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Accept What I’m About To Say_ God Says_

today I have something important to tell you please listen closely and don’t turn

away or stop listening don’t ignore or Overlook these words as they’re meant

for your good I love you very much and always aim to give you plenty of love to provide

you with comfort and protection so that even during tough times you feel safe

guided blessed and valued because you hold a special place

in my heart I need to share this vital message to heal your inner

self I want you to know about the steps I plan to take nothing is too difficult

for me and in this amazing time while you’ve been getting to know me better you’ve started to see understand and

trust that my word is the truth destined to come true and it will never never

fail however there’s an issue I need to point out I’m not mentioning this to

make you feel sad or give up nor do I want you to lose hope or stop moving

forward I’m telling you this because if you listen to my advice and follow it

you will receive many blessings listen closely and accept what

I’m about to say if you want the doors and windows of Heaven to open up for you and to connect with the Divine and

miraculous to make this happen you need to clear your heart of any complaints and negative

thoughts I’m happy with your faith but don’t let complaining poison your genuine

belief avoid holding on to negative feelings or pessimistic thoughts as they

can grow and eventually cause your strong faith to fade stop

complaining stay away from friends who constantly stir up trouble doubt and

complaints instead choose wise companions decide now if you’ll trust me

or turn away from the good changes and blessings that are coming your way

especially if you leave behind complaints choose Faith hold on

to hope and avoid negative thoughts wonderful things are going to

happen blessings help freedom healing peace in your family joy in your soul

and a Heart full of gladness all these blessings will come to you if you decide to trust in me I

love you so much my child hold on to me tightly give me your doubts and

complaints stop trying to do everything on your own let me have the chance to

bless you and show you the incredible love I have for you tell me you trust in

me I will remove the obstacles in your way Break Down The Walls blocking your great

future I’m cutting off the heart har ties that have hurt you and removing the heavy burden that’s been dragging you

down for too long contrary winds have blown against your sails steering you into the eye of

the hurricane seeking to engulf you in the abyss of sorrow and despair that has Afflicted you greatly today I come to

offer you Liberation I shall breathe with Divine breath upon the storm of

malevolence the burdens Laden with fear and anxiety are dissipating the words I

speak are alive possessing the power to initiate genuine miracles in your

life the changes you’ve been hoping for the Fresh Start you’ve prayed about are

on their way but I need to warn you you can’t afford to waste time anymore you

can’t just listen now and then forget what I’ve told you later don’t misuse the grace and mercy

given to you fill your soul with good words feel the

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