today God is telling you that someone is attempting to remove this character from your life and they may be doing it more

than once your heavenly father is here and I want to have a serious conversation with you right now about

something that concerns the people you hold in the highest regard you have my deepest gratitude for sitting here today

and hearing me out I have some serious business to discuss with the individuals who are most important to you and your

way of life about certain matters that must be attended to permit me a moment of your time your loved ones are getting

ready for an exciting new adventure that is about to happen soon the time is

almost here for the event the problems that have been making you feel worried uncomfortable and financially troubled

will lead to the aforementioned occurrence occurring rather soon immediate financial success and

boundless Delight will be at your fingertips in no time the reason reason being such issues will be addressed

promptly which implies they can be addressed promptly you may be certain that your monetary issues will be

promptly resolved those benefits will be yours to enjoy because of the problems

that have led to your Current financial situation everything we can achieve is

only possible because God has blessed us without it none of this will work if you

want miracles to happen in your life watch this video all the way to the end

the problems you’ve been experiencing for the last many years are not new to me I apologize for noticing that I

appreciate you opening up to me about the devastating impact this case has had on your mental and physical health along

the way you could have encountered problems experienced a delay or lost something crucial even though this year

has the potential to be the best of your life I beg you to believe that against all odds you will have the best year of

your life this year with my assistance you may regain control of your health

your relationships and your finances allowing me to give you more without a

doubt your dreams will come true in due course however you must maintain an

attitude of gratitude and faith in order for this to happen you may not have to

wait long now that you have anticipated how long it will take to achieve your goals please help spread the gospel by

giving this video a like and sharing it with others if you believe in God remember that the key inside the lock is

turned on by accepting it as true in other words agreeing with me is the

secret to all my advantages and how you may gain them as well it is this

component of the lock that allows it to function as a painting it may not seem like there is a way out of this Jam but

if you’re on board I can find a solution no issue at all I will find a solution

if you’re on board with me you may show your appreciation and affection by donating up

to some changes in your life may be just what the Lord has planned all along

he may enter your life at any moment but this has already begun he has the power

to transform your sorrow into joy and lift you out of a place of scarcity into

a place of abundance he plans to do this by finding joy in your misery when he

enters your life you will experience an overwhelming amount of everything he

will take care of things on your behalf with the help of the Holy Spirit he will

be able to accomplish this goal with greater Plum so if you want God’s gift

you have to watch the whole movie from the opening scene to the closing credits

doing this is essential if we are to provide for our immediate requirements because of this my beloved children you

must prepare for a year that is sure to be jam-packed with Abundant Blessings gifts and giant leaps this next year may

be fantastic there is nothing you should ignore as you shall discover your

financial woes will be put to rest in the wee hours of tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to hear all about it if you

give me a chance and allow me to work my magic I guarantee that wonderful things will happen in your lives keep in mind

that my love for you will never fade and that I will always be by your side whenever you need me this is something

you must remember at all costs for the rest of your life keep this in mind I am

no longer a distant God who dwells in the distance rather I am a God who is near to you that is the point I want you

to grasp so that our conversation may go smoothly please do not misunderstand me

for a god devoid of character this idea is crucial for you to grasp I beg you do

not think I am a god devoid of Personality I’m not that kind of God anymore do not do this when you are

pursuing your dreams and Ambitions I’m also concerned about meeting all of your

requirements you should talk to me like you would with a close friend and you should listen to what I have to say like

a loving Dad could also please treat me the manner a near pal could also please treat you plain language like you would

use with a close friend is what I want you to apply to me I want you to be open and honest with me like

you would with a close buddy I want you to speak to me in an easy way it is

strongly recommended that you listen to this channel if you are simply interested in God and the Christian

faith the universe as an entire is made through your typ maker who’s clearly me

I am the one who made the whole thing take place I am the one who delivered you into the second sector on this

institution are all the matters among heaven and earth like the solar and the celebrities the mountains and the sky

and the Seas and the mountains I am the only one who has an idea of you gives

you Lifestyles primarily based on the photo of myself I’ve taken and loves you more than words can say I made you so

one can stay as much as the image I’ve of myself that I gave birth to within the mental picture of myself that I have

I am the only only one who gave birth to you to put it another way I’m your actual mom you’re listening to your

mother son or daughter I am always with you to comfort you and preserve her you

can consider me a friend if you want to know that no matter what happens in our lives I will always love you and that

you are my great child never forget that I am here for you and always will be

this is something you must remember make sure it stays in your mind

I can alleviate all your stress anxiety pain and worries and replace them with

my boundless love healing magic and blessings I can remove all your burdens

I can remove all your burdens fears and pain right now whatever you’re experiencing right now will depart and I

can create something new in its place you my beloved child have been in this

situation longer than anyone else things that weren’t yours have been holding you

back even though they shouldn’t have been in the first place this is true

even though you shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place on top of that you’ve been assuming

responsibilities that rightfully belong to you the main reason this statement is

true is because you didn’t have the legal right to hold them in your hands in the first place this is why the

outcome turned out the way it did however you’ve now decided that you need

to let go go of everything including these things and trust me we can work

through this together we want to slow down now that we’re trying to handle this situation too much I know that you

my sweet baby were praying for things to change for a blessing to come upon you

and for a way out of your current situation you are praying that these words will be heard even though it seems

like there is no way out of this mess I will find a solution that works for you

and let you know about it I am the only one who can heal you put you back together and give you the strength you

need I also want you to know that the Lord has heard and answered your prayers

I want you to approach this information with all your heart because of me you will come out of this experience not

only richer but also healthier happier and more abundantly blessed than anybody

else on Earth dear young man I beg you not to let your anxieties get the best

of you you should never question my dedication or perseverance I may not be

able to do anything but I am the god who performs Miracles and First Rate things

no one else can handle these greater responsibilities than me I am the beginning and the end the Alpha and the

Omega I am everything that has come before me and everything that will come after me I am all things not just one I

am not just one of these things I am everything that these things say about me I am the god who created you knows

you loves you gave his life for you died for you rose from the dead so that I can

die again for you loves you and made you I am the god who knows you loves you and

gave up his life for you I am the god who died so that you should live forever

Holy One I am the god who loves you and I am the god who gave up my life so that

you should remain as God to think that you my little one might be able to trust

and rely on me entirely is a dream come true for me for the rest of your life I

want you to completely obey me and I want you to think that serving me is the most important thing in the world I am

the only one who knows you and I am God you can believe me because I am the god who became willing to die for you I

desire for you to believe that serving me is the most important thing in your life if you have any concerns about your

fears worries the fact that your life isn’t going according to plan or the

pain you’re experiencing please let me know all of this I am interested in

learning more about all of its unique aspects I want you to bring them to me

and then give them to me so I can handle them and make sure they’re okay it would be greatly appreciated if you could

trust the assurances I offer and admit that I am who I claim to be thank you in

advance for doing that I want you to know that I I will always be here for you no matter what I want you to know

that I’m always with you even when you can’t see feel or hear me realize that

I’m always with you I want you to always remember this I want you to know that I

will be by your side no matter what team problems we Face my darling toddler I

want you to know that even though it doesn’t seem like it I do have a plan for the way your lives will unfold in

the future I want you to know that I I’m always thinking about ways we can help

you do better most people agree that the best plan is one that not only works but

also convinces and is best in every way you can come up with a plan that doesn’t

just give you reason to be hopeful but also a future that you can look forward to with excitement because you know what

it holds for you you have nothing to be afraid of about my plan because it won’t harm you in any way a plan that makes

you shine like a star and put puts others around you in your place will be seen as a win-win

situation if you use this technique you will be the center of attention shining

like a star which is a great way to not only show respect for my call but can

also bring us closer together as it makes us feel closer to each other do

not let yourself be deceived into thinking that the work could be challenging or

complicated if you desire something with all your heart do not tell yourself that you do not deserve it or are not good

enough to achieve it doing so will only lead to disappointment and horrible

feelings if you give in to this urge you will be holding yourself back from achieving your goals because I value

you more than any other family member I thought long and hard about this desire

before deciding to give you a certain responsibility I believe you are the most important character in my own

family if you have have faith in God if you follow my teachings and continue to

trust me I will show you the way to the life I have planned for you if you

follow my instructions I will take you there if you believe in me and continue

to walk the path I have laid out for you it is essential that you follow the path I have shown you if you believe in me

honestly all you have to do is believe me I will take care of everything else

there’s no need for anything else despite the fact that you have done horrible things to Jesus and other

people Jesus loves you very much he is pure and righteous which is why that is

true Jesus loves you and can take care of you even though you’ve sinned even

though you’ve sinned against him and other people he still has room in his heart for you remember that I’m always

here with you sweet and innocent infant I’m not leaving I don’t have plans to

travel anywhere right now now I don’t have plans to head anywhere I keep you in the palm of my hand all the time so I

can’t leave you or give up on you because I always have you in my hand I can’t leave you or forget about you you

can have faith that I will never leave you or abandon you because I can always take care of you I will always be there

for you and I will never forget about you it’s not an honor for you to hold me in my palm right now but it’s an honor

for me to open a door that no one who has been through it before can ever close no matter how hard

they try it doesn’t remember how often they try this is always true so the

laugh treats I have planned for you will stay a secret and will only be available to you no one else can perceive them

regardless of what they do no one can ever take that away from you you will be

in a position of great favor that you have never been in before moreover you

may be in a situation that you have never been in before aside from that you

will be in a situation that you have never been in before in addition you might find yourself in a situation

you’ve never been in before so it’s crucial that you go into it with an open mind and heart he did however want them

to know that he hadn’t ignored them in any way during this time as Jesus had instructed them the Savior said I know

that some of you can experience being forgotten or disregarded due to the fact that I also sense the equal manner

because I am additionally feeling the same manner I know that some of you may feel

ignored or forgotten because I also felt the same way because he understood how you felt if you feel ignored or

forgotten know that I have been there and I understand I have paid close

attention to every prayer and I have seen every tear that has been shed I have been operating difficult behind

behind the scenes to make certain that the whole thing is prepared and set up well so that you can get things

accomplished and make the most of it you ought to nonetheless consider that it’s on its way to you even though you have

not seen it yet this is proper despite the fact that you won’t see it certainly

this is the case even though it’s likely that you did not stumble upon it I am the only one who brings happiness that

never ends in case you are wiped out by the idea that they may be no hope in

case you sense misplaced or if you are feeling horrific about yourself please come to me I’ll help you and concentrate

on you I’m going to help you I’ll be here for you no matter what the impact I

have on your lives may be beyond your wildest dreams but it will be for the better the love you experience will be

beyond anything you could have ever imagined I will honor my word and stay by your side no matter what if you ever

need need anything I’ll be right there to help you out in whatever way you see fit I will never leave you if you ever

need my assistance even though there’s a lot of negativity going on around me I

am the light that helps me see the best in the things that make me unique I can

keep you busy when we’re together so you won’t have time to think about how lonely you are most of the time right

now I know all about the problems you’re facing and the pain and worry you’re experiencing and I am here to listen

please share this video to support me I want you to know that no matter what happens I will never leave you and that

I can be there for you no matter what to fully understand this my purpose in

coming here is to guide you assist you and Stand By Your Side as you strive to

better yourself I am well aware of the challenges that life can bring and the ones that we still have to overcome but

please know that I’m working my hardest to make things better for you and your family I am cognizant of the challenges

that life can throw at us and that we still have to overcome I am cognizant of the

challenges that life can bring us and of those that will arise in the future as well as those that may surface in our

near future I am cognizant of the difficulties that can arise in life

everything that aches in your body will feel better and I can bless you and those you care about as soon as

possible I’m I’m going to start this healing process by requesting and providing my assistance it’s obvious

that you want me to be a part of your life that’s the most important thing that’s expected of you there’s no need

for you to do anything else there ought to be no other choice I want to be able

to help you because I care about you and it’s important to me that you succeed

you’ve all been waiting for a fresh start for a long time and you’re all relieved that Fresh Starts are finally

here this new beginning is finally here not just a pipe dream it’s about time

this changed in the future you won’t have to worry about being nervous having

trouble concentrating or having sleepless nights those issues will be in the past think about me believe in me

and trust that I’m working behind the scenes to find the best way for you to live your life trust me agree with me

and realize that I’m doing all I can to make your life as good as it can be if

you agree I want to bring your attention to something I think is very important the concept of forgiving someone who has

hurt you in some way I hope this is something you’ll think about your spiritual father will forgive the

terrible things you’ve done I am the most effective person who can know what’s best for you and I will always do

what’s best for you if you can’t forgive those who have wronged you don’t expect your heavenly father to forgive you for

all your sins saying you’re sorry and begging to be forgiven won’t matter if you can’t or won’t forgive it’s very

important to forgive others even though it’s not always easy forgiving others

might be tough but it’s necessary forgiving others has lightened the burden of anger hatred and bitterness

you’ve been carrying you can now enjoy the rest of your lives with the serenity of mind that comes from knowing me the

cause for that is that the hassle has been fixed I maintain shining like the sun even though you can’t see me I’m

constantly there however you cannot see me there may be no way so that you can no longer experience my presence I am

constantly there to position it every other way this is how I am like the sun

do not worry approximately the reality which you can’t see

me just know that I am usually nearby and prepared that will help you in some

manner take consolation in knowing that I am continually with you even in case

you cannot sense my presence I am here for you all the time you can evaluate me to the air that surrounds me all of the

way around I can always take care of you and try to feed you much like a figure

does for their infant even though you cannot see me or sense me I can always

try and care for you despite the fact that you cannot see me similar to the

love a parent has for his or her baby this affection is robust you must always

understand that I’m The God Who does wonders you need to never forget about that I am the god who does wonders I’m

The God Who split the ocean of reads so that humans should cross it I also

healed unwell humans and taken the lifeless lower back to life personally I

am the god who can do the most terrific matters and that I do them all the time

believe in me accept as true with me and have confidence in me these are the

handiest matters I need from you it is all I need from you it’s the end of the whole request that was product of you

believe everything I say and do I want you to know that you aren’t alone in everything you’re going through right

now because of this I want you to know that you aren’t the only one who will receive this blessing please accept this

as a kind of confirmation just like your father you can connect with your close friend and

with me your author all three of us have earned this privilege your father isn’t

the only one who can also enjoy it others can too I’m always here for you

and I always will be I’ve gone to Great Lengths to show you my love to tell you

that you’re doing an amazing job and to guide you towards the right path I’ve

come to support you during this crucial period in your life all I ask of you right now is that you reach out to me

put your faith in me and try to build a connection based on performance that’s all I ask of you I

promise to pay close attention to what you have to say and to do everything in my power to ensure I can meet your

expectations I truly believe in each of these promises and I really hope you’ll

give them careful consideration yes my darling you can always count on these promises to be

kept I want you to know that I have a plan for for you and that plan is to follow it for the rest of your life I

also want you to follow the strategy I want you to do this work because I want what’s best for you I have your best

interests at heart and want you to succeed so I want you to do this

assignment you’ll have a future and a reason to be positive about it I know it

is not easy but it must be done so that you can truly enjoy the fullness of my love the intensity of my grace and the

Grandeur of of my work in this world there is no other way now comes the big

event in your life that you have been waiting for to happen if you follow this future for yourself and follow this

methodology you will have both you will succeed greatly if you follow these

guidelines as you have finally been expecting it to it’s far now time so one

can experience it you have got prayed with awesome consistency and now could

be the time a good way to start reaping the rewards of your prayers that are the blessings I have deliberate for you

you’ve got been extremely steady on your prayers consequently these advantages

will come your way I in reality wish you may be open to seizing the Fantastic possibilities

which might be approaching you your requests might be granted within the shape of blessings that I have already

deliberate so that it will get so you may not must worry about them going

unanswered it is high time you commence to achieve the rewards of your hard work

as you’ve got invested an extremely good deal of effort even though I’m properly aware I want you to know that no matter

what happens I will always be here to help and support you financially here are some things I want

you to know you don’t have to worry about how you’ll pay your bills because I will take care of everything you need

I will act in accordance with my own Grandeur so you don’t have to you have the means to to do this and you have

placed your faith in me so there’s no need to worry so even though there may not be a solution right now I can find

one for you I’m also aware of the difficult situations you’ve been through

and the relationships you’ve had your life story encompasses every aspect of who you are and I’m fully aware of the

difficulties you’re experiencing right now I promise you that everything in your love life will take off like a

rocket but you’ll have to trust me I also guarantee that it will be powerful

even though you’ll have to have faith in me please watch this video in its

entirety if you believe in God I know just the person for you someone who will

encourage you to live life to the fullest and who will love you unconditionally flaws and all I am that

person that’s the one you should be leaving your mark on I know these people because I am also that person stay calm

in this room and know that I will bring this person into your life at the right time trust me I will bring this person

into your life at the right time they will become a regular part of your life because of me when the time comes for

them to enter your life I will give them to you I will make sure this happens you

shouldn’t be afraid to follow your heart because you have nothing to lose never be afraid to pursue your dreams and

Ambitions no matter how big or small I created you with the intention of seeing

you through to completion and I hope you will succeed in your Endeavor I have confidence that you’ll reach your

endeavors I was aiming for one component while I was creating you I’ve taken you

this far because I care about you and want the best for you in no way Overlook that that is the reason I’ve added you

this far I want quality for you which is why I’ve taken you this far no longer

virtually to get you this way I’ve delivered you this far not in order that

I ought to deliver you this way but additionally so that I ought to convey you this way I’ve got extremely good

intentions for you plans to see you triumphant while preserving your security plans to provide you with hope

and something to look forward to and plans to make certain that none of these intentions include hurting you I have

the concept of those ideas due to the fact that I like you and want the best for you I am hoping these are available

the arrangements that have been undertaken have immediately brought the topic to my attention God wants you to

know that he is with you at every turn maintaining your hand and leading you through the adventure God wants you to

know that he’s always there holding your hand and guiding you through each step of the way even though it can seem like

you’re doing it all on your own I will never leave you or forsake you I will be

right by your side through thick and thin no matter what I will St strengthen you guide you and sustain you with my

unfaltering grip of justice that is directed in the right direction when you have faith in me I can do wonders for

your life and shower you with blessings you can’t even begin to imagine if you

believe I can make miracles happen in your life it is my great joy to bless

you because you bring me closer to the purpose for which I was created I pray for you and keep you in my prayers may

God’s blessings always surround you have faith in me and know that I can fulfill

all my promises to you in the Hereafter completely put your trust in me because

I am your Eternal Father please continue to have faith in me I’m fully aware that

life can be tough at times and the tough times can bring Hard to Handle events sadness and hopelessness when those

times come I’m prepared I’m ready for anything that might come up if you

consider this kind on the the other hand I want you to understand that you are

never alone I place a lot of importance on this and I find a lot of personal

meaning in this problem you will never be in a situation where you’re on your own no matter what I vow that I will

never abandon you that I will watch over you constantly and that I will guide you

as you face the challenges life throws at you I will never leave your side and

if you would only let me into your life and embrace me I will will take away all the pain you’re feeling and replace it

with joy pride and peace that will last forever if only you’ll let me into your

life the simplest thing you need to do is let me in by opening the door you’re

making room for me to be a part of your life the only thing expected of you is

to let me in and when you do please make a brief movement those who believe in me

will never go hungry and those who follow my teachings will never be thirsty

I promise to always take care of their Necessities so there will be no starvation in the lives of those who

follow me those who come to me will never be thirsty or hungry because I am

the living bread no one who comes to me will ever be satisfied and those who trust in me can have abundance if you

remain by my side and put your faith in me you will never be thirsty or hungry you will never run out of water when you

trust in me you will never have to worry about running out of of food if you choose to follow me I will not only meet

all your needs but I will be there for them if you come to me I will show you

what it means to live a rich life both materially and spiritually I will give you an account of a life that is

extraordinarily rich I want to share a life of abundant Prosperity with you

because I want to share a life of Plenty with you I want to show you a rich lifestyle no matter what you’ve done or

are going through now I promise I’ll always be here for you if you believe in

God then come and amen I can’t wait any longer so I’m standing here with my arms

outstretched waiting for you to come so I can finally embrace you when you finally come I want to give you a hug

when you finally arrive so I’m waiting for it to come to me I can promise I’ll

never turn down any of your requests in the future I remember that there are moments when it’s far more difficult for

you to place your self assurance in me especially when you are confronted with difficult

instances I’m aware of this as I have been in your role I can tell you this because I’ve been in your shoes I’m able

to let you know this because I have been in your shoes I am able to offer you this knowhow due to the fact that I have

forly been in your shoes I have already been to your function but I would admire

it if you remembered that I’m always working very hard behind the curtain even if you are not able to look at the

paintings that I’m doing to think about please please please keep this in mind at all times I’ve got a plan to your

Lifestyles and it doesn’t consist of you doing something that can be visible as off it is something I take very

seriously my precious little one get ready because I want you to be prepared for the generosity that I have in my

heart and it will surprise you I have already made arrangements for your recovery for a promotion and for your

release from your current position so that you can seek out other opportunities they are still there even

though you can’t see them now you have placed your trust and confidence in me

so even though it may not seem like there are any opportunities for you I can point you in the direction of them I

am inspiring you to be courageous and kind and I pray that my words will have

an impact do not be afraid or worried because I the Lord your God am with you

truly I will never leave you do not be afraid or worried about this matter because the Lord has solemnly sworn

before you if you believe you have placed your faith and confidence in me dial so even though opportunities

don’t seem to be available I can make them available to you I am the god who

can make things happen that don’t seem possible and I am prepared to fulfill whatever task you give me you should

always keep in mind that my love for you is unmatched and that all I desire for you is the best that life has to offer I

want the best that life has to offer for you and I refuse to settle for anything less than the best immediately you

should reach out to me and give me the chance to take care of you after that you will discover that life is full of

wonder and Beauty if you choose to live it with me as your guide this is what

you will receive if you decide to continue living this life in this matter it will become clear to you that this

life is full of surprises and Beauty if you decide to continue living it with me

as your guide if you let me lead you through this life and make all your decisions you will have this Insight

with your trust in me you will discover that everything I say is true in every

way you will find that everything I say is accurate in every way if you have

confidence in me I have masses to your facet and your weakness offers me the

hazard to use this as a possibility to completely monitor my real strength I

swear that I’m able to in no way go away from you and that I can usually listen to the prayers you offer for yourself as

well as for different human beings consisting of me those commitments in no

way expire your trouble has piqued my interest and I have witnessed the

challenges you face every day in seeking to get through I’m aware of the challenges you are

dealing with and to be of help to you I’m able to go above and beyond what’s predicted of me so that it will fulfill

my obligations and put together to Revel in your Miracle as well as your blessing

and prepare to experience them both now make sure you are organized to go to

work on it right away I took care to recall each unmarried one of you inside the

particular demands that you manufactured from me during the complete creation of the cosmos I took this movement so as

for the cosmos to work in step with your wishes there is a purpose to your life right now and within that purpose is a

future that no one else can fulfill it is vital that you remain patient with me

because I can arrange everything to perfection in the future I have something much more Grand in store for

you but for now I’ve given you the way to fulfill the cause of Destiny I have a

plan for your life life there are places that are special to you and no one else

and they can only be reached by you I don’t care if you don’t believe what I’m saying in the end you’ll see that it was

the right choice and the road you enjoyed there may also be times when God

asks you to sit on the path until it’s safe and clear to continue prepare

yourself for this possibility in the end patience is required until that time

comes if you agree don’t forget how important it is to Express gratitude for the journey and to

place all your trust in God and everything you do things that have already been planned for your life

cannot be halted or diverted from their intended path it isn’t possible to

achieve this I once heard someone say I promise I will never let you down but

other people will continually let you down I promise I will not let you down

regardless of what other people do to you or what others do to you I swear I

will not let you down those things are nearly crucial and vast on their own just keep that in mind

you can always count on other people to disappoint you but I won’t if you give me control over your lives I will ensure

that you and those you care about are well taken care of this is true for you and the people you care about but it’s

also true for yourself I promise that I will will never leave your side and that

I will always be by your side God wants you to know that your worries tensions

and pains will disappear and that my blessings of peace love and healing will

take their place he gives you this promise in the form of a vow God gives

you this promise and he will make sure that it happens at the right time he will also take care of all your problems

and worries no matter what you’re going through you can always count on me to be

there for you when you need me I will try my best to meet your demands whenever you ask and I promise that I

will always be available to help you you can also count on me to fix any bad situation in your life as soon as the

trade takes place soon there will be a change and all aspects of your life

including your private relationships your health and your job will be adjudicate pray diligently and

continually that as soon as this change occurs God will look down on you and say

you kept me very busy when you reach the Gates of Heaven keep in mind that no

matter how bad things get God will see you through them even though you’re hurting he’s working to bless you God

will be with you through the darkest times no matter how bad things become

regardless of how difficult things may seem you must always keep in mind that God is with you and will help you

overcome them this should be your guiding principle in every situation

that is true regardless of how bad your situation is whatever it is that you’re

really going through he will help you get through it and see you through to the other side your recent difficult

experiences will soon come to an end which means you may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief since things

will rapidly improve someone is seemingly speaking to you from on high promising to open a

whole new door for you for you someone is saying I’m going to open a brand new

door for you even if they’re speaking to you from on high suddenly everything

you’ve been hoping for will start to line up in the exact opposite way allowing them to fulfill their Divine

Purpose you won’t believe the amount of selflessness this uncovers in me but I know it will shock you yes I support

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