God is speaking to you right

now this is the time for

Supernatural favor I have a fantastic

strategy for your life this is your

chance to recover your

experiences have only strengthened and

prepared you you have been chosen to

achieve success and are

rewarded if you’re ready type

today I speak numerous blessings over

you every Rift in your life that needs

repairing and pleasure is addressed by

me I offer a prompt rival on what has


postponed I declare that you will

experience God’s favor during this time

God won’t withhold anything nice from

you your time has

come if you believe in God please please

watch this

video I will never leave you in a

dangerous circumstance I come first I am

next to you I follow in your wake be

assured that I am with you know matter

what you are going through right

now you’re in for a busy week this week

I announce that you will enjoy a string

of Victories healing and anticipated


growth financial gain and

Enlightenment I hope you get whatever

you want in

life in the name of Jesus

amen God tells the child don’t let your

past concerns force you to compromise on

the things I have planned for you you

won’t trip or make a mistake I am all

around you and I will raise you so high

that there will be areas where we can be


closer let’s jump trust me sweetheart

never forget that not even a single

second goes by without my presence I’ll

therefore be jumping with you let me

show you the Wonders I have in store for

you you have my support your

psychological emotional and material

circumstances will all be completely

different after

months continue to read God’s word pray

and improve yourself God will lavish you

with unimaginable

blessings don’t be ashamed of your flaws

or afraid of them advises God you are

exactly how I made you and I appreciate

that avoid attempting to pretend let’s

discuss it jointly as a

substitute I will supply anything that

is missing I will make you feel better

if you’re hurt I adore you terribly my

child let me assist you all that you

have prayed for and believed God for so

close at hand this morning I had a

strong want to let someone know

everything that was promised to you is

only around the corner

in this campaign don’t doubt it it is

here I feel it God’s moved you are about

to experience a very specific

event God declares the stress you’re

under won’t break you instead I’m using

it to strengthen you I heard your

child’s prayer I’m shining a light on

who you really

are you will find the calm you crave for

want you figure out how to give me back

control of your life my little child I

adore you over and over again God will

continue to bless you while taking your

test try not to

worry everything for which you have

waited and prayed will bounce back to

you you may trust in God to

deliver this Wednesday keep in mind


things one trust in God God will see you

through this difficult time what needs

fixing he will fix repot in him too all

will go as planned God is aware of the

scope of your goals you can trust

him three God will give you courage when

you feel like giving up when you are

depressed he will make you joyful even

when it seems in imposs he will find a

solution for it you will experience

healing compared to before you are

returning stronger and

better five give God your whole

attention not my storm six God is

preparing you for a miracle you are

experiencing your breakthrough this

week seven you’re going to experience

your happiest moment in memory

observe God’s next action eight your

best days are still in front of

you if you love God subscribe to our

Channel God declares love people more

then you care about how they treat you

you never learned from me to treat

others the way they treat you be more

kind to them people are taught to treat

others the same way they want to be

treated but that’s not how I

roll I am loving and merciful all of

your accomplishments make me happy

everything you need will be given to you

a few pray to me and ask for it put your

trust in God I Adore

You entering I am becoming aware will

confirm God declares I gave you life but

it is not for you you were made in my

likeness to live for me and to be a love

and Aid and a comfort to others find

your goal by seeking me out don’t do

what you want and ask me to tell you

what I want from you instead I adore

you be sympathetic try to put yourself

in the shoes of others to understand how

challenging it can be be kind because

you are privileged not everyone

is rise up says God Be not Afraid I’ve

planned an exciting and breathtaking

adventure for you you’ll be lot more

powerful and bring me a ton of Honor

never be terrified of people little one

along with you nothing created against

you will ever be successful I cherish

you God is telling you this day I know

the path that lies ahead my Brave Little

Warrior there are no more issues and the

way is clear my little one please take a

nap enjoy the Tranquil and benefits I

have prepared for you today I’ll show

you the root when the moment is

perfect just trust me for the time being

and don’t worry about breaking your

little heart I am in charge of the

situation and I will never permit the

corrupt people’s schemes to

succeed God has both your past and your

future Covered there’s no need for fear

any longer who or what can oppose you if

God is for

you it’s taken care of according to God

the solution is already in place and and

my child you have won don’t allow anyone

bring you down as you move forward walk

with confidence my folks must see that

you have faith in me sweet

kid let my light enter This World by

widening your heart remain calm why are

you dotting God in this scenario after

he delivered you from the one that you

once believed would be the end of you

every everything is possible with

God all will be well for you stop

constantly questioning your abilities

it’s time although the load you are

currently bearing is incredibly heavy

you are still very powerful today is the

perfect time to assess what is dragging

you down and remove

it anyone reading this who has gone

through it is going through it or has

already overcome it is intended

positivity blessings and keeping your

head up are all important do you ever

feel like you’re hollow

inside it’s like though your heart is

completely spent with broken pieces that

don’t fit together your thoughts are

like a

puzzle it will all make sense when

you awaken in one day you’ll understand

the purpose of the suffering you

experienced you’ll come to understand

that God always heard and always

provided a solution both delight and a

thorough grasp of the conflict will fill

you to the

brim wait till you see the blessing that

this conflict has to provide it will

become clear to you soon you have access

to God’s stti ous

plan if you put God first he will put

you first to carry out the tasks that

God has given you will need you to spend

everything sometimes we quickly pray for

the test too and when we are being

tested ask God to reveal to you what you

are too learn from this test instead and

quit avoiding your

growth that is the reason you keep

climbing the same Mountain everyone is

screaming for a breakthrough yet nobody

wants to fall

apart simply enter I am open to life to

confirm God will give you stamina beyond

what you can physically muster if he

sees you doing your part trusting in Him

even when you don’t see any evidence of

it giving him thanks when you’re weak

and taking steps of Faith even when it’s


painful he’ll assist you in doing

something you couldn’t do on your alone

God is telling you tonight to rest if

you’re lying in bed right now feeling

dejected worn out and uncertain about

when things will get better already in


office every unfavorable circumstance in

your your life will be changed and I

will bless your entire family as well as

all the aching places in

you think again if you believe it to be

over God has never done moving in jesus’

name I declare that something will

change a battle you’ve been fighting is

going to get better previously closed

doors are now opening it’s not finished


God is about to act in your

favor type Amen to a

affirm you are about to receive some

benefits from God that will help you

forget your past experiences your

attackers your losses and unfairness

although you have already had to doses

of difficulty you will soon experience

the doses of Good Fortune

that which you could never bring about

God is about to do you won’t have to

engage in comat since he will turn the

circumstance around chances are in your

favor your life is in God’s hands it

never fails that God provides right on

schedule in tumultuous

circumstances God will deliver you you

are his child with the father you are


according to Psalm

– you were not made to handle life

stresses alone Before Dawn it is always

the darkest why are you concerned if God

is so concerned that he counts the hairs

on your head you are in his

hands right I love you

God whatever is trying to hold you back

whether it’s a mountain of debt a

mountain of illness a mountain of

depression or a mountain of addiction

night appear and surmountable to you but

it can’t compare to our god with just a

little bit of his favor he can level


mountain today God is telling you to

have faith in him even when you don’t

comprehend what he is doing compared to

your ways mine are superior simply have

faith that everything is conspiring in


favor you will receive rewards for

following my instructions and remaining

obedient to me a life of Faith consider

me you have me this is what you need

right now if you’re looking for

Assurance it will be all right for

you your way will be filled with

blessings your perseverance has made got

incredibly pleased of you it will all

work out

well right I taking my power back to

confirm keep on adoring when the

suffering becomes too much to bear he is

there he will not let you down when he

is holding you during the trial he is

aware of the harm they caused you he

holds the tears you shed close to his

chest and a

bottle he’s going to take this suffering

and give it a wonderful replacement

something fantastic is just getting

started this is not the and he

beautifies everything in due

course they predicted you wouldn’t

survive God is telling you today you

didn’t deserve it they claim they temp

it to prevent you from getting my finest

know my child that I am the source of

your successes and

benefits no one will be able to steal

stop or destroy what I promised you

remain faithful I’m about to show you my

gifts in

abundance tonight God is Whispering to

you I know you are suffering in pain in

secret every night you SOB yourself to

sleep because you don’t want to bother

anyone you are are at a loss for what to

do next I am aware of the situation I am

caring and I am

perceptive I’m already doing my best to

represent you rest in the palm of my

hand I hold you you’ll wake in the

following day feeling renewed and

knowledgeable you are being told by God

that he is aware of your broken heart

today all though I am close to the

Brokenhearted I am aware that moving on

can be difficult our wrap and cover your

wounds to help you

recover although the process of healing

will take some time as long as you keep

coming into my presence every day you

will have the fortitude to stand up and

accept the love thankfulness and fate I

have in planed for you what you are

experiencing now will shortly come to an

end God is using the fire to burn off

the rough edges and to bring the

impurities to the surface even though he

knows you are in the fire please have

faith in the procedure God is working

greatly in

you you will emerge from this situation

stronger more positive and more

prosperous than you were

before you will be at a higher level God

has given you a Destiny and a dream and

you will be ready to fulfill them this

evening I want you to say thank you

Father for purifying

me right I embrace my power to

affirm I want to express my gratitude to

God for all my blessings today I kneel

before you and beg for your pardon for

my transgressions you give me life are

my savior and Are My Strength I give you

everything make me holy and as white as

snow cleanse my soul purify my psyche

and help me recover from my past sarries

I pray that you will lead my loved ones

my friends and even my foes to your


love I adore you and depend on you amen

please and forward this to a friend who


it prepare for Innovations prepare for a

promotion prepare for Recovery that

issue may have plagued you for a very

long time but today might be the day

that it becomes better things can change

quickly God wants people to see his

Splendor in you

he wants you to be noticed among the

others he desires for you to be so

blessed that those around you may

witness his goodness because blessings

and favor are on the way continue to

stand to believe to Hope and to Proclaim


word God is still working with you your

later years will be superior to your

earlier ones the beginning is not where

you are right now you are about to enter

the next realm thanks to

God you won’t end up where you started

therefore don’t allow your current

situation demotivate you the

magnificence you’ve already experienced

on this level is just a preview of

what’s to come prepare yourself for your

final years it will only get better if

you keep going forward

word I speak many blessings over you

today even though you began out with

little you will end up with much every

shattered part of your life receives

delight and mening from me on what has

been delayed I speak

quickly you will experience God’s favor

during this time I declare nothing good

will be withheld from you by God God the

time is

now ensure your own

well-being if you’re ready just type yes

then send this video to five people you

know who believe in

God please turn on Bell notifications if

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