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Consider Deeply Why You Were Guided Here Today | God Message Today | God Message For You

my beloved I have heard your plea and opened the gates to bring you comfort at long last the blessing you

seek shall be bestowed upon you open your heart to receive this gift being

sent from the heavens above the chains of sufferings shall not bind your children nor shall pangs of

hunger afflict them I shall guard them from all tragedies and banish every illness from your home the curses

seeking to drive families apart shall be nullified under my protective wings no Spirits wishing to breed

infidelity shall succeed my Divine blood now envelops your family shielding you from all

malevolent forces no harm shall befall those I hold dear for I am the almighty who keeps

safe my beloved Treasures nestled in the palm of my hand you are the apple of my

eye the jewel I watch over none can snatch you away for my Spirit resides

within you always keeping guard this is the Deliverance for which you have so patiently waited no longer will you

cower before the enemies battering at your Gates the dreams filling your Slumber shall soon spring to life I know

the burdens you have shouldered alone on endless sleepless nights when doubts assailed you even when your heart

wavered still you persevered with steadfast devotion and I was there through all

your trials my child soon Another Blessing shall arrive one you did not

request but which I bestow freely as a token of my love but hearken to my voice

for your journey is not yet at its end I have brought you here to gaze upon

the vast Frontier still left to conquer lift your eyes to the expanse

stretching far beyond the Peaks your feet now tread a great battle awaits my Bravest

Warriors and you shall march with Valor at the Vanguard of this Crusade it brings me profound joy to know you did

not hesitate when I called but instead rose up with sword in hand ready to

charge forth in my name not only have you fought fiercely for your loved ones but your passion has awakened my spirit

and so I shall re blessings down upon you your family your elders your Youth

and all the little ones who shall come after for you shall blaze a trail of courage to inspire generations to

come yours shall be a household spoken of in reverent Whispers for where you

walk my glory and power also reside I will never forsake my beloved

children even now fortune Smiles down on you rejoice for a great miracle rushes

toward you like an approaching storm it near I can feel it can you sense it too

the still Stillness preceding a mighty Tempest soon to be Unleashed but come do not allow the

corroding fangs of fear and doubt to weaken your spirit my words here shall not return void fortify your soul by

steeping yourself in my teachings stay vigilant against the forces wishing to diminish your faith Stand Tall unbroken

for I shall have the final say every infirmity plaguing your body I will heal

every financial burden I shall lift the ghosts of your past cannot haunt you any

longer for today I grant you Liberty the chains that have bound you

will shatter as my light and warmth flood your weary Soul laughter will overflow as blessings

pour down in great abundance such glorious Splendor awaits Oh Come and

allow me to imbue every fiber of your being with my restorative powers fling

open the gates of your heart so I might fill you with my perfect peace for though storms may batter and

assail you still you must Press On undeterred by scorn and

ridicule this day shall see all your efforts at last rewarded fortune and

prosperity shall flood to you like a great tidal wave come to carry you home if ever doubt should threaten to

invade know that I will help guide your way if only you call out to me each

morning bring your hope hopes and dreams and lay them at my feet and I will lead you to verdant

pastures where Crystal streams Bubble Up from deep within the Earth their

restorative Waters shall renew your weary Soul even as life’s heavy burdens

threaten to break you still I Infuse your limbs with strength I ignite within

you an unquenchable fire so adversity cannot extinguish your dreams this day hold my words close to

your heart believe truly believe that no barrier is too great when forged in faith have I

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