s grace can

work miracles in the lives of specific individuals that way they’ll see that there’s no problem too big to solve

after that one you can expect to get an unexpected Financial windfall in the not too distant future it’s very possible

that this may happen there’s a chance you could be able to look back on some of the most incredible things that have

happened to you in the near future throughout our discussions God has spoken spoken to us and he has pledged

to open long closed doors a major and unexpected change is about to occur in

your life and you will be the center of it given your past actions it’s

reasonable to assume that others will often let you down rest assured I would never put you through anything like this

I will see to it that you and the people you care about have all the material possessions you could ever want I

promise to look after your Lifestyles if you give me permission to do so if you give me permission I will assure you

that I will be there for you no matter what and that I will always bring you benefits in any situation you can count

on my unwavering support whenever you need it one of the promises God makes to his people is this you can depend on me

to improve any negative aspect of your lives as soon as things start moving in the right direction and this is true no

matter what hey I can make things better for you not only will your personal

connections improve but your professional life and overall Wellness will as well God will grin and remark

you kept me very busy when he sees you standing at the Gates of Heaven thanks to all the paintings you painted if you

make this modification and pray with the correct amount of passion and regularity

he will be pleased your ceaseless attempts to hold on to his interest have paid off something about the painting

things you do to keep him busy all the time is connected to it remember that no matter how bad things become God will

pull you through and even though you’re having trouble he’s working to bless you and improve your great life keep in mind

that the difficulties you’ve been experiencing lately will eventually pass and you’ll be free to continue living

your life as you choose I am about to open a new door for you is God’s message to us out of nowhere you’ll notice that

your prayers are starting to have results s this finding May rock your world my ability to exude kindness is

what I will take away from this unexpected shocks might be on the horizon I can’t hold anything anymore

without you I just cannot go on please my Lord I am utterly unable to continue

living without you you have shown me an exceptionally considerate and esteemed

degree of concern I implore you with all due respect to get the courage to launch

this project at this very moment and put push yourself forward to the big event the costly one your presence here at the

start of a new week is much appreciated you are an exceptional example of strength courage and power

God tells the little boy I appreciate that I am grateful to have you as a child to talk to and I want you to know

how much you mean to me and my family please Lord Release Me From This responsibility and give me the serenity

to stop stressing about it if it is not your will please absolve me of of this responsibility if it is no longer part

of your agenda thank you for the help you’ve given me I really appreciate it

for everyone who is now feeling far from God I will pray you may count on me to

pray for you all I wanted you to know that he was always there with you even

when you couldn’t feel him please remember this Lord and know how much I appreciate it slowly that is all I

wanted to say I implore you to let it pass through me if that is not your desire

if it’s kilometers reassure me that it’s not anything I need to be concerned about if it isn’t what you want then let

it go through my arms rest assured that I will be by your side no matter how tough things get you will not perish

even if you must for rivers of difficulty dear little one God promises

that if you ask for his Blessing he will bring success and plenty into your lives

and the lives of your loved ones but if you don’t desire this blessing he warns

that he will destroy everything in your life that stands in your way put an end

to thinking about it if it is God’s will then it will come to pass so make sure

you have enough and have faith that it will happen without more consideration

you may find comfort in the belief that God has greater plans for your life oh

my beloved children I know the pain you’re in right now you don’t have to wait any longer I will provide a

blessing for anything this may have caused you very soon even if things don’t work out the way you’d hoped

please don’t wait I can offer you a blessing shortly for any pain this may have caused and I really apologize for

keeping you ready I am really sorry I am always with you not just in the good

times but also in the bad says our heavenly father a reassuring thought is

that I will never abandon you or abandon you to your your own devices this is because I am always by your side

everything that is good and proper originates from up high according to a famous proverb all good and perfect gift

giving originates with the heavenly father of light who is eternal and unchanging according to the sacred texts

I have heard every plea and seen every tear that has been shed Jesus responded

in response to their request be ready to accept the blessing that is coming your way and be ready to achieve the Pinnacle

of your lives it seems as if God is pleading with people if you invite

someone into your presence you should be prepared to be treated with the same level of respect that you provide you

will reap my benefits if you treat others with respect keep trusting in me and what I

say and be humble and I will raise you up you should be kind knowledge oriented

and forgiving to one another just as God has been gracious to you through Jes Jesus through Jesus God has shown his

love for you God’s love for you has been shown by his acts on your behalf God

loves you very much but in order to receive His blessings during prayer you must enter a private room with the door

closed behind you then you must approach your heavenly father who is invisible

when the time comes your father will publicly recognize all that you have accomplished because he knows what goes

on behind closed doors I may bestow upon you a multitude of blessings including

more grin improvements before the end of this month according to God into your

financial Kingdom where opportunities are ever expanding please if it’s not

too much trouble visit my house cure my family keep them safe and alleviate all

my worries and anxieties please if that is your desire do it if you would like I may extend an

invitation to your house even in the depth of Despair God urges us to hold

tight to our faith for he is the one who can save us who provides us with light

and who protects us from harm remind yourself at all times that God is with

you regardless of how difficult things become he will always be there to help

you find your way our God is the only one with the power to instantly move

mountains among his many impressive abilities this is only one you should

know that God supports you no matter how you feel God has made it clear this morning that he knows you’re tired angry

and devastated according to him I am aware that you are now tired angry and

completely overwhelmed if you want to be able to work consistently I will shower

you with wealth never forget that I am by your side offering unending support

and best wishes as you strive for greatness stay committed and keep try

crying I’m going to let certain doors open so you can control how your life

unfolds I vow to alter the course of your life there is a reason behind

everything that happens in the world even if that reason might be frustrating or unclear at times regardless there’s a

greater purpose to it all you must have unwavering trust in God and acknowledge

his will for your life as absolute truth everything will work out for the best in

the long run according to God your lord is well informed of the trials you are now

facing and can even see the tears streaming down your face everything even

anything directly linked to you will be perfect thanks to him you can rest

assured that God’s plan for your lives will be carried out exactly as it should be this is because you are about to

experience a time of abundant prosperity and unending devotion from everyone around you which will ultimately benefit

benefit you and fulfill all your desires if you believe in God you know that he

has made it quite apparent that our thoughts and feelings control how things go throughout practice anxiety may make

someone feel much more scared whereas happiness can make them feel much happier if you give into your deceit and

give up on your self-imposed goals your enemy will not be able to stop you from being the person God always meant you to

be but if you refuse to believe his lies he will your opponent wants you to remain

composed no matter what challenges you face today rather than fretting about anything make your aspirations known to

God in every situation via prayers of petition praise and thanksgiving Gathering here this morning

we offer our prayers and praises to a God who is in reality still with us this

past week was absolutely breathtaking and we want to show our devotion to the Lord by pleading with him to hear our

prayers the power to overcome any challenge that gets in the way of reaching your life objectives is mine to

provide to you if you put your trust in me a life altering transformation that

will destroy your foes and send your whole world into disarray is about to happen and it’s all my

doing this is important information for me to share with you since I am almost prepared to make this change please I

want you to be astounded as never before by the level of my power and Grace

prepare to be astounded if you want to be ready to receive my gifts when they come it is critical that you keep your

heart and your mind open I just wanted you to know that I am planning a lot of wonderful things for your life and that

you should include me in it I just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of amazing things planned for you A life

overflowing with joy success and accomplishment ments is within your reach if you follow my guidance you will

accomplish your goals and you could even find the success you need to keep going

maintaining your faith is essential continue to seek my love and grace via prayer after that you may just be unable

to deal with anything else please accept my sincerest apologies and know that I

may never leave you I will always be here to help you I promise that if you

trust me and take my word for it you will have a wonderful future ahead of you and I will never let you down I

promise to do everything in my power to ensure that you complete the duties given to you to the best of your

abilities in the year I can show you how to regain control of your finances relationships

and health regardless of the challenges you faced both within and outside this

has the potential to make everyone amazed by your remarkable recovery even

though I fully understand that finding a solution to your current predicament may seem like an insurmountable task I am

certain that there must be a solution that might help you I want you to know that I am well aware of this fact but

that I am also prepared to lend you a hand at any moment and that I’m quietly looking for ways to simplify things for

you it means a lot to me that you know I’m always willing to lend you a hand if

you need to get in touch with me for anything feel free to do so please trust me and have faith in our

ability to find a solution to this issue I want you to keep trusting in me and

keeping the confidence that we can solve this issue as a team even if I know that you may have had anxious confused and

sleepless nights in the past have faith in me and trust that we can figure this

out together I need your support everything you know might turn upside down by the end of the next year due to

the radical change I am about to bring about in your life which may surprise your enemies I will have brought order

and Tranquility into your lives allowing you to put your problems in the past in

the meantime know that you aren’t the only one dealing with what you’re dealing with I’ve been through the same

thing a wide variety of people are as well I could be right there with you

ready to lend a hand whenever you need it for the whole thing your recollection

of that information is important to me let go and put your trust in me to find a way out even when it seems impossible

know that I will be there to help you whenever you feel weak or tired if you want to keep living your life and

relying on me for support that’s all I want you are absolutely obligated to do

this even in the darkest of times we would be eternally grateful if you would

consider joining our channel to demonstrate your support for our Christian Network even if it seems like

nobody wants you I can try to give you hope by the end of this year I want you

to have taken advantage of opportunities that you never thought were possible in

order to make the most of the opportunities that arise in the following months I will lay out the

strategy remember that each day has its own special opportunities that you

shouldn’t Miss and that I have many wonderful things in store for you it’s not uncommon for you to see immediate

manifestations of miraculous outcomes as a direct consequence of my efforts to

ensure that your life is abundant with success and prosperity it is my intention to ensure that you enjoy a

life of Plenty and prosperity I am fighting for you right now and I have

some amazing plans for your future that I don’t want you to miss additionally I

want to mention that I have been actively supporting you never let your trust waver and keep your eyes fixed on

my child at all all times the two most important things you can do are these in

your year will be accessible and you must realize that I am now

advocating on your behalf since I’ve come to the realization that this may be

the year you take a giant leap ahead I can’t wait to see what wonderful things are in store for you what a wonderful

year ahead I can’t wait to see what Adventures you encounter I can’t show you the path to the life I’ve prepared

for you until I know what you think of me please don’t go completely insane before being truthful with me all I

truly want is that you take me at my word I almost swear to you that you will be in my thoughts and worries at all

times stay calm and know that I am working tirelessly behind the scenes to

make sure everything turns out the way you want it to no matter what happens

keep in mind that even if everything seems to be falling apart I am quietly working to make sure that things things

work out for you in the end I am working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything turns out well for you

in the end so don’t worry if it appears like everything is falling apart now you

should give it some thought even though you may be dealing with problems and obstacles that seem insurmountable I

want you to know that I can always find a solution even when it seems like there isn’t one I hope you understand this

because it means that I will always find a solution for you even when it seems like there is no way out no matter how

difficult things become for you know that I am here to provide you comfort and the assurance that I will find a way

to overcome them no matter how big or small they may seem please know that I

will find a solution for you I want you to know that I will be there for you

every step of the way while you navigate the harsh Seas of sorrow and that I will

do my best to ensure that you survive pray praise be please accept my utmost gratitude for inspecting this subscribe

if you would like to hear more from God [Music]


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