DON’T SKIP IF YOU LOVE JESUS | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

anxiety comes when we try to take

control over things that belong to God

one day you’ll realize that Gods was

putting it all together the whole time

don’t worry about how it will happen

trust God that it

will when God gives you a new beginning

do not repeat old

mistakes God thank you for everything in

my life give thanks to the Lord for he

is good his love endures forever thank

you God for Still Loving me I am nothing

without God my future is in God’s hands

God I need you so

much God teach me what I cannot see

everything I have is because of

God maybe God is using the battle you’re

facing to prepare you for the blessing

that’s coming whatever you’re

questioning God has the answer talk to

him Jesus says ask and it will be given

to you seek and you will find knock and

the door will be open to you God never

makes a promise that he can’t keep trust

his word dear God help me heal from the

things only you know that I’m struggling

with for I am the Lord your God who

takes hold of your right hand and says

to you do not fear I will help

you comment amen if you believe it save

these reminders for when you need them

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