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you are ready God is saying to you today my beloved child I am meticulously

crafting a feast of blessings for you even as your adversaries look on in

the eyes of all Nations you will be lifted High heed my gentle

urging Embrace Faith adhere to the path of obedience and arm yourself with

patience cast aside your concerns for tomorrow for I urge you once more your

mission is to persist to heed my guidance and to place all matters into

my Caring Hands for I am your devoted father and your almighty

God each day I bestow upon you as a precious gift not to be shadowed by

fretfulness when doubt Creeps in and you falter in trust turning instead to worry

it pains my my loving heart drawing Shadows over your spirit and

body I comprehend your weariness and moments of uncertainty when you feel your calm

unravel remember I am ever by your side not to pass judgment but to offer the

warmth of companionship I am here your most faithful healer ready to soothe every

ache and heal the wounds inflicted upon your body and soul those sharp pains and deep emotional

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Jesus in your moments of distress know that I am here to answer

you when danger looms trust that I am your Shield your needs are not unnoticed for

my help is ever present my unwavering support is yours now and

for all generations in your family I seek your faith your genuine

heart your steadfast obedience and your Relentless pursuit of my

presence fear not for I walk beside you cherished

one hear this clearly take a moment step away from the hustle and turn off the

lights distract yourself from the world’s clamor now is the time to listen to

truly hear my word that comes from the Divine spoken by me rooted in truth and

written in sacrifice sealed by the spirit this word is meant to purify to

heal and is tailored For You especially when Shadows of past Sorrows seek to

disturb your peace in embrace the comfort and guidance of my Eternal Word because it

is not occupations or achievements that bring happiness nor does tranquility come when

a dream is achieved the rivers of your mind flow with anxiety only calm in the presence

of your God your heavenly father I care deeply about what you

yearn for and if you dedicate your full attention and reverence to me

if you shut out the glaring distractions that blind you if you step away from the

chaos that muddles your thoughts and if you trust in my assurances Revel in my

affection and lay down your burdens upon me with Simplicity and Faith then I your

God the beginning and the end urge you to close your eyes in the moment you disregard the

world’s clamor your heart will be a light and Swift your life will

transform fear will no longer claim you for you’ll embrace the truth of my

constant presence embrace the calm and peace I offer turn away from worldly

glare feel my presence accept my peace and experience life a

new type if you believe in Jesus attune your ears to my voice external

Darkness will not equate to Solitude for you you for a perennial light of Truth

glows within you I cherish you trust in this

love I hold you dear and I vow never to forsake

you absolutely never this is my solemn

promise you felt disheartened acted out of Despair made choices you regretted

and expressed words that didn’t reflect your heart overwhelmed by emotions you veed

repeatedly you believed you were estranged from me yet I never left your

side you sought solace in fleeting affections were swayed by false emotions

and trusted deceivers who ultimately left you bereft yet here I stand everpresent

unwavering even as some refute and deny my existence my love transcends all logic

and comprehension it remains unbreakable pure Eternal and

flawless I call out to you by day whisper in the Stillness of night visit

you in dreams and affirm my love incessantly you sense it in the rain

touch hear it in the winds how and perceive it in the gentle breezes and

the ocean murmurs I Proclaim my love for you today

you’ll grasp this reality I’m ever present and I’ll affirm

it endlessly each day silencing the deceitful voices I love you

eternally type Amen in the name of Jesus tell me if you want me to keep telling

you every morning right here while your ears Feast on these words your spirit

fills with my presence immerses it itself in the crystal clear waters that

cleanse your soul do you want a true hug come now I want to embrace you and

sincerely show you my unwavering commitment to keep loving you despite

everything I know you need me your feelings and your need cannot be hidden

from me with me you will achieve everything without me your soul will

dim I hear you and I respond I want to help you out of

scarcity to overcome illness do you understand

now tell me do you believe me I love

you I love you pay close attention the problems

weighing you down will not end if you flee from them you must face them you are

strong you’re struggle is one of life or death stand

up if you are truly cowardly and weak at heart I would not be speaking to

you and as you hear my words in your heart you know that I’m confirming

everything I have told you before you are my brave-hearted child a warrior

spirit with a strength of steel with the fire of determination you have everything you

need to defeat whatever comes against you I have told you many times and I

will continue to do so nothing and no one can overcome you the enemy will use his tricks daily

to confuse you and make you believe that I have abandoned you when things do not go

well in every moment from the dawn’s early light to the evening’s gentle

close I am with you in in times of happiness and in periods of Sorrow

through moments of doubt and instances of defeat I am there holding you closer

than ever aiming to show you that my love is far greater than anything you can

imagine type I embrace my power to affirm I speak to you seek you and

remain steadfastly by your side ensuring you always maintain your belief steering

clear of doubt and fear especially when the World shows its harshness and inflicts

pain take a moment to reflect and find peace in your trials for I have overcome

this world and blessed you with the mightiest tools my love your hope and

your faith in my enduring love all Anchored In Hope enriching your soul and

mind wield your faith as a shield against the enemy’s onslaughts

a time will come when your current troubles will become Distant Memories and you will joyously see how

you’ve navigated through many challenges and received blessings you once thought were

unreachable you’ll realize the depth of my grace the breadth of my mercy and my

unconditional love for you despite your imperfections my desire is to elevate

you in spite you rejuvenate you and shower you with blessings so profound

that you’ll never question the authenticity of my love for you again look forward with vibrant faith

move with Assurance through the deceits you might encounter avoid distractions

dismiss trivial concerns that hold no lasting significance and focus on

seeking me continue to believe passionately engage deeply in prayer immerse in my

teachings and make my love a Cornerstone in your home and life anticipate a significant blessing

on the horizon Trust In This Promise for it will come to

pass type I’m abundant to affirm I saw the sadness in your eyes and knew you

needed my strength to carry on remember I am your father not in some

far off place but right here beside you always available though you might

momentarily forget reach out your hand to me now

stand up for I wish to walk with you through the corridors of your

mind what frightens you what has drained your will to

live why do you consider forsaking your destined path yes life can be harsh

as a child your eyes sparkled with Wonder expecting joy and Beauty from the

world your sincere smiles were freely given trusting in Friendship only to be

dimmed by deceit and betrayal crushing your spirit in zest for

life but trust in my words I see

you I understand your struggles as intimately as I know the last Cosmos and

call each Star by name I’m intimately aware of every

burden you bear every pain you’ve endured and even your slightest

discomfort we share a language of the heart and I know precisely what will

bring you comfort take my hand let us journey

together I want to reveal to you A Realm where you are deeply loved adorned and

Royal garments where your name is held in high esteem respected and

celebrated in this place your spirit is constantly nourished and strengthened

day and night here you are your true self a beloved offspring of the Divine crafted

in the very image of your creator do not forget

this if you stumble again within the most precious space of the entire

universe you have your own place reserved solely for you yes here deep within my heart where

you are protected where you as my beloved child can come to converse with

me even if you feel unworthy do not be deceived by

lies with my blood I redeemed your life and I reiterate from here no one can

remove you even if the entire universe were to shake nothing can wrench you

away in my heart you will always remain the same my precious beloved

child type to show your belief in Jesus in the midst of your worries rest

assured that I am cradling your concerns in my Caring Hands ready to bring

resolutions place your wholehearted trust in me for it is I who speak

directly to your heart daily hand over the Journey of your life

into my capable presence with all your might trust in my

guidance I promise to lead you to what is truly good nourishing your spirit and

drawing you ever closer to me fear not for nothing can tear you

away from My Embrace stop trying to to overcome challenges by your own

Power Pause for a moment after hearing my voice and release every worry into my

care place the weight of your troubles at my feet and know with certainty that

you will not be overcome or brought to shame I am here to respond to all your

please my only request is that you protect your heart ignore the voices of those who

wish you to stud humble and do not let them plant seeds of Doubt within you

distance yourself from those who desire to see you sad from those who claim you

lack worth for you have believed in me and you know your value to me because

you are immensely precious and I love you I myself have come to remind you of

the greatness of my love and all I desire to do for you you will overcome

your conflicts you will be liberated and blessed I I have mercy

upon you I will heal your wounds alleviate the pain in your

bones each day I will carry away your sorrows and fill you with holy joy and

happiness I will dry the tears from your eyes once again a beautiful smile will

Grace your lips and with your mouth you will sing and Proclaim how much you love

me those who look down on you will soon Witness the undeniable truth that it is

my loving hand that has safeguarded you type to manifest miracles in your

life let your voice rise and declare with all the conviction in your heart

the Lord stands with me strong and formidable

thus those who wish me harm will falter but before you Proclaim this ask

yourself do you truly place your trust in me me voice it out P it down engage

in a heartfelt dialogue with me listen intently and your faith will

guide you to a place of Serenity and peace within your soul remember I’m ever

presentes especially when you feel your journey is stalled when Triumph seems

Elusive and when Time Marches on yet nothing seems to evolve in your life I’m

right there beside you gently urging you to notice and embrace my guidance and

words in this realization you’ll discover that all things contribute to

your good and no effort is feudal you needn’t wait for turbulent times to seek me I am

equally present in your moments of quietude if you find yourself feeling

stuck I implore you to pause and Savor a moment of calm when you’ve exhausted all

avenues sought answers and solutions everywhere and still can’t find the

purpose or reasoning in your trials know that I am steadfastly by your side I

promise to illuminate your path but I ask for your patience and for you to see

searching in places devoid of Truth avoid confiding in just anyone or

fabricating explanations type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

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$ release your mind and the burdens you bear when confusion rains and

Clarity seems distant I understand your frustration and sense of being a drift

when Shadows of worry Cloud your vision leaving you uncertain of the right steps

to take trust in the promise I have given you in the assurance that I love

you why do you continue to worry I watch over you you are not

dependent on your emotions nor can you be enslaved by fears I did not give you

a spirit of cowardice but of power love and self-control to overcome all

opposition so do not rely on your feelings even when you do not sense or

see me your beautiful faith is your your Guiding Light and my holy spirit is the

divine wind that carries you to a better place where you will find Freedom and

blessing my dear child your feelings are beautiful your dreams are lovely your

heart is tender but bring your whole being to me and rest in my will from now

on there will be no doubt in your mind and you will feel immense security you

will always believe and I am with you for for all eternity I will never

abandon you in moments of sadness lift your gaze to the sky there is no need to

hide your tears I know all that hurts you in your heart I hold you in my hands

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cleanse your sins and transform your life to give you the comfort and love

you need shed your tears while feeling my sincere embrace you know how much I love

you I want to Forever remove your pain everything you have endured has been

very difficult I know I hear you when you speak and even those words unspoken

accompanied by your tears fall into my hands I know what you are feeling

what you are going through you have been so belittled and you feel worthless

listen carefully to what I’m telling you my words are filled with

affection to me you are infinitely valuable and the greatest sacrifice ever

made in the universe was for love of you with my blood I washed away your faults

and removed your regrets so you no longer have to suffer my cherished one

know this those who look down on you simply don’t see the radiant truth I

implore you to release any bitterness or sorrow to me let go of your anger and

distress they do not belong in the sanctuary of your heart it’s also time

to embrace forgiveness for yourself believe me I’ve already set

you free from your past errors allow the soothing waves of peace to wash over you

entrust your burdens to me I’ve wiped your slate clean you’re liberated from

those chains I adore you deeply my precious

child type if you believe in Jesus my desire is for you to step into a life

brimming with triumphs hence I gently urge you to awaken today with a renewed

Spirit I’m gifting you the awareness to recognize the abundance of blessings

surrounding you the more you perceive the more you’ll uncover the wealth of

gratitude within you your gratitude Echoes as Divine Harmony in the

heavens your devotion opens the floodgates of blessings

bringing fourth Prosperity wellness and boundless Joy take my hand you know how

much I love you I am here do not say I cannot do not say I have nothing do not

say I I am not because I am I am the one who can who has and who

is look ahead face your enemy without fear my child for I am with you I

provide for you I satisfy you you only need to listen to me obey and walk

steadfastly toward the goal do not look down lift your gaze I hold you by my

hand nothing can touch you I am your friend the one who never fails

you who never lies to you who never changes his mind who accepts you as you

are who Smiles alongside you when you make faces in the mirror who feels pain

when you are hurt who rejoices in your achievements who helps you succeed who

lifts you up when you fail and who extends a hand to you when you need it most type Amen in the name of Jesus I am

Jes Jesus I am your lord here I am I am your friend do not be afraid do

not lose heart do not give the satisfaction to those

who Mock You by seeing you defeated do it for yourself for your loved ones but

above all do it thinking about how much I loved you that I also walked a path of

pain to a cruel cross for you for love for forgiveness for your

freedom for your healing for your salvation remember in the midst of Life

storms I am steadfastly beside you we will navigate these turbulent times your

hand in mine facing every hardship together commit to perseverance for I

assure you I will never leave your side offering the strength and encouragement

you need to press on find peace in my presence embrace the confidence I bestow and let

my Solace Infuse your spirit I grant you wisdom for discernment courage to

face the unknown and joy to lighten your journey look ahead your aspirations and

heartfelt desires Are Not Mere Daydreams they are the seeds I have tenderly

planted Within You cast aside every shred of doubt and

fear even when resources dwindle and the path ahead seems riddled with Injustice

and obstacles remember you’re not treading this path alone hear my words

in this world challenges are inevitable but hold fast to my promise I have

triumphed over the world I will Infuse your valiant heart with fervor joy and

the Sweet Taste of Victory let not your heart be troubled for this too shall

pass believe in Divine Justice for I Am The Sovereign

God above all with me by your side no force can Prevail against

you those who wish to harm you will be ashamed your dignity will be restored

those who fabricated slander against you will eat the fruit of their own lies the

verdict has been given those who sought to rob you have been declared guilty and will henceforth be prisoners of their

own scheme type I embrace my power to affirm everything you have asked for you will

reclaim good things are coming for you I am your Advocate your Defender the judge

of your enemies I am your father your friend I am patient and gentle with you

that is why I come today so you may feel very secure that I indeed listen to you

your destiny is in my hands and no one else’s I will make you flourish even in

Barren land in that place where everyone complains of scarcity and need in the

place where others decide to abandon their hopes but you dear one of my heart

in this very place you will be strengthened your dreams will be made

and you will rise to certain success all that was done to destroy you I will

transform to better you what seems like a great trial today will be a great

testimony tomorrow A great miracle is on its way your prayers have been answered

what I want to give you is much better than what you will ask of me

have faith I will surprise you with great things trust in me even when you

cannot see clearly your destiny beloved no depth is too profound for my reach to

retrieve you though it may seem I’m I’m quiet trust that I’m ever present steadfastly

holding you up steering you towards Victory your adversary is already

vanquished my timing aligns perfectly with your needs grasp the opportunities

one lay before you now is your moment to shine when I urge you to move embrace

the step when I summon you to stand do so with courage type I’m abundant to

affirm I Proclaim your Triumph affirming your Victory listen closely to my words

let them resonate and heal and leave yesterday’s missteps

behind the past is just that past I’ve reshaped your essence transformed at the

core you are renewed your tomorrows rest securely within my grasp In My Embrace

you will find shelter and defense therefore I am implore you once more

cast aside fear no force in all creation can defeat you your Victory isn’t by

your might or intellect it’s granted through the potency of My Sacrifice

speak now affirm your faith in me I am mending your spirit fortifying

your patience infusing you with a peace that transcends

understanding embedding my eternal promises in your thoughts Envision the

Splendor Purity and joy in the Blessed future I am preparing for you I also

cleanse the windows of your soul so your vision is clear with no impediments to hinder your

gaze I want you to learn to see the wonderful things I want to do in your life and from now on do everything with

enthusiasm strength and great courage type to show your belief belief in

Jesus if one day you wake up sad remember these words take a step of

Faith rise up and as you walk Joy will descend upon you giving you the joy you

need to live Miracles still exist if you can believe you know that nothing is

impossible for one who trusts in my power even if sometimes you don’t

feel me or see me you know I won’t fail you you you will not be ashamed I will

always be with you and when you think you can’t go on with my mighty

hand I will lift you up you will grow you will strengthen starting with

Miracles that seem small and gradually you will enter the supernatural realm

you will walk on waves stop storms with the words that come from your mouth make

fire fall from the sky and all obstacles hindering your progress will be burned

you will see with your own eyes the Heavenly armies guarding around you Beloved the time you’ve longed for is

here embrace your strength and step forward with the Valor of

a true warrior You are not alone for I your

Almighty father am by your side lifting you up casting away every ounce of fear

from your heart it’s time to deepen your knowledge to fortify your spirit let

your faith Blossom and thrive on the nourishment of my words align your thoughts with mine your love for your

family shines brightly your faith is the beacon that guides you thus there is an

abundance you can achieve for them and yourself anticipate my blessings as they

are part of your journey toward renewal and healing

the anguish you felt will dissolve into my embracing love fear will lose its

grip and in its place peace and comfort will nestly in your heart mending every

wound each day as you come to me your hours will be filled with an Ever

growing sense of Peace Love warmth gentleness and calm I’m here ever

present eager to infuse your life with joy type to manifest miracles in

your life remember this truth deep within your being I your lord and

mightier than any challenge or sorrow you face cast aside fear Embrace bravery

and confront every challenge with a Fearless Heart I am aware that you are undergoing

trials that seem exceedingly arduous for you I have heard

your sweet please and you have conveyed say to me that you are weary that you are losing interest and the desire to

live however I implore you to listen to me attentively as I earnestly urge you

to make a decision that will greatly transform your life resolve decisively to seek me to

believe in me and to stand firm in your choices choose to follow and obey me it

is not arduous for you nor will it be a burden I assure you the out come of your

obedience will be peace and the fruit of your faith will be patience and serenity

if you cling to my word if you put into practice my Commandments no one will be

able to shame you you will witness how your enemies scatter and flee when they see how I

have protected you they will no longer speak ill of you slander you or spread lies about you for

my presence will be with you shielding you from deceit both day and night

therefore I urge you to dispel all doubts from your mind and focus on following my Commandments for my word

will be your strength bringing healing to your soul and body turn to God in

times of stress nervousness and fear my power is sufficient and my love for you

surpasses all in this new phase of your life you

will be Liber ated from the tormenting emotions that have plagued you and there

will be nothing to drag you into depression it brings me immense joy to see your life filled with peace and

happiness I rejoice when you are happy and whenever I see you sad I

diligently seek ways to make you smile I’m not a Stern father who Delights in

your distress I’m filled with compassion I’ve not forsaken you despite what some

might suggest you find yourself in challenging times surrounded by those

who question your faith and envy the happiness you possess type yes if you

are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in

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$ be cautious in your journey and selective in whom you trust the there

are those who might lure you with false promises of peace and wealth misleading you into Shadows with

their cunning words persuading you to believe you don’t need me or to forge your own path without my guidance our

bond is unbreakable even as you walk through the darkest valleys I am beside

you but if you choose a path away from me you might lose sight of the promises

I’ve made dismiss my love and feel you no longer require my words for

safeguarding I will never cease to call out to you I will always reach out

touching your heart laying my hand upon your shoulder lovingly

steering you back towards my path I wish for you never to wander far

from me but should you stray I know you’ll yearn for my presence in the

Realms of Shadows true and pure love is absent you hear my voice today because I

am here to caution you deceivers will approach attempting to entice you with

their eloquence stay close to me do not Drift Away In My Embrace you have

everything you need free from turmoil alarms deceit betrayal and harm with me

you discover true joy in life without me there’s only grief and isolation I have rescued

and chosen you because my greatest wish is for you to flourish believe in my

plan for you and you will not only Prosper but become a Beacon of Hope and

a role model within your family and Community every petition you lay before

me in prayer is acknowledged recorded and I assure you my responses are always

crafted with your utmost good in mind exceeding your requests and Imagination

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to the channel if you love Jesus walk with me and discover new zest for life I

will Empower you and lead you to Triumph though adversaries may approach you will

stand Fearless embrace the blessings I am granting you now know that my love envelopes you

and hear my voice speaking directly to you you just pause for a moment allow

yourself to be immersed in my message I urge you to continually listen for my

voice I wish to infuse your Mourns with joy to lift the burdens of yesterday

from your shoulders to mend the inner bruises time has inflicted to clear away

the lingering pain and to endow you with a refreshed Spirit unblemished by past

Sorrows or resentments gone will be the nights of restlessness ruminating over

past wounds or injustices suffered I want you to always feel deeply Loved At

the beginning of each day to sense my guidance in this new opportunity one I’m

giving you today is a day of joy of Triumph a day to overcome any adversity

and emerge Victorious fill yourself with courage for I have saved you cleansed

your spirit it before me and forgiven all your sins type if you believe in

Jesus I desire for you to grasp a truth that eludes many when I forgive your

sins they are truly forgotten so release yourself from the

chains of regret and sorrow over past mistakes that I’ve already pardoned it

might seem unfathomable from a human perspective but your task is simp Le

believe with all your heart banishing every sliver of doubt your future and

Triumph are intertwined with my plan for you but you must not cling to your past

self yes sins carry their consequences but I’m here to empower you to rise

above and claim victory recall my Assurance all things collaborate for the

benefit of those who Adore Me therefore clasp my hand hand lean on my promises

stand tall and proceed with Newfound Vigor and hope glorious prospects await

you yet to embrace them you must acknowledge that in the realm of blessings there’s no space for despair

complaints skepticism or wavering Faith your trust Delights me it

brings joy to my heart envelopes you in my presence and imbu you with my spirit

continue to believe and trust in me watch as my promises materialize in your

life remember I cherish you deeply type amen if you believe in God

if you’re all set type yes take care of yourself type I claim it if you receive

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