7 Sins God Hates in a Christian’s Life.

this video is not recommended for those

who consider themselves perfect and are

unwilling to change their lives The Book

of Proverbs provides a series of

instructions and warnings that clearly

and objectively outline what God expects

from each of us as the author guides us

on the path we should follow he also

points out the attitudes we must avoid

and the sins that God detests in our

practices this is prec precisely what

happens in chapter observe what is

written six things the Lord hates seven

are an Abomination to him hoty eyes a

lying tongue hands that shed innocent

blood a heart that devises wicked

schemes feet that are quick to rush into

evil a false witness who pours out lies

and a person who stir up conflict among

Brothers in these verses King Solomon

reveals seven sins that the Lord detests

and that we must eliminate from our

lives if we wish to have an intimate

relationship with him therefore I will

show you that none of us is free from

committing some of these errors first

sin hoty eyes to have hoty eyes means to

be prideful to think you are better than

others for any reason it’s a sin so

dangerous that the Bible says it leads

to destruction and downfall Proverbs

it’s concerning to see so many


who just because they attend church and

know the word of God think they can

point fingers and condemn just like the

religious figures in the time of

Jesus Christ once told a parable where a

Pharisee felt so Superior that he said

in his prayers God I thank you that I am

not like other people meanwhile a tax

collector humbly prayed to God asking

for Mercy at the end of the story The

Believer with hoty eyes was rejected by

the Lord and the other man was accepted

because he recognized he was nothing

without God Jesus concludes the Parable

with the famous phrase for all those who

exalt themselves will be humbled and

those who humble themselves will be

exalted Luke

second sin a lying tongue a

Christian should be known as a person

who lives in truth and fights for it at

all costs therefore we must flee from

all forms of Lies otherwise we will be

doing the enemy’s will look at what

Jesus said to the Liars you belong to

your father the devil and you want to

carry out your father’s desires he was a

murderer from the beginning not holding

to the truth for there is no truth in

him when he lies he speaks his native

language for he is a liar and the father

of Lies John

often we want to show others

something we are not so we lie other

times we want to hide something wrong we

are doing and conceal the truth the

problem is that if you repeat a lie

often enough you may start to believe it

yourself so be very careful with saying

certain things that are not true and do

not align with the word of God what you

really need is to change your heart

because Jesus said for the mouth speaks

what the heart is full of Matthew

so ask the Lord to transform your

life starting today third sin hands that

shed innocent blood when we talk about

shedding innocent blood we immediately

think of murder crimes and it’s true

that taking another person’s life is

very grave because life is a divine

Divine gift and no one has the right to

destroy it but this sin goes beyond the

way someone dies it also involves

physical assaults how many husbands

appear to be good men in the church but

at home become violent towards their

wives and children God hates that we all

know the Commandment you shall not

murder but when Jesus was on the Mount

of Olives he taught the essence of this

commandment and said something


you have heard that it was said to the

people long ago you shall not murder and

anyone who murders will be subject to

judgment but I tell you that anyone who

is angry with a brother or sister will

be subject to judgment again anyone who

says to a brother or sister Raja is

answerable to the court and anyone who

says you fool will be in danger of the

fire of Hell Matthew

Jesus said that murder can also be in

our words and emotions the mere fact of

harboring hatred in our heart towards

someone already means we are breaking

the sixth commandment as the Apostle

John said anyone who hates a brother or

sister is a murderer John

may God grant us the grace to Value

life and love people including our

enemies fourth sin a heart that Vis

vises Wicked plans when Satan plants an

evil seed in US it can take root in our

heart therefore we must protect it and

not allow that seed to sprout and bear

bitter fruits because God dislikes

people with evil Hearts where there are

only bad intentions such as resentment

hatred Envy desire for Revenge among

other feelings so be very careful in

another proverb Solomon wrote wrote

above all else guard your heart for

everything you do flows from it Proverbs

and how do we protect our heart

from Evil by keeping the word of God in

it this means obeying and keeping his

Commandments the Bible says that our

heart should be focused on whatever is

true Noble right pure lovely admirable

anything excellent or praiseworthy

Philippians so beware of bad friends

who are always planning to do something

wrong try to associate with God-fearing

people who would never lead you astray

it’s no coincidence that the Bible says

do not be misled Bad Company corrupts

good character Corinthians

fifth sin feet that are quick to

rush into

evil feet that are quick to rush into

evil ref refers to people who live with

the desire to do harm they seem to

constantly want to overpower or harm

someone take advantage of others

kindness however King Solomon said that

the one who stays righteous will live

but the one who seeks evil rushes

towards their death this means that

those who do evil dig their own grave it

saddens me to see so many professing

Christians who undercharge fail in their

commitments and harm others in every

possible way thinking there will be no

consequences but they are completely

wrong because God is love but he is also

Justice and we must not forget that

doing evil is also related to sin we

often think of ways to sin and satisfy

our desires so we should ask God to

remove the desire for worldly things

look at what the Apostle Paul said let

us behave decently as in the daytime not

in carousing and drunkenness not in

sexual immorality and debauchery not in

dissension and jealousy rather clothe

yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ

and do not think about how to gratify

the desires of the flesh Romans –

to sixth sin a false witness who

spreads Lies We cannot talk about

something we have not seen or heard or

we will be spreading lies and that can

destroy a person’s life that’s why God

hates this sin how many people no longer

go to church because of the slander

their own brothers and sisters have made

against them the Bible says love covers

over a multitude of

sins Peter so when someone comes

to you with a slam or something that

damages someone’s image cut it off at

the root and do not go any further

instead encourage the other person to

pray instead of gossiping about them

seventh sin causing Discord among

Brothers of the seven sins listed in

chapter of Proverbs this one not only

displeases the Lord but is also

detestable in his eyes and when you

think about it this is another sin

related to our tongue because words

really have the power to bring life or

death Proverbs

how many marriages have been

destroyed Ministries ended people hurt

because of those who lend their tongues

to Satan to seow Discord among

Brothers Satan loves to cause Division

and we must do everything possible to

remain United look at what Jesus said

every Kingdom divided against itself

will be ruined and every city or house

divided against itself will not stand


this means that the destruction of

the home and Ministry begins with

conflict strife and disunity so let’s

stay alert and ask God to Deliver Us

from all evil the powerful message from

Proverbs chap serves as a Timeless

reminder of the pitfalls that can hinder

our spiritual journey I encourage you to

take a moment to consider your own life

are there areas where you can see these

sins manifesting how can you actively

work to overcome them and strengthen

your relationship with God and those

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