you deserve a wealth of benefits my little child as you have persevered in the face of life’s most challenging

situations the course of your life is like a beautiful tapestry with every turn you weave in invaluable lessons as

you face unexpected challenges brought about by your enemy’s efforts to influence you like the wind rustling

through wheat your courage radiates at one point when you were in the depths of

Despair you bravely scattered seeds watered by the the tears you shed for your pain as the ground Quakes a lively

inexperienced Chute emerges from Deep beneath now open your eyes with unshakable trust in this coming year

remember that dormant seeds may be revived into miraculous genuine benefits and that a plentiful Harvest is within

reach these benefits which are devoid of sadness bring no stress or

difficulties because I am your Shepherd I have placed you in a setting where you will th

but remember the generosity toward others will bring more provision for you

believe what I say stop putting your faith in human individuals follow my

commands cast off your skepticism and doubt and go on in your faith your

religion will perform great Marvels and wonders always in perfect harmony with my divine plan thanks to the sacredness

of my word all the while the reality of their lives the injection of love and

knowledge and your hopes for alternative success and family Prosperity reverberate throughout your heart you

have demonstrated a genuine desire for change and I assure you I have the power

to change minds and hearts in a day nevertheless you must have unwavering

faith in order to venture into Uncharted territories leaving behind the remnants

of the past and the advantages that await now that the trial is over the

appointed moment has come I will perform dazzling Marvels for you and your loved

ones in the near future never let the sight of a closed door make another

person dislike you there is a magnificent front approaching from the Heavenly World your life and faith are

the targets of an invisible battle several enemies both internal and

external are working to slow you down even though I can’t see them I know that

there are some on your path who have Divine knowledge more insights will come

as a result of your humble acceptance of their advice and your dedication to prayer my Triumph is certain all

obstacles will crumble simultaneously with my immediate Rescue It is crucial

that you assess the merits and benefits of religion achieving success requires teamwork which ignores my word and being

religious leaves you vulnerable to the enemy’s efforts to divide you your journey will bring blessings as you bid

farewell as we walk side by side many of you and your loved ones will grow in wisdom and modesty be ready to climb

into the world of religion where the future is shaped and lives are converted and give me your hand as you pay close

attention you may anticipate a plethora of beneficial outcomes and beautiful

Creations we are building your home on Solid Rock ensuring a stable future in

exchange for certain Goods talents and occupations now generations to come will

acknowledge and serve me no one in your family must endure spiritual or emotional Darkness endure the trials we

encounter due to debt embody my teachings discover ways to dream or elevate your faith hopefully I can help

you get and make the most of the rewards that are coming your way my love will

eleviate your Agony and mend your broken heart I will turn your sorrow into a

blessing and your dis appointment into strength I want this gentleness to wash over you embrace the present moment no

matter how hectic or crowded your surroundings may seem just a moment use

your faith to accept this gift your spirit and mind will be at rest after reading it whatever raging feelings

arise in your mind I can control them you feel exposed exhausted and alarmed

by the information you get nonetheless take this as genuine once again

I am here my little one there is no change happening your life goes on as usual this too will pass and a divine

blessing has secured your destiny none of your enemies will be able to drain your blessings in their efforts to

discourage you I have the power to transform every obstacle into an

opportunity any scarcity into plenty and any disease inside your own family into

a cure I am fully capable and my deepest wish is to experience the miraculous

things I have been describing to you I’ve stopped being a hypocrite and

started becoming God instead of a small-minded person because it is the beginning of time it remains unchanged

in order to save you give you eternal life and set you on the right path I

have arrived I am the embodiment of your existence is actuality I would want to

keep my word and not take your attention away from the truth by saying that I am the answer and the

root out of this planet I am pleased that you have faith in me and are unconcerned with the dangers that

provocators offer they want to disrupt your Serenity agitate you confuse you

with false ideas and emotions and cause you to make mistakes now you know what

I’m up to inflict guilt on a regular basis and eventually cut yourself off

from reality my affection and my presence I can feel your love for me

radiating through your body and soul and I know that no one will ever be able to separate you from the incredible love

that is now around you because I love you so much my child I will hug you and

comfort you with Heavenly strength and encouragement after you’ve experienced so much compassion and loneliness you

were so anxious that I overheard you pleading for help in your belief that I was angry with you and uninterested in

helping you pleaded with me desperately for my strong hand to step in even when

things are going smoothly you will always want my assistance never lose sight of this even if wealth envelops

you keep your guard up the devil wants to undermine your faith your goals and

your soul so that you become careless there is a countdown that you are now facing and I can help you with it seeing

you in pain breaks my heart and I will not stand by while you endure unbearable

suffering instead of repeating the same ideas over and over again spare me all

of your thoughts I don’t want you to feel this way never believe the concept of failure it can’t happen your faith in

an omnipotent God will protect you from defeat refrain from succumbing to discouragement as it could result in a

faithful Choice those who have faith in my power and wait for my approval will

not let the opportunity to remain pass them by embrace your faith believe in

and serve a powerful all powerful God he will Kindle a fire of divine love in

your soul and give you an extraordinary desire to persevere stay true to the promises I’m giving you and cling to

those words listen up my friend your detractors are always trying to bring you down telling you that you don’t

deserve to live and that you should just die look at them carefully your

situation will get better fast and that is what I desire for you I will bestow

my favor upon you and you will relish it once again your current predicament will

enhance the subjects you’re about to address just because you’ve listened thus far doesn’t mean it’s a threat my

love convey to me your faith in me your will to fight no matter what and your

unwavering love for me trading in the future is certain to improve your

situation you will see my Supernatural interference with your lives firsthand

in the near future you might see a tidy resolution to your problems I have given you the intellect you have gained you

are prepared and the door will soon open therefore do not be one of the adjacent

people if you are listening to or studying those words I am not some fictitious deity that relies only on

your imagination I am already familiar to you you know my identity whenever you

run into issues do not question my statement anymore I’m holding you close

in my arms as I rush to your helpful resource your past may have seemed like

a catastrophe but with each rescue your present has always developed into a better existence and I have embraced you

with an abundance of love giving you that the seed I planted in your heart is

growing into a majestic tree that will provide Beauty sustenance and plenty for

you and the ones you care about so Kindle the fire inside your soul and

watch it burn May the love I have given you illuminate the life I have given you

indulge in an overwhelming sense of bliss there are many Mysteries I want to reveal to you and they will change your

perspective and help you figure out what I have in store for you rest certain

that I have always been there for you no matter how many times you’ve Fallen I never once let you stay broken or

abandoned instead I extended forgiveness rescued you from Despair and kept you

from falling into despair send your troubles there way as your heart overflows with Limitless

Joy a miracle is about to unfold before your very eyes my words will testify to

your steadfast faith and dedication and as I continue to tell you that I love you I can feel the impending Bountiful

benefits that are soon to come my way gradually your hand will go forward and

you could discover a path that brings you Joy and calm maintaining your

resolve and perseverance through all the challenges is crucial now more than ever

as you take in the Grandeur and beauty of your miracle from where I stand you will realize that all the pain you’ve

endured has been worthwhile you were right when you encouraged your loved ones to believe in the God who loves

them unconditionally and eventually even your own family will see that you were

right while you prayed for strength and perseverance they will weep over their

transgressions against me and they will mock you accusing you of making a mistake and

losing sight of what you were thinking they will beg you for forgiveness once they see my strong response to your

request unlike some who squander their time seeking the favor of others and are

willing to do anything to obtain accolades and rewards I picked you so

that you would be a true benefit to your family community and Country you are

truly exceptional while they see you gazing up you shouldn’t stoop to eat

crumbs you have rightfully claimed my Throne you have the trust and determination to see through the

Fulfillment of every promise I’ve given you you are a canvas upon which I may

create Marvels yet I want nothing in return from others rest easy knowing

that my love is with you at all times you may not give up since you are aware of the Tranquility I provide you as you

slowly make your way keep your eyes fixed on the distant Horizon the changes are all within your control

so there’s no need to fret about them no matter where you are right now it is crucial that you be in the company of

people and resources that can foster your growth no one can harm you accuse

you or determine you if you walk with me because I can protect you I can show you

in dreams such wonderful things that you will taste A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth if you can only see with your

religious eyes the Heavenly armies in camped around you if you can feel my

Divine Light guiding your path and the way your enemies fall and if you can

realize that everything around you is valuable like the sky and Earth shifting

for your choice soon my beloved if you give me the green light I can shift the whole Cosmos this is what happens when I

encounter a sincere Faith Like Yours completely devoted and loving me with

all your being I respect your Fearless Faith this is the real reason for my

always remarkable messages to you even while I remain unchanged no matter what

comes your way each day my love will be there to protect you and stand by you

although I wish I could simply express my liking for you verbally I would rather hear you say it yourself please

Jesus I want to pay attention when you speak like you I adore you and my love

may fulfill every want you may have I will restore your honor and the respect you deserve give me your heart and I

will show you a better life complete with repair and forgiveness because of my lovely love trust me with all your

heart soul and mind I’ve already written the assurances all you need to do is

bring them to your heart don’t be dishonest like others who claim to love me but don’t mean it human opinion

matters more to them so they put off punishing and disdaining others many people claim to like you and want to

challenge you about their self ways but all they really want is to take advantage of you the restrictions they

set are so unrealistic that not even they follow them anymore they pretend to

be more holy and Pious than you as they dress in hypocrisy in their perspective

you wind up playing the role of the villain put an end to your freedom and get some rest I’m beckoning you my holy

spirit will speak to you tonight he will cure your spirit and your mind he will break every Bond you still hold on to

and when you awaken in the morning you will be free forever your joy will no

longer be dependent on the approval of others in the end you will be my daughter and my son intelligent kind

courageous and blessed with a strong faith that will get you through tough times when others harm you when you feel

emotionally wounded when everything around you becomes gloomy and when you think there may be no use in moving on

keep in touch with me directly always keep in mind that you are mine and that

you should strive for more I truly like you but you shouldn’t have to tolerate spending the rest of your life huddled

under that roof when all you’ve ever experienced is disdain with my powerful

abilities I can forgive you restore you and help you build a better future good

health happiness and serenity surround you maintain an air of poise your Mighty

Heavenly Father envelops you like a princess and a prince at all times tell me quietly I agree with you your father

had a good influence on you in addition to your name I possess a miraculous gift

I hold the potential to resolve the issue that both you and I believe exists

nobody not even your own relatives will expect it many people behaved in a way

that betrayed their ignorance of you and openly belittled you they will beg for pardon for the harm they have caused you

they didn’t value you but by discarding you they also lost the chance they were

seeking I may transport you to a more favorable setting Elevate you to a

higher spiritual plane where jealousy and argumentation do not exist where genuine love is still prevalent and

where others will recognize and value the talents and skills I have bestowed upon you all while assisting you in

reaching your full potential don’t don’t be afraid of wealth even the most simple-hearted

evil take monetary riches into consideration right away provision

Tranquility Joy health and my own family are the topics I want to touch on please

tell me now with all your heart my God that there is harmony no debt and no

grief you have my whole confidence and truth and I eagerly await your blessing

I assure you that I will fulfill your request you know that my words will come to pass in response to your prayers made

in jesus’ name and you have always put your faith in me there are a lot of showers and I’m sorry to break it to you

your life and home are being showered with benefits from above joy and contentment will abound for you and your

loved ones those who have faith in me hold my word close to their hearts and

eagerly anticipate the benefit may do all this it is my sincere hope that you

will make it a point to remain committed and moved a human being is born after

months of gestation a seed must fall into rich soil crack open and undergo a

metamorphosis before it can germinate make the most of your BL advantages

which are valuable and Powerful getting everything to line up with your objectives requires work and time today

will be the last day for that false companion who has been dragging you down the path to failure do not be like those

who choose to wallow in self-pity and believe the falsehoods spoken by those who want to ruin them instead come to

follow me and hold on to my love and a real Miracle will occur they seek empty

jobs unscrupulous management material money and temporary Renown while chasing

after empty promises they mistakenly believe that I’m only associated with those who

flaunt their wealth consumption and appearance on a daily basis what a vicious fabrication and a terrifying

untruth they hate what I say no one welcomes me because I am unique among born human beings I came onto this

planet to serve others and to die for their sins still I feel obligated to do

big things on your behalf since you’ve let me into your heart put on humility as your spiritual garment and turn away

from the Devourer Services I am here to help I can concoct more tranquility and

knowledge so you won’t become sick of me and so I won’t contaminate your mouth ruining your faith and joy defeating

enemies and overcoming hurdles are both possible outcomes I can’t guarantee a spotless existence but I can guarantee

that you will never be short of Faith or power take heart in the knowledge that you will Triumph my holy promises

provide you with physical health mental tranquility and emotional strength

accept them my desire is to break the bonds of Despair and hopelessness that have ens snared you the weight of which

has caused you to question my my words let your faith be what it is keep your

head held high and your spirit unwavering keep looking straight ahead so that I can speak to you maybe you’ll

succeed it’s not in the near future despite your mind and body telling you

that the days are passing quickly and you’re tired of preparing you’ve made progress do not let your emotions

control your actions I want to bless your family and show them the way to face anything fearlessly which you

already know I want you may trust me to lead you and show you the way on this

Path of Knowledge my darling knowledge of the straightest roads my dear companion may be defined as the skill of

making wise choices based on knowledge and the tales of life when it comes to

making decisions it is crucial to delve into the details and apply the knowledge

we uncover I am the means by which Perfection directs both facts and life

as you can see not only my God but I am also the statement that stands forever

before God you will find the most effective guidance on the path to Mastery in the written word so when you

travel this world commit yourself to looking at my words and being close to me I thought I had prepared some

straighter paths for you are you attempting to discover and examine them

keep in mind that such paths won’t always be smooth sailing but if you stick close to me your trip could take a

lot longer looking ahead you could see a maze of turns and twists yet when you

consider the path you’ve taken you’ll find that I’ve been by your side every step of the way protecting you from harm

clearing the way and making the way easier finding peace in the middle of this turbulent World becomes an

increasingly daunting task seeking out times of peace and quiet with me will become more important our personal

connection is a Priceless gift and despite the many obstacles that arise when you want to sit in peaceful

communion the rewards are well worth the effort keep going take time out of your

day to just be with me the mind of a beloved book of the Bible breathe deeply to relax your tired spirit I am the

god-bearer Emmanuel with you let your worries fall into my calm care while you relax remain faithful my beloved and

display the knowledge that I am God you will take in my unexpected splendors and

the place you acknowledge as genuine inside my sovereign power the longer you return your eyes to me I will be a safe

haven for you in my presence regardless of whether the world shakes or the mountains collapse into the ocean as you

contemplate the immensity of my power and magnificence you find a Sublime steadiness your outlook will change and

your problems will seem insignificant in this world challenges are inevitable

nonetheless you should be courageous since I have previously overcome this particular area if you want me to do

what you want you have to stop trying to force my will on you and start being more open and aware of my presence I’m

always interested in your life unwind and take note of the outstanding job I

am already doing I’m always prepared waiting for the right moment to strike

the more time we spend together the more content you’ll be with my closeness Satan will run away from you if you you

stand up to him get near me and I will draw you as my loyal follower you have

my word that I will stand by your side and be honest with you if we ever meet

just because I’m on your side doesn’t mean no one will ever try to stop you what it does mean is that having me by

your side is the most important thing in your life no matter what challenges life

throws at you you are already living in the realm of Victory my victory is

already mine from the cross and the resurrection you share in my Triumph the

Everlasting Victor no matter what difficulties you face on your journey to Heaven your perspective can be

completely transformed when you discover a foolproof method to safeguard your future instead of always trying to

protect yourself from Pain you find ways to watch me without fear following my

every step teaches you to not only see my face and follow my directions but

also to feel Feel the Rush that comes from giving yourself up to me in times of difficulty you can count on my

steadfast support no matter what path you take I will be by your side the whole way and I will provide relief

Always by your side My Invisible Presence is more magnificent than the

people who surround you in flesh although this statement may also seem astonishing if you want to see me with

your spiritual eyes and communicate with me through prayer I will listen and care

though you may no longer expect immediate results or fulfillment of your prayers in accordance with your music

schedule I assure you that they are of the utmost importance I hold the prayers

of those who trust in my omnipotent rule over your planet in methods that are beyond the comprehension of limited

intellects hold fast to the belief that my ways are greater than your ways and my thoughts are greater than your

thoughts just as the heavens are greater than in the earth my methods of working

in the world might be mysterious so it’s important to take time to be quiet and

realize that I am God when you find yourself struggling sit calmly in my

presence breathe in my peace and I will give you rest and help you embrace the

power of my glory stay strong and do not give in to a pessimistic Outlook when

faced with long-term relentlessly difficult circumstances I would rather not receive

responses from you that are passive and negative you have been loved by me with

eternal love you have my unwavering support this solid foundation can

support your entire existence the area you call home is always changing so

there’s never a solid foundation to build on therefore I give you the mission to keep your senses sharp for my

presence while you set out on your journey by the end of the day you won’t have mastered this but if you ask I’ll

provide you with the resources you need Jesus I implore you just let me know

that you’re around let these lines reverberate in your soul bringing you back to me every time your thoughts

stray staying close to me allows you to experience more of me which in turn

brings you more joy and allows me to bless others through your love the Apostle Paul begins his

description of love with the quality of endurance even though it isn’t often featured prominently in sa Century

depictions of love I hold this beautiful expensive item in the hearts of my fans being patient allows one to keep their

cool in the face of adversity whether it’s a long period of lifting heavy objects or dealing with difficult people

or situations take some time to think about how you handle waiting and difficult

situations this introspection will serve as a gauge for your tenacity which is

essentially a manifestation of your Perfection my spirit is prepared to Foster this essential quality in you

especially when you pray to him because perseverance is considered the fourth highest form of spiritual

Perfection because I can respond by putting them through tremendous Agony and tests some Believers may be afraid

to pray for perseverance but there is a higher purpose to their suffering in my nation

and they must overcome adversity in order to demonstrate the genuiness of their faith which will lead to their

praise praise and glory to me and may my peace Shield you from all harm think

about the people I care about and be glad that I will always be here spend plenty of time with me fulfilling your

requests with an attitude of thankfulness my peace which is beyond knowledge can be yours if you follow

that way in this joint effort you and I will paint without ever having to deal with the stresses of real life is

reserved for those who think about me feeling all alone is a dangerous illusion that might cause you to wallow

in Misery the enemy and his henchmen are working around the clock to make you forget that I’m here it’s critical that

you recognize their attacks and fight back put an end to this conflict with my powerful and everchanging word read it

carefully think about it remember it and then repeat it you can rest assured that

I will always be by your side so even when you feel lonely you can talk to me freely you can have faith that I am kind

to those who wait for me eagerly please pray for me so that you can see the Plenty that I have prepared for you this

kind of care prepares you to live in response always ready to do my bidding the harsh blessings I bestow are often

unnoticed by my admirers the benefits that are already occurring or will soon

be upon us go unnoticed because they are so focused on other things they fail to

remember that I am the all powerful God and that that it is entirely within my domain to orchestrate events please give

me the opportunity to guide you my beloved companion see Life as a dance in

which you and your partner take turns leading and following if you do not follow this order people become confused

and feel uncomfortable so my dear Come dance with me as I lead you elegantly through the

intricate stages of your life Follow My Lead this is something you’re already

familiar with with I have good intentions for you and although they may seem very specific at times based on

your hopes and expectations you can be sure that they are absolutely accurate I

am gentle without any shadow of evil you seek my light in every circumstance

because I am ever presentent sometimes this means letting go of your own goals and Ambitions no matter the cost I am a

refuge for those who seek solace in me keep this in mind and take it to heart

my demeanor is impeccable I will be your Refuge when you are sick or anxious tell

the Lord this when you feel like giving up you are important and I will protect

you from some of the worst things that life has to offer but there are more dangers and difficulties in this world

than you can imagine so do your best to avoid the path I’ve laid out for you while you Revel in your full Reliance on

me in this Pursuit you will find deep fulfillment for your spirit Oh My

Darling come to me I am an everpresent invitation a wonderful means of drawing

near of finding comfort in my company and of fixing your thoughts on me let my

love gently murmur in your heart while you relax and listen realize and live

out the profound truth that I jesus am Sovereign over your life circumstances

and that these circumstances contain abundant opportunities forget about following in

the footsteps of the dissatisfied individual who rather than seizing the opportunity presented by his difficult

circumstances buried his master’s talent and resorted to blaming himself and

taking the easy way out he had the Insight that one’s capacity for personal

and Spiritual Development increases in proportion to the difficulty of their circumstances I am happy to share with

you the superior power of my glory not the strongest but certainly

life-altering the spirit who infuses strength into your your core empowers you and the Limitless energy of my glory

equips you to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges now that electricity is so

pervasive it does more than just power your daily activities it also floods your life with joy your achievements are

meaningless apart from our relationship so keep that in mind remember that I am

here to help you out whenever you need it even on days when the tasks seem

insurmountable take a moment to immerse yourself in the comforting Aura of my

loving presence amidst the peacefulness pray quietly for the Lord is among you

you are not meant to handle life on your own so loosen up and accept it I made it my intention for you to rely on me

accept me as I am flaws and all have honest conversations with me about the

challenges and shortcomings you may face in the future and beg me to show you the way forward so that you can take it slow

think things through and stay in touch with me think of me as the vine and of you as a branch of my

life because of our unbreakable Bond my life flows through you enabling you to

experience great spiritual growth overcome obstacles to material success

and concentrate on making an impact in My Kingdom part of this is making sure

you finish all the awesome tasks I gave you a long time ago you can be sure that

I will show you the way leading you to a life full of purpose and Heavenly accomplishment if you remain near me and

are always prepared to do my will listen closely my darling because these are the gentle murmurs of your everpresent

father rather than being some cold distant God in the sky Picture Me By

Your Side through every step of your life in this holy moment I invite you to

feel the comforting presence and embrace of my love which goes beyond the vastness of space and

time I really invite you to come closer and encounter the Heavenly intimacy that

is waiting for you as you approach close I will fill your spirit with the clean

streams of Grace and my compassion drawing you from The Well of my grace

which is a Wellspring of Limitless Redemption and unfaltering love Envision

the abundance before you as a limitless Fountain of Grace this is no little stream rather it is a raging River of

Eternal Redemption that is prepared to engulf you the depths of my love provide

a Haven for your soul and my love pours endlessly drawing you nearer to God our

link is more than just a cosmic Association it’s the Holy Communion of a parent and child and I see us as one in

particular allow the intimacy of our connection to grow as you draw from the well may it be a comforting reminder

that you are known understood and embraced by an unfaltering love this is

an ongoing and constant Adventure my beloved child Embrace this sacred Bond

knowing that I am your everpresent father calling you to walk and I will be with you as you draw from the well a

source of Limitless salvation and unfaltering love a deep testimonial to

the depth of my undying love for you is the pleasure that pours out from the Fountain of everlasting salvation my

dear it is overflowing with Grace and love rather than ebbing and flowing

our happiness is a luminous reflection of the permanent Bond we share let the light of your joy shine brightly into

your heart as you begin the Journey of a new day and revel in the certainty of your Everlasting salvation feel the joy

radiating from the Sun as it illuminates the sky with its vibrant colors and bestows its beneficent light upon the

world take a deep breath and be grateful for the life-giving air that flows through your lungs a gift from the

Divine Essence that flows through all living things let your heart overflow with gratitude a

profound recognition of the blessings bestowed upon you appreciate the boundless gifts that I with my boundless

wisdom have bestowed upon you adorning your life with threads of Grace and

plenty as the day progresses carry an attitude of thankfulness with you at all

times for it is through noticing the Splendor surrounding you that you establish a connection with the divine

as you engage with the world around you Marvel at the beautiful Symphony of creation and the delicate dance of

nature recognize the mystical link that enhances your Human Experience and

extend thanks to those that cross your way as the sun goes down and the stars

come out being grateful may bring you an abundance of pleasure that goes beyond the mundane and takes your everyday life

to a greater level of awareness as you reflect on the day’s events whether regular or remarkable let

your thoughts be tinged with gratitude the Stars overhead are a testament to

the Majesty of the cosmos and a reminder of the interdependence of all things use

this opportunity to be grateful for the lessons learned the obstacles overcome and the Pure Pleasure experienced

welcome the night with an attitude of thankfulness because it is at the darkest of times that our hearts May

Shine the brightest leading us to the serenity and contentment we seek allow

thankfulness to be the final feeling that fills you before you give into sleep you are blessed to have a secure

Haven to relax in and I’m grateful for that Savor the gift of yet another day

filled with possibilities and Adventures and look forward to the possibility of a fresh start just around the corner here

you harmonize your soul with the cosmic current of kindness which brings more blessings your way may your life be

lovely and may you wake up tomorrow with a heart full of Thanksgiving for the Divine web that interweaves your story

with the web of your everyday life dig deep into your bones and let the reality

of your Everlasting Redemption ReSound Envision this fact as a soothing drone that reverberates through your

whole body reassuring you of your place here with me May the joyful reverberation of this reality fill your

days with the comforting knowledge that an etal etal love Embraces you you

belong to me my love remember that this ownership is more like a Holy Covenant

than a legally enforceable contract it’s a link in the chain of Eternity when you

consider this truth that this ownership is a proclamation of love a claim that

transcends place and time you can’t help but experience the boundless Delight

that comes from being embraced by a love that is the source of all joy imagine this link as an infinite spring unlike

terrestrial Wells that may run dry this one never runs dry the Wellspring of our Everlasting

tie is boundless and Perpetual it overflows with an abundance of delight that has no bounds an abundance of

pleasure that is based on the fact that our bond is constant through all of life’s phases as you swim through life’s

currents draw from the spring it will never dry up may your spirit be filled

with the Symphony of of pleasure that comes from the spring of everlasting Redemption this song is a beautiful

anthem of love that will never end I am certain that you are mine forever this

happiness is a gift from the depths of my love for you my darling and I hope you will accept it with open arms as you

welcome each new day allow the Reviving presence of God’s love to permeate your

whole body according to what Jesus stated the text promises that those who

trust in him will have of living water flowing out of their hearts I pray that

this live water will heal the sick provide Solace to The Grieving and illuminate the path for the lost let

your love flow forth touching the lives of others around you invoking the spirit

of Jesus and following his teachings like a river that meanders and touches

the Landscapes it encounters hold onto his words like a fresh order because I

have loved you I command you to love one another and I offer you my love in return John articulates this

prayer dear Holy Spirit I ask that you use me as a conduit for your thoughts

deeds and love and to make room in your heart for the transforming power of God’s love through this act of surrender

you transform into a tool of mercy and Grace Living out the core teachings of Jesus in your relationships with others

your interactions mirror his message of service and and selflessness as the greatest among you will be his servant

share the spiritual refreshment that flows from inside with the people you meet along the way reach out to those in

need provide words of encouragement to those who are discouraged and show compassion to those who are

isolated as you face the difficulties of each day remember these words of Jesus

peace I leave with you my peace I give you I do not give to you as the world

gives by doing these acts of love you open the door for the Heavenly love of Jesus to pour into the world providing

Comfort be strong and courageous do not be scared take solace in the living

water that is inside you it will soothe your spirit and cause it to radiate to others around you your manifestation of

Jesus’s peace is a powerful testimony to the power of faith and love in a world

that is frequently fraught with Strife you have Made A Difference by extending

the love of Jesus today so rest assured when the day comes to a close think

about what Jesus said and be thankful for the chances you have to be a channel for God’s love just as you want people

to witness your good works and praise your heavenly father you should also let your life Shine the Living Water will

refresh your soul and prepare you for another day of following Jesus as stated

in Matthew in The Quiet Moments with love and compassion guiding you

through life’s complex web may this understanding serve as a rock solid foundation of strength and Solace a

constant reminder that you are never really alone no matter how bad things get in times of trouble keep in mind

that The Well of life which is my spirit’s very core flows unceasingly within you in acknowledging the depth of

your connection to me you discover peace and strength draw from this deep reservoir of resilience just like Isaiah

says I am pleading with you to drink deeply from the wells of Salvation

as you joyfully drink water from the wells of Salvation each sip is a powerful reminder of my unwavering

dedication to your welfare the lifegiving fluids of my soul are like an

oasis they may satisfy your thirst and restore you just as they can for a

Wanderer in the desert as you partake in this spiritual practice let your heart

be filled with thankfulness recognizing the strength of our connection and accepting the Deep truth that is within

you consider what Jesus said in John in spite of all that life throws at

them those who drink the water I provide will never be thirsty in fact the water

I provide will become a Wellspring of everlasting life inside them believe in

the Everlasting Life Force housed inside you May the awareness of my enduring

presence strengthen you to overcome challenges as you confront uncertainty in times of peaceful

reflection let the importance of this inner Source strike a cord inside you amidst the Mayhem around you rest easy

knowing that my love and support will always be there for you since my spirit is unwavering as a deep anchor that is

unaffected by life storms your connection to this Source of Life transcends the commonplace and and the

transitory immerse yourself in Tranquility as you feel the recharging water trickling down your body easing

your mind and heart as you share the wisdom of this inner well with the world use it like a beacon to illuminate your

path reflect on the words of Psalm the Lord is my shepherd I lack

nothing he makes me lie down in Green Pastures he leads me beside Quiet Waters

he refreshes my soul in every step take a drink from The Well of Life finding

sustenance for your spirit let the ever-flowing waters be a symbol of the boundless Grace and love that are with

you as you immerse yourself in the abundance of this living water keep in

mind that it is an endless Wellspring never ending and unbounded in my kingdom

there is no parched land that can reduce the supply of Grace or the flow of kindness there is an infinite supply of

these life-giving fluids in the cup that Divine Providence holds For You There

Are No Boundaries to this Wellspring so take heart and drink from it soak it all

in and feel completely fulfilled think about what the psalmist says in

you set a table for me in front of my adversaries you anoint my head with

oil I am overwhelmed the picture of an overflowing cup symbolizes the endless

supply of my love and grace there is an endless supply of benefits inside the

realm of my divine presence so you will never be short of whatever you need on your path through life take note of the

fact that this vital water is always flowing while you are reflecting and

introspecting think of it as a Serene stream that flows steadily through your life never changing knowing that you are

a part of the Eternal cycle of divine giving should fill your heart with appreciation when you draw from this

Source May the promise of Plenty ease your worries and quench your thirst

remember that the Lord will be your Shepherd at all times Isaiah

while you rest and recuperate in a scorching desert he will tend to your every need you will be abundant and

fertile like a perennial spring that never runs dry discover fortitude and

perseverance in the face of adversity by honoring the immutable character of this

living water water have faith that no matter how difficult things become there is always an abundance of compassion and

mercy to help you persevere drink deeply from the living water letting it fill

your cup to overflowing and satisfying not only your bodily thirst but also your Soul’s deeper desires experience

the joy of fully immersing yourself in the Limitless Grace and love of God

allow this insight to color your outlook leading you to pour out your Abundant Blessings to others and setting in

motion a chain reaction of generosity and kindness that reaches far beyond your own life when feelings of

uncertainty and disconnection encircle your soul draw near the well a place of

everlasting truth that may serve as a refuge from the storm if you’re looking for a place to relax and recharge this

well is calling out to you let the unfaltering truth ring true inside you

in the midst of the uncertainty reminding you of my immutable character

Hebrews there has never been a day when Jesus Christ has changed going back to

the well helps me feel better because my character is unwavering no matter how many times I doubt or question myself

Envision the well as an everlasting moing securely embedded in the foundation of everlasting realities feel

the refreshing Waters as a physical symbol of the unwavering promises that characterize my connection with you in

those times when my faith is slipping as you draw from the well may

the clear waters wash away any trace of uncertainty and let the refreshing truth

cast over your doubts leaving them behind just as the Earth beneath you and

the heavens above you remain immutable and reliable my promises like these span a

vast expanse of time and space my promises are Everlasting so embrace them

and know that they are a rock upon which your trust May stand even when you’re alone thinking about things and

doubting Loom I invite you to return to the well with an open heart so that you

may draw strength from its depths and rest assured in the Eternal nature of my

promises imagine the well as an everlasting eyewitness to your Journey’s

progression a loyal friend who eagerly awaits your return and provides a Haven

of honesty and stability let the well serve as your Sanctuary immerse yourself

in its Waters and remember that my promises endure the ages May the stability and security that my

unchanging promises provide anchor you escaping the transience of this world discover the courage to face the

challenges that come with your spiritual journey the well will be by your side providing unfaltering support and the

comfort of a love that doesn’t change no matter what may your life’s fabric unfurl as a brilliant testimony to the

boundless happiness experienced in my company remember that your testimonies

are like pebbles tossed into calm seas they cause ripples that go far beyond your immediate

awareness so share the special parts of your narrative telling how I’ve worked

in the depths of your heart your story has the potential to change lives influence fate and bring honor to my

name as you tell your Tale you take part in a holy Shang that goes beyond

personal encounters and chimes with the universal pulse of mankind as you

describe the moments of change your resilience in the face of hardship and

the resounding presence of The Echoes of Grace throughout your journey demonstrate the life-altering power of

experiencing Pure Pleasure your story has the power to encourage others to seek the same deep Delight that has

Shone a light on your journey if resonance might extend far and wide

praise the Lord declare his name tell the nations of his deeds sing his

praises and make known his great Deeds your life’s narrative becomes an Ode to

my miraculous deeds and life altering influence A Hymn of adoration you may

add to the cosmic Symphony of appreciation that Echoes across the collective Mind by spreading the word

about the blossoming happiness within you the influence of your testimony



confidence Guided by The Illuminating Light of my infinite love and enveloped

in the tender Embrace of my grace my powerful hand not only sees you but also

loves treasures and holds you may The Melody of Joy fill your heart your place

in God’s kingdom is unending and the Book of Life Bears your name so Rejoice

my beloved rest certain that my love will be by your side every step of the

way as you go through life may the wavering love I have for you shine brightly in times of Doubt leading the

path with the confidence of God you are not alone the Lord your God the powerful rescuer is by your side when he loves

you he will be overjoyed he will shout praise at you instead of scolding you put an attitude of thankfulness and

purpose into your stride my grace is like the sun’s soft Rays soothing and

unending it goes beyond human comprehension soak in its warmth my

grace is all-encompassing it brings healing pardon and rebirth to every part

of your being in times of weakness my Grace will be there to support you and

lead you back to a place of redemption so take comfort in that my grace is like

a NeverEnding spring it invites you to drink from its revitalizing Waters so

let your heart Rejoice you are loved and have a permanent place to call home so there’s reason to celebrate the Book of

Life inscribes your name in stone confirming your significance in the universe’s intricate Fabric in my

Everlasting Kingdom where love is King and joy has no limits you may rest

certain that your position is safe so rejoice in my love feel my Grace’s

warmth and let your heart be filled with pleasure my Almighty hands love treasure

and keep you forever thus in the light of this heavenly certainty discover

strength tranquility and The Bravery to embrace each stage of your path in the

fullness of time everything will become complete and revealed I am a safe haven

a source of strength and a constant source of assistance so pour out your heart to me what are you waiting for

what are you afraid of bring it all to me I will attend to any matter no matter

how big or small and I hope that you will find solace in me while you wait

stay calm and don’t worry about the passing of Time In My Kingdom one day is

equal to a thousand years and a thousand years are equal to a day my expansive

view stores the perfect moment for every aspect of your life my Prophet Jeremiah

uttered these words to you my child I have loved you with an everlasting love

therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you keep these words in mind my love has no bounds it is

Everlasting steadfast and never ending it is the rock that you may lean on as the waves of time roll in so take

comfort in my Vigilant care just as a child finds solace in the Embrace of a caring father you are a work of art that

I have sculpted into my hands your walls never leave my sight I’m familiar with

the Watts and the winds and I will keep them secure join me as I lead you step

by step through the progression of Time With Every Beat of My Heart I’m bringing

you closer to my will my love and the Delight of being in my presence for you

are mine and I will always be the one to guide your moments please consider being

a part of our family if our time together has been meaningful to you to stay connected all you have to do is hit

the Subscribe button down below and if you think it’s important to promote love

light and peace then please share this message with others always keep in mind

that with each like share and subscribe we are able to reach more lovely individuals like you with this wonderful

news join me as we follow God’s love share what we’ve learned and shine a

light on the world you are not hearing me now as some Far Away God in the sky

rather I am speaking to you as your heavenly father who is with you at all times come close to the abyss of my

grace which is full of Limitless Redemption and unfaltering love I will f

F you to overflowing the happiness that erupts from the knowledge of your Eternal preservation is a constant manifestation

of my love for you you are mine and this bond is like a never-ending Wellspring

let this reality seep into the depths of your being let your heart overflow with

thankfulness as you start each day and give appreciation for the sun rising the

air you breathe and all the benefits I have bestowed upon you even as you sleep

my beloved I am looking over you so may your last thoughts be filled with gratitude as the sun goes down and the

stars come out the Salvation I have bestowed upon you is not just for your

comfort it is also a beacon for those around you my soul longs to fill your

life and the lives of everyone around you with the Abundant life-giving water that you

contain may this living water soothe the tired provide Solace to The Grieving and

Lead the Wayward praise be to the Holy Spirit who dwells within you and guides your every

step of life through you I want you to share my love with the world and as you

open your heart and soul to receive my love and grace I will show you how I am at work in your life you now transmit my

existence on Earth imagine the joy that satisfies a thirsty Spirit uplifts a

discouraged soul and guides a lost Seeker to their destination my holy spring is meant for

both both the receiver and you my child because when you give you will receive

and your Delight will be complete think about the immensity of the promise of everlasting life which is so great that

it is beyond comprehension because my love for you has no boundaries I am

freely giving you this Priceless gem a hope that may light a candle in the darkest of places in all your struggles

may this truth remind you that my spirit is a Wellspring of life and a rock upon

which you may always rely come drink from the wells of redemption I beg you

drinking this will serve as a constant reminder of my dedication to you as you drink deeply from this everpresent

spring keep in mind that it will never run dry there is plenty of Grace

compassion and water in my kingdom when you feel remote sip from your

overflowing cup and be pleased if you ever find yourself doubting or

questioning my unchanging nature just return to the well and drink from its depths once more no matter what happens

you can always count on me because I am constant just like the ground under your feet and the sky above you no matter how

many shadowy valleys or frightening storm ravaged mountains you may meet on your journey you must go on even the

most piercing and terrifying moments of Sorrow are just ephemeral notes in the vast Symphony of time you can always

count count on my unwavering presence within you around you and at your side

when the fires of adversity threaten to consume you my arm is long enough to rescue you and my ear is sharp enough to

hear your screams do not be discouraged I have not abandoned you to your fate

you have the power of faith and the strength of the Holy Spirit at your fingertips remain

steadfast understanding that the challenges you faced are merely tools I’m using to to mold you into the

individual I desire and that one day your faith will become evident on that

day the boundless light of my glory will welcome you freeing you from the shackles of mortality in that Eternal

morning all your troubles will fade away like fog Before Dawn and death will be

abolished there will be an end to suffering and an end to weeping when I create a new order and the old one dies

you will see the depth of my love the breadth of my delight and the meaning of your being in this heavenly light you

will rule over a kingdom alongside me where my face illuminates every room the

River of Life is pristine and the Tree of Life yields abundant fruit in an

endless supply my love do not despair keep your focus on the hope that awaits

you as you make your way through life’s challenges in the days ahead may your

faith serve as a rock upon which you might build a life rich with my blessings may the Lord bless and keep

you the Lord will shower you with his grace and Glory keep in mind that no

matter what happens I will be by your side in addition to being your father I

am also your Mentor guardian and biggest fan your wealth is immense your life

should be an Ode to the happiness you’ve discovered in me not measured by the transient fortunes of this world but by

the immutable Riches of my love and grace transmit your Tale count the

Marvels I have orchestrated your heart’s labor because each witness sends a wave

that reaches far beyond your perception influencing fate affecting lives and

bringing glory to my name trust in the unwavering presence of my love bask in

the warmth of my grace and rejoice joyfully for I hold you in my Almighty

hand forever celebrate my darling for I have engraved your name in The Book of

Life and promised you a permanent residence in my heavenly Kingdom your salvation is a precious treasure that

you have inside you it will be a lighthouse for others to see a testament to your faith that others may follow and

a testament to my eternal love for you so Rejoice my darling raising your eyes

to me your creator your trusted companion and your Eternal paternal

figure my face lights up with countless beams of love and kind compassion much

like the morning sun illuminates the globe with its golden warmth my presence envelops you in the quiet Haven of your

heart where faith has settled let it envelop you like a shroud protecting you

from the cold of your worldly trials in the Stillness and unfaltering commitment

of my Majesty who fashioned the skies and carved the Earth’s foundations I the Lord of creation and

Shepherd of your spirit dwell with unfathomable riches you tend to lose

sight of your aristocratic lineage having been born into a world Shattered by pain and tragedy there is more to you

than being a Scourge on Earth there is the promise of an everlasting Dominion I have chosen and treasured them when your

heart hurts from waiting know that the King of Kings the Crown of Life is

waiting for you and that the Royal Blood of Heaven’s Throne streams through your veins as the minutes drag on like miles

in front of you I am present in the Stillness yearning for the rhythm of time I am with you while you wait my

child and I am patient as a deity so that every moment counts toward the realization of my purpose for you

feeling the weight of time slide through your fingers like grains of too fine sand you watch the clock tick like you I

see it but I also see chances for improvement where you see doubt where

you perceive a lag I see an ideal opportunity that I have meticulously

orchestrated have faith in me and release your anxieties about the how and when lay them at my feet and I will

shape them into a future you cannot fathom take the patient farmer who SWS his seed he watches over the Sprouts as

they grow and Waters them as needed but he can’t force the produce to mature faster than it has to like a farmer who

relies on the sun and Rain you can trust that the seasons will come to pass when that time comes your barns will be

full similarly I will seow seeds in your life that will bear fruit in the season

I choose harvesting your soul when the days grow dark and you yearn for Hope

remember that the Twilight signifies a shift not my absence your periods of

waiting will eventually give way to moments of insight and excitement just like the way dust gives way to Dawn as

you patiently await graduation your faith is tested Ed and strengthened your soul is polished to a mirror finish and

your heart is transformed into a vessel for your own Spirit they each wait in their own time but it’s not for nothing

I’m using threads of precious metals to weave a tale of my kindness and their

development into the fabric of their lives I came to witness the hope that is

only found in me and to convey truth to a world that is in snared in deception

by committing to this task with with me you will shine a light on others who are wandering aimlessly you help people

discover Me by reflecting my light with every good deed and honest word you say

live out my love in this world and you will be pointing to a bigger love the love that hung on a cross shattered the

grave and gives me everlasting life so that your testimony about the effect of

your faith may be powerful you are not just any conqueror you are the king’s

kid and the UN breakable promises successor as you go forward in the light that I provide I will be by your side

directing supporting and loving you every step you take in faith brings you

closer to my open arms so keep in mind that the journey is just as important as

the goal from now until the day you return to the region of everlasting delight and full revelation of my

magnificence I will patiently wait for you my child rejoice in the Salvation I

purchased for you and live your life in full confidence in the Triumph I have achieved for you Joy is your strength in

me hope is your anchor and love is the currency of my kingdom the world may

tell you that Joy is transitory and hope is uncertain but I assure you that these

things are not true I pray that you are filled to the brim with these truths and

that your life exemplifies the happiness I provide my darling it is simply

magnificent and beyond words allow your emotions to find comfort in this

situation I am the first and last time itself as well as its birth and end time

is only a thread in the enormous tapestry that I create and every thread has a purpose in my blueprint time

passes the seasons come and go and you my beloved creation develop and mature

as a result I have loved you but keep in mind that I am unconstrained by time

unlike you you time does not affect my love for you or my actions because my roots are in the Eternal I hold your

moments in the hollow of my fingers with unwavering care as you walk in this

truth find strength and joy knowing that I am with you in my peace you are my

beloved and I see you as a royal child decked with the Splendor of Holiness and

headed toward an eternal glory that surpasses all else rise up now my child

with The Bravery I have bestowed upon you step forward with confidence knowing

that I am by your side I will hold you up with my righteous right hand so even

if you stumble you will not fall as you confidently walk towards the Fulfillment

of my calling remember that you are beloved join me on my journey commune

with me and let your spirit find Solace for I am God and you are my beloved my

most precious property How great is the happiness I have bestowed on you it’s as

if the sun’s warm embrace were to dispel the night as it broke through the clouds on a dark and stormy day my delight is

like a lighthouse a promise that will not waver I knew your face your name and

the mountains you would face when I fashioned the cosmos in the middle of Life storms I called you home to me I

forsaw the hardships you would face but I also saw the immeasurable Glory filled

pleasure that is yours for the taking whenever you are in my presence so come

draw close let your heart’s defenses fall and let your soul fly on the wings

of my love when you’re in my company you’ll feel a flood of happiness that doesn’t depend on external factors or go

away with time it’s as constant as my love for you which has no bounds keep

the cross in mind my darling do the Thorns nails and hard wood linger in your mind keep in mind how much your

freedom costs I triumphed over sin and death not in the role of a tyrant

seeking tribute but of a doting parent protecting his children from harm all

who would accept my grace have a way to get from this world to the next because

my victory paved the way you will face many challenges on your way through this

world as a Believer but you should take comfort in the end result of your faith

rest certain I am the one who can save your soul I will ensure the security of

this guarantee as sure as Daybreak and unmovable as my Throne this guarantee is

yours put your faith in me the Lord your savior and let your gladness overflow

shine brightly in your Delight Let Your Light rise like the morning and dispel the darkness in the lives of others

around you you carry my truth and are my representative aligning your life with

mine makes you a part of a bigger Tale a narrative that goes beyond this world

and into eternity so share it freely love without conditions and live

honestly in a world where deceit lurks like a dark cloud my mission is to provide light and optimism by speaking

the truth I came not to keep The Masks of Deceit on but to tear them off to

show the real way to Everlasting hope a hope that is born from being in my

presence truth has the capacity to change lives and optim ISM can lift

heavy spirits and our mission is proof of that those who voluntarily join this

holy course are transformed from bystanders to shining lights in an otherwise vast and dreary World joining

signifies a collective will to shed light on the mystery that engulfs a great number of people individuals take

on the role of beacons when they join this Collective Mission every intentional Act of compassion and every

spoken word of Truth embodies the core of this goal guiding those lost in the

darkness by doing these things people may reflect the Heavenly light inside

them the truth I express and the love I give become my manifest presence for

those struggling in the shadows in leading people to The Haven of hope that is within me it is a concrete

manifestation of love that goes beyond words therefore the mission is not a

solitary undertaking but rather a group effort in which every person plays an essential part through

their generosity and dedication to the truth by shining my light on others I

may dispel their shadows and show them how to find Hope and Truth in the link between being genuine and having

compassion for everybody to ReDiscover the Everlasting source of life and the

hope that is in me the mission takes on the form of a Redemption tapestry as you

face the challenges of life never discount the immense influence that your witness and unfaltering Faith may have

when you respond to my love by living it out in this world you are not just expressing your own convictions you are

pointing to a love that is infinitely greater one that defies gravity breaks

free from the bonds of death and offers eternal life to everyone who accepts it you are more than just a thread in the

vast fabric of creation you shed light on the tribe Triumph of the Divine inside me as you embody my love and

become a living testimony to the story of Salvation and mercy there’s more to

you than being a conqueror you are an heir to an everlasting unchanging and

indestructible promise because you are a royal kid the foundation of your identity rests in a Heritage that

transcends worldly titles a lineage that begins with a love that Rose from the depths of Despair a destiny that is

beyond human comprehension is your inheritance as a Victorious child of the king together with grace mercy and

victory think about the significance of these words I am confident that nothing

in this world not even death not even angels or demons nor even the present or

future not even any powers can separate us from the love of God that is in

Christ Jesus our lord do not discount the power of your testimony because by

living out my love you are a part of a bigger story and this conviction is your

anchor a reminder that your identity is securely planted in me and your future

is safe this is a story about salvation new beginnings and everlasting life it’s

about your trust your love and the way you point to the Everlasting Love that Rose over death and the cross and it

invites everyone to connect with the Divine Inside Me In addition to being a

victim you are an example of the unwavering Power of Love which can overcome all obstacles and bring anybody

into the Everlasting Embrace of the king always remember that I am with you by

your side Illuminating the root in the EB and the flow of life’s journey I am

also guiding strengthening and cherishing you keep in mind that the Journey’s holy stages are just as

important as the final goal you are drawing closer to my welcoming arm

with each step driven by faith the trip itself is evidence of your steadfast

confidence and certainty throughout life’s ups and downs I Am With You Always proclaims a

supernatural presence that is ever present and unchanging accompanying you

every step of the way trust in the unwavering wisdom of my counsel my

fortitude to face any Challenge and the Limitless love that I have for you think

of it this way this trip is valuable in and of itself not only because it leads somewhere but

also because it strengthens your bond with me every step you take in faith is

a symbol of your trust a Sweet Sacrifice that brings you closer to God along the

way you’ll learn how Faith resilience and the grace that comes with each step

may change your life whenever you need an Embrace I am here ready and waiting

your path leads you home where my glory shines brightly and your Delight knows no bounds here the anticipation is not

impatience but love love that anticipates your arrival love that

envisions a joyful Reunion where all Sorrows fade away and all heartaches find Healing embrace the promise of my

Everlasting presence as you embark on a purposeful Journey knowing that each step you take in faith brings you closer

to a home where Joy is perfected and my glory is completely shown as you go on with your trip take

heart in the knowledge that you are never really alone we love and support you at every step eagerly anticipating

your return and the day of our joyous reunion my beloved child take solace in

the Triumph I have won for you let its Spirit fill your being and let the reverberations of my salvation

reverberate inside you despite what the world says you may find unwavering

strength in me even when Joy is fleeting and hope is elusive love is the dominant

currency of my Everlasting Kingdom hope becomes your fortitude and joy becomes

your anchor think of what Nehemiah says your strength in me is the pleasure

of the Lord to persevere through the inevitable ups and downs of Life hold on

to the unwavering joy that is inside you the realization of redemption and Triumph is like a deep spring it

empowers you to confront each day with bravery and tenacity even when the world

doubts the Persistence of hope hope is not a wisp in my heart but a rock that

holds you tight to the shity of Promises Kept I’ve won a victory for you and it

will guide you through the temporal world with all its storms and uncertainties so take heart in that I

have a deep truth to share in a society where people are so focused on temporary pleasure with its foundation in the

shity of redemption and everlasting Triumph Joy Anchored In Me is able to

withstand any trial this happiness does not depend on anything outside of our

Everlasting Bond rather it is something you should welcome

wholeheartedly love my beloved is more than just an emotion it is the currency

that shapes the transactions of the Divine love defines my kingdom and Every Act of love you do for another person is

a cury that holds immeasurable value in the Eternal realm forging connections

that endure beyond the limits of time so live fully in the victory I have won for

you I pray that you may draw strength from the joy of my salvation at all times and that the hope that is in me

may lead you to steadfastness love is the foundation of my kingdom and a virtue in and of itself

as you go through life filled with love hope and joy you are living proof of the

truths that last even if this world is temporary let the great truths of Life

fill you to the brim with an Indescribable Delight that shines with Splendor I pray that you will let your

life be an expression of the Limitless pleasure I provide a joy that is beautiful beyond description and

decorated with the Majesty of God Rest assured my beloved child that I am the

Supreme Being once you accept these realities you will come come to understand the beginning and end of the

Everlasting watchmaker of Time Imagine them as a gushing stream that fills your soul with happiness and restores your

spirit within this Faith you will discover an unfathomable source of pleasure a joy that rises from the

depths of your bond with me my dear take comfort in the fact that time does not

hold me back I am the Eternal beginning and end embracing everything that exists

in the vast fabric of time I am everpresent a rock for your broken heart

and an everpresent Wellspring of Happiness while you negotiate the complexities of life may the knowledge

that I am Everlasting calm your spirit because I am not constrained by the constraints of passing epochs know that

my pleasure is your strength and let these facts be your anchor I pray that

you experience throughout your life the boundless and magnificent Delight that

comes from having a deep relationship with the almighty the one and only the maker of all things new and old be

unwavering in your Devotion to the words my beloved kid because my love for you is eternal I have never wavered in my

commitment to be true to you this Proclamation must remain engraved in your soul because my love has no bounds

it persists through all the ups and downs of life without faltering or ceasing My Love is Like a Rock a solid

base that you can lean on when the waves of life appear to be crashing against you this sacred Proclamation resounds

with the veracity of an eternal love one that has been before you and will continue to exist beyond death This Love

woven into your very existence through passing events and changing situations

remains unbroken whenever you feel like the world is spinning out of control or that the tides of Time are ready to

swallow you whole my love will be there to steady you do you still not remember

how Eternal my love is this isn’t a love that fluctuates based on your circumstances or your goodness instead

it Remains by your side in both good and bad times May the certainty of my

eternal love Shield you from the temporary trials that life always brings in the boundless love that envelops you

you will find peace in times of uncertainty or uncertainty about the future my child may find solace in the

unwavering commitment of my love which envelops you in a love that brings calm

amongst life’s tempests hold on to this fact like a child seeking peace in the

safe Embrace of a loving parent you are encircled in an eternal love that gives

you strength comfort and the unfaltering promise of rest in the all-encompassing

watch care I provide you my darling write this truth deep into your soul I

have you in my grasp and I will never let go of you until I have you you I am

well versed in the details of your trip including The Whens and whats and I will hold them close to my heart as you move

through the everchanging fabric of time join me as I lead you step by step one

step closer to the center of my will a Divine will that conducts a symphony of purpose and satisfaction with every

pulse on this path accept the reality that the passage of time is not an ill-planned Waltz but rather a

meticulously or rated Voyage where each stride draws you further to the depth of

my affection and the boundless Delight of being in my company imagine my beloved feeling the

protective fingers of God embracing you you will find comfort and security in

this Embrace knowing that God is always holding and protecting you just as a child feels safe in the arms of a caring

parent holding cherishing and guiding you through life’s complexities is a

comforting thought as the years pass we will not go into the unknown alone but

rather embark on an adventure of Discovery beside me your everpresent travel companion I don’t hide your

life’s details instead they unfold before me as you go through time I am

here to accompany you Illuminating the way step by step have faith that With Every Beat of your heart you get closer

to the center of my will the spot where happiness love and purpose meet

please my beloved find solace in my Vigilant care join me in confidently embracing each moment as a divine

revelation in perfect harmony with the passing of time uncover the boundless

Delight that is waiting for you in my presence as well as the unfathomable profundity of my love and the beauty of

my will put your faith in me and stop stressing about the details give them to

me and I’ll make a decision imagine for a second think of the patient farmer who

sews his seeds in accordance with the seasons I’ve decreed when Harvest time comes his barns are full of the tapestry

of your life trust the thread that runs through every moment linking the unknowns of when and what to the hands

of Divine Providence put your confidence in me tomorrow and I will transform your

uncertainty into a purposeful Masterpiece just as a gardener plants seeds you can relax knowing that I am

the one in control of time orchestrating the seasonal changes and shaping your destiny just as a higher power ordain

the seasons themselves the Harvest of your labor will be abundant when the time comes so don’t worry about when or

what you make room for my transformational touch when you give me these worries I shape the shards of

Doubt into a future that develops beyond your wildest dreams as you your seeds think of the

farmer’s unfaltering faith in the natural cycles and predetermined Seasons as you let go of your anxieties

and believe in the natural progression of your life Seasons you’ll find that just as the seeds sprout and plenty

comes out so too does your life’s journey through the seasons imagine the

change that happens when I embrace them molding a future characterized by Heavenly abundance and

satisfaction put your trust in me my beloved and let me handle your worries about what and when to leave I am the

one who SWS seeds of purpose reaps Bountiful harvests and plans everything

out your future is in my control and as you continue to walk by faith your

narrative will develop as a witness to the incredible things that may happen when trust takes the place of worry in

your heart I will be right there with you so there’s no need to be afraid when

the sun comes up I will find find you as Dawn breaks come into my presence the

light that guides you is a declaration of my infinite love trust me with your faith early even in times of difficulty

or exhaustion because the miraculous benefits I seek May and will come to pass in your life get down on one knee

and Lay All Your Troubles at my feet today’s worries and annoyances have been

met with kind remarks that convey the depth of my emotions yes you have decided to listen walk in obedience and

go forth with Resolute faith and resolve all that I have said you have accepted

even though you’re up against a lot of problems and difficulties I will send Good Fortune your way everything will

work out in the end and I will Vanquish your enemies in a show of gratitude to the skies raise your hands thank your

heavenly father for all of his favors and tell your loved ones how important it is to listen believe and follow his

message you have no idea how much I adore you if you believe in God type



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