🛑Jesus Says: If You Skip Me Today, I Will Leave You Forever | God Blessings Forever ।


today God is saying to

you I have showered you with hundreds of

blessings to prove that I am the

greatest gift you could ask

for do you really believe that I can’t

offer you the correct blessing at the

appropriate moment if I was able to give

you those

blessings therefore have faith in me

rather than worrying about your life or

future I understand your needs and

what’s best for you I’ll give it to you

when it’s

appropriate don’t sin meditate on what I

have spoken pray for everything and have

faith in

me if you have faith in God type

I will be your anchor in the storm

is what God is saying to you right now

I’ll help you cross your Valley you will

follow me out of the desert your

provider will be me there is an

allmighty Father in Heaven that cares

for you have trust in me and know that I

will fulfill my end the

bargain if you think that God exists

please like this

video what causes you to worry you seem

to be losing sleep why though you you

may not understand how it can work out

you are blind to my ways as your

heavenly father since I am always

working to move obstacles out of your

path create opportunities for you and

make bad circumstances

better if you think this is true type to

tutu tell me what you have planned says

God give me your aspiration and goals

and I’ll take care of them I’ll sculpt

and mold them into what I see ideal

happiness doesn’t always come from

getting what you desire I promise you


loved God is advocating for you there’s

a miracle coming for you in jesus’ name

it won’t be postponed any

longer I Proclaim suddenly that your

season has changed prepare yourself for

more benefits and promises that come

true stop where you are and let go of

whatever is dragging on your heart right

now give it to God and go about your

day says God your mind is being attacked

by Satan it’s untrue that you have

negative views about

yourself Satan wants you to fall for his

falsehoods in order to keep you

imprisoned God wants to advance you but

you must release the mental restraints

that are holding you

back give up on the false dreams the

devil is trying to tell you Satan is

playing mental games with you it’s true

what God revealed

you the devil wants you to fall for his

falsehoods he desires for you to give up

he want for you to revert to your


self he’s aware of your strength God’s

next move in your life is known to him

he can’t stop it which is why he’s angry

avoid being tricked by Satan you’re

almost there remain

persistent knowing what God is going to

do the devil is attempting to divert

your attention it’s it’s going to alter

drastically in your

life there’s a job moment coming up God

is going to make things right for you I

am aware of the difficulty you may have

wanted to give up at some point but your

inner warrior won’t let it that lifeless

spot is soon to be lifted from you by

God the light of God is going to shine


you you are a global disruptor how

pleased God is of you you remained

persistent with him the fruit the devil

was attempting to feed you you did not

bite he is going to prove to the world

that he is divine you’re his comrade you

really are one you are now clear to

proed you’re a beacon God desires for

you to be radiant so that others may see

him through you

you input I’m prepared to shine to

confirm God is telling you I am bringing

about a significant shift in your life

today your prayers are heard by me you

deserve more and I know it I know your

heart I’m giving you my best and

greatest wishes you have gone through a

lot in life it seems like people have

moved Dawn from you passing

judgment however what I say about you is

all that counts continue on the route

it’s not that I made you to be flawless

I made you to be

obedient don’t even consider quitting

regardless of how things seem to be

going at the moment you will succeed I

am aware that your family your health

and your money are on your mind recall

that I constantly labor for

you if you persevere and don’t give up I

will grant you Victory Healing and

serenity today I will take this nasty

circumstance and turn it into something

lovely prepare to receive your

benefits for you and your family God is

making changes never again can will you

need to worry about the who what when or

how that’s not your job that’s gods

angels have been assigned to your case

and he works the midnight shift while

this is happening get some

rest today God is telling you I saw what

they did to you in

I could feel your pain and quiet

handling of it though I kept you and

kept an eye on you I knew everything in

the year I set up a table for your

adversaries this is the year of

breakthrough and success for

you and put our man if it was

necessary God will give you strength

beyond your normal capacity when he sees

you doing your part believing when you

don’t see any evidence of it giving

thanks to him and you’re weak and taking

difficult steps in faith his assistance

will enable you to accomplish tasks that

would otherwise be

unattainable even if things haven’t

worked out and you’ve had a lot of nose

you need to prepare yourself because yes

is on the way yes to the recovery and

the advancement your answer is on it its

way God is going to unlock doors that

were previously

closed he has the power to alter

people’s perceptions and make them kind


you input I embrace my power to make it

official next up is you you are the

symbol of a Triumph a healing a new role

your name may appear on a new house a

legal victory a breakthrough a miracle

or even a breakthrough and

breakthrough remain come some of the

individuals who are now ignoring you may

eventually give you

credit in the tender arms of my serenity

rest little darling because you have

believed for so long great benefits are

going to enter your life you


you stayed obedient a significant reward

for your perseverance

enthusiasm and commitment is on the

horizon everything will finally make

sense remain persistent even if you’re

worn out disheartened and disappointed I

have a few doors to open for you now

things are going to change for you I

therefore announce that your body is

being healed by God it’s restore your

mind your savings account will

expand your wishes are being answered


Enterprise vocation will flourish your

debts will be written off nothing that

is created to harm you will

succeed you’ll quickly come to the

conclusion that it was ultimately

worthwhile you will realize realiz that

God didn’t want you to remain where you

were because he loved you too

much too much affection for him to let

you go he was too much in love with you

to offer you the right thing at the

wrong moment he loved you so much that

he gave you all he had though right now

you may not grasp it you soon

will if you agree type

amen if you think that God exists please

subscribe to our

Channel I am going to make up for all

the years you lost the years the enemy

took from you and the years you endured

cruelty there will be an abundance of

opportunity riches pleasure and

Tranquility in your life I have a

blessing for you for every emotional

hardship Financial setback back and

painful loss is what God is saying to


today if this statement is sent to you

type I claim

it God says get moving don’t be afraid I

have a wonderful and amazing experience

planned for you you’ll be so much more

powerful and exalt me to the hilt little

one never fear humankind together we

are nothing created to harm you will

ever flourish you are loved everything

you’ve been asking God for and trusting

he would provide you is so very near

this morning I really felt compelled to

inform someone about

it everything you were promised is very

near at hand this season never question

it here it is

if you think there is a God type

yes God speaks child don’t let your past

fears stop you from pursuing the things

I have planned for you you are

unbreakable and will never give up I

will raise you to such Heights that only

we can go together I am all around

you so when we leap I’ll be there too

permit me to present the Marvels I have

carefully curated for you you have my

faith you’re going to start narrating a

new narrative very soon one filled with

enormous pleasure love happiness peace

wealth healing and health you will share

all of your benefits and impart the

knowledge you are gaining becoming

stronger smarter and full of life in the


receive it by faith and claim

it you’ll discover why God made you wait

if you just wait you could never pray

for or imagine what God is capable

of I ask the Lord to Grant you patience

as you wait for what he has in store for

you yet when it seemed almost dead I

managed to keep it alive you stayed

persistent you did not

waver nobody really understands how much

it has affected you it is your season

now Claim by typing I’m

abundant your moment of Brilliance is

near we’re taking care of your

requirements your prayed for healing is

on its way the one you’ve been waiting

for Is On The Way It Is Coming the the

Tranquil you are seeking you will get

all these things if you seek me

first for the individual who hasn’t been

themselves lately things will get better

God Will Make the storm

subside we’re going to move mountains

we’ll mend

relationships there will be Joy

again a lion I love you God to express

your agreement

you should put a grin back on your face

remember always that you are not doing

this alone I’d be happy to assist

already my angels are at your

side and wind and just have faith in me

for you I have wonderful ideas you

should really rekindle your excitement

because I have bigger plans for you than

you could ever imagine or asked for the

best is not yet upon

us you must regain your excitement for

me you must keep in mind that you are

not facing this

alone I’ve already assigned angels to

you and I’m working on your issues so

relax and have faith in me I have a very

amazing conclusion plan let go of your

worries and indeed this is precisely the

reason you should rekindle your

excitement the joyful conclusion I have

in store will literally rock your world

you are aware of what has to be done at

this crucial juncture in your

trip only as a task will Temptations and


materialize keep your discipline and

attention magnificence is

approaching love God subscribe to our

Channel blessings great success

Financial development new

possibilities love and happiness are all

expected in October prepare to get

everything that you have been asking for

and hoping for you and your family will

have a fortunate month Express gratitude


God I announc that things are going to

be better for you soon you’re going to

astonish the doctors your health will

return and blessings and miracles are on

their way to your home type and yell God

visit me if you

believe type our men to indicate your

belief in the

Lord the current situation you are in

will shortly come to an end God is aware

that you are in the fire but he is using

it to smooth out the rough spots and

expose any

impurities I want you to have faith in

the method you are being greatly used by

God you will be better off brighter and

stronger after this than you were

before you’ll be operating at a higher

level you’re going to be ready for the

dream and Destiny that God has a

appointed for

you tonight I would want you to say

thank you Father for perfecting

me input I embrace my power to make it

official I pray to God please accept my

gratitude for all of your blessings I

come to you now in humility asking that

my faults be forgiven you are my life my

pillar of support

and my hope I give you all I have make

me white as snow cleanse my

soul cleanse my thoughts and help me get

over my previous traumas I ask that you

lead my loved ones friends and foes

alike to your unending

love I need and I adore you type am in

and forward this to a person in

need subscribe our Channel if you have

faith in

Lord it was claimed that you wouldn’t

survive they thought it was Unworthy of

you they attempted to prevent you from

getting my very

best recognize that I am the source of

blessings and advancements my child

nobody will be able to steal stop or

destroy what I promised you remain

religious I I’m going to shower you with

gifts and

plenty right now every obstacle and

stronghold impeding your advancement and

your desire are being lifted you’ll

experience blessings and miracles have

your expectations fulfilled and have

your hope

restored say Amen if you have faith in

God prepare yourself for Innovations

prepare to get promoted to come ready

for the repair it could have been an

issue for you for a very long time but

today might be the day that Things

become better things might change all of

a sudden God desires that you display


glory he desires that you be seen among

the masses he desires for you to be so


that everyone around you Witnesses his

kindness thus if you continue to stand

believe hope and Proclaim his word

blessings and favor will eventually find

their way to you God isn’t through with

you yet your latter years will surpass

your earlier ones this is only the start

of where you will

go you’re going to be thrust into the

next Realm by God your starting point

will not be your finishing Point

therefore don’t let your current

situation depress

you this degree of Brilliance that you

have experienced is just a little taste

of what is still to come prepare for

your last moments continue Forward

Motion things will only get better and

though you started with little you will

will end with

much to accept it

typs I bless you with many benefits

today to every shattered part of your

life I speak Joan

healing I talk of a propt arrival for

something which is postponed I Proclaim

that throughout this season God’s favor

will be upon you nothing beneficial will

God withhold from you now is your

chance if you’re ready type yes and show

this video to five individuals who

believe in


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