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?MY CHILD YOU IGNORE ME NOW I WILL IGNORE YOU । Jesus blessings forever ।

God is saying to you

today you’re entering a period of great

expansion and celebration this is a time

when life finally gives back to you

haven’t you waited long

enough realize that as life’s Tides turn

your way it’s not just a fluke or

accident it’s the outcome of your

unwavering efforts and commitment to

your dreams

goals prepare for easier and better

times there is certainly on their way

our message to you is this relaxed plan

for the good times you will soon have a

reason to

celebrate like this video If you have a

believe in


that massive shift you’ve been

waiting for is about to invade your

personal space won’t stop its powerful

wave allow it to completely transform

your journey in ways only the universe

could manifest our spirit has already

anticipated the changes that are headed


way now it’s time for your heart and

mind to catch up to it a new world of

opportunities break throughs and

unlimited abundance is opening up for

you Embrace this energy while it still

fresh prepare to move forward with Grace

and gratitude your path has never been

clear type if you trust

God share this video with five people

who trust

God God is going to open door doors for

you that have been locked for a long

time suddenly Miracles will start to

happen restoration and healing are being

released your greatest days of

productivity and prosperity are on the

horizon don’t quit keep moving

forward he said to me it is done I am

the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the end to the Thirsty

I will give water without cost from the

spring of the Water of

Life when it comes to the plan and

purpose of God it is done has been

declared long before it has even started

remember that today especially if you

sense doubt trying to creep up into your

mind don’t let the lies of the enemy

cause you to believe anything that is

not meant to strengthen your walk of

Faith No that it is

done don’t spend all day in your head

asking God how does be still and know

that it is already done be blessed and


encouraged type Amen to affirm

this God is saying to you today how I

have opened a door for you that no one


close today make sure you remember that

your breakthrough is going to be better

than anything you had to go

through sometimes while in a difficult

season it can be hard to be encouraged

and what God is going to do because you

have the issues of the present time to

deal with but don’t don’t you allow the

issues of the present to have dominion

in your

mind the Bible tells us that for the joy

that was set before him Jesus he endured


cross God has plac Joy before you also

keeping that Vision alive in your mind

will help you press through all the way

into your breakthrough be blessed and be


rest beloved child in the loving arms of


peace when you pass through the waters I

will be with you and when you pass

through the rivers they will not sweep


you the Lord wants to remind you today

that you are not stuck trust in his

guidance and do not depend on your own

understanding nothing can keep you out

of what what God declared you shall


into he declared that truth a long time

ago he didn’t say when you get stuck in

a situation I’ll be with you no he said

when you pass through I’ll be with

you you may not be able to see his hand

working at the moment but you can have

complete confidence that he’s leading

you through be blessed and be

encouraged it’s all coming together God

is calling for you to trust in him

completely he’s more aware of your

situation than you could ever be and

he’s working things out in ways that you

cannot our father is more than able to

do all things and it’s impossible for

him to fail so as long as you keep your

faith in his plan

and don’t let go of his

hand you can be confident that all his

promises for your life are all coming

together be blessed and be

encouraged type amen if you

believe God is saying to you today I am

sure of this that he who began a good

work and you will bring it to completion

at the day of Jesus

Christ remember that God is going to

complete what he has started in your

life sometimes it can seem as if God has

taken a break during a crucial period in

our lives leaving us to fight alone but

that’s never the

case there will be seasons in our lives

where the work of the Lord will be

noticeable and there will be other times

when is not but one thing’s for

certain if God started something he’s

going to finish it be blessed and be

encouraged type yes if you needed

this if God is for us who can be against

us make sure you remember to hold your

head up because God got you to hold your

tongue because God will justify you and

to hold your peace because God will

fight for

you to often times we try to take on


responsibilities instead of our own God

wants us to be confident in him and in

his great

power when we’re confident in him we are

more able to hold our heads up hold our


and hold our

peace and that’s because we know that if

God is for us we have more than enough

be blessed and be

encouraged type I Love You Lord to

affirm God is saying to you today for my

thoughts are not your thoughts neither

are your ways my ways says the


sometimes when we’re believing God to

work something out in our lives we can

find ourselves becoming upset feeling

doubtful or overcome with frustration

when we see things going in a direction

that we did not intend

on but you didn’t ask God to make things

go according to what you intended you

asked him to do what you couldn’t and

and he’s doing just that so trust him be

blessed and be

encouraged typ power men to receive

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God we know that all things work

together for the good of those who love

God Those whom he has called according

to his

plan today remember that all things are

working together for your good God is

taking everything about you your past

and present and molding you into a

vessel fit for the Master’s

use God wants people to look at you and

see that his favor cannot be match so

don’t worry about what you don’t have or

where you messed up

at God is saying to you today a person

is justified by works and not by faith

alone James to make sure you are

preparing yourself for the things you

are praying

for the same way God already had the

promised land prepared for the children

of Israel we also must be prepared

before we walk into the things we’ve

been praying for

preparation is the working of our faith

once God sees your commitment to

preparation he will call forth your

manifestation be blessed and be

encouraged but as for you be strong and

do not give up for your work will be

rewarded no matter how you may be

feeling don’t give

up sometimes we can reach a point in our

spiritual walk where it seems like it’s

just too much to keep going on and

because of this we begin to think more

and more about giving

up but don’t cave to your storm and its

purpose is to help you see that with God

by your sigh you can stand anything that

comes your way be strong be blessed and


encouraged God is saying to you today

this is the day that the Lord has made

let us rejoice and be glad in it as you

start this new day don’t started

thinking about the Troubles of

yesterday sometimes our biggest mistake

is bringing what troubled us into a new

day it’s God’s job to make our latter

days greater than our former days but

it’s up to us to make our today greater

than our yesterday be blessed and be

encouraged type I am strong to

affirm wait patiently for the Lord today

don’t forget that waiting on God is

beneficial for your good

success sometimes we tend to get into

one of our moods because God is making

us wait longer than we want to but when

his plan is reveal and we see why he had


waiting we then feel kind of stupid for

complaining in the first place God has

not forgotten you nor has he forsaken

you he’s just doing what’s best for you

and if you hang in there you’ll see that

God God’s way was the best way be

blessed and be

encouraged the thief comes only to steal

and kill and destroy I came that they

may have life and have it

abundantly know beyond a shadow of a

doubt that great things are headed your

way and that this is not the time to be

falling for Satan


don’t let him convince you of anything

because it’s a lie you are nearing the

door of a major breakthrough and you

can’t afford to allow yourself to be

deceived be wise be blessed and be

encouraged type I am evolving to

affirm God is saying to you today do not

despise these Small Beginnings for the L

he rejoices to see the work begin

remember that Beginnings always start

small yes we all desire to be rulers

over many but the Lord watches us to see

if we’ll first be faithful over few

don’t let your start get you

discouraged the Lord is proud to see you

begin no beginning is too small when he

Delights in it so be faithful and press

on and watch God reward your

faithfulness be blessed and be

encouraged finally be strong in the Lord

and in his mighty power it can be hard

for us to be encouraged when we are not


courageous most of the time we don’t

even think about the importance of being

courageous and this is why so many

people give up when faced with a

challenge when God is ordering our

footsteps we have to be the same way he

told Joshua to be strong and very

courageous hard times will come but

knowing god is fighting our battles and

that he won’t fail us should both be our

courage and help us stay encouraged be

blessed and be


typ our man if you have believe in Jesus

Lord For unto us was the Gospel preached

as well as unto them but it didn’t

profit those that heard the word because

they did not mix it with

faith God wants us to know that he

didn’t just send his word so we could

hear it he also sent it so we could

profit from it but that can only only

happen if we take his word and mix it

with some

Faith how many times have we been in the

midst of a storm and started out with

our focus on Jesus but got distracted by

what was going on around

us everything the devil does in our

lives is to get us to take our eyes off

Jesus every bill every irritation in

your marriage and

relationships every pain in your body is

designed to prevent you from walking in

the Supernatural realm which is where

your deliverance healing and prosperity

are obtained it’s time to Behold the

Lamb of God and keep your eyes fixed on

him type I’m optimistic if you’re

ready he that dwells in the secret place

of the most high shall abide under the

shadow of the almighty no matter what

comes you way today make sure you stay

under the protection of the almighty do

not be wise in your own eyes and try to

do things your own

way under the shadow of the almighty is

everything you will ever need be blessed

and be

encouraged you have circled this

mountain long enough if you’ve been

going around the same Mountain over and


again and have now reached a point and

your life were going around again just

isn’t an option then you really need to

focus on the changes that needs to be


within it’s time to be serious and and

get rid of the things that are either

not working or holding you

back make the changes you need to make

that will lead you to the

Mountaintop not around the same Circle

be blessed and be

encouraged type I amware if you

are for they did not believe God or

trust him to care for them remember that

is a child of the most high God you must

walk by faith and not by

sight don’t let anything cause you to

stand still in your faith or sit down on

your faith keep walking you may not

understand now but stay determined to


God you may be aggravated with things

but you must not give up while in the

process the children of Israel’s biggest

mistake wasn’t their stubborn ways it

was their refusal to believe that God

would take care of

them it’s important that we remember

that so we don’t make the same mistakes

be blessed and be

encouraged today remember let God’s

promises for your life stretch Far and

Beyond the blessings your asking him for

his goodness and mercy will never

abandon you but will follow you all the

days of your

life so don’t let your current troubles

fool you or cause you to give up God’s

goodness is about to pass before you and

change everything in your favor be

blessed and be

encouraged let your eyes look straight

ahead fix your sight directly before you

don’t let anything or anyone take your

focus off of God and what he’s doing in


life distractions have a way of popping

their ugly heads up at a time when we

need to have undivided attention on what

God is doing with us and within

us also regardless of how you may feel

don’t give into the feelings of

frustration be mindful that it can be

one of our biggest distractions be

blessed and be

encouraged God says my precious little

heart it’s not worth your tears these

worries anxiety fears they are only

clouds that try to hide your radiant

light remember child all these problems

are already solved in time I will show

you how it turns out but for now

consider it as a stormy

Adventure move towards knowing that you

can move the mountains and walk on water

for I am with you I will strengthen you

and I will help you I will always uphold

You by my right hand I love you my

little sunshine

type I am Sovereign to claim

it let things go peacefully the more you

try to hold on to people and situations

from the past you limit your growth and

prevent new energy from entering your

lives you have the ability to reconnect

recreate and Ray energize yourself to

tune into the present rather rather than

being driven Crazy by the past it’s time

to experience

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