Abundant Blessings for you from the God | God Says Today | I died For You | god message for you

do you know how you lucky you are that you’ve clicked on this video at this very moment

you will know let us start Abundant Blessings that is only for you from the god my dear

child you are a wonder and a joy to me you are my precious gift and I cherish you with all my heart

you are my special creation and I have designed you with a unique purpose and Destiny

you have skills and abilities that only you can offer you have a spark and a passion that only you

can ignite you have a Grace and a beauty that only you can radiate you are a treasure to the world

and I Delight in you do not let the troubles and trials of Life overwhelm you or make you lose hope

you are more resilient than you know and you can conquer anything with my strength

you are not measured by your flaws or faults but by your faith and courage

you are not restricted by your environment but by your vision and perspective

you are not haunted by your past but empowered by your future

remember that I have a plan for you and it is good I will never abandon you nor forsake you

I will never burden you with more than you can bear I will always supply for you and protect you

I will always comfort you and heal you I will always forgive you and renew you

I will always listen to you and answer you I will always love you and favor you

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trust in me my child and follow my guidance seek me first and everything else will be given to you

obey me and I will bless you praise me and I will fill you with joy pray to me and I will hear you

serve me and I will use you love me and I will make you happy you are my beloved child and

nothing can separate you from my love you are my masterpiece and nothing can diminish your worth

you are my champion and nothing can stop your victory you are my glory and nothing

can steal your crown you are amazing my child and I want you to believe that

you are beautiful my child and I want you to see that you are powerful my child and I want

you to feel that you are mine my child and I want you to be that amen foreign

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