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Divine Comfort: Finding Solace in the Father’s Love | God message jesus |

my child I understand that sometimes

life can make you feel lonely lost or in

pain but I want you to know that I’m

always here for you even when you feel

like nobody’s around I’m right inside

you ready to

help whenever you’re struggling just

listen to your heart you’ll feel me

there offering my hand to hold and

guiding you through tough

times you don’t have to face life’s

challenges alone because I’m your safe

place when you think

nobody understands remember I do I with

you every step of the

way don’t be afraid to share your

feelings with me I’m your loving father

and I want to ease your pain I know what

suffering feels like and and I’m here to

help you through

it let me be your strength when you feel

weak and your hope when things seem

Bleak I have the power to heal calm

storms and bring peace to your

heart in hard times pray to me and leave

your worries with me I listen and

respond to every prayer trust that I’m

working for your good even if it doesn’t

seem like

it if this message touch your heart

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