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my beloved child I am here to support

you to give you comfort and strength to

remind you that you are loved and that

you can rely on

me no matter how dark or confusing your

path seems I am the light that will

brighten your way the compass that

guides you the force that drives you

forward just trust in me and my

Everlasting Love and you’ll see how

obstacles become opportunities hardships

turn into valuable lessons and tears

transform into Smiles of

gratitude I understand that after facing

many challenges it might be hard for you

to believe what I tell you today but

remember my love for you is greater than

any mistake you’ve made stronger than

any fear and more healing than any

medicine on

Earth no matter how often you’ve

stumbled or Fallen

I am here to pick you up to support you

and to remind you that you are worthy of

love and

forgiveness there’s no mistake that

can’t be made right no wound that can’t

be healed no pain that can’t be turned

into joy and

celebration accept my unconditional love

let me lead your life I promise to guide

you on the right path give you the

strength to overcome any challenge you


let go of the weight of the past and the

burden of guilt allow me to lead you to

a future filled with possibilities joy

and love where peace dominates your life

and hope keeps the flame in your heart

alive let my spirit fill you and Let My

Words refresh your

mind here you’ll find answers to your

questions and worries feeling my

unconditional love and endless Grace

always at your reach

let go of the tension and stress you’ve

built up raise your hands to the sky and

take in my strength to keep moving

forward remember no matter what you’ve

done or not done before I’m always here

to forgive you and give you the chance

to start over my love for you is

unconditional and everlasting and

nothing you do can change that

now my child close your eyes and soak in

the Peace of my presence

let go of your Sorrows your worries and

Fears let me carry them for you let me

lighten your load and fill your heart

with hope and

joy let your concerns fade and your

fears dissolve in the light of my

presence do not let the Shadows of the

past darken your present or Cloud your

future stand up with courage and resolve

knowing I Am with You empowering and

guiding you to a place of peace peace

where Harmony and serenity Prevail May

today Mark the start of a new life for

you filled with purpose and meaning

where hope shines brightly within you

like a star guiding you toward

fulfillment and

achievement from now on walk confidently

Knowing You Are Not Alone on this

Earthly Journey I’m here with you as

your companion your safe haven in storms

the light that clears all Darkness the

peace that soothes your troubles and the

love that heals your deepest

hurts believe that my love will

transform your life your being and your

destiny open yourself to receive my

blessings my gifts and my boundless

Grace Embrace The Wonder of being loved

unconditionally let these words reside

in your heart soothing and healing your

soul whenever you think of them feel my

loving presence in your life guiding

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