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my child I have crafted the universe

with an affection that is vaster than

the cosmos itself and in every Starry

corner of it my love resides immutable


infinite this love the fabric of all

existence stretches out far beyond the

bounds of what you can see or even

imagine and within this Grand tapestry

your heart is

cradled just as the sun does not cease

to shine even when the clouds gather so

my faithfulness does not waver even when

Shadows Fall upon your

path know this my precious one as you

stand beneath the vastness of the sky

whether it be draid in the HSE of down

or the Dark Velvet of night that it is

but a mere shadow of my unwavering

constancy my faithfulness is as

unfailing as the course of the

constellations and with such knowledge

should you not be moved to a reverence

that stirs the soul when you offer

praise to me you become a mirror

reflecting my glory it is a profound

truth that as you turn your face towards

me in Earnest adoration you begin to

reflect my image more clearly to the

world it is as if you are a moon a glow

reflecting the light of a sun unseen in


night each word of worship each note of

a hymn is like a hammer and chisel in

the hands of the Holy Spirit shaping you

into my

likeness this

transformation it’s not always painless

but it is always always

purposeful remember the love that

reaches to the heavens also descends

gently upon you it Cascades over you

like a Cascade of purest Joy emanating

from the Heavenly

Realms when you lift your gaze to me you

will find me always with a smile that

outshines the dawn bestowing upon you a

love so profound that it transforms even

the deepest sorrow into a distant

Echo this love is like an endless stream

and you my beloved are invited to

immerse yourself in its Waters to let it

wash over you to let it sustain and


you no matter the aridity of the desert

you may find yourself

wandering you might feel at times

that your circumstances are a tangled

not too complex to

unravel but within this love there is no

tangle that cannot be undone no night

that cannot be overcome by the

day cling to this truth and let it be

the anchor for your soul a hope both

sure and

steadfast and yes there will come a day

when you will rise when you will Ascend

beyond the blue and on that day

My Heart Will

Rejoice for There Is No Greater Joy for

a father than to welcome his child home

the glory that awaits you is beyond

words a tapestry of light life and love

interwoven awaiting your touch your

presence as you walk this Earth remember

that I am ever beside

you my presence is as real as the air

that fills your lungs as tangible as the

ground beneath your feet

each step you take let it be in

communion with me talk with me as you

would with a friend for there is no

detail too insignificant for my ears

share your hopes and dreams your fears

and failures and let me carry them with

you you see my love for you is not a

passive thing it is active and Alive

moving within and around you it is there

in the laughter of a child the kindness

of a stranger the beauty of a

sunset it is present in the helping hand

of a friend and the comfort of a warm

embrace this love my love is the thread

that connects every moment of joy and

every Pang of

sorrow in your worship let your heart be

light and in your prayers let your words

be true remember that I hear more than

just your words I hear the language of

your heart there is no need for pretense

in my presence no need for eloquent

phrases or grand gestures a simple thank

you a humble help me a whispered I trust

you these are the offerings that move my

heart and so dear one as you continue on

your journey keep your eyes fixed on me

let your worship be a fragrant offering

and your life a testament to my


faithfulness live in the the assurance

that you are loved beyond measure held

within the Embrace of a father whose

love knows no

end reflect on this hold it close to

your heart I am with you now and always

in every high and every

low and it is in this Divine communion

this unbreakable bond that you will find

the strength to overcome the grace to

persevere and the courage to shine my

light into every corner of the world be

at peace my child child for you are mine

and I am yours forever intertwined in an

eternal dance of divine love and

unshakable faithfulness the heavens

themselves declare it and all of

creation sings In Harmony to the rhythm

of my heart the

heartbeat of a love without limit


End this moment this very second is a

Divine appointment a sacred Gathering

between between us feel the Gentle Touch

of my love wrap around you like a

blanket on a cold evening for in me you

will find the Refuge your soul

craves you see I fashioned you with

infinite care knowing each of your days

before one of them came to be I crafted

your laughter your tears your quirks and


passions every fiber of your being is

wonderfully complex and I Delight in you

immensely you are my Masterpiece created

in my image a reflection of my love but

I know you my beloved I know how easily

your heart can become entangled in the

web of your own desires and

Ambitions you chase after the Winds of

what may seem right striving with all

your might to grasp what you believe

will satisfy your deepest

longings yet often you find yourself

weary your hands empty your spirit

parched I see you striving pushing and

pulling attempting to mold your life

into the picture perfect vision you’ve

painted in your

mind pause for a moment breathe allow my

spirit to guide you into

Stillness be willing to let go to

release your grip on the life you have

planned so as to receive the life that I

have purposed for

you remember my thoughts are not your

thoughts neither are your ways my

ways as high as the heavens are above

the Earth so are my ways higher than

your ways and my thoughts than your

thoughts in your journey you may find

paths blocked and doors closed but trust

in my Divine wisdom for every know you

encounter there is a greater yes behind

it a blossoming opportunity to grow to

learn to embrace the true essence of

life life I have for you the struggles

the setbacks they are not to harm you

but to strengthen your faith to weave

endurance into the fabric of your

character walk with me talk with me let

us reason together share with me your

heart’s concerns your secret dreams your

fears and doubts I am not a distant

deity watching from the unreachable

Heavens I am here closer than your next

breath intimately

involved in the unfolding story of your

life in me you will find your true

purpose your calling and your ultimate

fulfillment consider the lies of the

field how they grow they neither toil


spin yet I tell you even Solomon in all

his glory was not AR raay like one of

these if I so clothe the grass of the

field which today is alive and tomorrow

is thrown into the oven will I not much

more clothe you oh you of little

faith therefore do not be anxious saying

what shall we eat or what shall we drink

or what shall we wear seek first my

kingdom and my righteousness and all

these things will be added unto

you in this world you will have trouble

but take heart I have overcome the world

I do not promise you an easy Journey but

I do promise you my unwavering

presence you will not walk alone for I

Am by your side guiding you holding you

and leading you through the valleys and

over the

mountains when you feel lost I am your

Good Shepherd Calling You by name

bringing you back to Green Pastures and


Waters when you are overwhelmed I am

your strong tower your shelter in the

storm when you are joyous I am rejoicing

with you dancing over you with

singing in every season I am with you my

faithfulness your shield and

Rampart so lay down your plans at my

feet Surrender Your timetable to my

eternal clock let me transform your mind

your heart your

life the beauty of surrender is not in

defeat but in Victory a victory that

comes from walking in my will from

resting in my

sovereignty from abiding in my love this

is the path of Peace the road of

righteousness the Journey of joy for in

my presence is fullness of joy at my

right hand are Pleasures forever

more as you remain in me and my words

remain in you ask whatever you wish and

it will be done for

you therefore my child be still and know

that I am God your future is in my hands

and it is a future filled with hope the

canvas of your life is wide and waiting

and together with each stroke of my

Divine brush we will paint a masterpiece

that will tell of my goodness a story of

Grace a testament of

trust trust me enough to let go rest in

me enough to be renewed follow me and

watch the Wonders I will do in and

through you I am here as close as the

air you breathe as near as the thoughts

that flit across your mind I am the

whisper in your heart when the night is

long and the light seems so

distant your journey through this life

is not a solitary walk but a shared

Voyage with me your creator your

sustainer your heavenly

father I have watched you my child in

your moments of joy and in those of


I know the weight of the burdens you

carry the strength of the storms you

face but remember this my love for you

is unyielding unwavering and it

transcends all your

circumstances yes the world you live in

is fraught with troubles it is true yet

Within These very trials lies the

fertile soil for your faith to grow and

Blossom think of your challenges as the

Chisel that shapes the stone carving out

of the raw material the Masterpiece that

is to

come in the midst of your darkest

difficulties praise may seem like a

language foreign to your lips but it is

in these moments my child that your

faith is most alive most

potent it is a bold Act of defiance

against despair a statement of trust

that echoes in the halls of heaven when

you choose to praise me despite your

pain you’re wielding the very power that

shapes stars and Spins

galaxies your praise simple and humble

is a sweet Aroma to me and it never goes

unnoticed I have not left you

defenseless in this world that writhes


adversity you my beloved live in a

duality of existence the natural world

that can bruise and batter and the

supernatural realm where I sit and thr

gred where my will is woven into the

fabric of the

universe in the natural your feet may

stumble but in the Supernatural you soar

on wings like

eagles by trusting in me your spirit can

Traverse the chasm between these two

planes finding rest and refuge in my

presence now about those trust muscles

you carry within you they are

strengthened not by ease but by

exertion trials are the to the gymnasium

where your faith is forged in every

hardship there is an opportunity to

exercise trust to lift the weight of

doubt and to fortify the Senus of

belief Embrace these moments my child

for they are your training

ground and in them you will find

yourself drawing closer to me to

cultivate this trust immerse yourself in

my word the scriptures that speak of my

promises my character my love

let these holy verses be the daily bread

that nourishes your soul the compass

that guides your steps and seek my face

not occasionally not sporadically but

with a steadfastness that Rivals the

sun’s rise each morning in the quietude

of your heart turn your gaze upon me and

let my presence be the light that

dispels all

Darkness I understand there will be days

when you feel l less than capable when

your spirit feels heavy within you in

those times when your own adequacy seems

as distant as the furthest star remember

that it is not by your strength that you

endure but by mine within you I’m the

Wellspring of strength that never runs

dry The Fortress that never

crumbles I make you ready for anything

and equal to anything not by pouring

into you from the outside but by

revealing the power that has resided

within you all

along you are my child crafted in my

image destined for purposes grander than

you can imagine when you walk through

the fire you will not be burned when you

pass through the rivers they will not

sweep over you for I am with

you I am your sure Foundation your

everpresent help in times of

need so I beckon you to rise my child to

live lift your head and set your eyes

upon me whether you are on the mountain

high or in the valley low affirm your

faith in me speak it out loud let the

heavens hear your

declaration for it is not a proclamation

of what you can do but a testament to

what I am doing in and through you take

heart be courageous for I am at your

side do not let your heart be troubled

and do not be afraid for I have overcome

the world in me you will find peace in

me you will discover joy and in my

presence you will find the strength to

face whatever this life

brings together my child we will Journey

onward hand in hand heart intertwined

with heart and remember I am always near

let us embark on a journey together a

journey inward to the very essence of

your thoughts for they are the seeds

that sprad Sprout into the actions and

outcomes of your life I urge you entreat

you to think my thoughts more and more

it’s not merely an exercise in

discipline but an invitation to a dance

of divine Harmony where your mind Moves

In step with my

spirit this endeavor I assure you is not

one you undertake

alone enlist the help of my spirit for

the mind that is governed by my SP

spirit is not a battleground of chaos

but a Haven of life and

peace when the noise of this world

crescendos to an overwhelming Den when

the worries of Life are like waves that

threaten to engulf you it is time to

draw near to me sit in my presence

beloved let the constancy of my love be

the rock you cling to in the rushing









my Everlasting Arms are open ready to

encircle you in a peace that surpasses

understanding rest here in the quiet

Assurance of My

Embrace in these moments of communion

take a respite from your concerns pause

the endless March of tasks and to-dos

and fix your thoughts on

me quietness need not be idle it can be

a canvas for reflection and worship let

the words of scripture flow through your

mind as you read and let Praises rise

from your heart as naturally as the


sun The Melodies of worship the rhythm

of prayer these are the harmonies of a

life lived in me use the verses of the

Bible in your prayers let them be the

language of your heart’s deepest cries

to me when your thoughts and prayers are

steeped in the truth of my word

confidence will Blossom within you

confidence in me and in the power of


prayers I long to see you transformed my

precious one by the renewal of your

mind the world you live in it rushes at

you with Relentless force with its

everpresent screens and ceaseless

streams of information it seeks to press

you into its mold to shape your ideals

and attitudes until they are a

reflection of

itself but I call you to a higher way a

better way do not be conformed to this

world but be

transformed let me reshape the way you

think let me recalibrate your inner

Compass so that you are oriented always


me as I renew your mind your ideals and

attitudes will indeed reflect me more


more you will begin to see as I see love

as I love forgive as I

forgive this transformation is gradual a

daily turning of your heart towards the

light of my presence so that over time

the things of earth grow strangely dim

in the light of my glory and

grace my child the renewal of your mind

is a process an unfolding a

becoming it is as though you are

emerging from a chrysalis where once

your thoughts were Earthbound now they

take wing on the currents of my

spirit what Joy it is for me to watch

this transformation in you as you begin

to discern my will that which is good

and acceptable and perfect will become

the desires of your

heart you may wonder how to begin how to

truly let your mind be

transformed start here with me in the

the quiet where my voice can be heard

above the tumult spend time in my word

let it dwell in you richly coloring your

thoughts and guiding your

decisions prayer is not just a ritual it

is a






it is the way we

talk come to me with your questions your

fears your Joys and your

Sorrows bring them all into the light of

my love remember my ways are not the

world’s ways

my thoughts are not the world’s

thoughts as high as the heavens are

above the Earth so are my ways higher

than your ways and my thoughts than your

thoughts in seeking to

think my thoughts you are reaching for

the Eternal grasping hold of the

Timeless truths that have anchored Souls

Through the

Ages and so as you go forth from this

Sacred Space this time of communion with

me carry within you the Stillness the

peace and the renewed mind that comes

from being in my presence Let It Shine

through you like a beacon in the night

drawing others to the warmth of my love

be transformed be renewed and be my

light in the




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