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4 facts Jesus shared about satan that you didn’t know

Jesus shared important insights about

Satan shedding light on aspects that

might not be widely known in Matthew

he referred to Satan as the enemy

and the evil one this description

emphasizes the adversarial nature of

Satan in the parable of the weeds


Jesus elaborated on this concept he

likened the Kingdom of Heaven to a

farmer planting good seed only for an

enemy to seow weeds among the wheat this

story illustrates the coexistence of

Good and Evil in the world and the

potential harm caused by the enemy the

disciples sought further clarification

prompting Jesus to explain that the

farmer represents the son of man the

field symbolizes the world and the good

seed represents people of the Kingdom

the Weeds on the other hand represent

those belonging to the evil one with the

devil being identified as the enemy

responsible for sewing Discord the story

underscores the reality of an adversary

actively opposing God’s presence and

purposes Satan referred to as the devil

has consistently sought to disrupt God’s

plan harm humanity and divert them from

a connection with God the Harvest at the

end of the world carried out by Angels

symbolizes the eventual separation of

the wicked from the righteous in essence

these teachings emphasize the existence

of a deliberate adversary Satan who

opposes God’s plan and Endeavors to lead

people away from their spiritual

path understanding this Dynamic adds

depth to our comprehension of the

spiritual realm the Bible not only

highlights Satan as an adversary but

also mentions other enemies of God and

his people in scripture anyone

disregarding the Lord’s commands is

labeled as God’s foe John

acknowledges our connection to God

despite the world being under the

influence of the evil one Christ’s

arrival brings spiritual insight as

emphasized in John

where those born of God are

protected preventing the touch of the

evil one John differentiates

Believers acknowledging fathers who know

God from the beginning young men who

have overcome the evil one and children

who recognize the father another

significant aspect is the prince of this

world discussed by Jesus in John

here Jesus predicts his pending

crucifixion and the judgment on the

world the ruler of this world Satan

believed he conquered Jesus but the

crucifixion led to Salvation and the

defeat of Satan and his forces though

Satan continues his malevolent

activities his ultimate fate is sealed

the devil’s sentence awaits and despite

his ongoing influence time is on the

side of God’s ultimate Victory as the

time for Jesus’s betrayal approached and

Satan Drew near the Savior knew that the

adversary could find no shame or sin in

him despite Satan’s proximity there was

nothing in Christ to respond to the

devil’s Temptations making it unique to

claim that Satan could find nothing in

him in John

Jesus affirmed that the prince of

this world had no hold over him Satan’s

rule extends to a world that includes

both men and angels separated from God

this world poses a threat to True

children of God as mentioned in John

– cautioning against loving the

world and its transient desires Satan’s

impact goes beyond individuals it

reaches into the world’s ideologies

education and commerce he influences

thoughts ideas speculations and false

religions through lies and deceptions


the Pharisees in Matthew

wrongly attributed Jesus’s miracles

to be elel Satan revealing the extent of

misunderstanding and opposition Romans

veres emphasize the hostility of

the fleshly mind to God noting that

those catering to sinful appetites

cannot please God this underscores the

ongoing struggle between the fleshly

Pursuits and alignment with God’s will

the cosmos serves as Satan’s counterpart

to God’s Rule and Kingdom stemming from

his desire to be like God Isaiah

Amplified Bible encapsulates this

Rebellion with Satan’s declaration I

will Ascend above the heights of the

clouds I will make myself like the most

high this world shaped by Satan’s

Rebellion seeks to defeat the true

children of God as highlighted in John

Amplified Bible where Jesus

exposes the devil as a murderer and the

father of Lies moving to a personal

narrative Peter’s life unfolds as an

extraordinary Redemption story as a

fisherman known for action and

fearlessness Peter faced a significant

challenge Jesus warned him at the Last

Supper that Satan desired to sift him as

wheat testing his faith violently Luke

this threat extended Beyond Peter

in Luke

the word for you is plural Jesus

alerted the disciples that they were

collectively under the scrutiny of

Satan’s sifting emphasizing the broader

spiritual battle faced by God’s Faithful

Servants Satan directed his attention

not only to Peter but to all the


some translations like the Berean Study

Bible explicitly State Simon Satan has

asked to sift each of you like wheat

this passage provides a glimpse into an

Unseen World raising questions but also

offering assurances notably it

underscores the chain of command God is

in control and the devil operates within

limits the key detail is the verb that

follows Satan’s name

asked Satan inquisitive and requesting

permission recalls a simp similar

situation with job job chapters –

reveals Satan’s approach to testing job

where nothing was demanded or decided

instead Satan sought permission this

perspective challenges our perception of

the adversary highlighting that God can

use all beings for the sake of his

kingdom the term Satan itself means

adversary or accuser as seen in

Zechariah where Satan stands to

accuse Joshua the high priest similarly

Peter vers portrays the devil as

an adversary seeking whom he may devour

emphasizing the ongoing spiritual battle

the metaphor of sifting as wheat implies

a violent shaking separating impurities

from usable grain Satan’s goal in

sifting Peter and the disciples was to

crush them and destroy their faith in

reality the adversary seeks to undermine

the faith of every believer as noted in

John the thief’s intent is clear

to steal kill and destroy

in contrast Jesus declared his mission I

have come that they may have life and

have it to the full when facing an

impending trial Jesus assured Peter by

saying I have pleaded in prayer for you

Simon that your faith should not fail so

when you have repented and turned to me

again strengthen your brothers Luke

the leadership of the early church

reflected the answered prayer for Peter

emphasizing that Jesus didn’t promise to

remove the test

but prayed for unwavering faith in the

Christian Life trials are expected acts

acknowledges that hardships are

part of the journey to enter the kingdom

of God these experiences shape our

character strengthen our faith and mold

us to be more like Jesus Romans

reassures us that all things work

together for good to those who love God

and are called according to his purpose

James encourages us to find joy in

various trials as they produce patience

completeness and maturity in our faith

Peter chapter

nkjv elaborate on the purpose of Trials

highlighting the genuiness of our faith

more precious than gold tested by fire

and found to praise honor and glorify

Jesus Christ even in the face of

challenges Jesus is there to strengthen

and intercede Philippians

encapsulates the reassurance that

through Christ

we can endure all things finally Hebrews

emphasizes that Jesus continually

intercedes on our behalf knowing this we

can face trials with the confidence that

Christ’s intercession limits Satan’s

influence when he seeks to sift us as

wheat in the nkjv Hebrews States

therefore he is also able to save to the

uttermost those who come to God through

him since he always lives to make

intercession for them this verse verse

highlights Jesus’s continual

intercession for those who approach God

through him Jesus expressed faith that

Simon Peter would recover and play a

role in helping the other disciples the

trials we Face serve a purpose in

teaching us to assist others in their

faith Journey as stated in Corinthians

nkjv before Peter’s three-fold denial he

was overconfident relying on his own

strength however after being sifted like

wheat Peter realized the potential for

failure due to the weakness of the flesh


Peter’s experience emphasizes the

importance of watching and praying to

avoid falling into temptation

acknowledging the Willing Spirit but

weak flesh Mark

this newfound understanding allowed

Peter to extend compassion and mercy to

others helping them avoid similar

mistakes true faith and perseverance are

revealed through repentance and

Restoration in instead of seeking

sinless Perfection the emphasis is on

getting up and continuing the journey

after a fall when Satan attempts to sift

us like wheat Jesus Christ stands as our

Advocate interceding on our behalf John

nkjv John nkjv emphasizes

Jesus’s prayer for those given to him

not to be taken out of the world but to

be kept from the evil one the Assurance

is that God’s protection will safe God

Believers from the destructive

influences of the devil in John

KJV Jesus assures that his sheep those

who hear his voice and follow him are

given eternal life and no one can pluck

them out of his hand this reaffirms the

security of Believers in Christ Hebrews

nkjv reinforces Jesus’s ability to

save to the uttermost those who come to

God through him his continual

intercession provides unwavering support

and assurance urance for believers

Philippians expresses confidence

that God who began a good work in

Believers will complete it until the day

of Jesus Christ this underscores the

idea that the Journey of Faith is

ongoing and guided by God failure is

acknowledged as part of the journey but

it doesn’t have to be the end mark

Highlights Peter’s determination not

to fall away but Satan understands the

power of fear Satan’s goal in sifting

Believers is to weaken their faith

making them ineffective for God’s

kingdom however the text suggests that

with willingness God can use failure as

an opportunity for a fresh start in

Christ’s strength the focus is on

vulnerabilities areas where Believers

may feel Invincible or well protected

when the devil succeeds in exploiting

these vulnerabilities disappointment and

demoralization may follow yet the text

suggests that with willingness God can

use failure for spiritual growth and

renewal Peter setting aside Pride

embraced the courage of the Holy Spirit

despite facing potential public

humiliation persecution and death he

risked it all to spread the gospel

failure became a catalyst for increased

faith and true servant the assurance

that God is stronger than Satan brings

comfort and trusting in Him allows

Believers to avoid the adversary’s Wrath

and receive a crown of life however the

encouragement doesn’t end there God’s

word continues to provide comfort and


in verse Jesus addresses Simon

directly saying Satan demanded to have

you that he might sift you like wheat

but I have prayed for you that your

faith may not fail and when you have

turned again strengthen your brethren

this reassurance acknowledges the

reality of Trials but emphasizes Jesus’s

active role in praying for individuals

ensuring their faith doesn’t permanently

falter the use of the singular you in

Jesus’s prayer for Simon underscores the

personal attention each believer

receives Jesus prays to preserve Simon

from destruction expressing confidence

in his father’s response this prayer is

not passive it is a proactive stance to

ensure Simon’s Faith remains intact

while Jesus knows that Peter will

temporarily falter in denying him three

times there’s a recognition of this as a

momentary weakness followed by

repentance the assurance that even in

our temporary weaknesses Jesus actively

intercedes on our behalf brings

encourage enouragement and hope to

Believers facing the ups and downs of

faith in the challenging situation where

the father allowed Satan to sift Simon

Jesus’s prayer played a pivotal role

despite the sifting Simon did not fall

through the Civ this scenario presents a

powerful combination of Hope and

encouragement for believers the

Assurance is clear Believers are not

left without a shield against the enemy

moreover they are not solely responsible

for holding this Shield of Faith through

their own strength God ures that Faith

ultimately prevails and his children

continue to have faith the significance

of this concept is captured in Peter


which likely underscores the victory

of Faith over

adversity the text highlights The Hope

and assurance that Believers have in the

inheritance kept in heaven protected by

God’s power through faith this passage

reinforces the idea that despite facing

trials and challenges the ultimate

Victory belongs to Faith supported and

sustained by God’s unwavering power

blessed be the God and father of our

Lord Jesus Christ who according to His

abundant Mercy has begotten us again to

a Living Hope through the resurrection

of Jesus Christ from the dead to an

inheritance Incorruptible and undefiled

and that does not fade away reserved in

heaven for you who are kept by the power

of God through faith for salvation ready

to be revealed in the last

time we have been born again to a Living

Hope through the resurrection of Jesus


the sheep that are my own hear my voice

and listen to me I know them and they

follow me I give them eternal life and

they will never by any means perish and

no one will ever snatch them out of my

hand my father who has given them to me

is greater and mightier than all and no

one is able to snatch them out of the

father’s hand I and the father are one

in essence and nature John chapter

Amplified Bible the strengthened

becomes the strength ther our joy in

God’s promises is always multiplied when

it spills over the brim of our lives and

onto others what about the remaining

Apostles this can teach us a lot

sometimes God deals with you directly

strengthening your faith alone however

most of the time God sends us a Simon

Peter who brings us just the word of

Grace we need to keep going a testimony

about how for his anger is but for a

moment his favor is for a lifetime

weeping may endure for a night but a sh

of Joy comes in the morning Psalm



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