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A Message of Hope and Restoration | God Message Today |

God’s message for you

today my beloved Son today I want you to

know that your life is not defined by

mistakes you’ve committed but by my

grace and love that welcomes you even in

the midst of your

imperfections when you look back and see

yourself filled with regret and guilt I

invite you to bring these feelings to me

I am God who forgives who restores and

who transforms no sign as to beg for me

to offer a new

chance understand that I don’t expect

you to be perfect I know you are a

flawed human being susceptible to making

mistakes I’m by your side and every step

guiding you to a path of righteousness

and restoration if you recognize your

mistakes and sincerely regret them I

extend my hand of forgiveness and

love know that the mistakes you’ve made

will not be the end of your story I am

God who turns ashes into duty sadness

into joy and failure into

success believe in me trust in my love

and affection toward you and face the

future with

hope you are not alone on your journey

of recovery and Redemption I’m by your

sigh holding your hand and strengthening


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