today God is trying to tell you something extra cash perfect health

endless Joy unexpected blessings and true love in your lives are what I want

to shower upon you this year to show your faith in God like this

video get ready to reap tremendous benefits in the areas of love wealth and

health in the next day or two million will magically appear in your bank

account out of the blue my darling I am about to shower you

with many blessings and an attempt to bring you more happiness and financial

success nothing you have received from me including advancements and blessings

can ever be taken away obstructed or destroy you are about to experience

life-altering gifts like Prosperity fulfillment health and happiness and I

have chosen you to receive them if you stick around to the very end of this

video I am about to show you an abundance of riches health and happiness

that will blow your mind Proclaim aloud I attract fast sums

of money effortlessly and I currently possess more rich than I ever imagined possible I am posed

to seize a miracle this week as a means of radically improving my way of

life remain steadfast in your faith in a methodical fashion I will bestow upon

you several benefits and wonders remember that I am a God who loves you

know matter what and who’s kind and gracious toward you my beloved children you will

experience wonderful miraculous things in your lives if you continue to believe

pray and Proclaim my word I am the god who grants your every

want and I am going to unlock the Gates of Heaven so that you may be showered

with blessings I will shower Prosperity health and prosperity on you and your

loved ones have trust in my purpose for your life and know that I will never

leave you behold I am reshaping your life in

magnificent ways via Divine interventions obtaining life-altering

advantages will be as easy as floating down a river I am in charge of your

destiny just as I am of the sky and the Earth have faith in the strength I have

received from the Lord Lord the God of all Heaven’s armies listen closely in

God will usually be there for me and my own family due to God I’m secure

blessed and inspired dear God I now beg for your blessings in every area of my

life amen may my loved ones friends

co-workers and financi says be blessed may my body soul and emotions be

blessed please bless my relationships my ambitions and everything that I am pray

for the Salvation of my spirit soul and Eternity my lavish lifestyle is

surrendered to you my dear father I offer you my whole being

including my emotions ideas and skills with everything that I am and

have you are considered your views are my own and I

adore respect and Revere you you are my Lord Heavenly King and

seu please know that I am capable of great things and can turn the seemingly

impossible into a reality even if you feel hopeless right now now I may

exchange your misery for Jo and give you desire more smiles and financial

successes are on the way because I am about to shower you with innumerable

rewards prepare yourselves for the incredible topics I have discussed with

you currently we are in a healing phase everything that the adversary has stolen

from you including your Tranquility wealth and logic will be returned to you

by God With God desires may be ever present in case you confess with your

mouth that Jesus is Lord and accept as true in your coronary heart that God

raised him from the dead you may be saved think about it in your heart and

be justified confess with your mouth and be saved this month prepare to receive a

series of miraculous Revelations including unexpected blessings precise knowledge and more joy

healing and prosperity will be yours once again it is not your own strength that

will bring you healing happiness and success in life rather it is the grace

of your heavenly father that will make it possible the Lord promises his people

health and healing so that they may live in abundant tranquility and

safety Jesus tells us to proclaim the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing truly

his goodness and unfailing love will observe me all the days of my lifestyle

and I will reside inside the residence of the Lord forever dear foes stop laughing at my

problems I can get back up after a fall and the Lord can be my light even in the

darkest of times rest certain that the Lord has been attentive to your prayers

and your next blessing will come to you unexpectedly his Mercy might catch you

off guard soon the anguish suffering and restless

nights are coming to an end because benefits that will change your life are

on their way to you the difficult time you’ve been through is almost over

deliverance from addiction depression and misery is on the way thanks to

God remember that God does not ignore your cries ignore your petitions or

ignore your suffering he is able to see hear and maybe save your

life I’m Paving the way ahead of you directing you on the right path and

connecting you with the right people opportunities and answers to all your

problems to put it simply I like you heaven will not rest until you get

all of its blessings I vow in the name of Jesus Christ I demand all your

anxieties and problems go from your life I am the foundation of many lives no one

who comes to me will ever go hungry Whoever has faith in me will also never

need water praise God in the middle of the storm trust him in the valley and follow

him in the darkness that is Faith you will be guided to the appropriate place

the right people and the right or if you pray begin your prayers and celebrate

your Triumph every horrible pattern in your life is being broken by

God get ready to welcome a new era of Liberation plenty good fortune and

vitality by combining them in the name of Jesus Christ God will now reveal to

others that he is on your side in addition to guiding you toward your

destiny take all God says is true and put your trust in him

completely your mess may become a message your test can become a witness

and your struggle can become a victory according to the

Lord God is freeing you from everything that is burdening you transferring you

from a state of deprivation suffering and absence to one of restoration

tranquility and plenty whether it’s your ideal career

path a life partner or a breakthrough you never thought possible great things

are on the horizon the Bible teaches that the Lord’s mercies never stop that his

faithfulness is fantastic and that his mercies begin

again every morning as a result we may believe that the Lord’s love is

eternal pray with me now is the time for me to receive the love health and

prosperity that is mine in response to Jesus call my whole family will be cured

and I will see Miracles performed at the times of my choosing believe this week for

unprecedented favor break throughs spoke back petitions and the knowledge that

the Everlasting God is your Sanctuary with his Everlasting Palms underneath

you he will Vanquish your adversaries before you saying spread them if you

remain faithful to God he will provide you with abundant victory in spite of all that I’m going

through the Lord defends me from my adversaries and gives me Victory God is

using you and will be by your side no matter what and he has all your

difficulties under his control while you’re crushed by the weight of your sorrow and tears rise up

in your eyes remember these three things instead of fretting seek solace in

prayer praise God for all he has done for you and your loved ones and tell him what

you want get strong and courageous for the

same God who created the world in six days and then slept on the seventh as

all the power you need to conquer any obstacle the next seven days might be

jam-packed with miraculous developments lifechanging Revelations and Heavenly intervention

a date with Jesus Christ is the most important date you could ever have even

the deepest wounds may be soothed and hearts crushed by his electrifying touch

Embrace him for who he really is kind and stylish and you could experience joy

and contentment beyond measure remember that when God decides

to bless you the whole thing will come together in your favor God says today

even when others attempt to stop it you will start getting additional

money with the help of God’s grace if you have a real thankful heart recognize

your Crut riches and stay open to the many blessings that God has in store for

you if God has wonderful plans for your life whether it’s a a winning lottery

ticket a happy marriage or a giant leap ahead you will feel the thrill of

anticipation growing as you embrace them it is possible to turn every bad

situation into a good one to receive every gift and to cure every

W with my help you can improve your Fitness level your relationships and

your financial situation those who are looking for Everlasting Joy may find it in me come to me if you

are sick and tired of being lost despondent and

depressed God is with you remains with you and will always be with you remember

this if your heart is full of disappointment and your eyes are

overflowing with sorrow W your quite the baby a large

Lottery reward is about to be yours within the next hours a life

faltering Miracle May befall you in the form of a large quantity of money being

set to your bank account you and your loved ones will be

blessed abundantly with pleasure happiness and health for many years to

come your hands will pull in huge sums of money and you could even witness flood of

riches washing into your life much as sugar attracts ants After all you’ve

been through now is the time to get back up and running everything that the

adversary has taken from you may be restored by my

arrival I am about to Wi you with boundless Health money and success in

order to get miraculous ous signs and wonders from God watch this video all

the way through God may be just as dedicated to you as you have been to him if you’re

willing to agree with him he’ll make good on his promises about your

life right now I’m sending guardian angels to collect all of your

outstanding debts and protect your loved ones from harm I I am not doing it alone

in fact I will be right there with you the whole time no one could stand in my way if I

were on your side because you are my little one I am able to spend all my

time with you moreover I am removing everything

that is dragging you down the Lord adds let go of suffering strife and scarcity

I will bring you healing tranquility and plenty saying this now is crucial for

God when I was distant from God I knew what it was like even though I didn’t

date him I still remember him I lost all hope and Direction and my life descended

into misery everything change however when I encountered

Jesus my love love for you will be more intense than ever before and a new

season of happiness and contentment May soon AR in your life you are never

really alone as a Christian I have placed my holy spirit

inside you and you will always be with me you have an advocate a consolation

prize and a compass in the Holy Spirit my feathers will envelop you like a

blanket and behind my wings you will discover a place of Refuge my dear

little one my unwavering loyalty will protect you from any danger that may come your

way you may rely on me to help you weather the lifestyle storms and be your

bu in times of need it’s nice to meet you you’re my beloved kid think of your

words as a formidable weapon when we speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ

we are said to be fighting the devil and his Merchants we may overcome obstacles

and Proclaim Triumph in response to Jesus invitation via the power of prayer

and public Proclamation therefore confidently and fearlessly Proclaim

God’s message realizing this can impact your circumstance an es and the environment

around you I hope that you may find strength to converse with Jesus in

prayer when you are sad or depressed in most cases he is attentive and empathic

you will be lifted up and consoled by him I am your God therefore come to me

with great aspiration little one everything you have wased for good

health abundant riches love and inner peace is almost within your

reach Jesus came to Earth as a prophet from God to show us the way to heaven

how to love one another and how to forgive you are told by God that he was

among us having conversations healing us and loving us regardless of his modest

origin his message was widely disseminated believe in your heart that

God resurrected Jesus from the dead and publicly confess him as your lord then

you will be saved it is your desire for us in Christ

Jesus according to the Bible therefore enjoy life to the fullest pray

continually and offer thanks in all circumstances please God you can alter

things quickly while I am alive just when I believe All Is Lost you shower me

with a miracle so I can never give up hope for all those who are hoping for a

miracle right now I pray when everything else fails it is up to you to perform

the seemingly impossible and find a solution a test may be trans formed into

a sworn declaration a crowd into a message to suffering into a Triumph and

all in between by the power of God over your life I assert Dominion

Tranquility recovery and financial benefits I will not let your adversaries

harm you my word is definitive the heavens will part and rain will fall on

your farm at the right time aoon to your Harvest Life will no longer be the same

because as Jesus stated he will return permit us to celebrate the already

obtained when for the time being we have faith that we will not perish because

Jesus will lead us to Triumph luck plenty and true love are

aligning perfectly with your timing and it won’t even need any effort on your

side and due time God will restore your health relationships and

wealth there will be sufficient funds for you to settle all your debts and

maybe even treat your children to something special surprising Miracles alter Our

Lives irrevocably when we find ourselves with no one except God there is no end

to God’s mercies and his love remains constant according to the

Bible could the Lord also be kind to you bless you and keep you would he not let

his face shine upon you also may the Lord be pleased to look down on you and

provide his peace let us join hands in prayer

drawing on the the power of Jesus favor in your life so that anything you put

your hands on will flourish Lord I am grateful that you

have loved me even when I was at my worst you are lovely and perfect and it

is a privilege to call you God please accept my gratitude for shaping me and

for loving me to the point that you s Jesus to die on the cross for my sin

SS help us God says your love and your sense of style are Eternal so remember

that every day is an advantage by God’s grace every destructive pattern in your

life is breaking a new era of Liberty wealth and plenty is upon

you discover a secure Sanctuary behind the enveloping shelter of God’s feather

where his powerful Wings provide protection his unwavering loyalty will

protect you from harm and give you the strength to face challenges

headon knowing that the enemy schemes might be thwarted as a great comfort

when you have the protection of God’s angels after the suffering ends and the

tears stop falling a path to unexpected growth may be

discovered dear Lord I humbly surrender all my concerns fears and anxieties to

you this year I ask that you watch over me and direct my actions in the name of

Jesus Christ I ask that you Shield me from harm and remove any and all

obstacles that stand in the way my following your will

amen being wealthy is irrelevant in comparison to the schemes devised by

your adversary the god of Plenty have marvelous plans for your way of life you

need my blessings of riches and happiness as well as the wisdom and

strength to overcome whatever obstacles you face love money and perfect health will

shower upon you as you watch this film filling your life with joy and

contentment the next week might be absolutely fantastic for you as you

embark on a season filled with joy love and plenty of

cash if you stick around to the conclusion of this video I guarantee

that money will come pouring in simply and perpetually blessing your life with

plenty no matter how bad things become right now keep telling yourself I’m

blessed I am rich and I’ve got the favor of God your health

relationships and finances will be restored by God shortly fantastic

Miracles major breakthroughs and many more benefits will be yours next week

your task budget exercise and relation ship fortunes will take a dramatic shift

this weekend the Lord will protect you from danger guide you cure you and provide

for you in as you embark on this incredible

season see yourself winning every battle you face overcoming every obstacle in

your path and succeeding in all that you do a super Superior Divine favor Zen

root to you before the month comes to a close a beautiful chapter in your life

is about to begin and the troubling situation you’re now experiencing will

soon pass if you are Christ the son of God

who died on the cross to pay for my sins and give me eternal life then please

pray with me at this very moment the Lord your God

is reworking your lives changing your trials into triumphs and your yours into

tragedies from impoverishment to Prosperity he will transform your

circumstances don’t lose sight of the fact that God’s love and guidance are

Eternal in contrast to Transit things like money homes cars and jobs today I

deserve the drift of love and healing and abundance is coming my way you

declare with certainty embrace the reality that

everything is achievable with the grace of God you will reestablish your

tranquility and wellth throughout this jump again season so give thanks to God always for

the good things that have happened to you no matter how great or little and he

will reward you with many more good things away from my self-centered ways I

withdraw my remorseful confession I humbly submit to your will and beg for

your pardon please Jesus Christ assume your proper role as my Lord and Savior

then I pray that you will lead me in a way that honors you

as God returns everything that your adversary has taken from you be ready to

enjoy love and laughter again and again I can rescue you and keep you

safe I can come up with your lifestyle as praise due to the fact you depended

on me claims the Lord and I agree with this assurance from God there is no one

like you you stood up for me and they didn’t believe in me so pray for that

today Lord you taught me to fight when they assaulted me when they wronged me

you showed me how to forgive now they notice you after they notice me I stand

before you today in an attitude of deep appreciation and

admiration the Lord expresses gratitude for his protection and everything that

he does for his people I declare that you will be cured by the power of the

Holy Spirit through the intercession of Jesus Christ if you are sick and I

condemn the source of your illness enjoy yourself while you’re with the

Lord in every situation find solace in the Lord and begin to praise him for his

benevolence this will bring you Eternal peace if you ask for something in prayer consider

that you’ve obtained it and it will likely be yours according to the Bible one cannot

please God unless they have faith which is defined as the conviction that God

exists and rewards those who seek him with all their heart occasionally all we

can do is pray try trust that God will handle everything and then just let it

be God cradles you in his arms how you mourn he dries your tears while You Weep

he brings you back together even when you’re hurt no harm can ever reach you

because I am your Sanctuary nothing bad will happen to you because I can tell my

angels to protect you with all their might go on a walk with God when you feel the

need for order while you feel lost and alone agree with God when you surrender

everything to God he will fulfill your every desire just say it even if I’m lonely

and unhappy God is my joy and my path God is my strength even when I feel weak

and defenseless are you aware of the fundamental

distinction between God and humans whereas people tend to aass neglect and

aass even more God offers forgives and offers much

more Jesus said once everybody who listens to my coaching and follows it is

wise like someone who builds a residence on stable Rock sure I am the gate folks

that are available via me may be saved they will come and go freely and will

find appropriate pastures the end of that stressful

situation is near and it will be pleasant all of your worries tensions

and frustrations will soon be replaced with a state of Perpetual

calm Lord I pray that it may always be apparent to me that you are watching

over me and hearing my prayers to know that you cherish me stand by my sigh and

adore me God has already given you the power to overcome every obstacle that comes

your way we need to stand firm and use God’s word to enforce our

Triumph I will strengthen you help you and support you with my righteous right

hand do not fear for I am with you do not be discouraged for I am your

God according to God you will soon be sharing a unique narrative in an honest

and straightforward manner you may not drown even if you travel through rivers

of turmoil I may be by your side while you navigate these deep

seas surround yourselves with the Lord and put your trust in him entirely for

he will direct your ways at the last minute the next thing God accomplishes

for your lives is going to be so Monumental that it will benefit your

children and grandchildren you will soon see benefits and breakthroughs in your

life after all all the waiting crying praying and

enduring and Isaiah – it is said you will not be burned

up the Flames will not eat you therefore we should approach God’s throne of grace

confidently so that we might receive compassion and find Grace to help us

than we are in need you may exchange the lives of your

own family for eternity as an expensive kid since you will get unexpected

Financial rewards in the next hours in ways that were previously

unimaginable you could be able to settle the debt by the house of your dreams and

support your family give some thought to praising and

thanking me for all you have had and I will bless you much more and let

Miracles into your lives in abundance W such a pricey baby even though it’s late

at night I have a miracle that involves you you will achieve more health

happiness success and prosperity by the year is in with my help you will be

showered with Benefits plenty good health pleasure and happiness before the

week closes according to God so keep watching this movie until

God stops doing miraculous things for you he will bless you and your family

restore Health to anything that needs it and change any negative aspect of your

life my sincere wish for you and your family is that the year IS F filled

with nothing but increased Prosperity fiscal stability and physical

health in ways you can’t even begin to Fathom I will transport people materials

and capital in addition I have entrusted angels to collect all of your payments

and debts and protect your loved ones from harm a multitude of miraculous blessing

blessings are pouring into your lives enhancing your mental bodily and

spiritual well-being according to the Lord personally and

monetarily you may be certain that God will answer your prayers for a miracle

When you pray tonight putting an end to all your anxious

thoughts your professional Life Financial situ ation health and

relationships could undergo a remarkable change in the near future you will be

showered with love blessings and plenty and an

instant if you win the lotto you may swap your life for eternity ending all

your suffering Agony and restless nights I have the power to fix any error

compensate for any wrongdoing Vanquish any adversary and remove any

roadblock that stands in your way I hope that the new year of for

brings you and your loved ones nothing but the best that life has to offer I’m

leading you away from defeat and toward Triumph Miracles Good Fortune pleasure

and Fant fastic Fortune are becoming more prominent in your narrative I ask

God to open doors of opportunity for your life this week how about if you

pray to the Lord and ask for his help in conquering all the difficulties you’re

now facing the day after today is a day of

boundless benefits and Heavenly favor so go ahead and enjoy yourself this is the

day that God has chosen to bless you abundantly joyfully and profoundly

ushering in a new chapter of your life as you surrender to God you will

redeem your pains reward you and your family with a better life and make a

Triumph out of every tragedy over the course of this coming

weekend I will bestow upon you and your loved one immeasurable blessings in

return for your eternal life I adore you dearly you are my precious little

one pray aloud I am worthy of God’s grace and I am equipped to receive and

abundance of affection restoration and prosperity get ready to be astounded by

the overwhelming abundance that is about to come your way you will achieve unprecedented

levels of riches Fitness and success God is about to open the door you’ve been

praying for all this time the following seven days might be absolutely fantastic

as you embark on a time of Joy love and financial

abundance by the time the weekend arrives everything bad that has caused

you to cry for a while will be over over instead you’ll discover Joy

illumination affection and benefits be strong and courageous Be not

Afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is on your side he will never leave

you or desert you if your opponent is thirsty bring him water to drink and if

he is hungry offer him food to eat the Lord will be pleased please with

you because you will pour hot coals on his head in spite of your weariness

discouragement and frustration you must not give up with the intention of

permanently altering your way of life I am going to reveal to you portals of

Wonder is it possible for your life to be filled with love joy and prosperity

and for your relationship to grow stronger with each passing moment but

those who seek the Lord will renew their energy they will soar on wings like

eagles they will run and not grow weary they may stroll and not

faint a peaceful and satisfying conclusion is approaching the

Troublesome situation you are handling for your course God is bringing fin

financial aid blessings that will change your life and miracles even when you’re

exhausted fragile and tired remember that God is your Everlasting

Vigor keep praying until your situation changes for God performs Miracles daily

and may exchange your circumstances for your lifestyle at any moment a bold

public confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and a quiet reflection on the fact

that God resurrected him from the dead May rescue you keep believing and knowing that God

has a wonderful plan for your life his plan is better than anything else God is

Reviving everything that has died for you the Gospel of Jesus Christ is

Reviving your plans relationships Health finances and attitude about

life to be pleasing to God according to the Bible one must practice religion

regularly As He blesses those who seek him with all their heart the cares and

concerns that when pressed down upon you will be transformed by a wealth that is

beyond your wildest dreams a amazing things will happen to

your health as well and blessings that change your life will surround you I

will plot a path for you even when it all seems hopeless always keep in mind

that Waiting for God is never a waste of time in light of your current situation

God warns that you will have difficulties in your finances physical

health and and relationships but hear me out I will never let anything terrible happen to

you and I will never let you down have faith that I am preparing Unstoppable

doors for you I have heard and seen your cries and

prayers Miracles and benefits are coming slowly at the moment God has a purpose

for your life even before you plan it out and sometimes God’s purpose must Triumph

even if your plans fail the passage of winter and the

arrival of spring are analogous have faith that better days are ahead and

that you are entering a prosperous period when everything will work out for the best even when the going gets tough

remember that additional blessings from God are added daily If today was a bad day don’t let

it get you down remember that tomorrow is a whole new day full of opportunities

for improvement join me in prayer as we ask God to spare us from harm both apparent

and invisible and to thwart any wicked plots against our Lives May our ailments

be replaced with health joy and serenity

the next day you’ll experience something out of the ordinary which will alleviate

all of your misery and concerns while providing you with advantages you’ve

never had before a miraculous change is about to

occur in your life including your finances health and

relationships by the end of this week with the arrival of the year

may God bless you with healing plenty protection and guidance from on

high God is about to shower you with an incredible abundance that will leave you

speechless and forever thankful your God the almighty is at

your sigh prepared to fight your battles and deliver you victory over your

adversaries you and your loved ones will be blessed with a better life when you

surrender yourself to God discover a secure Sanctuary behind

the enveloping shelter of God’s feathers where his powerful Wings provide

protection his unwavering loyalty also protect you from watch this video all

the to the end to face challenge any Source spots and turn your defeats into

spectacular comebacks in jesus’ name I ask that God

Revitalize your health finances and relationships via a nonsecular and

financial boom I pray that the Lord hears your

prayers when you call out to him in times of need and that the god of Jacob

protects you from harm you may look forward to a dagee of benefits in the

next of ours including Joy genuine love wealth and Optimal

Health Jesus promises that you and your family will experience immense Delight

as a result of these blessings trust that God is in control and that

everything will work out for the best when the time is right at the proper time I the Lord will

make the impossible possible for you get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the

Plenty that is coming your way since that is what it says in the Holy Bible

you will have boundless money desirable health and lifestyle affluence before

the month ends be content with what you have and

think about the preservation of religion Jesus entered this world in the role of

a light to save us from the Shadows just as he had promised through good times

and bad he wants us to seek him out in every moment of Our

Lives if we surrender to God he will improve our lives and the lives of our

families mending whatever wounds we cause and Transforming Our tragedies

into triumphs through the power of Jesus blood any destructive thoughts or words that

have worked against your destiny may be erased the Bible assures us that our

love for God will never fade or alter he loves us and is ready to forgive us no

matter how many times we mess up all the things you’ve been asking for will be

poured forth upon you when I open the heavens Windows bigger and great greater than

you could have ever dreamed your leap ahead is on the horizon do not give up

hope if you keep praying and putting your faith in me I will provide a way

when it seems there is none many of you are probably going through tough times

right now and I totally get that concerns about money health and

relationships will consume you feelings of pain or tension May overwhelm you

please know that I am always here for you in addition to being your Peacemaker

and yes sure I am also your healer the peace that is beyond

understanding will be yours when you pray to me I will restore wholeness to your

being plus I will shower you with immeasurable blessings I can bring joy

to your sadness and calm to your anxieties no matter what you’re going

through identifying me is all it takes for me to be by your

side you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life’s bankruptcy the

Lord says you are on your way to First stay after surviving the worst I am

pleased with you my darling you have shown Incredible strength and cour

courage when confronted with challenges I’ve been there for you every

step of the way and you’ve counted on me you must now look into your future I am

filled with anticipation for everything that you will achieve in my name because

I have great plans for you please keep me at the Forefront of your mind as you

go about your week I will make your Journeys full of beauty

wonder and Delight as you attempt this give me some thought and I will show you

the way keep in mind that I’m here for you whenever you feel like you have no

more desire join me by taking my hand I will show you the

way pause and acknowledge that I am God united we have the power to do great

things you are blessed and I will always have you in my heart to you I am

courteous and my face is shining te be upon you as I look down on

you with my countenance lifted High let me be the source of power and hence for

you I feel the same way and I can alleviate all of your stress anxiety

lack and suffering Peace Love plenty and blessings are within my power to

bestow upon you just give me some thought the Lord will save me from all

wickedness and bring me safely into his Heavenly Kingdom please speak it aloud

for me forever and ever the glory is with him if you put your trust in me I

will show you the way to Paradise so my pricey little one come

around and trust me when I say I can do more than you can imagine the time for

you to receive my blessings is now and I am ready to shower them upon you expect

miracles to happen to you as you stroll in religion I am always by your side

because I adore you no matter how bad things go know that I am always by your

side even if you’re scared and all alone know that I am here by your sigh holding

your hand and showing you the way thank me since I am the one who has bestowed

many blessings on you live each minute to the fullest

because your life is a gift if you are confused or lost you may seek my counsel

and Direction there is no way I could ever lead you a stray you may expect a

plethora of love and spiritual benefits in the months

ahead in my love and for my glory I have given you these things the Lord declares

you will get immense joy and contentment from including and cherishing them in

addition I am here to provide you financial assistance so you should not

be concerned about that put your trust in me and I will show you

the way to a life of Plenty and wealth have trust in your coronary heart

knowing that I am always keeping an eye on you always remember that I am on your

sigh in good times and bad keep your determination even when you face

difficulties have trust in me and I will lead you into a life of virtue to ant

gisma keep in mind that while Physicians lawyers and soldiers may all provide

temporary Aid I am the only one who can guarantee you everlasting

life I am the one who can show you the way to Everlasting happiness and

contentment and you constantly seek me out therefore please pray for my

children who are looking to me for direction and protection anytime you

need me I am here to listen and help you out I will protect you from danger if

you hold me near your heart rest assured that I am always by

your sigh keeping a close eye on you and Leading The Way I Am the UN knowing

parent who knows your innermost desires fears and

hopes there may be moments when life is tough and challenging feeling lost or

alone is a common reaction at challenging circumstances but keep in mind that I

will never leave your side or forsake you in fact I am with you at all times

please come to me without delay if you have difficulties in your hidden Place pray

to me and I will hear your voice I will publicly thank you for seeking me out in

secrecy with joy for their success and happiness I bless many but when people

stop caring about me and start taking credit for themselves it makes me

unhappy recognize that I am providing you with the strength knowledge and

opportunities to achieve your goals show me your success when you reach a

goal and I will protect you with my hand I will protect bless and lead you closer

to your destiny if you remain with me dear children I beseech you to show

kindness to those who oppose you even if they loathe you doing this no matter how

challenging it may seem is essential to living a good life if you’re kind to your enemies they’ll

be more likely to be nice to me furthermore you become an effective

testimony for me by loving your adversaries which reflects the character

of Christ simply claiming me as the Lord and regularly attending church is

insufficient to accomplish my father’s wule love him with all your being

and to love your neighbor as yourself is the Golden Rule being a member of my nation and

enjoying a life of love both provide me with joy in contrast you are unable to

enter my country because of your egotism gluttony and pleasure seeking

nature privileged youth reach out for support now you might have faced

difficulties disappointments and defeats head on crying and wondering why things happen

the way they do but know that I am the god who redeems restores and

blesses I have the power to transform your sadness into Joy your ashes into

Beauty and your broken heart into something beautiful and I will do

everything in full front of your adversaries so that they may see that I am God and that

you are my beloved children resist evil love your

adversaries obey my father’s will and believe that I will restore and bless

you beyond your wildest dreams if you would just live close to me and seek me

out in your mysterious territory I have heard your prayers

and tomorrow will bring a first R transformation to your life new benefits

will enter your lifestyle and doors of Wonder will open for you be sure to

thank and praise tomorrow since your thankfulness will attract even larger

advantages by the end of this month you will have fully recovered from your

illness and debt and restored your health relationships and finances the future

holds many opportunities for you including booms advances and

benefits you and your loved ones will enjoy Eternal Health joy prosperity and

Tranquility a new chapter in your life is about to begin and no one can close

it except God get ready for even more joy restoration financial success love

and miracles are you trusting in God’s plan your health wealth thoughts and

family will flourish in response to Jesus call my darling you are entering a

season of successive Miracles and blessings and the next week will bring

you Beautiful Moments happiness incredible people and and to advantages

like never before God’s favor will shower upon you

and your loved ones bringing a life brimming with plenty Health Joan

contentment you will become filthy wealthy before you ever

try may the Lord shower you with his blessings and keep you may his kindness

and Grace be upon you and may He turn his face to you and bring you

peace God will heal all your ailments and turn your failures into triumphs you

no longer need to worry or weep over anything God’s Bountiful blessings will

swiftly flood into your life and may the beautiful Holy Blood of

Jesus Christ which is poured forth from Heaven protect you and your loved ones

and bless and destroy those who seek and want him may God grant you the miracle

you have prayed for and may all your worries be lifted as you rest this night

at times when it seems like nothing can be done I am here to pay the road

offering you strength restoration and healing as Savior said I’m the mildest

of the world folks that comply with me will by no means walk in darkness that

could have the light that ends in existence if you keep looking to him a

season of unending success and breakthroughs will be yours the wise

build their home on a solid rock and so do those who listen to Jesus and follow

his instructions let his words be your compass in every IND

ende he says even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of loss of life

I can fear no evil for you’re with me God is inviting you to give him your

worries and fears and he will wash you in peace and make good out of bad

situations God has not ignored your prayers and will answer them albe it

sometimes in ways you don’t anticipate you are entering a time of

many blessings and Marvels therefore be ready to accept them joy laughter love

and plenty of benefits will swiftly replace every sad experience that caused

you grief in the Hereafter praying to God make calm your

racing heart and release you from the anxieties and problems s that are

preventing you from thinking clearly put all of your worries and concerns on him

before you go to sleep at good times and bad at the

Heights and in the depths in happiness and sadness and prosperity and adversity

always remember that I am with you God loves you needs you and could

help you know matter how many times you mess up Precious Child you have the

power to eradicate negativity from your life and then Prosperity will find

you the possibility of experiencing Greater Joy than you have ever imagined

should be on your mind I am here to bless you and your

love ones alleviate any suffering you may be experiencing and expose any flaws

in your way of life if you pray you will be led to the appropriate people placed

in the right situations and given the right opportunity if you put your faith in God

and pray good things will start to happen to you get ready for a plethora benefits

greater Grins and financial triumphs in the near future it took me only days

to build the world and then I slept on the seventh like your God trust that I

can instantly swap your ways of living Miracles are about to happen to

you as you go into a season of Triumph after Triumph and advancement after

advancement you are my beloved toddler and I have a deep affection for you

the grace of God is upon you if you just cling to him he will magically save you

from your trials and enhance your life remain still and see the kindness of the

Lord for he will fight your battles have faith in him completely and rely on him

today not on your own abilities even when things seem their

worst God God will be with you guiding and strengthening you to overcome

obstacles you will see a series of Miracles unfold before your prayers are

finally answered and a door of unparallel quality will open for you

very soon even though you might have prayed lamented and puzzled behind closed doors

God says today that he is here to public ly bless restore and redeem you even in

the midst of your adversaries take a moment to pray God I

place everything in your hands these days my family my health my domestic my

safety my fears and my emotions every time it happens you feel

a Pang of melancholy and your eyes water through three things should be on your

mind at all times God’s presence God’s love and God’s

care Jesus is the knock on your door that your prayers have been answering

catch you later the next s days have the potential to be absolutely fantastic as

you embark on a season filled with joy love and

unity I’m ending every bad cycle that you’ve ever had you are entering a new

season of Liberation success and plenty I am competent to tend to you till the

end as your writer you were created in my likeness

and shall forever be during this time of recovery you will regain everything that

the adversary has stolen from you get ready for an unprecedented d of

benefits I hope you’ll agree with me my darling I have shared every moment of

your life I have always been by your side ready to provide for and protect

you I still have good things planned for you even if you may have some

difficulties along the way your private prayers may be answered

publicly via my power knowing that God is on your side can help you get through

any difficult time on the steps of the one who

Delights in the Lord he finds companionship and while he may also

stumble he will not fall for the Lord holds him fast with his grasp get

yourself in order for the arrival of plenty of money improved health and

stronger relationships if you believe in God completely you

will see signs of miracles in your daily life the curse has been broken I swear

this week not only will your health improve but your bank account will start

to grow surprising Miracles May alter Our Lives irrevocably even when we rely only

on God I am here to open long closed doors and you will see the one Wonders

that are happening in your life give me permission to cure you my

pricey kid from the pain of your Brokenness imagine a world where your

vision and foresight are fully supported where every obstacle is removed and

where you achieve success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams never put your whole confidence

in your own understanding instead put your faith in the

Lord pray about everything in your life and God will show you the way to

happiness I am always here to provide pleasure from your sorrow and relief

from your stress whenever you are feeling low anytime you need assistance

just give me a call or send me an email you may expect a month full of joy

healing and success according to God’s Proclamation today happiness fulfillment

and success will flood your life throughout this period furthermore May the Indescribable

peace of God guard your thoughts and hearts in Christ Jesus live out my style

and love and may your life testify to my loyalty and

kindness I God am the creator of beginnings and endings my beloved child

my knowledge wisdom and competence come from me I have good intentions when I

say that I will bring you success and protect you from harm you are entering a

period of recuperation in addition to your Serenity success and Direction God will

also return everything the adversary as stolen from you a desire may exist with

God pray with me as I declare Christ lives in me and not I having been

crucified with Christ religion in the Son of God who

loved me and offered himself for me helps me live the fleshly lives that I

am currently doing The God Who made everything also knows all things and is

all knowing my plans for you are good and they will bring you success and

protect you from harm get ready for the amazing things I

have in store for you this week including improvements in your health

processes businesses relationships and finances I will perform miracles for you

that will Amaze The World God has recently spoken spoken to

me and I am making a public Proclamation he will convert your pain into joy and

he will open doors and provide possibilities that are exclusive to you

the things that God has planned for you and your family are Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams give thanks to the father who is the source of all compassion and Solace

the one who consoles us in our time of need this week declare that your

aspiration will be fulfilled and that you will win whatever fight you

face in the name of Jesus Christ I pray that this week will be fruitful

transformative and prosperous for you God will change your sorrow and to Joy

if you ask for his help in overcoming any difficulty

the prayers you have said to him are now being answered the year

has the potential to bring about significant changes breakthroughs and

miracles I believe that new chances and Fresh Starts are on the

horizon I patiently wait at the door of your heart ready to let me in do not be

frightened to open it because I am a loving and compassion passate God I can

take away all your worries and replace them with a Serenity that you cannot

fathom I want to be a huge part of your life leading the way when you let me in

I can fill you with joy calm and energy God will give you a reason to Rejoice

before the month closes good things are coming your way let us pray together dear God grant

me good health a prosperous career a healthy bank account closer

relationships with loved ones and an end to my illness the exact moment that I

need it amen your guidance your Solace and your love have no

bounds I have tremendous faith in you God declares and that faith will last

forever January is almost here and it may be a period of great change for you

with healing and perfect health restored to your body God will paint your life

like never before when sorrow fills your heart and

tears flow from your eyes remember these three things God is with you and he will

always be by your sigh don’t worry my precious baby for I can handle your

problems God will send you a miracle to remove all your troubles from your life

this week I can quadruple your advantage this week it may seem incredible but I

am certain of my words your health process business relationships and

finances will all improve the God who created everything

the beginning and the end the source of Consciousness insight and comprehension is also the

God who wants to bless you abundantly and my goals for you are to bring you

Prosperity while protecting you from harm in case you confess with your mouth

that Jesus is Lord and consider in your heart that God raised him from the dead

you will be saved the Bible says believe leave it in your heart and you

will be justified confessions with your lips will save you this is a sign that the lives you

envision the experiences you want and the connections you crave are on the way

trust in the Lord’s ability to immediately transform your situation he

can open doors alter Hearts restore what was broken and trans for

blessings get ready for God is about to shower you with double blessings and

favor more than enough to make up for all the pain suffering and

disappointment you’ve endured I Proclaim that you may see God perform Miracles

before the end of this month Lord in these latter days you will

get love and restoration the abundance that is yours by just judgment the

healing of your whole family the working of Miracles at your command in the name

of Jesus Christ and always keep in mind that the Lord is your Shepherd and will

provide all your needs every day his kindness and

everlasting love will pursue you and you will live with him forever when you are

lonely walk with God when you need someone to depend on make

him your priority when you feel lost and alone keep in mind that God is always

with you I am always here for you whether you

are joyful or struggling and this week may be full of miraculous events

remember that even when everything seems shattered and hopeless light will always

Triumph the benefits of God are not restricted to Earthly events he can

change any situation and bring Miracles into your life and I am here with you

offering support and Direction no matter what you’re going

through have faith in his power and hope for a better future you are loved by God

and by God’s people he is sending you blessings to bring you Joy and plenty

like a fresh rain to repair and Elevate you as God’s

desire he will restore everything that the adversary has stolen from you and

fill your lives with the immeasurable benefits God’s might is like a

Colossus give yourself over to him and see the Wonders he will be perfect for

you he created the the cosmos in six days think of what he can accomplish in

a single day to change your life keep in mind that with God on your

side nothing is impossible his boundless power and Beauty make all things

possible my darling the next Days may be absolutely wonderful you’re entering

a season of abundant Joy love and prosperity Char

it remember that God is your Shepherd and will provide for you throughout your

life if you are listening to this message you are entering a time of

Plenty and Limitless love says Jesus have faith that the next week will

bring you plenty of Joy Priceless Memories amazing people advantages and

beautiful outcomes that go beyond the ordinary Miracles and blessings are on

their way give your anxieties to God and he will lead you through every obstacle

offering answers and peace in I criticize everyone who seeks to

injure you or motivates you to hurt within the call of Jesus keep hope alive

when you confront limits and challenges You Are Not Alone God will fight for you

I know that many of you are dealing with stress and certainty and Nightmares

please know that I am here to help I will replace your anxiety with

Clarity your confusion with knowledge and your restless nights with peaceful

relaxation that revives your spirit have confidence in my perfect plan for for

your life and Trust in it completely you and your loved ones will

be blessed with prosperity health and success in the next hours something

really remarkable will happen that will bring you immense Joy love wealth and

good health will all align flawlessly remember I Delight in

surprising people and bestow great blessings upon them be receptive to

these benefits and prepared for surprises I am the Supreme King and

possess complete control over everything I am the ruler of all that I

have made and that includes your life let us pray together holy God I ask that

you keep me mindful of your constant presence and that you know my every move

I hope that I may experience your constant care Direction and Limitless

love dear heavenly father I want to express my deepest gratitude for the

love and wisdom you have bestowed on me I have complete faith in you father

through the great Gospel of Jesus Christ dear God I want you to know how

much I appreciate appreciate your teachings and how much I apologize for

the times when my choices did not align with them I am eternally thankful for

Jesus sacrifice for he died to redeem my sins realize that your health

relationships and finances will soon improve agree with me since I’m striving

to bring you the breakthroughs you need simply trust in me and let my benefits

enter your life without opposition this weekend is brimming with

opportunities for you and I pray that you will open your heart to receive my

blessings so that you can embark on a life filled with happiness wealth and

success my dear child I am always by your side leading you on your

journey if you give me a chance I’ll show you the path to the prosperous life

you deserve tomorrow might bring an afternoon of Wonder and change as I get

to work mending your broken relationships bank accounts and physical

health I assure you from the depths of my heart that I will fight your

struggles and calm the storms of your life together we will make this year the

best one yet for you and your loved ones you are never alone because I am always

by your side I pour blessings upon you you that

will bring you Joy health and wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams prepare

yourself to accept them with faith and Thanksgiving May My Serenity and joy

fill your heart and soul I the loving God who created you

and am always there to help you fulfill your desires I am also willing to be

your Advocate and rescuer in times of need so open your heart and receive the

many blessings that are on their way precious child in the name of Jesus Christ I say

that nothing can stand against you your health your wealth or your family my

love will crush every enemy that tries to destroy you know that your Victory is

at hand you are entering a time when your prayers will be heard and you will find

lasting prosperity and serenity I am attempting to gain access to your life

and work miracles in every area furthermore you will not experience any

more losses debts or disappointments to love loved child be

ready for the goodness I am going to provide you I have prepared amazing

surprises for you including healing Independence Financial wealth and

perfect love the Lord adds embody me completely and you will see incredible

things happening you should think about me since I am ranging for a wonderful means

to surpass your most ambitious Ambitions and a stunning change in your way of

life the days of trouble and strife are passing and a fresh beginning is on the

horizon now is the time for you to shine achieve greatness and bask in my

miraculous protection and Care pray about all your worries I know

you’re worried about your family your health the health of a loved one and your money it seems like you’re carrying

a heavy load but I want you to know that I am with you to what I say even if it seems

impossible I will restore your health provide for your needs and keep you safe

when you trust in me I will also send you help recovery and

assets you are becoming a living testimony to the superpower that resides

Within Me therefore arm yourself dear one for a future season full of

top-notch Miracles triumphs and discoveries every time you mess up I’ll

be more merciful every time you fail or lose I’ll give you a new beginning and

every time you hit a wall I’ll be there to support you my word is firm anticipate an

endless stream of Good Fortune love and financial success pouring into your life

at an Unstoppable rate I agree with God who makes the

impossible possible and changes lives with a single touch as we enter January

I shower you and those you love with my blessings may this month be filled to

the brim without opportunity and kindness my love for you is unwavering

and my power to defend you as no bounds have faith in my heavenly Sanctuary

because I bring light into the darkness and Justice to those who would do you

harm in times of Crisis you may rely on my

promises your passions relationships Health finances and and pleasure are

being revived every day via the call of Jesus remember that you’re not alone as

a Christian I am resurrecting things that seem dead for your

life I am always with you and the Holy Spirit is with you to help you guide you

and support you I your God want to gift you with

riches precise Fitness and and satisfaction I guarantee that if you

watch this movie to the conclusion you will end up a billionaire by the end of

you are about to experience incredible things Limitless wealth the

finest Fitness and NeverEnding success in the next hours you can

look forward to Great Joy love prosperity and good health you are about

to become wealthy successful fulfilled and healthier as an expensive child

because I have selected you to receive my benefits keep in mind that I am capable

of doing Miracles I can alter details about your lives even when it seems

impossible I provide freedom and may release you from shackling shackles and

your work money health and relationships will all undergo a remarkable

transformation say with me today I am prepared to receive an abundance of Love

healing and advantages that I practically deserve through God’s grace

I release you from all your burdens and difficulties so you may enjoy a life of

Joy Serenity and satisfaction put together to get hold of benefits so

as to alternate your Lifestyles all the time God’s remarkable electricity will

touch your health bringing advantages that will remodel your

lifestyle get ready for a time of economic abundance relieving you of the

burdens of money and helping you repay all your debts God says bear in mind I am your

God I created you and will cope with you for the rest of your life this week I

will increase the monetary benefits you acquire threefold open your coronary

heart to accept this elevated favor consider that I’m the god of

Miracles capable of turning your darkest nights into beautiful

mornings always understand that nothing can ever separate you from my love

regardless of the way you experience it or what exists you’ll always be linked

to God’s love through Jesus Christ Our Lord I am sending unique helpers call

angels to attend to the money you owe and the payments you have to make they

will additionally protect your circle of relatives from harm

even if people are in opposition to you it would not count as a number because

God is in your face God guarantees to deliver health and restoration to

you he will make sure that you and his humans have peace and safety my infant

take into account that I’m the only one who offers you promotions and blessings

nobody can do away with what I have promised you and I’m always with you the

months of will Mark your comeback I the almighty will restore

your Fitness relationships and budget as the creator

of everything around you I am continually with you I will guide

comfort and protect you keep in mind that you have a special place face in my

coronary heart and my love for you is unwavering nowadays I am breaking the

chains of poverty shortage and sickness that have been retaining your lower back

your tears will be replaced with tears of pleasure your ache with restoration

and your struggles with advantages get equipped for a promotion

to the subsequent degree of your existence love will deepen faith will

become more potent your health will enhance and you’ll experience an

overflow of abundance in every circle of relatives

there’s a person who breaks the cycle of struggling to make ends meet that man or

woman in your own family is now looking at this video with a bit of lock say my

economic situation is ready to Skyrocket with an abundance of Wealth Beyond my

wildest creativeness the Lord says I’m

manifesting million greenbacks this week and by God’s grace I will become a

millionaire by the end of pray with me dear God if it is your

will please come into my home and cast off all the matters that cause me worry

and problems please watch over my circle of relatives and bring them good

health this past months has been rather hard and I ask for your

assistance in finding a was through dark instances and happiness and sad times

all in the name of Jesus God will bless you three times

more this week you’ll grow to be an example of what’s feasible with god with

the aid of your face and his miracles are real this week can also bring abundant

benefits into your life and can the Lord concentrate on your prayers and guide

you through your difficulties accept as true that

Miracles and advantages come from me on my own preserve this in your heart heart

and find peace even when a existence is unsure understand that I’m your light

and knowledge remember the fact that as January ends and February starts you

will change you will turn out to be more potent blessed and full of new Strength

I’m able to heal your wounds and convey peace to your soul put yourself together

with the incredible blessings that are on their way to you I will shower you and your own

family with an abundance of Rights it will be like the home Windows of Heaven

opening and pouring out advantages upon you I have the energy to turn your

unhappiness into happiness your weak spot into electricity and your grief into Joy

in every family there is a person who breaks the cycle of struggling to make

ends meet that person in your circle of relatives is now watching this video

confidently say my financial situation is ready to Skyrock with an abundance of

Wealth Beyond my wildest imagination I declare that the

relaxation of this week will bring high quality things into your Lifestyles it

is sure that God will supply you with healing abundance and

advantages you may be able to pay off the money owed purchase your dream home

and provide for your family in ways that were previously

impossible Jesus says As a god of abundance my purpose is for my kids to

stay abundant I do not need you to go to war and suffer in poverty instead I need

you to thrive be in true health and experience prosperity in your

soul take into account that not anything you face nowadays day after day or ever

can surpass My Endless energy I am under robust pressure with a view to fighting

your battles on your behalf while while hopelessness threatens to overwhelm you

when you feel misplaced and overwhelmed flip to me I can lift the weight of your pain

worries and issues and replace them with the benefits of proper Fitness happiness

and peace consider me because I’ve got the electricity to make regular matters

extremely code flip Melancholy into to Hope and make the impossible a truth

Beyond imagination my child I am getting ready

for a special Wonder just for you as you examine those words understand that the

recovery you are searching for the advantages you desire and the monetary

step forward you need are already in motion I your devoted writer have set

occasions in motion as a good way to carry existence converting Miracles with

my grace and goodness these days I declare that no

harm shall come to you whether it is related to your Fitness time thoughts or

own family I am protecting you keeping you secure and thwarting the plans of

the enemy relaxation ass assured that I can

combat your battles and calm the storms that threaten to weigh down you my peace

and joy will fill you and provide comfort in tough

times can also my love envelop you and might the benefits I provide you with be

a testament to my endless mercy and goodness I see what you desire in your

coronary heart and and I move by your religion and believe in

me as long as you still comply with my Divine will I can monitor even more

wonders and blessings for your existence Miracles become an herbal part of your

lifestyle and you will be a Channel of my Supernatural energy to touch the

lives of others God says to you live sturdy for

your beliefs because even in the face of adversity I’m operating backstage to

result in a Divine turnaround don’t forget this my favorite

toddler I am continually with you guiding and protecting you you are by no

means on my own for I am the everpresent source of energy and

comfort to deepen your agreement with me allow me to remind you of three terrific

things I have completed within the past few years I parted the Seas for Moses

and his human beings to cross correctly I brought Lazarus back to life I healed

many of those who had leprosy these Miracles show that

anything is feasible while I’m around so I accept me completely due to the fact

that I will will usually be there to guy and defend you as the windows of Heaven

open hugely blessings will pour upon you with unstoppable

pressure love will overflow and fill your soul with warmth and tenderness

Prosperity will guide you in the direction of abundance in method by no

means no or viable recuperation will descend upon

you mending Beyond wounds and showing you a direction to

wholeness as you experience breakthroughs keep your coronary heart

open to get hold of them include the abundance that comes into your existence

as it’s a signal of my faithfulness and love for you let go of any doubts or

fears and surrender them to me I can rework them into peace and

warranty pricey baby I have a special surprise for you and your own family I

want to give you a brand new home through someone who surely loves and

cares for you this home isn’t always just a house it’s a paranormal gateway to a

world full of Miracles and advantages while you enter that home you

may start to acquire monetary Miracles physical recuperation and most importantly the

recovery of broken relationships I deeply choose to see you

and your circle of relatives living an existence backed with pleasure abundance

and love are you geared up God says today never doubt that I see

your your tears I am in no way unaware of the pain in your heart your prayers

are heard and I pay attention carefully to every word you communicate your ache

is no longer disregarded as I am always present equi

to provide consolation and Supply you in instances of misery I shall reach

out my hand to assist and offer Deliverance I’m able to never abandon or

forsake you my presence will constantly carry Solace do not forget my love child

that your words and mind hold outstanding energy speak definitely and with

gratitude in every situation and you will witness my advantages manifesting

in your Lifestyles do not underestimate the effect of your

religion do no longer worry for I’m your guard and opposition to the storms that

surround you no sickness Affliction or evil can penetrate The Fortress of my

protection I am your safe haven your vicinity of peace and

safety understand that my love for you goes beyond time and space it’s a love

without limit that last all the time so my dear toddler give up your worries

fears and doubts into my hands accept as true the unfolding of

your existences tale understanding that I am the author of Miracles and the parent of your

soul I your loving father in Heaven have seen you cry and located the challenges

that have confused you however now is the time for me to shower you with ample

benefits I’m The God Who presents heals and instills hope I prefer to give you

the assets you want to fulfill your purpose and live a life of

abundance bear in mind my precious infant that wild doctors attorneys and

squatties have critical roles Within the global Community I on my own can provide

you with eternal Lifestyles you are searching for me

somewhere else and you will discover proper fulfillment in my presence I

realize that I’ve got the strength to turn chaos into a meaningful message

trials into demonstrations of religion and setbacks into positive triumphs

with me the impossible will become possible it brings me wonderful joy to

bless you abundantly with smiles economic prosperity and improve health

remember expensive ones that Jesus my cherished son is the source of religious

nourishment the Lord says people who search for him with Open Hearts will

discover lasting Delight he brings light to the darkest instances in your

lifestyle when you feel weary and harassed turn to him for the peace your

heart longs for consider that if you overtly declare

that Jesus is Lord and simply agree that I raised him from the lifeless you’ll

acquire salvation my expensive toddler I am staying standing at the door of your

heart lightly knocking invite me into your existence and you will witness

Miracles confide in me and I will deliver wonders to every component of

your existence I will intrude on your life with topnotch approaches I offer a

prayer for all who study those phrases might also the favor of the Lord

be upon you imparting Safety and Security include the energy of

unwavering religion to convert your instances I see your struggles and the

battles within you but recognize that even in your darkest moments desire

remains I’m the mild that guides you in your depression while tears go with the

flow I collect everyone and wipe them away way your ache is now not to be

ignored I’m diligently running turning your trials into something

lovely as you open your hearts to get hold of them prepare for a supernatural

shift in each component of your being I’m geared up to pour out blessings for

your work finances health and relationships I am a god of

Miracles while you feel overwhelmed and think all hope is

misplaced I can intrude and ship you a miracle so one can uplift you consider

my timing for I’m always working behind the scenes orchestrating miracles for

your favor Embrace this season of healing for

I will reclaim what the enemy has taken from you and restore your peace and

prosperity I desire to bless you with abundance both materially and

spiritually receive those gifts with gratitude your days of pain pressure and

frustration are coming to an end I’m granting you the freedom to live a

lifestyle full of joy peace and fulfillment God says that in the

months of I need you to Revel and right Health lasting peace Limitless pleasure

and improve price range and the guarantee that I’m taking care of your

plans you may see a fantastic Exchange in your Lifestyles from stagnation to

progress from lack to abundance from confusion to Clarity and from ache to

peace I know that many of your struggling with dependency depression

and unhappiness however I am a god of freedom and I can smash the chains that

bind you your entire family could be healed and financial Miracles will come

when you need them all in the name of Jesus accept me as true believe in my

promises and embrace the advantages that are on their way to you I’m here for you

guiding you every step of the way here are three matters that God

wishes you to don’t forget today believe in him he’ll guide you through this hard

time and fix what’s damaged recognize that God is already working on your

behalf he’ll turn each poor situation for your lifestyles into something

positive bless you and your own family and bring Restoration in your

ache while you feel like you cannot move on God will provide you with the

electricity while you’re discouraged he’s going to provide you with Joel

while the entirety appears impossible he’s going to make a way for

you expensive baby I’m the daddy of the the Heavenly lighting the only one who

gives you all the cracked and ideal presents you receive in your

life in contrast to fleeting Shadows I by no means alternate your enemies told

you that you wouldn’t make it and that you did not deserve it however realize

that promotions and blessings come from me and what I promised you no one can

eliminate like tinant there’s a person closed to you who wants to get you in

Problem by way of falsely accusing you and placing you in jail do you recognize

why because they’re very jealous of how nicely you’re doing financially and want

to damage you however do not worry my child I am

always here to defend you guide you and preserve an eye on you I realize that

this character is packed with envy and sick feelings towards

you Lord says you could trust me when I say that I recognize approximately their

plans and their attempts to bring damage into your Lifestyles do not be afraid

due to the fact I will make certain to Shield you from their lies and sneaky

plans consider in my information and Equity because I can ensure that the

reality comes out and every person sees your innocence in the imminent week get

prepared for a clearly terrific Revel in you are approximately to enter a special

length filled with happiness love and a lot of

cash consider me money will come to you resol seily and constantly bringing you

a life of abundance dear toddler just make certain

to watch this entire video because it will bring extremely good Miracles

enormous breakthroughs and even more benefits during this marvelous time

anticipate to attain a couple of Victories triumph over obstacles

and reach the Whole Thing You Do by the give up of

you will be wealthy a success glad and more healthy than ever before God

will bathe you with Benefits including abundance excellent Health pleasure and

happiness he will turn each bad situation for your existence around

bless you and your own family family and heal the whole lot that wishes healing

all the pain tears and sleepless nights will come to and stop because you’re

destined to win the lottery with the purpose to absolutely transform your

existence your Fitness may also obtain the contact of God’s dazzling hand and

Lifestyles converting benefits will fill your Lifestyles recognize that God is

taking you far away from a war and now not having sufficient and bringing you

restoration e and masses this night while you sleep G will

furnish the miracle you have been praying for so long it’ll alternate Your

Existence and put off all your issues just like David who did not want

to know how sturdy Goliath changed into due to the fact he knew I used to be

stronger you don’t want to fear about anything due to the fact nothing you’re

going through today is stronger than me I’ve all the strength and I can combat

your battles for you in case you’re tired of feeling

hopeless lost and down simply come to me

I’m able to put on off your ache issues hand issues and update them with

accurate Fitness happiness and peace God says to you I deliver

Everlasting happiness and I am right here to deliver joy into your life I’m

the only who turns the mild of Sunrise Into Darkness and walks on the highest

parts of the earth I am the Lord God of Heaven’s armies

a topnotch healing is on its manner to you it will bring whole recovery from

any sickness and the weight of debt that has been troubling you God loves you so

much that he has dispatched angels to attend to your debts and bills they’ll

also hold your family secure from damage say this out loud while I am by

myself God comforts me when I am nothing God is the whole lot to me whilst I am

sad and lonely God is my song and my pleasure whilst I am vulnerable and

helpless God is my energy Heavenly Father thanks for the

lifestyles changing benefits which can be coming my way I trust that you have

extremely good matters to liberate from my destiny I Surrender each part of my

thoughts will and emotions to you in jesus’ name I can provide you with suitable

health safety and economic Leap Forward and an effort to exceed your

expectations this week will bring breakthroughs for you you may see

improvements to your Fitness cash topics and

relationships I will open the Windows of heaven and pour out blessings of

affection wealth healing and new opportunities at an Unstoppable Pace

your financial institution account will overflow with abundance Beyond Your

Wildest goals and all your bills can be paid in complete and on

time let’s pray collectively for God’s abundant benefits to circulate your life

heaven Heavenly Father we ask to your protection and steering as we enter this

season of abundance please send angels to observe over and defend us as we

pursue Your Divine reason for our lives assist us trust for your promises

and trust that you may bless us significantly we ask all of this in

Jesus Christ’s name dear infant you’ll acquire God’s benefits abundantly much

like rain pouring down on you is Grace wisdom mercy and favor will surround you

completely while you sleep this night I’m able to perform miracles for your

behalf your disappointment will change into happiness your problems will

transform into benefits and your lack will be replaced with abundance I

declare that unexpected benefits are coming your way your monetary situation will improve

greatly and you will circulate from suffering to having more than sufficient

money God will open doorways for you in a supernatural manner he’ll manual the

proper people to speak positively about you and cast off any boundaries to your

lifestyles God says this week will be full of exact

news prayers being spoke back breakthroughs Miracles and favor you may

witness considerable superb modifications for your Fitness job

relationships and price range before the end of this month I’m going to surprise

you very soon I’ve already prepared restoration

add advantages and monetary abundance a good way to undoubtedly affect your

Lifestyles for all time nowadays no harmful impacts or limitations can

Prevail towards you your well-being your time your mind or your own family in

Jesus call Bear in mind you’re never by myself

the Lord guarantees that he’s always with you he will fight your battles and

bring calmness to any storms and your Lifestyles he’ll fill your life with

peace and pleasure declare with self assurance these days I will acquire the

abundance of affection restoration and blessings that I deserve my entire

family will Revel and recovery and miracles will appear or we need them

I’ve have the power to do extremely good matters that would appear impossible I

can help heal your ache restore your relationships and offer you with plenty

recall my expensive ones that Jesus is just like the bread that offers a

existence going to see him will ensure that you never go thirsty or hungry

again whenever you’re going through a tough time in your life he’s there to

help Look to Him in times of need and he will give you the Everlasting Serenity

you want remember that I am engaged in the business of making a difference and

doing excellent work your misery into joy and your scarcity into plenty is my

current secret mission I encourage you to trust me in

the midst of your trial just as Daniel did while he was in the Lion’s Den you may trust in me because I

am your safe haven your rock your Beacon of Hope and your loving

father every area of your life is about to undergo remarkable Transformations as

you open your heart to them let us contemplate this prayer together so that

you may reap the benefits I have prepared for you using the money you

earn from your work and investments in your health and

relationships oh my goodness the Rival of January is something for which I am

eternally thankful at some point this month please protect our own family and

loved ones protect us and keep us from danger bestow upon us the requisite

Health plenty of advantages and unfaltering

Vitality remove from our hearts all anxieties pressures and uncertainties

teach us to always think of you no matter how bad things become we are

grateful that you have heard our prayers and have answered them you will always remember the doors

I open for you because of the possibilities they provide the wishes of

your heart might come true my dear ones exciting things are foot for

you it may be the career you’ve always dreamed of a marriage that brings you Jo

or a breakthrough like no other there can be a major shift happening in the

next days so be ready astounding signs of divine favor

and love manifest in the form of breakthroughs Miracles and faith favors

will blow your mind always keep in mind that the connection you have with my son

Jesus is the most important relationship you can have as your partner Redeemer

and savoir he is invaluable when you’re hurting he will

heal you and give you comfort he may be your light even when you feel like

giving up put your trust in him and he won never let you

down let us now utter those words as one oh Lord I have chosen you you have my

whole devotion I am a living embodiment of your mercy and I beg you to occupy

the proper place in my life as savoir and

Lord realize that this is a period when good things will come your way in plenty

as you enter the next chap chapter of your life success may follow success

satisfaction may follow fulfillment and progress may follow

progress from completely overwhelmed to completely fulfilled that is how you

will feel very soon you can start to feel fortunate and have good fortune as

your story turns may it be so play Comm men to indicate your

agreement when you’re sick weak and discouraged my precious children I God I

am aware of your pain and will tend to it with extraordinary

tenderness have faith in the incredible potential of healing may my love envelop

you my healing Grace uplift you and my presence bring you Solace on your path I

love you now and I will love you forever if you will only agree with me and

realize this prepare to be elated because God

has great blessings in store for you before the end of this month your

financial situation is about to improve your life may begin to heal and

miraculous things will happen abounding blessings and Limitless

opportun unities will be yours during the months of January and February I

wish you and your loved ones nothing but the best as I bless you with a

prosperous career secure finances a reliable vehicle and unconditional

love healing change blessings and miracles are what people are hoping for

as we enter the year far away there are exciting New

Beginnings intriguing possibilities and glittering starts your advantages will increase

threefold in the next week I promise it may seem unbelievable but please believe

me when I say this you will be blessed abundantly because our God is a

multiplying God recognized that I am the Lord who

provides rest restoration healing and Redemption I am the one who brings hope

to the despairing and energy to the tired I possess the power to restore

your wholeness in the face of any form of pain whether it is physical emotional

or otherwise every wand and Wounded Heart

may be healed by me if you just want my assistance I may be willing to provide

it God is now bringing life altering advantages to you via both old and new

doors that he has opened in response to your prayers get ready for a general

Improvement in your health relationships and money as well as

better financial investments God is going to accomplish

excellent things for your life so be ready for the impossible the Lord says

no one can stand in the way of the doors that God is prepared to open for you

your Miracle is on its way it would seem that there is no

method by which he is constructing his work may you be showered with favor Good

Will and advantages in the name of Jesus you may anticipate tremendous

improvements in all areas of your life this week week you may anticipate a positive shift

in your health new business or career opportunities flourishing

relationships and an improvement in your financial situation a miracle is on its

way from God that will take all your cares and concerns out of your

life you have entered a new era of Freedom success and plenty a new day is

done running upon you free from the shadow of fear and

conflict the Lord has great blessings in store for you so welcome this new season

with optimism and expectation Embrace his advantages with

an open heart and confidently move into the Glorious future that lies

ahead when times get tough I’ll be there to help hope you find strength instead

of letting pain anxiety and difficult circumstances bring you down I can give

you the strength to overcome them I have the ability to transform any

negative situation into something positive for you I am the one with the

incredible plan for your life have faith in me you are about to receive

extraordinary rewards from God what you lack he will make abundant what you

suffer he will turn into testimony of Victory and what you don’t understand he

will clarify great things are going to happen this week I

swear every day from Monday through Sunday expect Marvels everything is

about to change for the better for you your health will improve and your

financial situation will become better numerous blessings and miraculous

occurrences are about to flood your life right now a lot of you are coping

with stress and certainty and Nightmares I am here to help you replace your

stress with Clarity your ignorance with understanding and your nightmares with

peaceful Slumber this very day God has spoken to

you and told you that the Lord is going to change your life instead of sadness

he will bring you Joy and you will go from lack to plenty you are in for a

topnotch season full of surprises triumphs and

Innovations remember always my dear child that you have placed your faith in

me you are not alone in the challenging conditions that life throws at us in the

good times and the bad I will be right here with you keep in mind that my

benefits are fresh every day instead of giving up because today

was a bad day keep your spirits out since tomorrow will provide fresh

opportunities for good things to happen are you ready for the biggest

breakthrough of your life I am going to shock you with how wonderful I am so be

ready I have already taken care of your promotion Independence and Recovery to have faith

is to sing praises to God are the storm rages on to have confidence in him to

you’re in the valley and to follow him even when it’s darkest it will be by the mercy and love

of your heavenly father and not through your own might that your

ideal marriage will be fulfilled a stronger faith in God is

what God really wants from you not more effort on your part A life-changing

shift is possible when you shift your focus from seeking to

trusting everything will work out for your benefit at the precise moment that

the Universe has decreed and you are are about to enter a time of boundless love

and natural planty keep your trust in God strong for you are about to

experience an unexpected influx of blessings that will change your life

forever I am transforming your pain into strength and your difficulties into

opportunities a strategy to prosper you cure you and rescue you from the

troubling problems you experience is in my magnificent plan for your

lifestyle nothing that has happened to you has thwarted my plan so keep that in

mind I know how to set you up for success in the future but it may take

some time if you put your faith in me I will make your life a

miracle for the benefit of those who love God and are commanded to maintain

his cause we acknowledge that every person is significant and cooperate for

their benefit God is always there for you so you never have to face loneliness

alone when your heart longs for friendship the Lord has not abandoned

you so there is no need to be concerned says Jesus if you apologize I will

forgive you and wash away all your sins people may be cruel and unforgiving

if they see that you love me but know that I am with you through the good

times and the bad so you don’t have to worry by shifting your focus from the

problem to the one God and one mediator Jesus Christ who can make peace between

God and Mankind worship may help you overcome

adversity pray and ask God for what you need instead of asking for it and be

thankful for everything that he has done for you when you do this you let more of

God’s mercy and wonders into your life like a Floodgate

opens people who feel lost despondent or depressed in their pursuit of ultimate

happiness should turn to God God will provide guidance and direction if you

persistently seek pray and knock I hope that you are blessed and

that the Lord will protect you by enveloping you in his Heavenly Wings in

the midst of all you’re going through declare loudly that you need God’s help

to leaving him totally and fighting off uncertainty and

anxiety please God if it is your will come to my house remove all my worries

and problems and bless and protect my own family the next day and unexpected

turn of events will transform your hopelessness Despair and financial woes

into an overflow of joy and prosperity unexpected blessings are are

about to shower upon you the next three days will be filled with extraordinary

breakthroughs and miracles as you embark on a new season of Plenty may God’s

grace envelop you with happiness love and harmony in

your life will take a dramatic and positive turn giving you the genuine

love you’ve been seeking and Financial stability no one else will ever be able

to provide your own family with boundless Health riches and success like

you let us pray together my children over this new week I pray to you

heavenly father in accordance with Jesus command I am here now to express my

deepest thanks and appreciation you are really kind to me me and I appreciate

all that you do especially keeping an eye on me they all my desires be granted by

your divine intervention in proportion to your illimitable wealth and Splendor

breakthroughs blessings and plenty will be yours this week I

swear your compassion kindness and grace are much appreciated I I have faith in

your purpose for my life and can’t wait to see your future

plans thank you for loving me and for having such a wonderful plan for my life

father assist me in anticipating that I never imagined advantages you have in

store for me especially in regards to what I ask

or assume I acknowledge and Proclaim that you are doing doing exceedingly

well in jesus’ name I pray amen there are long locked doors that I

will unlock for you suddenly your life will be transformed when you are down and out

and in need of some direction pray to God because he will never leave your

sigh take into consideration that I am in no way

alone every aor will be made up for every loss will be made right every

adversary will be vanquished and every obstacle will be removed from your path

because of me change is on the way in my life and I

am making it official from stuckness to floating from scarcity to plenty from

muddle to understanding and from Pain to come I can see a

transformation you will be blessed abundantly by God

because of his unfaltering love and Fidelity you have my undying affection

and admiration you have already won you are more than a conqueror you have

triumphed it’s going to change your life and I’m getting you ready for it get

ready for a major miracle that is expected to happen this week physical

ailments debts marriages and addictions are all being healed by

God the future I have planned for you is fantastic so trust me blessings upon you

and your loved ones strength for your weak spots healing for your illness and

resuscitation of your dormant love and Tranquility are all within my healing

abilities let us come together in prayer oh God it is my declaration that I am

free from fear and can put my trust in you I have faith that you will never let

me down and I can fulfill all the promises you have placed in my

heart green light I generally kisse your prize good night I pray to you Lord for

guidance as I deal with difficult circumstances at work dad you are dead

on your grace and love for me are Limitless and I am eternally grateful I

appreciate your reliability even if I tend to mess up

easily in the name of Jesus Christ I choose to get up now and think about how

much you are blessing me according to your riches in glory



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