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After This Prayer You’ll Get a Large Sum of Money from an Unknown Source |Powerful Blessings


do you need money

do you have faith in God if you’re in

need of some extra money this prayer may

be able to help you out just repeat it

after me and you could get a large sum

of money from an unknown source

in this video I will show you a powerful

prayer that has been known to bring

people large sums of money from unknown

sources if you have faith and believe in

the power of prayer this video is for

you let’s get started


God says with wise decision-making and

the guidance of the Holy Spirit

life-changing results can be achieved

any obstacles that were preventing you

from reaching your desired destination

are now being removed so you can soar to

new heights

God says be prepared for a miraculous

transformation even though you have

faced trial and tribulation you have

persevered God has been walking with you

the whole way and his presence is the

source of your strength trust in him and

prepare for a new season of Victory and


God is saying to you today

remind yourself that the task God has

set before you is part of the journey

don’t be discouraged by any feelings of

rejection persevere and keep a positive

outlook success awaits you Isaiah

but those who hope in the Lord will

renew their strength they will soar on

wings like eagles they will run and not

grow weary they will walk and not faint

type amen if you agree

God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


if you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your



God says trust in yourself and have

faith in the Lord

let God use your unique genuine

qualities to help those who are in need

ReDiscover your passion and believe in

yourself it’s never too late to start

anew rekindle your Hope and Dreams and

take steps towards achieving what your

heart desires

God says though you have turned away

from me many times I will always stand

by you for my love for you is never


God’s words bring me joy and I know that

everything will be all right it’s only a

matter of time

God says to you

I thank the Lord for this wonderful day

and I am comforted knowing that no

matter what darkness comes my way the

Lord will be my shield


God says believe that your dreams will

come true in the next hour remember life

is fleeting and you should make the most

of it don’t wait until it’s too late to

make amends with Jesus Christ take the

opportunity now and make Every Day Count

far more rewarding than a life live

carrying the cross

share this with someone who needs it

God says

live a life of love and light so that

those who may not know God will be drawn

to him

God wants you to hear this today

I Look to You For Hope and encouragement

I will come to fully comprehend and

embrace your love for you have shown me

your divine nature even when I cry out

for help in times of difficulty and

distress I have faith that you will

respond and come to my Aid


God says let me be determined to face

adversity head on and never forget you

are with me every step of the way you

have given me the strength to go forth

with courage

God says though some may no longer seek

my mercy and Grace I am still here and

willing to bless those who turn to me

I will always be ready to sweep away all

obstacles and Grant those who worship me

a new dawn of Hope and joy

comment amen if you agree

God wants you to know this today let

this be a message from The Lord of

Heaven’s armies we have been blessed

with an opportunity to rebuild the house

of the Lord

and now is the time to seize it

God says believe in the power of the

Lord and He will provide you with the

perfect marriage your hard work and

dedication will be rewarded and you will

be blessed with success

someone believes in you and you shall

overcome this challenge God will be your

faithful Ally and guide you towards a

happy life

do not give up

God says believe in the power of faith

and you will see that a path has been

made for you let God’s love guide you

and Cast Away your worries for he has

already provided an answer


foreign God has a message for you today

sometimes what we desire may not come to

fruition yet God has something far

greater in store it it’s all part of his

plan and it’s okay trust that he knows

what is best for you and that he has a

beautiful vision for your life

tight yes to claim this

God says no matter the trials of Life

hold fast to God’s hand praise him for

all he has done for me for he has

forgiven my sins and healed my ailments

he has saved me from death and filled me

with his everlasting love and care be

ever thankful for these blessings

God says my life is full of joy and

abundance my energy is restored Like an

Eagle soaring high let us be grateful

for the Priceless blessing of God

have you recognized it recently

something marvelous is unfolding in your

life I never feel alone as God is my

ever-present companion


God says you are not reading this by

accident no task is too daunting for the


he promises to turn even the most

devastating of Life storms into

something beautiful

in the dark hours of the morning Jesus

rose Departed the house and ventured to

a solitary place to commune with God


says draw strength from him for he is

the source of our lives our energy and

our very existence as your own poets

have said for we are his children

believe in the power of prayer it can

bring about miracles I’m here for you

just reach out and take my hand

God says this month will be your best

month of the year

just believe in him

type I believe in God to affirm

God says

believe in yourself and the Power of

Positive Thinking let Faith be the guide

that leads you to a brighter future put

your trust in the Lord and He will show

you the way to True joy and peace

embrace the wonderful qualities that

make you who you are

and the Law of Attraction will bring

even more good things into your life

God is saying to you today although

times may appear difficult we can be

grateful for the opportunity to remain

financially secure you are not here by

chance this is your sign that all will

be well remember that the Lord is

creating a path for you at this very



God says look forward to the day when

you will be seen for your true worth and

Beauty soon you will be blessed with a

miraculous gift remember no amount of

learning or knowledge can measure up to

the power of Faith So Close Your Eyes

trust in the Lord and you will find the

answers you seek

God says we have been blessed with the

power of magic

but not all of us can see it

by choosing your thoughts wisely and

recognizing that you are a unique and

beautiful work of art you will manifest

whatever you desire only love and good

health are mine

believing in a miracle this week is the

first step in making it a reality

type Amen to catch these fives

God says to you

believe and you will experience the

Divine glory of God Speak Lord for your

servant await your word ready to accept

the challenge

even when the answer is God has a grand

plan for your future it’s not a denial

but Divine guidance

God says let life be your story written

by God with a perfect plan are you

living for him or for the world find

safety in the Lord’s Embrace and let go

of your worries trust in Jesus and never

be separated from his faith

God says he is endowed with all the

strength necessary to safeguard those

who have faith in him there is nothing

that he cannot do with the power granted

to him security abounds when in his care

with his presence and through his word

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you

finally after watching this video from

start to finish I can confidently say

that the power of prayer is a force to

be reckoned with I’m so inspired by the

numerous accounts of people being

blessed with a large sum of money from

an unknown source after this prayer I’m

so filled with awe and admiration that

I’m almost moved to tears

now it’s time for you to share in the

comments below what you take away from

this prayer for a large sum of money

from an unknown source

we are all looking for a little bit of

luck and some extra money from time to


and this prayer might be just the thing

to help you out if it works for you

please let us know in the comments share

what you learned from this prayer and if

you got the money you asked for we’d

love to hear your stories and be

inspired by your experiences good luck

and may the money come your way

God says to you if you are a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


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