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you are ready God is saying to you today

my beloved child in the tender Embrace


my Everlasting Love I Your Divine father

have observed your steadfast Journey

Through The Valleys of

tribulation the scorn and ridicule that

once echoed around you causing your

heart to tremble and your eyes to

weep have been but fleeting shadows in

the light of your unyielding faith those

who once sought to see you falter their

Whispers of doubt and envy will soon

stand in awe their voices hushed as the

fruits of your unwavering trust in my

omnipotence Bloom for all to

see I have seen every tear heard every


prayer in the Stillness of your trials

your faith a radiant beacon in the night

of your adversities has been refined

like the purest gold shining brighter in

the darkest moments of your

journey where pain has become your

strength fear your courage anxiety your

joy and sadness your song of Victory

know that a tapestry of blessings woven

by my hands awaits

you for in your steadfast belief in the

depths of your trials you have shown the

world the true power of faith in your

heavenly father’s boundless love upon

your heart I etch these Eternal words a

sacred script that shall echo through


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Jesus with each Dawn’s light daone are

the days of waking to the heavy chains

of Despair and sorrow for they have been

broken by my

hand the curses that once lurked in the

shadow of your life have retreated into

the nothingness from which they

came take my word hold it close let it

be the lamp unto your

path write it down a cherished treasure

nestled within the pages of your Bible

at the beginning of Psalm

in the quiet of night speak with

conviction in Jesus I trust and feel my

presence enveloping you Proclaim it for

I am your Shepherd and in me you shall

want for

nothing delve into the entirety of the

psalm for it is a gift from me to

you heed my call and discover a strength

within you untapped and

Majestic you shall rise an eagle soaring

to new heights of Faith type if you

believe in

Jesus I set on the horizon of bless

blessings ready to pour upon

you return here tomorrow lay your Bible

close as you sleep and at the break of

day immerse yourself in its words once

more Let its comforting verses wash over

you for in my tender embrace you are

safe and loved beyond


amen I will awaken you my Whispers

gently stirring your spirit guiding you

unveiling Mysteries and wonders meant

only for

you welcome to a realm where Miracles

are your reality where Joy is forged in

the fires of divine

revelation here learn the essence of

gentleness and

humility I bestow upon you power over

Darkness To Tread fearlessly on serpents

and scorpions unharmed and

bold step through the door I open before

you into a world where the miraculous is

your daily

bread believe for nothing is beyond my

reach all is within your

grasp in adversity your faith has been

unwavering a beacon in the

storm for your steadfastness a bountiful


awaits the season of scarcity is ending

and a time of harvest begins

the trials you’ve endured the forge of

your soul ready you for an immense

blessing on the horizon type Amen in the

name of Jesus I hear your cries you’re

longing for its

arrival I assure you the Fulfillment of

my promise is at your very

doorstep do your part rise open the door

embrace your faith step forward to claim

your blessing with a heart of

Triumph cast aside all obstacles all

excuses for inaction dispel the doubts

that Wilt your faith your talents and

Gifts like seeds about to

bloom stand on the cusp of a wondrous

unfurling upon this Earth a magnificent

Garden awaits and it is within this

realm that I call upon

you you are more than a transient

Blossom you are akin to a Mighty tree

offering shade and Solace to those who

seek my

presence through you I plan to bestow

blessings of Plenty to spread the

message of my love to your

family to reach out to those in pain and

to bring prosperity to your household

prepare yourself for the Harvest is

nigh Venture forth and immerse yourself

in the fragrance of the fields ripe and

awaiting your Victorious

touch you are one of my Chosen and I vow

to fortify you to elevate you above all

lack and

want heed my direction do not follow the

path of those who disregard my words

wasting their days in

frivolities when chaos ensues they

resort to blame and snared in a cycle of

complaints and envy for the blessings

they perceive others to have

have instead focus on your Divine

calling and let your actions be guided

by faith humility and

love type I embrace my power to

affirm I have reserved for you the yield

of this

Harvest guard my gifts with care for

those who take my grace for granted let

my blessings fall to

waste do not Surrender Your off spring

to the jaws of the devour nor open your

home to destruction in the Morning

Light listen to my voice and I will

endow you with the wisdom to thrive in


Endeavor your Harvest will be rich for

this chapter in your life is a Prelude

to wonders

Untold awaited with baited breath for

these are the promises of your heavenly

father in your suffering in you seek my

Aid my love that wraps around you

healing without judgment my presence

that Comforts in silence without

rebuke you need my empathetic ear ever

patient ever

attentive confess your yearning for me

for in this truth lies your

Liberation your strength alone has

reached its end now is the moment to

recognize your need for me type I’m

abundant to affirm in your prayers of

Faith you have called to me and so I

have come to your

Aid I know that you and your family are

traversing a cruel desert where Solitude

parches hope and your soul thirsts for

love due to countless slights the

journey is scorching and you cry out

when you step upon the hot stones that

bring tears of

pain I understand how you feel

continuing onward and believing that

even amid this suffering my hand

sustains you can be

challenging nevertheless I have come to

protect you from the adversaries that

assail and wound

you even if you feel defeated and weary

I shall revive your desire to live

strengthening You From the

Ashes those around you in many

generations to come shall Witness the

extent of my blessings upon you I shall

clothe you in honor clear your paths and

fill your home with my

glory all that you are contemplating

today is but a process of purification

akin to Gold that only shines when it

passes through the

fire so shall you also shine and be

cleansed of all the negative aspects

that still exist within

you I say to you my daughter my son I

will not exalt you to Humble your

sibling but to instill in you the

understanding to extend your hand to

help those who have

fallen I urge you to relinquish anger

vanity fear doubt and the lack of

faith never gaze upon the past for

nothing from your past experiences can

compare to the joy that shall be yours

from this day

forth type to show your belief in

Jesus seek in your life both the small

and Grand things for which you are

grateful walk with a clear conscience

carrying my virtues within your

heart do not despair if you find

yourself feeling unwell on this day or

if you believe your strength to be

lacking I implore you to listen to me to

open the doors of your heart and to

accept accept the sweet peace I

offer take this time to rest your mind I

am the creator of the universe and I

command the winds that befay you to fall

silent and hush their

voices you shall hear no more Whispers

of the world’s threats for they seek to

frighten you may your faith remain

unshaken your charity unwavering and may

you not lose sight of the progress you

have made discard all that you have


for you believe yourself to be

weak but hear me well it is better that

you recognize that your own strength has

its limits and that you require me with

your faith and my power you become

invincible your spirit renewed and your

resolve Indestructible with this word of

faith your weakness

dissipates you can confidently Proclaim

I am strong with hope without hesitation

continue your Ascent to this mountain

where I await

you this is the summit where your grand

aspirations may come to

fruition here you shall achieve your

dreams type to manifest miracles in

your life this is the time and the place

for you to accept my will and allow me

to work in your life from here on you

shall soar I brought you here so that

you may not turn back

spread your wings and soar higher so

that you may witness the land of

blessings from above you shall no longer

live in despair nor go to sleep in

anguish nor rise in sadness or

desolation from this day onward you

shall live a life of fervent and active

Faith each morning as the sun rises make

the decision to be happy in the face of


circumstance do not allow any bad news

or concerns to erase that beautiful

smile that illuminates your face you are

my daughter my

son always remember

this you have given me your entire being

and my Holy Spirit dwells within you you

are unique and there is no need for you

to imitate the actions or words of

others many tremble at the slightest

rumor their hopes crumble and fear

consume assumes them but you my beloved

are not like them Supernatural love

resides within you and your faith is

wondrous from your lips flow prayers and

Powerful Words fly now for you are

free be happy go forth and share these

words with your family

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$ I love you and I will lead you out

of the desert I will bring you to

victory and the happiness you so greatly

need I do this because I love you and

you hold Great Value in my eyes I have a

significant purpose for your life pay

close attention for the words you hear

and red are true they are not empty I

know that the situation you are

currently experiencing has brought you

sadness and has made it difficult to

face each day with

joy you are going through a trying time

but your life is about to change in a

surprising and Supernatural way there

have been many days of sorrow and

misunderstanding however your journey

through this desert is coming to an end

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Jesus today the world attempted to Blind

you to shake your faith but you were not

defeated my child you reached the end of

this long and arduous trial from this

point forward I will make your days

better and I will make you smile again

everyone around you will see how my

strength and power have renewed you in a

surprising way my wisdom will help you

solve all the problems you have

faced after those days of solitude that

you endured the days when you were

thirsty tired and felt weak your faith

and your love for me and your family

gave you the strength to rise and keep

walking you persevered to the end and

today I send clouds filled with special

rain Living Water of blessings and

healing bomb for your heart I am filling

your soul with my spirit of Love The

Covenant I made with you remains valid

and I always

listen my ears are attentive to you

every time

you approach me in prayer and invoke my

Holy Name today you are facing a time of

great Miracles and wonders that will

reach you and your family due to your

loyalty and Fidelity your person

perseverance in not giving up in the

midst of the difficult journey and your

belief in

me and trusting your destiny to me have

not been in vain type if you believe

in Jesus I will not fail you because I

love you deeply my child know that my

thoughts toward you are thoughts of good

and not of harm I will place in your

hands that which you ask of me speak

your desires with your lips and I will

hear you from from Heaven fulfilling the

purest desires of your heart Rejoice my

child for the suffering has come to an

end and the moment of your Victory draws

near do

you believe me I love you could you

pause for a moment and lend your ears

solely to me set aside all distractions

I ask for your full attention to savor

each word I speak to you I’m drawn once

again to express this profound love I

have for you a love that goes beyond

simple words and

emotions my love for you is an

Everlasting Covenant and favor upon your

life and seek to undermine it but fear

not for I am with you and my love

surrounds you like an impenetrable

Fortress as you navigate through this

spiritual battle hold fast to the truth

of my love for you let it be your Shield

against the schemes of the en enemy type

Amen in the name of Jesus Remember You

are not alone in this

struggle my heavenly armies are fighting

on your behalf and victory is assured

trust in my power to deliver you from

every trial and Temptation stay rooted

in faith and you will emerge from this

battle stronger and more resilient than

ever before be vigilant and Discerning

for the enemy seeks to deceive and


guard your heart and mind against his

lies and cling to the promises I have

spoken over your

life you are my beloved child and

nothing can separate you from my love as

you face each day with courage and Faith

know that I am with you guiding you

every step of the way your Victory is

assured for I am the almighty God and my

love for you knows no bounds trust in

me and you will overcome every obstacle

that stands in your path divine presence

I will speak to your spirit infusing it

with courage and hope your dreams will

be filled with visions of the blessings

I have in store for you reminding you of

my unwavering love and commitment to

your well-being type I embrace my power

to affirm as you awaken each morning may

you carry with you the Assurance of my

promises let them guide you through the

day giving you strength to face

whatever challenges may come your way

trust in me and you will find peace

amidst the storms of life know that I am

always by your side ready to uplift and

support you my love for you knows no

bounds and I will never forsake you

embrace my love dear child and let it

fill you with joy and confidence for in

my love you will find the strength to

overcome every obstacle and the courage

to pursue your dreams believe in the

power of my love for it is the greatest

force in the universe with me by your

side you are unstoppable so go forth

with faith knowing that I am leading you

to victory your future is bright filled

with miracles blessings Beyond Your


imagination trust in me and you will

experience the abundance of my love in

every aspect of your

life type amen if you believe in God if

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