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Do not let challenges make you afraid | God Message Today | God Message For You | Gods Message Now

my beloved child I am ready to bless you greatly as I wish to shower you with blessings nothing can stop me what I

have planned will happen do not fear any challenge for I am always with you no

matter what you see around you do not be preoccupied with how hard the situation

seems keep listening to my words until the end Let My Words touch and soothe

your soul as you hear me value this time as you give me another

moment of your day I am writing my words desires and commands on your heart I ask

for your full attention and unwavering belief in my promises offer me your

loyal and firm faith I want you to trust me completely as I also put my trust in

you you are a fighter chosen for a unique purpose you must stay true to

your path without straying stay firm in your journey no matter the

circumstances what you hear or what you see my promises are secure they won’t

disappoint you everything that is Promised will happen you will witness

what I have assured I extend my blessings to those who are indecisive who one day commit to me and the next

are swayed by persuasive Liars or Charmed by insincere flattery I bless

prosper and strengthen than those who proudly stand with me those who are willing to face scorn for my name’s sake

who follow my commands your tough times will end soon and any disgrace you face will turn into

achievement joy and victory be ready to uphold my principles of Love patience

hope and salvation for all I will give you a reason to smile a

new and your eyes will show the mercy surrounding you I will grant you the

ability to heal I will give you such deep wisdom that many will come to you

for advice all your positive efforts will Thrive your blessings will grow

this is my promise to those who have faith in me and rely on me everlasting

life calmness happiness peace abundance at your table and my angels guarding

your home explore the wonders in my teachings study them closely and absorb their

lessons yet prepare to see even mightier and more remarkable things with your own

eyes these are new times and some concoct miracles to deceive the

naive however the Marvels I will achieve through you will surpass those keep

going undaunted by any hurdles should a huge mountain obstruct your way do not fear for it will be

moved ignore ignore your adversaries plots don’t let them consume your time or

thoughts focus on the path I lay before you and gain strength in my company as

it will bring you immense good you are unique and while I cherish

everyone with an everlasting love I have selected you for special favors I trust

that you’ll use wisely what I grant you you won’t waste the blessings I place in

your life you are to nurture and grow the wealth and

talents that are on their way to you you weren’t chosen to aass wealth

for self-pride or to look down on others I chose you to be enveloped in abundance

to maintain a modest heart to support your kin to provide for the needy to

lend a hand to the less fortunate and to do all within your capacity to bring Solace to those who

lack affirm your Readiness to utilize my gifts

judiciously show me your adherence to my teachings I’m eager to see your

faithfulness and truthfulness keep your speech clean Safeguard your thoughts from worldly

impurities defend your sight from malevolence refrain from uttering

harmful words avoid actions that inflict pain speak no ill of others do not fals

ly accuse anyone steer clear of Gossip that ruins lives and families when you

wake summon my love in your soul declare loudly that I am your God your leader

and your protector I will raise you above your trials your dignity intact your hands

brimming with blessings those who menaced and assailed you will find themselves ens snared in their own traps

I stand as the protector of my my children my sword is UN sheathed ready

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