Attention!* THIS WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON THAN YOU..| God message jesus | God's Saying Now | God's Message Now - online calculators

Attention!* THIS WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON THAN YOU..| God message jesus | God’s Saying Now | God’s Message Now

God is speaking to you right now not deserving or acceptable deeper down

figure out who to contact much success and blessings in plenty maintain your

faith and your prayers it’s all being planned for you be aware that I’m

directing Heavenly interventions for your health happiness or spirituality if

you stay through the entire video you will soon receive incredible advantages

a flood of light is about to descend upon you Illuminating the deepest

recesses of the night sky with the brightness of dawn take no fear though

you will soon be entering a new rest if you make the profound decision to seek

better than the entire Universe moves in your favor transform your scarcity into

abundance I commit myself to a prosperous plan of ranged by the universe your well-being time healing

and incredible Financial Miracles will all materialize precisely and the season

is ready for the reason the wines of their Destiny have been blowing over you

all of this will happen if you continue to watch this video until the very last

moment it can be difficult at times to ignore it remember to appreciate every

moment and depend on me for Direction when you feel confused or uncertain I

can work endless Miracles and change your life today God is communicating

with you never forget that I am here for you at all times do many happy moments

excellent Tidings and encouraging things are coming your way you will notice a

sudden aloneness and have a ton of amazing items before this weekend you

will be taken care of I Promise by my angels come together in prayer for them

to receive abundance invoke the following prayer dear God please enter

my home and remove the goods and the agreement if that is your desire believe

that God is involved in this and that you will receive benefits in the softest

of Whispers when behavior and goals are in harmony if may be a beautiful

Symphony of appreciation for all the ways I held you pleased back from reaching your goals and for how far you

have gone this year my child you have been blessed with many opportunities to

succeed ultimately I hope to understand why the war was so difficult and restore

Health to your body in ways that would have been previously Unthinkable you’ll

be gazing at your blessed loved ones nothing new will be found for you in

and it all begins with me first and foremost I will transform myself

therefore come find me during moments of prosperity and happiness life have faith

in God’s plan and you will experience protection and an unexpected Financial

breakthrough the cosmos is telling you that you are special and that your time

in is ideal even though others might appear to be ahead of you relying on God

will bring blessings happiness and perseverance into your life so in the

next weeks you will begin to receive even more evidence that everything is

well both the benefits you are currently receiving and the agony you are

experiencing I have also heard compassion for myself as I continue to

attempt every day my main goal will be to uplift my soul why are you downcast

and tormented within bringing oppression tension and despair and why is it that

only God can accomplish the seemingly impossible expect to be touched by

Everything You Touch because even when it seems like there is nothing I can do

to help you succeed he can find a way will you keep in mind that you are

capable of changing your life now and that the days ahead will be better than

the ones you have now accepting your life’s setbacks and victories further

demonstrates your tolerance these are the building blocks that withstand the

senses persistent assaults enter of course if you think that everything is

going to change for the better and that you will experience a dramatic transformation into abundance I Proclaim

that unanticipated gifts are on their way to you my love you are posed to make

a momentous Discovery and will soon gain so much strength that there is no space

for weakness when a spider builds a web it’s happy and doing well this month

I’ll shower you with money with consecutive wins healing and unexpected

blessings shut down the door and pray to your father who is your resilience that

I’m additionally here and competent to do better be more appealing and get love

independence from debt what benefits everyone else as well as each other

greater than sufficient for one Thessalonians God will talk favorably

about you and open doors for you to express your support like this and that

God use your career money evil and proper punishment to prove that God is

revealing the truth about you today God is welcoming you with open arms accept

discomfort because it brings you abundance I’ll provide you and the ones

you love with blessings you never would have imagined now Jesus tells you that

he will not overlook your wants and needs nor your joy and Serenity in order

to follow I’m ready for the love with your life and to experience Financial

work repeat after me my and the currently judging you benefits and

destines he possesses in store for you prepare to be amazed I might have to

change some of the systems that have been passed across to you over the years to make them more accurate or to provide

you with something better keep God in mind and realize that all the struggles

and losses you’ve gone through will eventually pass you should also make a

conscious effort to grow from the errors you make and steadily towards your goals

you may be concerned about your finances health or finances right now but trust

everything will work out for the good of others when you give away your wealth

you I have saved you from difficult situations and even in the middle of

your week bodies will be healed relationships will be restored and

acceptance letters will be received as you go through life keep in mind that

you are on the right track to take care of everything you’re going through that

challenges pain Terrors and Sleepless mights you experience will go on noticed

because they are hidden and frequently lead to the end of the line today I

encourage you to pursue your goals rather than giving up even though I am aware that human existence can be

difficult at times I pray that the almighty would provide a path even when

it appears impossible have faith that you will succeed despite any changes in

the mental state of your journey and the advancements in your career personal

connections and well-being get ready for the backlash from your actual self who

is pleading with you to forgive them for what they did in life and to take a

stance for you you should be grateful before exerting the physical strength and courage necessary to face

Improvement as this is a sign that a significant change is about to occur

walk through faith and expect miracles as no one else can fulfill your worth

until you do everything in existence wants you to succeed and be happy and I

am grateful for the money I am able to earn each day the Son of God proceed to

the point when you are praying for different parts of your life such as your health finances or family I see

your tears and hear your prayers but I am cognizant of your pain in every

aspect of your existence God knows about your trials and your blessings this

project is truly amazing and is currently financially blessed Triple

your unfortunate terod is over you will regain your physical health reconcile

shattered relationships and find Financial closure for your heartbreak

God is speaking to you if you’re now feeling irritated Furious and frustrated

your adversaries will be vanquished by you pain and Assurance are temporary

because I shall take them away I’ll instead give you a peaceful feeling I

understand that the only thing that is true is what has passed for everyone

including each other first Thessalonians be both hopeful and composed when

grieving please turn to face me I promise to take away your suffering

worries Hope and Faith in Me I’ll also lead you along the straight and narrow

path and you now tell me that you think I can bring you victory in the future as

well as ease plenty and healing May blessings be bestowed upon you and your

family may they become your identity you are capable of Reinventing yourself

multiple times God I want to deepen my faith and my relationship with you by

accepting that difficult ult situations present opportunities for rewards as the

barriers point to your destiny and abundance of Fortune extend your arms to

embrace it whatever the case your financial status is going to improve

substantially and you’ll start the transition from a state of struggle to one of flow there is a call from your

higher self if you trust in me I’ll find a way and you will winess Marvels happen

to you you your breakthrough recovery and instructive adjustments are on the

worrying about the enemy’s attempts to inflict pain attacks and enough setbacks

on you appreciation for the circumstances is the source of new

opportunities as you continue to as you are picking up lessons from important

experiences in your life today rehabilit ation modification prosperity and

breakthroughs for you and yours guaranteed my concerns and problems

guard my family and cause them suffering your wounds took time to heal just as it

is going to require time for you to remain consistent in your aspirations

you are the one being called not just the one knowing where you’re going he’ll

take away your sorrow and give you Everlasting joy in your heart doors will open from the universe

you after all you’ve been through God can get you this far children I am

making positive changes in your spiritual and romantic lives I am going

to reveal to you certain aspects of your life at this time such as amazing

Miracles triumphs and breakthroughs your health will experience God God’s

Supernatural touch and you will lead a successful life that fills you with

fulfillment healing will abound in your future enabling you to fully recover

from whatever ailments or debts you have forgiven kind thank you God we thank you

let us pray together shortcomings as opportunities for learning a mistake

that is repeated to a you are starting to realize that you can make it it come

to reality now the universe Longs for you to start believing I am grateful God

in order for you to have all you need for every rejection challenge hold up

and disappointment in your life by God’s grace everything that was planned for

was truly deserved we wake up and beg our day because I am your God The Giver

of Plenty God states in the powerful name of Jesus that we have hope for a

bright future and financial prosperity I’ll because of his resurrection I

recognize that you desire a genuine transformation in your life but true

transformation necessitates telling a different story one of Victories and

remarkable encounters please like the following video If You Harbor faith in

God but the reason why would someone change my power and curse you so that

you become stronger it is our duty as Christians to resist the devil and his

emissaries and we vow that God will come to your home today and send you the

necessary blessings and miracles remain true to who you are practice gratitude

believe that you are capable of greatness and watch greatness come into

your life in the end you are the reason I was in pain and you work so hard to

bring goodness into your life that even the most unexpected blessings can find

their way to you God promises to bring about one surprise after a different one

until all of your request are heard he will also bring you Freedom healing and

the restoration of the things you desire blessings will also be bestowed upon you

abundantly like rain falling from heaven along with his grace wisdom tenderness

and compassion you have been damaged by me and I am an immoral person God you

have my complete trust I swear that tomorrow morning I will be ready and

prosperous successful happy and healthy as you believe that this is working off

we desperately need your assistance to continue sharing these messages from God

with your body the soul and emotions and financial matters God promises that you

will have long and happy days and that you and your family will be free from

misbehavior please don’t give up Jesus is emphasizing to you right now that he

knows you don’t have to be alone in your grief and Christ wept to demonstrate

that you are too keep holding on to your faith and you will succeed I’ll be with

you every single step of the way when you’re feeling scared or alone just

remember that I am here to support you I’ll make sure that both of you and your

family have wealth love and wonderful times kindly have faith in yourself your

worth abilities message and purpose you have pledged to stay with me and will

sparingly reap and whoever asess liberally reaps next will also reap

blessings always accompany trials and changes and you will experience a lot of

fresh money pouring into your life over the next few Journeys as the month comes

to a finish put your trust in the Divine and anticipate something amazing and

unanticipated to occur you spare no time or effort cultivating my trust in fact

you spare me from being humili ated by a fight God assures you that the

subsequent blessing will inevitably catch you off guard so you’re not

fighting this battle alone pray and trust God to improve your attitude

approach and thought process I declare that unanticipated good fortune are on

their way your aspirations are about to come true God disrupt for you now that

you have have the abilities to do it Amon the best opportunities will present

themselves to you and you will experience outstanding achievement when

you believe that everything is possible is into abundance when the time is right

you can take your life to the next level the powerful inner work you are

undertaking in a professional like you who lives in a simple world will make

you lose your way I will pour a lot of prayers over you and your entire

household because the Lord is Paving the way for you don’t overthink things

instead just let the Joe flow you have been trustworthy to God and are the best

beyond your happiness life presents him with a happy song of cascade of goodness

you prepare for a happy and prosperous future by allowing yourself to be

blessed by me I’m prep prepared to receive your programming of riches

healing and love and Spades today the secret to living successfully is not

something to be afraid of it’s something that a lot of people miss out on new

possibilities are coming your way your true purpose is held in place your gifts

and talents are all related and your goals and good fortune all come true

making something isn’t your job God may ask you to give up something you really

want on occasion if the amazing power that resides within us is used he will

either bring it back unexpected blessings are Grace I Proclaim

considering that you continually give my best will envelop you totally when you sleep theight I put my trust in your

Flawless plan for my life mental emotional spiritual and bodily Miracles

will all occur do my beloved children protect my heart and soul from

resentment and hatred when your perseverance dedication and hard work

payoff God says to expect to listen and to answer your call this weekend we

shall surpass your wildest expectations and surpass your

expectations of me so never lose hope in me Keep Me Near to your heart heart’s

desire and I will protect you from anything the person you will meet will

Amaze you they won’t bring chaos bewilderment or tension into your life

rather they will bring the serenity you’ve been seeking it’s not necessary

for your recuperation to take ages I am privileged to have you as my God you

must understand your value your circumstance is being changed by God for

those experiencing physical suffering illness or anxiety we pray for your

wisdom and fortitude continue working your magic selecting yes to access paths

that weren’t there before prayers unanswered and everyday struggles to

make enough to survive are about to take a remarkable turn for your financial

Condition Believe In My plenty and my understanding I am the one who can

provide for all of your needs I will bestow upon you as Grace knowledge and

mercy and favor as well as healing for your body and mind that is as plentiful

as rain stay in control and remain unaffected by anything or anybody by not

allowing anyone to take advantage of your kindness as a Beacon of Hope in the

shadows I lead the way just follow me the life that I long for for Grace is

not in the future I am interested in what you are going to accomplish and I

have faith in the strategy you have for my life your Ascent from the bottom to

the top is imminent as are your Ambitions and you are beginning to

embrace a new way of being in the next week you should expect improvements in

your health and work regardless of what has been taken from you I give up all

all thought for the things I had planned for the future I am going to hear your

peace if you are reluctant to come to me and pray to me in your private space

your finances will improve and you’ll have a more fortunate period of life and

sense of Financial Security believe that Heavenly Creatures with amazing

imagination it will be even more amazing and lovely for you than you could have

ever imagined keep a positive outlook and trust that everything will work out

accept your anxiety even though it is only temporary with good thoughts

visions and prayers money repairing damage and exciting possibilities can

come about at an Unstoppable Pace relationships and unending Serenity

greatly appreciate and respect you this is the time of year when you should

expect Angelic favor and healings are you prepared to help you through the

upcoming ordeal Jesus urge is to get ready for a transition from that point

on angels are saying to you that you have entered into the most abundant

moment of your life but I ask for a few seconds of your time because nothing you

please face today is more formidable than me I love you more than you can

imagine and I am never going to leave your thoughts start with your words

don’t brm with happiness love and financial prosperity yeah the universe has the

potential to open if you’re ready I have all the power and I will integrate with

your received form if you have faith in God type

have you been able to conquer any and all challenge as you may encounter

in the future by praying and believing you and your family are in God’s hands

forever I’m incredibly grateful to God for making me who I am God is telling

you to change today this is a reality to which you must respond remain optimistic

have faith that God will work wonders in your life and have faith that you will

be healed and released from the bonds that bind you to your proper home in

Paradise the law of accordance promises that everything that is rightfully yours

is in accordance with it and everything in existence must find a way to make it

so nothing in the entire universe is like you in the same way that you hope

you are unique God is going to amaze you with his goodness at this time and when

you wake up in the early hours of the day my child know that you are not alone

in your worries my life will be filled with Abundant Blessings rude fortune and

Marvel’s dot its a year of healing and change and I

trust that God will give you peace and strength when You Face disgrace yet

shame is going to descend on those who are dishonest deceitful and your

financial prospects are not to be named I will finish what I started in your

life make up for the delays you’ve encountered and allow me to be a source

of motivation to a professional and meet today thank you for the main ways you

mentioned that you’re in bed right now wondering how to handle the situation

that was destined to prepare you for this very moment which is precisely when

God wants you to come as you are those of you who are still invisible may God

lead strengthen and uphold you in order to support our channel in the future I

pray that today is directed by the manner that it means to live every day

in Intimate relationship with them opening the skies I shall shower my

blessings down upon you in the end this gives me the chance to grow and change

and if I support you it is a of no consequence who opposes you because you

are my child and together he began to care about and assist others even if it

means making changes to your relationships income and career God

bless you and be with you always irrespective of what the opposing s does

we are very appreciative of everything you have done for us and for being there

for us during your trials do not ever doubt that your prayers are heard you

serve a God who additionally has the power to move you from suffering and hardship but also promises to bless you

beyond measure you and your family will feel my love kindness and support as you

embark on a bold new chapter don’t worry about the Terrors that have moistened

your pillow or the prayers that have led you here in order to ensure that you are

protected from danger irrespective of what the enemy tries to do please if you

are a Christian help God by giving a big Thanksgiving of $ or more God is a

fantastic creature have patience and honor your vows in due time God will

restore your health rebuild your relationships and meet your requirements

financially know that I I am here for you no matter what kind of pain you’re

going through either physical or mental don’t allow bad vibes get in the way of

your jawer I’ll help you understand that significant comebacks abundance riches

success real love and contentment are all dependent on your continued

confidence in Jesus I am aware that you have gained the win and are now no

longer weak originates with the Creator and so do those who disparage you you

will soon see their wonders being aware that the person who is going to betray

him is right there sleeping close by prepare yourself to view your health I

picture prayers being said for you in combat the cosmos has created you to be

in harmony with your destiny and I a god of Marvels am am able to do any amazing

task ask thrown at you achievement wealth and abundance of it will come

your way with ease this year will Mark the finest yet for you to have trust in

our journey as new and exciting discoveries are on their way to restore

to blessings and eternal Serenity seeing that there was light towards the end is

the greatest relationship you can have with God who provides for the injured I

promise you and everyone in your house hous hold a better future if you believe

me and let go you will be in my care for the duration that you live because I am

your God I know that your promise is real because I am the one who made you

and I shall remain you forever I apologize I understand that when you

pray to God and receive favor from him you see God’s face and rejoice God

support you throughout hardships and re choices with you and you succeed and you

know what is in your heart times over you’ll receive spiritual and from me God

is constantly present in a loving purpose-driven life so when you feel sad

or te know that God is with you God continues to remain with you allowing

God to guide the distant is necessary for this make positive improvements and

modifications to our life immediately in order to safeguard ourselves and our

family and friends from any adverse effects that may arise that’s how we

make our path stronger before God’s promises are realized before this

weekend your life your friends and my job you will unexpectedly meet an

appropriate person and experience a rapid Improvement in your health I

consider consider myself fortunate beyond measure to be here to fully envelop you while you sleep this evening

wealth and miracles returning to your life I’m going to update my affirmation

so dop worrying please watch the video and leave nine comments from people who

trust God be patient as Things fall into place for you when you’re focused on

yourself they won’t to leave that you deserve your obstacles and the issues

will be solved in amazing manners Jesus is Lord so expect the unexpected and

adhere to what’s to come dear friend we often hear the saying God does

everything for the good of the ones who love him who’ve been called corresponding to is real before for

comes to an end let’s give thanks to heaven for his provision of life and

good health for all of you regardless of how it enters your opportunities

blessings and subsequent Marvels method it’s important to act on the remarkable

stories God is giving you rather than doubting them God may take away your

home this week but this week will bring you a testimony full of prosperity and

love fulfillment believe that there are miracles that are occurring trust that I

can help and worrying concerning obstacles catching up to you as you get

around life yes if you engage in your life to serving my needs every day it is

possible I love you because I’m willing to be open to receiving the abundance

that brightens your life I am your loving God keep believing keep praying

and keep an now your life change you will have the strength to Prevail over

the things that are on the way are you ready absolutely nobody or anyone else

can stand in the way of your accomplishment close your gaze and sense

survived how the cosmos is working within you to make the transition from being ignored to wanted I promise you

that before the year is over God will work incredible Miracles and

breakthroughs and every aspect of your life you’ll be amazed at how rapidly

things change and disappear , get ready for the attract to

arrange you dear heavenly type yes to confirm attempt to prevent you from

moving on have faith that I am planning an incredible itinerary particularly for

you choosing not to quit up until you reach that point as more more important

and determining when is the ideal moment just like I have done in the past I will

open the door you have been praying for I am going to create a way for you for

your blessings are you prepared congratulations for being successful God

of Miracles Clarity let’s pray together now I appreciate it you don’t need to

worry because I’m at peace and I’m thankful for my family and my ability to

face Goliath with fortitude God’s blessings that he has been preparing

behind closed doors are about to be revealed but before that

happens understand that I am always here for you that I won’t close and that

Divine favor will abound be ready for a subtle but substantial increase bag

positive changes are on the way keep God’s promises and watch as the artist

of your human beings for my binding becomes simple and my burden is light I

praise God for you Lord Jesus Christ please know that I am working non-stop

to support you on your journey to that the greatest is yet too although there

has been great Improvement the journey may feel deep I hope that these blessings will brighten your path help

you achieve your goals in life and bring yourselves and your family many more

benefits if they were battling flawlessly their competition wouldn’t be you will love my Larger than Life dreams

for you which are about to come true because everything in your life is working out miraculously your suffering

will become strength your anxieties will become understanding and you will be

filled with Limitless possibilities take your source of strength I have the

ability to totally change your life sweet heavenly father if you’re

depressed I will cheer you up gifts and miracles will soon arrive God says that

as many children as there are will know this and grasp the reason behind the

enemy’s conflict you’ll have faith in God to bring life and faith in God to

bring Envy hatred enticement and selfishness which impacts all facets of

your imagination God has assisted you in life in the past doll billion will be

released I am manifesting God is telling you today

that the door that closed wasn’t a rejection but keep in mind that life is

a journey not a race and you should always try to improve your circumstances

thank you for today thank you and may blessings overflow in your life

I’m showing both you and your family the fact that I’m still here and can help

you get better you truly accomplish at holding things on to me since I gave up

on giving you please all that you deserved because I was being overly

dependent on you and Unstoppable your story will give many people Hope prayer

is frequently sought after trust in God’s frequency it magnifies

whatever in your life pce your financial vessel will expand beyond my reactions

amen it’s been said that anxiousness can sometimes make you believe that nothing

will ever change even when he commitments to pleasantly surprise you

having been vanquished I’ve handed you the vacations cashed novel encounters

jaw and the water the mountains direct sunlight and stars I will always be at

your sigh offering support guidance and protection as you take the easiest route

simply put expect nothing less than Perfection and a profound faith in God

this will change everything since God’s schemes are perfect and he knows when

each thing is needed give a me to live response if you’re ready God says that

he will be believing and creating real in the days to come which will assist

shape your reality it’s time to turn around your financial situation and give

you an abundance regarding Wealth Beyond my wildest expectations blessings upon

blessings and like sugar attracts I want to Grant you Prosperity health health

and success also recognizing the importance of coincidences and divine

long-term change in your life just as David relied in God to see his tears of

grief so to May life take away all of your troubles God provides the

conditions for tolerance and the person who is tolerant is the one who was born

to return God is working to bring possibilities and restoration to thrive

and become you must type to all of your

responsibilities and let go of those things that will hinder your life career

wealth health and relationships if you put your confidence in him he will be

committed to you you will then be able to see their circumstances and provide

them with fresh opportunities things will get more wealthy in than you

could have ever imagined before this weekend anticipate that the things you

have wanted have been founded on a delusion or Li the idea that you are not

deserving and have faith in the amazing additionally ask for safety and

direction we can purify ourselves with it declares as a Christian you’ll know that

you’re never alone I am always by your side and I have healed please forgive

yourself for putting up with Mal treatment and disrespect when you are surrounded by light love and an

abundance of blessings I’m praying to God for perseverance and strength while

I send Financial alive he still chooses you cross God we are grateful that you

are with us the future holds Many Wonders but for now now live in the

present anything is being taken into consideration for you in amazing ways

including directing the correct people to speak well of you and eliminating any

negative thoughts it isn’t intended for it to occur for you God has more ideal

plans in mind he’s going to bless you with prosperity in your career

relationships spiritual life rest easy knowing that you should anticipate

an uninterrupted flow this week and comprehend the objectives that I have

Going Global you will always be glorified by your mistakes and efforts

to grow I will never suffer I am unable to be closer to you because of life’s

obstacles but all will work out for the best I really apologize this will have

an effect on all facets of your life including your financial situation

psychological health and physical health it will be evident as Crystal leads you

to the life career and relationships that you desire I realize I have to

learn to trust you first if you still think miracles happen please keep

showing me how to be ready to receive blessings after subscribing to our

channel in support of cause bigger than yourself I assure you that Prosperity

will come into your life in an effortless and Limitless manner with a

Cascade of benefits that will surpass all of your previous experiences he has

experienced big Miracles and is aware of the harm they have caused you he also

hopes for major improvements Direction have faith that God is guiding you

through your hardship ship and understands what’s most beneficial for you in the future my income will rise my

health will improve and he will shield and heal you giving you the courage to

accept the love extremely challenging situations when you think that you ought

to be further advanced in life that is when your blessings from the world

around you are providing you with the strength to go on you are being ready for a wonderful flawless alignment with

your soul prepare yourself for a weekend filled with prayer which has been shown

to be a very effective tool by Jesus your Grandeur is about to be realized as

light appears in your existence and resources so relax and refrain from

losing sleep over the specifics your soul will have a place and I will supply

it as you become to thrive over sights or where you find to you are you listen

you answer and you bring me joy and serenity the dilemma with him is that I

the Angels send a message of Hope stands in contrast to your expectations Grace

kindness and prosperity from God will be given to you perfectly in him even

though it could feel uncomfortable create a true inner sense of success and

encourage the way to come we can help you in areas of your daily life where

you lack awareness be aware when you keep ignoring and lacking opportunities

will come your way because of me you are about to receive unexpected blessings

giving them complete control over your thoughts the Divine claims that you are

incapable of Imagining the surprise that is ahead of you as you prepare to dive

in to other individuals have cursed us alerting us to the fact that we are

different from everyone else in this world and that we should use this warning to defend ourselves from harm

have faith in yourself and your path remaining free from immorality is

excellent and yours but that’s not all I want for you to know even after I am

securely brought into his Heavenly Kingdom you still glorify and Revere

evil Deeds I’ll lead you if you have faith in me techniques every day I draw

in money I’m rich and well and I’m on top of you abundant love and abundance

will engulf you like unexpected presence I will constantly bring my serenity into

your life despite your pain scarcity anxiety and fear kindly take away your

extreme worrying and persuade you that you are incapable of changing you’ve

provided just the right amount of room for wonders and signs tend wonders to

happen there are no obscure areas with me Delight in me I’ll experiencing no

Miracle a Celestial being whispered in my ear your life is about to be

revolutionized by the cosmos in ways that will break free from your chains

and comfort your weeping eyes in the name of family a happy and repaired

relationship will be achieved recall that every day I am here for you you are

capable of overcoming any obstacle Christ he wouldn’t be attempting to stop

you please if you weren’t a threat according to Romans

if you weren’t about to experience something life is about to pour

abundantly into he weren’t going be trying to stop you struggles will soon

see your many blessings if you welcome this season with wholeheartedness demise separation

financial difficulties or reflection recall that negativity that has dragged

you down regarding a loved one your income or your work should be taken into

consideration when things seem to be growing more tough the PO potential thankfulness feels like a magical

frequency that magnifies everything even in the face of the devil’s constant

attempts to get you to think and feel about matters that aren’t right for you

I’m here to encourage you to pursue your goals no matter how they manifest

whether they take the form of money or experience you will face obstacles along

the way but with hard work and perseverance you can overcome them and

reach New Heights you’ll also laugh and feel so Joys that it will surpass your

wildest dreams be assured that I have set you on your way to achieving your

greatest goals nothing can decide for you you are being guided toward becoming

an even better version of yourself it is only through the Embrace of who you are

that the Universe can never give you back even more may you find greater

success whenever you are reading this as I know that there is only one person I

can locate I ask that my child so complete me once more thank you for

releasing me from the burden of guilt your life and all the transgressions I

carried in the past I need you to maintain God no one can win against you

your prayers will soon receive an answer invite fiding God into your life means

that he sees the unfair practices and hears each petition you say press enter

to take ownership of the news immediately hold on to your protection

and exert greater pressure it is God who is telling you to not worry he will help

you God impossibilities cling on to this period for you are about to enter a

season of prosperity and un shakable love all for the sake of financial

wealth that will relieve your financial burdens and enable you to settle all of

your debts both your families and your own get hold of you’ll start to see even

more evidence in the following weeks that the week ahead will be full with breakthroughs good news and answered

prayers reach your goal in addition to having it all figured out you are

thriving psycholog logically physically spiritually and emotionally to have

everything worked out is unattainable may God bless you abundantly don’t worry

I’m working hard to stay hidden right now you’re rising to the top of your

game it is scheduled to overflow with blossoming love I announce in the Holy

Name of Jesus there will be happy times and victory God is a kind and and

merciful being when you were having several Dark Nights of the Soul we are

appreciative of your forgiveness contempt and abuse please let there not

be only one difficult chapter you suppose to the Breakthrough you need so

please please bring back my joy heal me and help you now and we’ll continue he

loves you now let us pray greetings God I thank you for all of your blessings

even the ones that will take your breath away I pray for you to have enough

health happiness and freedom from sin guilt and the thing that made you who

you are rest assured my love I will see to it that you are taken care of and

supported whenever you need it I wish you blessings and peace of mind enjoy

each moment of the day and night you will be blessed beyond measure sitting

in your new car or outside your new home gazing at your million dollars with

humility and gratitude I declare today a shield that safeguards around

you both your wellness and your achievement of something which will require longer than you anticipated I am

ordering your steps and limiting what you can achieve and the joy you please

can experience say in Jesus powerful name doors of the supernatural shall

swing for my direction and safety your life narrative is about to begin hours

of crying without even realizing with God’s word on our lips through

confession and declaration I am always here ready to confront the challenges

you face we offer you and your potential healing blessings and miracles I adore

you and I know that anything that upsets you is you’re breaking away from a

better existence for yourselves assess your current situation so that you can

understand your history you are unable to give your mind or trade what has

transpired I want to miraculously improve your health and let you give

everything you have to other people and their Endeavors assume that things will

work out for yourself at the height of the fire and not consume you the saying

is accurate you won’t you can achieve anything you set your mind to today if

you’ve made it thus far if you’re on board be ready to receive a Divine

message for today it feels like God as well as his angels are all about us and without your

kind assistance water and shelter we are on unable to accomplish our goals thank

you expectations will be met and obstacles overcome when you follow God’s

will for you this coming week is sure to yield breakthroughs and improvements

throughout both good and terrible times when faced with difficulties or

challenges remember to remain strong practice patience like a mountain and

learn when to take action but particularly when they issues arise may

your Sorrows be filled with happiness and peace and may you choose to worship

rather than worrying for the coming week will be busy with fixing and improving

money God this is the day that your time will come and bring blessings into every

aspect of Our Lives type I certify that I have the power to never turn back to

claim it type almond Your Shadow can be a strong instructor who shows you the

locations if you forgive me and want to show me some respect I’ll give you

another chance in the mighty name of Jesus Amen trust God put in your best

effort and he will perform wonders in the next phases of your life I promise

to concurrently forgive yourself and remain true to who you are heal your

family and work miracles when you need them I will fill your stomach with pure

delight keep them protected from adverse effects give us discernment when making

judgments and protect your faith house family health and everything else that

seems to be beyond your control stay calm I’m at your sigh you will have

better outcomes than ever before if you keep your concentration on safeguarding

your forever and don’t get carried away by what others are doing even in

confronting of situations that appear insurmountable the fate of humanity will

be filled of incredible relationships and the incredible things I do for your family will make today

absolutely spectacular and bring you great joy the time for your family’s

health and well-being is about to change Jesus says I know you are interested in

yet your nature is not fixed you are a boundless Everlasting Marvel and that

you should live fully in the present he also says blast the video till the very

end everything is going to be taken care of I possess the ability to transform

your sorrow into joy to mold your period of time with things so that they are

simple and enjoyable for you your opportunity for things to arrive that

you have been ardently wishing for see this as a guide for moving forward and a

diversion toward something better I have ideas for you that will change your life

don’t look back trust me God is telling you that things are improving in your

professional life right now God says to you God will open the doors to those you

love you can overcome the challenges of poverty and you can pursue the good

things I have in store for you you have developed an attitude that says I will

not allow anything unpleasant happen to you and I won’t ever let you assistance

I can complete I will put these names in your heart nothing can stop you from

realizing your full potential dear heavenly father in the precious name of

Jesus I ask for new things to come your way love money and significant

connections that will enable you to get a larger quantity of money God has

something exceptional planned your manner of admiration cannot be renewed

there is always a loving look you are going to have your moment and it is

going to happen today you will discover how to take advantage of life and

attract what is most beneficial to you behind you do you possess blessings as

you type in front of me get ready to experience luck wonders and happiness

like no before as you realize that there is no other way out of this difficult

situation than to persevere through it let’s jointly Proclaim in the Glorious

name of the Messiah that all is possible as long as you give everything you have

to me every day I love you despite your past struggles remember that I’ve been

there for you every step of the way I promise that I can cure your condition

and rebuild your health and by the end of you numerous beneficial developments

and blessings are going your way keep believing and praying and be ready to be

blessed showered with blessings the angels I hope your day is full of joy

and brightness and that you feel content and at ease within the Lord said is that

you are going to receive incredible blessings this weekend things that were

previously out of your reach are now within your reach because you have persevered and are truly blessed

continue to believe in his Almighty power and you will witness his miracles

do my friendship with you is growing and I am excited to learn more about your

goodness and what’s going to happen in your life that the bad times will pass

pass and be replaced by joy and more Paving the way for you all of your

requests have not been answered in your name amen God these glorious discoveries

guarantee Victory Healing and Tranquility you will never run out of

family and because of my love all your troubles will be resolved let go of your

anxieties concerns tension and dis from God money is flowing into your life like

water I recall a time when I had absolutely nothing to do with your life

it is important to clarify that I am an immortal being of redemption and

restoration triple God continues to work behind the scenes and for

promises to be a moment like no other thank you so much for everything you

have done for me you are in a position to benefit from Miracles and strongly

favor major positive changes because you are aware of the specifics of our lives

and have an unwavering will that will make your dreams come true please like

and share this video to show your dedication to helping others regardless

of your objectives for this year or the struggles you are facing God has heard

your time if you if you feel discouraged or unsure about experiences being

necessary please give me a strong Embrace and cover my family and friends

with confidence you can know it has the potential to change your current

situation and open the door to a world of refreshing unexpected events and

blessings it appears that there is no way I am aware that many of you are currently dealing with difficulties

and we are in desperate need of your assistance in order to continue sharing

these messages from God throughout the world life will not allow the things you have been looking forward to to pay off

with Benefits you can’t even begin to comprehend in terms of blessings and

breakthroughs you’ll be on your way you’ll go from struggling to make ends

meet to having more money your life won’t be the same as it was before

you’ll be luckier stronger healthier and full of energy I am prepared for

anything that comes my way I intelligent capable and gregarious I overwhelm you

with the knowledge that God is constantly at your side providing consolation long with enough go deeper

and discover who you truly are you’re enough just the way you are accomplished

their goal this is the time time of year and everything starts to come together

you have faith that I will work through your sorrow and lead your efforts to the

miracle you have been waiting for you believe and trust that I will turn that

circumstance around without you having to battle % as we pray in the midst of the

Almond may you be showered with blessings and have a lovely day we also

know that every Circ cumstance works out for the greater good of those who love

God your health will be restored and I will support your preferred lifestyle

and relationships I believe I can improve your situation and deliver you

Victory you are touching a great deal money with this claim typed to

retrieve your body and recover your health trust in me as I have a amazing

songs even if I can see that occasionally you spend things to hurt you God is telling you to be content

with your life right now including your relationships and physical well-being

though the consequences of sin may cause you to set aside patience eventually

everything will make sense because I am the one who grants eternal life let go

and I will always be at your side the cosmos is telling you that what’s

destined for you will come to pass you will find contentment prosperity and

serenity your kindness will I assure you bring about a ray of hope that will mend

happiness and Tranquility when you reflect on your life you’ll realize that

your most significant Miracle is the Miracles you’ve experienced this week as

God has sent you new opportunities and blessings success will arrive via an

inner path of Discovery where you can achieve anything you set your mind too

you deserve this revitalizing love where my will Pours Down storms the more

purposeful and pure your surroundings are the more grateful you will be amen

for the affirmation if you truly love Jesus Triple don’t hesitate to watch

this video through to the very end it will make your life extraordinary I am

wealthy and healthy and I have been in this situation before you have never

felt this uneasy afraid or anxious prepare yourself for healing and

financial restoration and please forgive me for everything I may have done or

spoken that disappointed you please show us your thanks by leaving a like

commenting and subscribing to our Channel dot the affection that you

conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being a part of this

journey in case you’re feeling especially touched and would like to

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